Chapter twenty seven

Charlie sent his patronus to Bill asking him to come home then Charlie, Fred and George flooed to Shell cottage where they spoke with Fleur until Bill arrived.

'What is this all about, Ginny and Harry again?' Bill asked.

'Yes, but there is something you need to see and right now dad is extremely hurt. So I hope you give this up Bill, Ginny is not who you believe she is. We've tried to tell you that she does not care for Harry at all, she wants his money and you have to stop giving into her all the time. How would you feel if someone used you like that?' Charlie handed Bill the certificate, 'As you can see, mum has been sleeping with Dumbledore from before Ginny was born, years before and he is Ginny's father, not dad. After we showed dad this, telling him that Harry has the original if he wishes to see it, dad left and we believe he went to the ministry. Tomorrow this story hits the Daily Prophet and everyone will know the truth,' Charlie said not hiding his anger.

'Where did Harry get the original?'

'He has many secrets Bill, we don't ask him because we trust him and it's time you forget all this shit. Ginny is a bitch, a using bitch and someone none of us should have anything to do with,' Fred said.

'Mum as well, she kept this up when all she had to do was tell dad she didn't love him,' George said.

'It won't matter if you finally tell Ginny you're not supporting her anymore, Harry will never forgive any of you. He risked his life at twelve to save Ginny, then he saved dad and Ron. You should never have treated him like this.'

'Charlie's right, Harry deserves better and I hope he knows I never said anything about him and that I believe him and Severus are good together,' Fleur said as she rocked her daughter in her arms.

'Fine, Ginny used me as well, so did mum. So you think dad has gone to see about a divorce?'

'Yes, wouldn't you if your wife had been sleeping with another man most of your married life?' Charlie said but he lost the edge to his voice because he could tell his eldest brother finally knew the truth.

That evening Charlie, Fred, George, Bill and Fleur with little Victoire were sitting at the table in the Burrow's kitchen with their father. He hadn't said much, but he did have a large envelope sitting on the table in front of him.

'What are you lot doing here?' Ron snarled as he stepped in with Ginny, Hermione and Molly.

'Sit down and shut up Ronald, all of you sit down,' Arthur snarled and the look on his face showed he meant business.

'Arthur, are they lying to you again,' Molly said sweetly.

'Forget the act Molly,' Arthur pushed the envelope towards his wife, 'Ron, Ginny, Hermione, you three pack and leave, Molly will be following, I hope she has somewhere to go, maybe her lover can house you lot.'

'I have never cheated Arthur, Harry's lying.'

'Really,' Arthur held up the certificate, 'Ginny's birth certificate named Albus as her father. Easy enough to work out the rest, a blood potion to make her appear mine, well Ginevra is not mine and I want her out of my house, I want you four out of my house right now. If you don't then watch as me and the boys destroy everything you own before we make you leave. Oh and tell Percy he is not welcome here again,' Arthur pushed himself up but ended up surrounded by his sons, 'Get out, now.'

Charlie and Bill glared at their mother then at their sister and brother, Fred and George sneered evilly at Ginny and Ron.

'Just so you understand, there's no way to hide this, Harry is having this story published on the front page of the Daily Prophet tomorrow, for the world to see,' Fred said.

'If you are wondering why they seem to publish anything Harry wants and nothing any of you want, Harry owns the Daily Prophet, but he also found out he has major shares in Witch Weekly,' George said.

'Looks like all your schemes and plans have fallen through, you get nothing and now you're without a home or family. But the world will know that Molly Weasley cheated on her husband most of their married life. But in case you are wondering, we're all going to be checked for blood potions and get our birth certificates to find out exactly who our father is. But it won't change anything, dad is dad, Albus Dumbledore is a bastard that is about to lose everything even if I believe he deserves worse,' Charlie sneered.

When Molly looked like she was going to argue, Arthur, Charlie, Bill, Fred and George all pulled their wands and started sending spells upstairs. It was instant, things started to smash and break and clothes ended up flying out the door. Then the five Weasley men aimed their wands at Molly, Ron, Ginny and Hermione sending them flying out the door as well. Arthur pointed his wand at the door sealing it before he sat down.

'Do you think I am your father or him?'

'We don't care dad, we just need to know because if one or all of us are we are going to make him pay. What we don't understand is why they didn't just come clean about their relationship,' Charlie said.

'Albus would never leave Hogwarts, what could Molly do if the man she loved never wanted to live with her. She refused to get a job saying she preferred to look after you kids and the house. If Albus was so insistent about getting Harry's money then he probably didn't give Molly any.'

'He had five million that he stole from Harry before Sirius' name was cleared, the goblins told Harry when he went in to seal his vaults,' Fred said.

'Do you want us to stay tonight dad?' George asked.

'No, I am going to make sure this place has nothing that will remind me of them then I am going to take the top two floors off. It will let me work out my frustrations. Tell Harry I am sorry and I don't expect him to forgive me, he shouldn't. Tell him to have a good life with Severus and their children but as of now everything should finally stop,' Arthur walked away from the table and up the stairs with his four sons and daughter-in-law watching.

Harry was listening to Severus singing softly to the boys, Neville James Snape-Potter was on his right, Sirius Remus Snape-Potter was on his left and all Harry could do was watch he family.

When the boys were asleep Severus put his arm around Harry as they walked down the stairs to see the twins owl sitting on the back of the sofa behind Sirius.

'He wouldn't let me take the letter,' Sirius said sounding disgruntled.

'He's one of those owls that when his owner said someone's name it only gives it's letter to that person,' Harry put his hand out and the owl dropped the letter onto his palm, 'Dad filed for divorce, then all of us, including Bill and Fleur were waiting. When mum, Ron, Ginny and Hermione arrived dad told them to pack and get out. I tell you Harry, dad's face was scary, none of us had ever seen him like that. When mum went to argue we all used spells to destroy all their stuff and sent their clothes outside then sent them outside. Dad said he was taking the top two floors off the house and to make sure nothing of theirs was left. He did tell us to say sorry, he doesn't expect you to forgive him but he did say to have a good life with Severus and your sons. Bill finally realised the truth, he also knows you won't forgive him. Fleur finally told Bill she never wanted any of this, that he should have believed you and not Ginny, like he always did. Anyway, it's all done, hopefully it will be the last you hear about this, Forge and Gred.'

'No one can deny it anymore, but I doubt Albus will want to look after Ron and Hermione as well, Ginny and Molly yes, but two others,' Sirius said.

'Unless Ron is also his and not Arthur, I believe the rest of the Weasley boys will find out who their father is. I doubt Albus will say anything now, but he has always surprised me,' Severus said.

'He's being sacked, he's lost his credibility, no one believes him anymore. He would be best just packing up and leaving quietly,' Harry sat on Severus' lap, 'I think it's over Sev, I don't think we have to worry about them or anyone else ever again. So how long do you want to wait before I knock you up again?'

Severus and Sirius burst out laughing, after all the drama and tension, Harry is only thinking about more kids. Sirius could tell that he would see Rose and Daisy being born in about nine months' time. It is going to be very interesting in the Snape-Potter house hold, but Sirius couldn't wait.

The end: