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He watched.

He watched carefully, not because he was a stalker or anything (though he could see Stark now, just laughing at him).

He watched because he was concerned.

She was there everyday, sitting on that bench while studying her medical text books and on most of the days, she simply seemed content and so was he.

But now – she was crying.

It was the silent type that nobody noticed, but he could the tiny trembles of her shoulders with his enhanced eyes and the tears that slid down her pale cheeks until she quickly wiped them away with her sleeve.

He wanted to approach her, ask her if she was all right, but he didn't want to intrude if it was too personal.

So instead, he quickly jogged to a nearby stand that was selling ice cream to beat the heat of the strong sunshine, "Vanilla, please." He asked and paid, not even seeing that the woman flushed for him as she served his order.

He was careful not to spill the ice cream as he moved quickly back towards the bench she was sitting on, just glad she was still there – though invisible to the busy people around with their cell phones and tablets.

She looked up in surprise when he stepped in front of her, blinking when he awkwardly held up the ice cream towards her.

"I noticed you were crying, Miss," Steve said softly and she wiped her reddened eyes in embarrassment, "But you're much prettier when you smile."

She gingerly took the ice cream, staring up at him through her messy bangs and a hesitant expression, "Sorry if I bothered you," She said with a quiet tone and he sat down when she gestured for him to do so, "Just a recent death in my family."

"I can relate," Steve murmured, knowing how it felt to be alone in such a big world, "But things will get better." He smiled when she took a small bite of the vanilla ice cream and let out a noise of contentment.

"Thank you," Her normally pale cheeks flush and tightened her fingers around the ice cream cone, "Kagome Higurashi." She simply introduced herself and he knew it was the possible start of something new.

"Rogers. Steve Rogers."