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Rewrite of Master and Rookie (since I don't like the direction it took)


What was wrong with her that she couldn't make the bullseye anymore?

'I have to admit,' Kagome sighed, trying to concentrate, even with the quiet and steady 'thunk' of arrows piercing their target, 'I miss it, the Feudal Era.'

So, she tried to recreate that thrill by going to the nearby archery range, yet it failed to work.

In fact, the archery range was almost always empty – except for him.

He was there almost every day, even longer than her couple of hours of each day she went. He was very, very skilled she noticed.

Her blue eyes wandered towards the tall man with short spiked blond hair, watching with amazement as he shot arrow after arrow into the bullseyes without even breaking a sweat.

Kagome immediately glanced away after she noticed she was staring, feeling her cheeks heat up for no real reason at all and she quickly berated herself for acting as such.

She began to collect her arrows, packing them with her equipment as she prepared to leave, knowing that Sesshoumaru might get annoyed that she went out again without telling him where she was going.

'He's not the boss of me...' She thought with furrowed brows, moving silently past the blond man and his master archery skills, 'I should be allowed to go where I want!'

"Leaving already?"

The male voice had her jumping and she quickly turned to look at the man, who was eyeing her from the corners of his eyes, even as he released an arrow and embedded into the centre of the target – all without looking.

'Show off,' Kagome thought moodily, "Excuse me?" She asked, wondering why the man choose to speak to her when he didn't every other time.

"You're here quite a bit, I've noticed," The man said, "It's not so common to be so dedicated to archery these days."

"It's a hobby of mine since two years ago," Kagome muttered, "Even a life-saver." She didn't know why she admitted such a thing and immediately looked away.

"Just two years?" The man lifted a brow and looked rather impressed, "And you're that skilled?" He smirked, "What's your name, kid?"

"Kagome Higurashi." She said defensively, not exactly liked being called 'kid', yet took his strong, calloused hand when he offered it for a handshake.

"Clint Barton," He introduced himself and his smirk widened even more when her eyes widened at his next offer, "Would you like to learn a few tricks, Higurashi?"




Was he offering to teach her!?