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A/N: This is the first chapter to a story I've been working on for a while... I think it may have been my first "Coulsye" (Skoulson? Skyson?) fic, actually. It's still in process, and I'm currently going back over it to fix things. Just to NOTE: This starts after Coulson rescues Skye, when the rest of the team are staying at the motel. It kind of references things that have happened in the show since then, but it's mostly a deviation from canon. Also because I started writing it right after that episode aired... That's what I get for writing mid-season.
So, this is one of my pieces focusing around the serum that Skye and Coulson were both given. I think that's a really great plot point, and I can't wait to see what the writers of SHIELD will do with it, but for now, I'll play around with it.

"Hey, Coulson?" Skye called out when she saw him walk by the open door of her motel room. It was early morning; Tripp was swimming laps in the pool, and Coulson was the only other person she has seen awake so far.

"Yes, Skye?" Coulson said, leaning against the door jamb. He sounded as tired as she felt. She patted the bed next to her, where she was currently sitting cross-legged with a laptop in her lap.

Coulson entered the room and, when she asked, shut the door behind him without question.

"I want to show you something..." Skye brought up a couple windows on the computer as he carefully sat on the edge of the bed. For one worried moment, he thought of the video that May had shown him last night.

I should tell Skye. It wasn't the first time he's had that thought.

"What is it?" He asked, catching her careful tone. She was unsure how he was going to take it, whatever it was, and she was worried. He turned a little and leaned over as she rotated the computer so the both of them could look at it.

"It's data... Saved video feed from Simmons' studies she'd been running... On us." Skye told him, and he looked at her quickly.

"The data was on the hard drive," he said, and Skye shook her head sadly.

"They've still got everything," She sounded apologetic, "But while I was attempting to stall Ward at the diner and get away, I sent full copies of our data to an encrypted site only I can access." Coulson gave her a dubious look.

"Not that I don't trust your computer skills, Skye, but I know there are other hackers in the world; people who can find anything once it's been put online - no matter the source."

Skye grinned at him, tilting her head sideways.

"Coulson, I hacked into a Level Eight secure file in under two minutes. I managed to find you when no one else knew where to start - with that dumb bracelet on." She reminded him, and he gave her a grateful smirk.

"You've got a point," he conceded. He shifted a little more so that he could see the screen more clearly. "So what are we looking at?" He asked. The windows that were open both played a video feed that appeared to be looking through the lens of a microscope.

"Live cultures. Samples of blood." Skye said, and Coulson raised his eyebrow as he watched the substance slide around the screen.

"This is still a rather broad view... Why am I seeing it move like that? Shouldn't we only see that on a molecular level?" Coulson asked, leaning in. Skye raised her eyebrow for a different reason than he had.

"You've been paying attention to Simmons' ramblings!" She teased, and he glanced toward her to grin at her.

"I passed biology class." He replied. She chuckled, then answered his question seriously,

"You are right. Blood does not normally do this."

"The coloring seems normal. You said it was yours?" He asked, and she simply gestured toward the screen.

Coulson frowned as he looked between the two.

"They look exactly the same." He focused his eyes on her. "I'm not seeing something." He acknowledged, seeing her serious facial expression.

"Any blood sample would look pretty much the same at this level, except perhaps the Hulk's," Skye told him, "I mean, observe what it's doing. Describe it."

He raised his eyebrow toward her.

"I think we've both been spending too much time with Simmons." He said, and because Skye didn't smile, he turned his attention to the computer once more. "Okay... They appear to be..." He watched closely, frowning. "That's more than just random swimming around in solution. It's practically... Alive." He looked up at her, and judging from her expression he knew that he was on the right track. "More so than the regular way blood is alive, I mean," he added, and she nodded, urging him on. He looked back to the screen. "Well, they seem to be almost... Pulling toward one another? But this is just video feed - "

"The windows are set up exactly how Simmons had the microscopes set up in the lab. Side by side."

"So... Perhaps the blood is... Wanting to reunite? Regenerate, in a way? That's already a known side-effect of the serum." Coulson sighed. "I don't really know, Skye, I'm not a scientist, I just try to pay attention and follow along."

"You are right," Skye told him, "it is trying to reunite. But..." She trailed off, and he turned his attention away from the screen and fully on her. "Coulson, those are two different blood samples." Skye admitted, looking up at him, something akin to anguish on her face, which alarmed him.

"From different times?"

"From different people."

Coulson stared at her a moment, understanding dawning. He looked back to the screen.

"One of those is mine."