Hey guys...I'm glad you all are enjoying this story. So I wasn't gonna put this in because I thought it might be a little repetitive; however, I think it's important to still hear Alisha's side of the story. So here it is. I promise I will have another chapter soon. Let me know what you think. Oh and a little side note, the stranger is more important that you might think. Anyway...enjoy guys!


Alisha: The world was dark. I couldn't see a fucking thing. But, that didn't mean that I was exactly dead. Reason as to how this could be? I could still feel. In fact the pain I felt in my chest every single time I attempted to gasp for air was almost worse than the pain I felt when Simon died. 'Cause instead of air, I seemed to somehow breath in dirt. The soil continues to shove down my throat, suffocating me. I try to break free but I don't have the strength to move. I kept hoping the pain would end. That somehow this torture would cease and (by some fucking miracle) I would be with Simon.

"Mu-Alisha! Alisha where are you?" a voice calls but I can't place it. The girl (at least I think it might be a girl could be a boy whose voice hasn't dropped) sounds like she might be a Brit but her accent is almost…well American. "Yes Dad, I'm looking I don't see her!"

For some reason the stranger, who I dunno, sounds frantic to find me. She sounds close though. I want to yell but I can't.

"Wait, I found her. Dad I found her! I got to go" All of the sudden the ground shifts around me. The dirt that was crushing me is now somehow being moved. "Don't worry Mu-Alisha. I'm here. I'm gonna get you out"

I try to think who it might be but my brain hurts from lack of oxygen. I can't think at least not coherent thoughts.

"Almost there" the voice almost screams "Hang in there Alisha! Don't leave me yet!"

For a moment, the briefest of seconds, I am reminded of Simon; his determination to save me (to save all of us really), his kindness, his awkward gentleness, his love for me. I cannot express how much I wanted this strange savior to be my time-traveling, parkour jumping one.

I can feel the last of the earth lift off my body. Despite the fact I cannot move I feel weightless. Like I could fucking float. I can feel a body in the ditch. The strangers hands pulls at the ropes and tarp that bind me. The heavy cloth is off but I still can't see. Well I can, sort of, but it's a blur. A tall, frizzy haired, brown blur.

"Hiya" her voice is sweet and soft "I dunno if you can hear me. I know you probably thought I was D-Simon. I honestly don't know why I'm here. I guess because I miss you and I wanted to give you this"

I can feel something placed under my hands. It's smooth but light weight. I open my eyes to try and see the stranger and paper under my hands. But all I can see is two large sky blue eyes that sends shivers down my spine.

"Oi!" Kelly yells. I would know her voice anywhere "What the fuck are you doing?!"

"I'll see you soon" the stranger whispers just before she gives me a light kiss on the cheek "I love you".

Then she's gone. And for some reason I feel really fucking confused. Who is this bitch and what did I do to make her love me? I can hear Kelly running now. She's probably worried I was snatched or something crazy like that. She gasps a little so I guess I look a lot worse than I though. I can feel her try to take away the paper from my hands. Finally feeling some life in my fingers, I grab her hand.

"FUCK!" she yells I want to laugh but I can't move my lips yet. I can hear her dial a bunch of numbers "Seth, you need to fucking get over here now! I'll explain when you get here but you need to fucking hurry!"

Kelly's next to me again yelling, "Alisha! Alisha can you hear me? Seth is on his way. Just say with me"

I try opening my eyes again. But instead of seeing the brown haired beauty he comes walking. His sandy blonde hair is an absolute mess. His crooked smile seems to take up his entire face. His beautiful sky blue eyes stare down at me. Yet, I don't think I've ever seen him look more beautiful. "Alisha" he calls softly "Stay with me"