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The tears flushed down Pucca's intimidated face in front of the man she loved. "Fine! If you hate me that much, then I'll just stop loving you!" Pucca shouted at Garu. She couldn't take it anymore, what's the point of loving somebody who just pushes you away? There is no point. She turned from him and walked towads the village wiping her tears. She was too heartbroken to run. She now hated him deep inside her heart, but somewhere even deeper in the broken heart.. she wished he would stop her from walking away... But he didn't stop her. All he did was walk back to his home, shrugging it off.

She was walking slower and slower by the second, but eventually, she reached her home. The first thing she did was run up the stairs trying not to be noticed, she can't let anybody see her swollen red eyes after all the crying.

Pucca's POV

I gloomily walked over to my bed and sat up against the wall with my knees against my chest. Tears washed down again. I'm trying to stop these affectionate feelings, but being alone only makes me love him even more. No. I shouldn't be feeling this, this shouldn't be happening. A prince is supposed to rescue.. where's my prince? I guess I love Garu too much to let him go.

I cried even more, and after a while, I heard a knock on my door. Normally, I would want it to be Garu, but today, I hope it's Ching. "Come in." I said in nothing but a normal voice. I couldn't let that person know I was feeling down, and if I force myself to be happy, someone will eventually notice that I'm faking. I saw the doorknob turn to reveal my uncle. Relief came to me, yet also fear. "Oh, hi Uncle Dumpling, I thought you were Ching." I said with a slightly visible smile.

"Oh, she's downstairs if you want her." Uncle Dumpling said. He probably just came up to make sure I was okay. I did come back home with no words to anybody. Suddenly, my wounded heart healed a little. Why worry about Garu when there are people who love me? My confidence built up a little, there are people downstairs who love and adore me. I'm not alone. I'm not some jerk who hides in the forest with a cat. We all know who I'm talking about.

"Oh alright. Thanks. I just want to be up here alone for a while." I said politely. I don't want him to be too curious.

"Alright. I just came to make sure you're okay. Feel free to a meal whenever." he said with a friendly smile. I gave him a smile back, I think he understood what I meant when I said I wanted to be alone. Thank goodness. He turned away and closed the door... Now what? Am I just supposed to stay in my room? What if Garu is downstairs? What if the thing that happened didn't matter to him? Maybe a walk around the village would clear my mind. Confidence completely built up 100% as I stepped off my bed. I stretched my back and looked out the window that was right by my bed. A very sunny day, probably no chance of rain.

Maybe this is a sign. Bright sunny day after I left behind someone who I wasn't meant to be with. Heaven is giving me a sign to move on. I walked out of my room with the normal smile I had everyday. Although I moved on from Garu, I still hope I don't bump into him.

I noticed Ching and she smiled and waved at me. I did the same back. I could tell that she was too hungry to go anywhere else, and Uncle Dumpling probably told her I wanted to be alone. Thank goodness that there are people who actually understand feelings. I thought those people had gone extinct. Haha, that was a thought I've always had when I met Garu actually.

Garu's POV

I noticed Mio following behind me as I was walking towards my home. He meowed and rubbed his forehead against my leg. I smiled and picked him up as he began purring. Although I may sound like I'm fine, I'm really not. I'm feeling remorseful after what I have done to Pucca. I shouldn't have pushed her, it was too harsh. Oh well, it's Pucca we're talking about, she'll come running back to me soon. Nothing I should worry about. Once she comes running to me, then I'll apologize. She probably doesn't want to be bothered right now.

Yet again, thinking about her all alone in her room crying her little heart out just breaks me somehow. She doesn't deserve any of this. When she turned and walked away trying to wipe her endless tears, I wanted to stop her, I wanted to chase over to her and stop her from walking away from me. But somehow, I just didn't have the confidence. I'm supposed to be her prince, why wouldn't I rescue her? All she ever wanted to do was to live a romance fantasy.

Yet it's not always my fault that she pushes me too far, I thought it was time to push her back. Ugh, I sound like a horrible person. Yet again, you can't force someone to fall in love, it can't always work. She's too desperate for love, she doesn't care what I think at all. I do understand her feelings, that's for sure. I know what she's thinking whenever I see her, we've spent time together that much that I know everything about her. Ever since I met her.

Pucca's POV

I walked out the door of the restaurant and my mind went blank like Garu's heart. Oh no. What was I thinking? What am I gonna do? What if I really see Garu? Do I run away, ignore, hide, confront? How about all of these options? Take it step y step. All these fears suddenly built up inside of me. I guess I don't have confidence like I thought I did. No. I'm not ready for this. I need more time alone. "Well hello Pucca." I heard a man say. I knew who it was immediately, and my fear grew stronger.

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