This fic is a gift to the lovely Lourdes, for the summer hiatus secret santa exchange. It follows the given prompt in which Red and Lizzie bathe together. For that reason, chapter two will be quite steamy, and the rating will be bumped up to an M.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I own not a single bit of The Blacklist, and my only gains are satisfaction and feels!

Chapter One

Being a Winter has its perks. Winters can feasibly dye their hair almost any color. They look great clothed in both pastels and vibrant jewel-toned hues like turquoise, amethyst, canary yellow, and of course, Red's favorite on Lizzie: ruby red.

But Winter skin is often sensitive, and Lizzie has no hope of hiding it when a blush creeps up her cheeks. With Red around, that seems to happen at an unfair frequency, much to his amusement. She's quite certain that he makes her blush on purpose.

"Oh, come on. You look so beautiful when you blush. I can't help myself, Lizzie." He says.

Yeah right, Red.

And the sun. Oh, the sun is particularly cruel to Winter skin. A day at the beach necessitates loads of sunblock. Lizzie can still tan, but she must guard herself carefully to prevent sunburn.

Red isn't nearly as sensitive, and despite going AWOL on The Navy, it quickly became clear to Lizzie that his heart is still on the ocean. They planned to spend the week sailing, scuba diving, and making love in one of his oceanside villas.

Red's slate-grey oceanside abode was three stories tall, miles from the main road, and only 100 yards from the sandy beach. Lizzie couldn't believe he actually owned it. "If you never spend more than two nights in the same place, what's the point?"

Red chuckled at her incredulity. "I didn't buy it, Lizzie. I seized it from a slimeball who couldn't pay up for services rendered. I'd planned on selling, but I'm quite fond of it. The security system is top-notch, and it's remote enough that I feel safe breaking my two-night rule. You should already know how much I relish a good, broken rule."

"Indeed, I do."

"You haven't even seen the outdoor shower and sauna yet. It's under the deck, and about 100 square feet. Huge! The walls and floor are teak, and a bench wraps all the way around the interior. The shower head is enormous, like standing in an Amazonian downpour. Tell me, Lizzie, have you ever taken ayahuasca with a Lakota shaman?"

Lizzie crossed her arms, waiting for him to finish.

He smiled at her. "Right. Well, ritualistic ayahuasca ceremonies are usually performed in a sweat lodge or sauna. It's a life-altering experience..." He trailed off, and then added, "If nothing else, I find tantric sex in a sauna to be particularly... stimulating. You haven't tried that either, have you?"

He was quite pleased to see her eyebrows arch in response. She was definitely curious about that one. Maybe, one day.

"So, wanna hit the beach for an afternoon swim?" Lizzie asked. They had only arrived an hour ago.

Oh, sure. Change the subject.

They changed into their swimsuits, packed a cooler, grabbed some towels and sunblock, and headed out.

While Red was decidedly an Autumn, his scars were somewhat sensitive to the sun, and he begrudgingly allowed Lizzie to slather his back with sunblock, since she batted her eyelashes and begged him to keep his shirt off.

Who could blame her? Those pecs...

She had let him pick out her new bikini, and bestowed upon him the honor of applying her sunblock. Red didn't complain. In fact, he took his sweet time, lifting the straps and running his hands beneath them, ensuring that no inch of her alabaster skin was unprotected.

They'd been on the run together for three months now, seeking out Berlin. They intended to only stay away until the threat was eliminated, and finally, it was, but Red talked Lizzie into a beach holiday before their return to DC. Who knows when they'd have another chance?

They had finally found each other, in the intimate way that Red had never hoped for outside of his dreams. If it meant living out the rest of his days just like this, Red wouldn't mind if they had never found Berlin.

Oh, and this. This! This is his favorite part of any vacation. The beginning. What a lush feeling! How he relished the knowledge that they had only just begun, and they still had the whole week stretched out before them. The first day holds promises that can only be kept.

Life was better than good. Perhaps he could even convince her to stay a little longer.

Red's beach was a private one, of course, affording their much-needed privacy. Consequently, they had no trouble locating the right spot to deposit their beach gear. With that done, Lizzie glanced up at Red, mischief glinting in her eyes.

"LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!" And she took off at a full-sprint to the water.

Hot on her heels, Red replied, "and the first one has to eat it."

She'd like that, actually.