"That's great, but when do we get to the part where they lock the Serpentine away?" Asked a somewhat impatient Kai. Sensei Wu sighed.

"That's not until much later. Now, we discuss how the Serpentine war began."

Through the course of three days, Clive steadily grew stronger. However, he was very cold towards his old Fangpyer friend, Fangk. Fangk felt terrible, and could understand why Clive was so upset. He wanted to help him, but it was an Anacondrai! Not only that, but none other than Boab, the Anacondrai general!

"Okay Clive, you're ready to leave. However, your arm... it will never heal." Mary told Clive. The last message hit Clive like a pile of bricks. His arm... never healed? He couldn't take it. This was too much, and the wound still burned. He scowled at Fangk under his breath. Why hadn't that cowardly Serpentine saved him? They were friends, and all he did was stand there like a coward!

"Clive! You must be- what's wrong?" Fangk asked. Clive glared at the confused snake.

"My arm... it burns and will never heal! You did nothing to save me! I thought that we were friends!" Clive yelled, and his anger burned in his eyes, causing Fangk to flinch.


"I don't want to hear it, snake heart! I hate all of you! Every single Serpentine!" Clive shouted furiously. Fangk dropped his gaze to avoid his former friends hateful stare. Why must he have been such a coward? Fangk wanted to apologize. Even if he didn't accept, it was still better than nothing. He opened his mouth to speak, but when he looked up, Clive was already running off. Feeling a cloud of dread above, he sulked back to his home. He cried all the way there, and didn't move or eat for days.

In the meantime, Clive developed a vicious scheme to destroy the Serpentine. The hatred he held flowed through his vanes, and in his heart. He prepared to leave, taking only a flute, some gun powder, and some matches. He headed to the Fangpyer's homeland, gunpowder in hand and ready to be used. Slinking around, sneakier than a ninja, he made a trail that went from home to home.

"Now, all I've got to do is-" Clive started, but cut himself off as he watched Fangk walk over weakly.

"C-Clive?" Fangk said, in a complete awed state. His voice was no more than a whisper, but Clive heard it. And he wished he hadn't. The words cut through Clive's hatful blood and into the part of his heart which held memories of him and Fangk. Clive felt as though the world had gone completely silent. Noticing the match in Clive's shaking hand, Fangk asked, "What is that for?"

Lighting the match, he threw it on the gunpowder, making a deafening sound and a blinding blast of light.

Lucky for Clive, he ran away fast enough to avoid the pain. But Fangk was caught unaware, and was set ablaze. He screamed and writhed in agony, wanting almost nothing more than to die. Clive stepped over to his burning friend's body, and heard Fangk's final words.

"Clive... I still love you."

The words hung in the air as the town burned. A river of tears blurred Clive's vision as the Fangpyer civilians screamed. But all he cared about was the loss of Fangk, the one he cared for most.

"Fangk... no... What have I done! WHAT HAVE I DONE!" He shouted, even though it hurt his throat very much. He nearly choked on his tears as he lay next to the dead body of Fangk.

Suddenly, the wound on his arm burned. He clutched it, pain stricken, and felt the insane power of hatred flowing through him once again. As the city burned, he played the flute for all of the Fangpyers to hear. The sound rung in all the civilian's ears, and the experience and the sound was so horrifying that the flute gained the power to cancel their powers. And while Clive burned the village and played the melody, deep inside, he cried.