I slide my earphones out of my deep pockets, and adjust them until they are snug in my ear. With the click of a button music blasted into my head. The sound of my favorite songs ring in my ears.
I lift my head and see the outline of a school coated with a grayish blue sky. The sun wasn't out, the sky reminded me of the life i called my own. Dull and boring. I put my hands in my pockets and hum to the song that is playing. My name is Yasushi Saito, otherwise known as the borderline hikikomori, and this was the last day of middle school. I take a deep breath and walk into the building.
When first period bell rings everyone gets into their seats including me. I grab the center of my headphones, where the two wires meet and pull them down. Ripping the sound of music from my ears. An abrupt voice calls out role. I slide back in my chair, and tilt my head back. in my mind were only 2 thoughts. " I can't wait for this day to end", and "Ill reinvent myself in high school, become a whole new Yasushi Saito".
I sat at the foot of my bed looking at my two luggage bags. I grab the old leather suitcase and start to shove clothes in. My knees wobble as i get off the bed and sit on the old bag. I apply force to it and slowly zip it up. I then move onto the other bag.
I grab my manga and slowly but neatly align it at the bottom. i then grab some novels, and some textbooks i might need for reference material. I sit both the bags near the entrance of my door, then descend down the stairs.
The room opens up with my father sitting on a kitchen chair reading the news, and my mother making a mix of what looked like eggs and peppers. My dad looks up from his puzzle, his glasses on the lower half of his nose, and says in a scratchy voice "You ready for school?". I nod and slide my hand into my pocket pulling out my phone. My fingers glide across the screen to turn it on. 8:25 AM is what it reads. I trudge back upstairs and throw one bag over my shoulder, and carry the other one at my side. I open the front door, and take a big step towards the train, and to the whole new me.