Prompt: Awkward Situation

Rating: NSFW

Summary: Regina is all about control, but even Evil Queens can loose it. Too bad (or is it?) that someone walks in when she does.

Regina bit her lip as her fingers brushed down her body, but within her mind it wasn't her own hand. It was another, with long pale fingers and callouses along the palm and tips from who knew what. But they rasped over her collarbone and down her sternum, nipples tightening with pleasure as she imagined green eyes darkening as they tracked the finger's movements.

"Emma," Regina breathed, biting her lip harder when her fingers brushed down to the delta between her thighs, dipping between them to play at the moisture pooling there already. She had been wet since that morning, when she and Emma had gotten into an argument over…something. It had been a small fight, but still seeing Emma's eyes flash and her color rise had stirred an instant reaction. After the fight they had gone back to work on getting the last details of an upcoming fundraiser together. Regina prided herself on control and had made no outward sign of her turmoil, but every time Emma's hand brushed against her skin she felt the fire low in her belly flare. Control was something she relished in life, having lived too long with forces outside her grasp guiding her life and actions. But Emma Swan made her lose control. Even more the blonde made her want to lose control.

So when Emma had taken Henry to get some ice cream before dropping him off with his grandparents, Regina feigned getting some last minute details together at home. Now here she was, laid writhing across her bed, one hand buried between her legs while the other tweaked an aching nipple. Excitement pooled across her fingers as she rubbed at the base of her clit, stroking and squeezing it at the same rhythm of her nipple. "Oh god, Emma…Emma," She hissed, head thrown back.

"Regina are-oh shit!"

Regina's eyes snapped open to see Emma standing wide eyed, half in and half out of the door. The brunette scrambled to cover herself up as Emma's mouth opened and closed. "I didn't…wanted to see if you wanted to come…to dinner! Come to dinner. Heard you…god did I,"

The rambling was almost as horrifying as the situation and Regina snapped, "Are you going to continue to stare and intrude or do you have at least some semblance of manners?" Embarrassment was burning across her skin, heating her anger at being caught in such an awkward position. This was not happening.

Emma whirled around as if to leave, but to Regina's surprise she stopped. After a moment's hesitation Emma straightened up and step further into the room, closing and locking the door behind her. Regina's eyebrows shot up as she watched green eyes darken. "Miss Swan?"

Emma walked towards the edge of the bed, "If I said I wanted to intrude…would you blast me with a fireball?"

Regina's mouth became dry as she began to take in what was going to happen. Her arms trembled with the what-could-bes and her body tightened and tingled. "Depends on why."

"Because I want to hear you say my name again," Emma breathed, her skin flushed darker and voice deeper then Regina had ever heard it. The deep timber quickly stoked the fire deep in her belly and Regina felt her fingers loosen on the blanket. It pooled around her waist, leaving her bare to hungry eyes.

"Emma," She breathed, reaching out for the blonde and pulling her on top. Control was something she relished, but this loss of control was something she desired.