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"Take Hiccup and go." Stoick said to his wife. This raid had to be the worst so far. He needed to make sure his wife and son were safe.

"But Stoick…" Valka protested holding their son close to her. He was tiny for his age; even the village healer doubted he would be able to last his first winter. They held onto the hope that he would prove to be stronger than he looked though.

"Please Valka." Stoick urged pushing them towards the back door. "I will find you both when this is over."

"Be careful my love." She whispered before dashing towards the forest. Stoick watched before turning and running out the front door and into the heat of battle. These raids had started just a few months ago and happened once every few weeks. Stoick joined the fray taking on a Monstrous Nightmare.

Valka froze as she noticed a large shadow pass over her. She held Hiccup tighter as she continued to run. Maybe she could find shelter before the dragon decided she was a tasty snack. She stopped at the edge of a small clearing and carefully looked up towards the sky. Maybe the dragon hadn't even noticed her or was after something else. She stepped into the clearing before starting to dash across.

She came to a sudden stop as the dragon dropped out of the sky and onto the ground before her. The dragon looked at her curiously, the strange thing was, and it seemed to be making no move to harm her. In fact its expression softened as if sensing her fear to show it meant no ill will.

"Let me pass dragon." She said hoping that it wasn't just a trick. She took a few steps back as the dragon approached her. It sniffed at the bundle in her arms causing her to jerk her arms away from it shielding Hiccup. Her brows knit in confusion. The dragon seemed far more curious than anything.

"Oh, it is your hatchling?" The dragon asked, all Valka heard was soft grumbles as the dragon sat back on its hunches with an expression as if to say sorry for getting too close to the baby.

"What do you want?" She asked it. It seemed to understand she spoke. The dragon stood up again and began to circle her getting a good look at her.

"Are you taking the hatchling to a healer?" It asked as it circled her, again it just sounded like soft rumbles to Valka. "I know a good healer. The White King, he can help your hatchling!" He stood on his back legs looking happy at the idea. "Yes! That is what I will do! I will take you to the White King!"

He started to flap his wings and moved towards her. "Stay back dragon!" She shouted and turned to run.

"No, the White King is not that way!" The dragon bellowed following her. "Please, he seems most sickly. The White King can help him!" He flew in front of her blocking her path as he urged her to calm down. "I will carry you there myself."

Valka shook her head. "I have no idea what you are saying…" She whispered. She knew that the dragon was trying to say something that much was clear from the near constant rumbles. None of the sounds sounded threatening though, almost as if he was trying to keep her calm.

It wasn't working, if anything she was more panicked and only became more so when the dragon picked her up being mindful of the baby in her arms.

"Try not to move much." The dragon rumbled in his language. "Wouldn't want to drop the hatchling into the seas!" He had meant it as a joke in hopes of lightening her mood. The scream that erupted from her as they gained height in the air made it clear his joke was missed on her.

Valka watched as Berk came into view. The sight of Vikings and dragons fighting one another a sight that was common to her and one she remembered being a part of herself. "Put me down dragon." She commanded once again. "Stoick will never stop hunting you if you take us."

"Is Stoick your mate?" The dragon questioned her curious. "Perhaps he should come as well! He would love to meet the White King!"

She let out a breath of air noticing he was lowering to the ground. "Stoick!" She shouted as soon as she saw her husband. The man turned and his eyes widened in shock. A dragon had his wife and son in its talons.

"Demon unhand my wife!" He shouted charging forth. The dragon only flapped his wings to get out of range of the axe the large man was swinging. "Valka, where is Hiccup?"

"Take him, please Stoick!" She wanted back with her people, but if the only one who could be saved was Hiccup, so be it. She started to hand over the bundle, if anything she could make sure Hiccup was safe.

"No!" The dragon said pulling Valka closer suddenly making her pull Hiccup close once again so as not to drop him. Stoick had snarled, he was so close to saving at least his son. "The White King cannot help him if he remains here, I am sorry but your mate must stay here." With that the dragon to fly off.

"Come back here Demon!" Stoick shouted giving chase. He would protect his family; other Vikings noticed the plight of their chief and joined in, everyone trying to down the dragon carrying Valka while being careful not to harm her or the baby.

"This place is not safe to raise a hatching!" The dragon grumbled getting higher into the air. "The White King will let you raise him with us. It is safe with the White King. You will see." He picked up speed leaving Berk to fade from Valka's eyes.

She looked to her son in her arms and held him close tears streaming down her eyes. "I have failed you my dearest Hiccup…" She whispered to him. "May the gods forgive me, but I can't bring myself to drop you to the seas to escape death by dragon's teeth…"

"NO!" Stoick bellowed over the seas watching the dragon carry Valka and Hiccup off into the distance. He collapsed onto his knees as the grief set in. "My love, my son… My… My family…"

He bowed his head as the grief filled every part of him. He then felt his face harden as he looked up to the horizon and stood. "I will find you Demon." He said his voice low and dangerous. "I will find you and you will pay for taking my family."

Valka woke up some time later and looked around. They were still flying and she noticed she must have drifted off to sleep at some point. She looked to her now awake son. He seemed transfixed by the dragon carrying them. The look of wonder on his face made her smile slightly. He was too young to know the danger they were in.

"Where are we?" She asked finally taking in that the dragon was weaving through an ice and rock maze.

"The White King's nest!" The dragon answered with pride. "He will know what to do for your hatchling! Then he will let you stay with us. That place you were trying to raise such a tiny hatching was entirely too dangerous!"

Valka shook her head. "You seem to understand me, but I do not understand you." She said with a sigh. "Though why you haven't killed me yet is a mystery."

"Kill you?" The dragon questioned. "And leave your hatching without his mother? Never! A hatching needs their mother."

He heard Valka gasp at the sight of the innermost cavern. "We are here!" He said setting her down. He landed next to her and bounded over to a cliff. "My King! A hatching is in dire need!"

Her mouth fell open as a large white head appeared. She had never seen a dragon so large before. "That is a human, not a hatchling Cloudjumper." The White King said looking over at Valka.

"She has a hatchling!" Cloudjumper said dancing about. "A human hatchling! It is most sick, please my King… It is so tiny and frail…"

The White King seemed to think about it for a bit. "Very well, have her rest the hatchling before me." He commanded standing up fully and waiting.

Cloudjumper went back to Valka and pushed her from behind with his head. "He will help!" He said in glee. Once Valka was close he gestured for her to set the baby down.

Valka looked between the two dragons. She shook her head in fear, was he to be food to this large dragon? She herself wasn't even a mouth full for the beast. "He will help your hatchling…" Cloudjumper urged again gesturing to her to set the baby down.

"She cannot understand us Cloudjumper." The White King commented. "Humans do not speak as we do." His attention returned to Valka. He watched as she seemed to relax a bit finally noticing that they were not to be turned into a meal. Surely the dragons would have just snapped them up by now.

Valka slowly set Hiccup down on the ground. She unwrapped him a bit before standing up again and watching the White King. He looked the baby over carefully. "There is but one way to help him." The White King said after a time. "This has never been done with a human hatchling before."

"My King?" Cloudjumper crooned a bit confused.

"Hold the mother back." The White King said now rising up further. "She will not like what I must do."

Cloudjumper circled around Valka separating her from her son. "What?" She asked panic setting in. "No! Hiccup!" She tried reaching for her son only to be prevented from doing so. "No! Don't hurt him! Please!"

"He is helping!" Cloudjumper urged. He tried to calm her shouting and frantic cries. The noise drew the attention of the other dragons.

The White King carefully pricked the soft skin of the baby earning sharp cries and making Valka struggle harder against Cloudjumper's restraint. He then pricked himself and watched as a few drops of his blood landed on the child. Lowering his paw back down to the ground away from Hiccup he opened his mouth and breathed out a soft white cloud. His own blood found its way into the small wound on Hiccup and it sealed over leaving a faint scar on his tiny chin, he seemed to quiet down almost instantly as the white cloud disappeared. "He must stay here." The White King said settling back down once he was finished. Cloudjumper allowed Valka to retrieve her son who had fallen asleep again somehow.

She stared at the small form amazement over taking her worry. He was breathing better. "You… You helped him." She looked at the White King who just nodded. "But… Why? Your dragons… Why help my son? We hunt you, kill you… Yet you still helped…" She looked at her son who was opening his eyes again.

"What have you done to him?" She asked her head snapping to the White King. Hiccups eyes had always been green, but not this green, nor were his pupils so dragon-like. "He is my son! And you… you…" She felt tears on her checks again as she looked down at her son. He was alive, but he could never go back to Berk. They hated dragons there, and her son now had dragon's blood in him. She couldn't bring herself to hate him or these dragons now slowly edging towards her to see the baby. "You did what you could to save him…"

She pulled Hiccup close to her heart. Before looking at the surrounding dragons. She relaxed her grip on Hiccup and even helped him stand before the dragons. "Hiccup, meet our new family. This will be our home."

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