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To the story!

Dagur made his way into the mead hall looking for Hiccup. This was just far too good a plan; he didn't see any way he could loose.

He found his target rather alone surprisingly and walked over taking a seat across from him. "Why hello Hiccup." He said in a bit of a sing-song voice. He was rather pleased with himself for his plan.

Hiccup's head turned towards the sound of Dagur's voice. "We'll be competing later why bother me now?" He asked, he had come to really detest Dagur. If he was still with only the dragons, Dagur wouldn't be an issue. However Stoick had urged the need for the peace treaty. Hiccup could be civil, but that didn't mean he had to be nice.

"Oh you wound me dearest Hiccup!" Dagur said getting up and moving to stand behind Hiccup. He put his hands on Hiccup's shoulders grinning in satisfaction as the lean man tensed. "I just wanted to offer you some friendly advice."

"And that is?"

"To be careful in your choice for the coming event…" Dagur said leaning down and talking lowly.

"What choice?" Hiccup did not like where this was going.

"Why between Astrid and those precious eggs." Dagur said revealing in how Hiccup became even stiffer. "You win and you get Astrid, but I will ask for those eggs as part of the treaty. You loose and those dear eggs stay on Berk, but Astrid will be mine."

"You will never have those eggs." Hiccup growled out.

"So I get Astrid then?" Dagur asked grinning. "Wonderful!"

"You're not getting her either."

"Well you see Hiccup, you can only have one or the other." He said. "And I know your little freaky eyed secret. Be a shame if that started spreading to the other Viking villages… Not all of us are as accepting of monsters."

Hiccup walked into the arena being lead by Dagur. He had wanted to talk to Stoick. Yet he could not reach the man. Dagur had timed his little talk perfectly, and even made sure to stick close to Hiccup until the final event. Hiccup frowned, could he trust Stoick to not allow the Berserkers to have the Night Fury eggs?

He swallowed thickly. And then there was Astrid. If she ever learned Hiccup threw the match to save a few Night Fury eggs she would never forgive him. He sighed finally pulling from his mental thoughts.

No, Dagur would get nothing out of this. He pushed his hood back and reached for the wrappings. Berk knew and he was sure all the Berserkers now knew.

"Hiccup what are you doing?" Astrid said looking at him. It caught the attention of everyone there.

""It's fine." Hiccup said letting the cloth drop. "They know." He opened his eyes to hear a few gasps from the Berserkers. While they may have known about it, seeing the dragon eyes was entirely different thing.

"So my men were right." Dagur said grinning. "Though I have to admit… Seeing it in person just makes you more of a freak."

Everyone turned to look at Dagur. No one had ever said that out loud. "What?" He asked with a shrug. "I'm sure several of you thought it. Though perhaps said nothing because he was the chief's son?"

"He isn't-"

"It's fine." Hiccup said interrupting Astrid. "I'm used to it."

Astrid looked at Hiccup who seemed to still be standing tall. "It's how people tend to react." Hiccup said with a shrug. He looked over at Dagur locking eyes with the other Viking. "He just can't help that shiver of fear running down his spine. Not uncommon in anyone I meet."

Dagur's eyes narrowed, but he refused to look away. "Remember our little chat this morning Hiccup." He said grinning. Hiccup turned his gaze to Stoick.

The large man's brow furrowed. There was still a lot he didn't know about his son. Though he could see the silent plea in his boy's features. He gave a small nod of his head. If Dagur knew of Hiccup's eyes, there was no telling what else he knew.

Hiccup let out a breath he had been holding. Now he just had to win this event and hope his father said no to letting the Berserkers get the eggs.

The signal was given for them to start running. The twins where the first to fall off followed closely by Fishlegs. Astrid held on for quite some time but the speed of the log had her tripping and tumbling down. Hiccup looked down at her to make sure she was alright but kept running.

"Dude, how are you doing that?" Snotlout asked seeing that Hiccup really wasn't paying much attention to running on the spinning log.

"You've seen some of the barrel roll stunts." Hiccup said with a grin. "A log is easy by comparison."

Astrid laughed a little from her place on the ground. Snotlout's dumbstruck face had him tumbling off the log in an ungraceful heap. It was just Dagur and Hiccup now.

"Time to make your choice Hiccup." Dagur said. "Your dear bride or your father forced to hand over the eggs to ensure the peace!"

"You forget something." Hiccup said taking a step back and sending the log spinning in the opposite direction knocking Dagur off balance. The man fell off and Hiccup stopped the log and sat down on it. "We have dragons. And fun fact about dragons, they protect their nest."

Stoick walked towards the arena. "Hiccup wins this years Thawfest and still has the right to Astrid's hand!" Cheers erupted from the crowd as Stoick looked to Dagur. "I do believe you have over stayed your welcome."

"You can't honestly expect to be able to end it like this!" Dagur shouted. "I will have those Night Fury eggs or there will be war!"

"You will leave, and you will take no eggs with you." Stoick said. "As for war, I would love to see you try. We have plenty of other allies."

"And what will they say when they learn of your dragons?" Dagur asked standing up. "Of your son? I mean look at him! A human body but the eyes of a dragon? Freak is too kind a word for what he is! An abomination! And you know it!"

Astrid's temper flared as she pulled out her flaming axe and jammed the flaming blades close to Dagur's face. "Don't you ever call him that!" She snarled. "He's more human than you!"

Dagur laughed pushing the blade away with a finger. "What's this?" He asked. "You're turned on by those freaky eyes? And here I thought you hated dragons with a passion that rivaled Stoick's own. What is it? Is he completely wild in all things including the bedroom?"

The axe was back at Dagur's throat. " You will learn to hold your tongue." Astrid snarled. Dagur just laughed.

"Can Berk really afford to go to war?" He asked. "Sure you have dragons… But do they even know how to fight a war between Vikings?"

"They can fair well enough." Hiccup said putting a hand on Astrid's shoulder. "I do believe my father told you to leave."

"Is he your father?" Dagur asked. "Or is that just what your mother claims? Come on, you can't really think of these people as family. They've killed dragons before, and they will again. It's only a matter of time. Vikings and dragons were never meant to coexist, at least not without one dominating the other."

Hiccup's jaw clenched. He had heard those words before, from a man long ago. His left hand twitched slightly, barely noticeable unless one was watching him very closely.

"Leave now or we will have you escorted out." Stoick said, his tone firm. "You will get nothing from us. If war is all that is to come of this, so be it. We will be ready."

Dagur snorted but he did turn and leave the arena calling to his men. He stopped just before leaving and turned to Hiccup. "Could have avoided so much bloodshed." He said. "Now you will just have to watch as we cut down your precious dragons and fellow villagers one by one. I wonder what will hurt more… Seeing the dragons or the Vikings die…"

Hiccup stared after Dagur long after he had left. He didn't even notice Stoick walk up to him until the man put a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at him. "Why didn't you give him the eggs?" He asked.

"And have two furious Night Furies after me?" Stoick asked. "Not a chance. Besides, I doubt they would be treated as anything but trophies with the Bersrkers." The man looked around at the people. "We need to learn to fight along side the dragons, and I thnk I know the best man to teach us."

Stoick looked right at Hiccup. "He is right, we have killed dragons in the past." He said not covering it up. "I myself have killed several of them. More so after your mother and you were taken from me." He looked right into Hiccup's eyes. "He says dragons and Vikings cannot live together without one being more dominate than the other. Yet here you are. I see both dragon and Viking, yet neither at the same time."

Hiccup let out a sound like a mix between a sigh and a groan. "Just what does that even mean?" He asked taking a step back. "I'm not a dragon, nor am I a Viking, but I'm both at the same time? How does that make sense to anyone?"

"As the White King says, you will understand someday." Valka said coming to stand near them. "Your father is right, you are the best one to teach everyone how to fight along side dragons. I'll take over the beginner courses. You need to start teaching the more advanced riders."

Hiccup looked over at Astrid who finally let her axe collapse. "No one knows these dragons better than you do." She said.

"It is what a leader does." Stoick said getting his son's attention again. "They help all that they look after."

"Who said anything about me leading anyone?" Hiccup asked looking at all three of them. "Protect dragons from trappers and dragon killers, yes I get that, even having dragons help me win a fight, but lead Vikings? Me?"

"You are my son." Stoick said plainly. "One day you will be chief."

"I have no connections here." Hiccup protested. "This place isn't home, as far as anyone knows I could just leave and never come back."

"And leave behind your bride?" Valka asked gesturing to Astrid. The blond looked at Hiccup appearing a little hurt.

"If I thought it best for her to stay here, yes." Hiccup said not even looking at her. "Dagur does have a point. People will consider me an abomination. How can I lead an entire village if the reason other villages turn their backs on us is because of me?"

"Because we trust you." Astrid said breaking through his rant. "So what if no other village wants anything to do with us? We have you and all the dragons you grew up with that care about you on our side. Heck you could most likely call in triple the amount of wild dragons to our aid and they would come. I've seen you with the dragons Hiccup, and even the villagers you've warmed up to. You're already a Prince of Dragons, what makes being a Prince of Vikings any different?"

Hiccup looked at the crowd of Berkians watching him and waiting for his answer. "I…" Hiccup looked at his feet rubbing his left forearm. Astrid saw the action and took both his hands stopping the movement.

"We are not him," She said firmly making him look in her eyes. "We will not turn our backs on you. We will not use what you teach us for anything less than their intention to protect this land. You said dragons were about trust. Trust us."

Hiccup stared at Astrid before sallowing. "We'll need more saddles." He said finally. Astrid smiled softly at him. "Fireproofing is a must. There is also quite a bit of dragon care that needs to be gone over. Not all dragons need the same things, a lot overlaps, but-"

"They all have their own needs." Astrid said nodding her head. "Then there is flight formations and just how dragons can be used in a fight. It's a lot, and we don't know how much time we have."

Hiccup nodded finally pulling his hands free and ruffling his own hair again. It was going to be just like when he first introduced dragons to Berk again, this time though he couldn't escape when he needed a break.

He looked at the Vikings around the ring. "I'll need all riders who wish to learn combative flying in the arena." He said loud enough for them all to hear. Every single one of the fighters entered the ring making it a bit cramped. "Right…"

Astrid put a hand on his arm with a soft smile. "We'll get through this." She said. "So what if the wedding is postponed?"

"Postponed?" Stoick asked. "If anything we will bring it forward! Best give everyone something to celebrate before we have to go to war!"