Here's another one shot of mine involving Reid and Morgan. Yes, it's Christmas themed and it's currently June but this popped into my head and I wasn't on here during the holiday season. Hope you all enjoy! This will probably be 2 or 3 chapters.


Thursday December 21

Spencer Reid sits at his desk quietly with his head down, trying with all his might to do his paperwork slowly. He tries to not hear JJ talking about what she and Will got Henry for Christmas, or what Garcia was baking to bring along to Kevin's place, or what Emily's plans are. He glances up and sees Rossi in Hotch's office, smiles on both men's faces, something seen very rarely. He hears the excitement in everyone's voices, sees it in their eyes; as they laugh he can hear their happiness not just for the holiday's but also knowing they are guaranteed time off without a chance of being called in. Reid could only wish he could share in their happiness.

Sighing he returns to the paperwork he is currently working on. As he works, he isn't aware that the women heard him sigh and are looking at him. They look at each other and don't know if they should say anything to him, not exactly knowing if anything was wrong. The team knew Reid wasn't exactly looking forward to the time off since he loved his job and it was his life, but he should have been more happy than he was acting because he and Derek-

"Oh my God, I can't believe we were so stupid," JJ says as she gets up from her seat, Garcia and Emily following close behind not knowing what it was she figured out. JJ sits on the corner of Reid's desk and taps his shoulder, Garcia and Emily right beside her.

"Spence, you ok?" JJ asks quietly. When he only nods his head she asks her next question, rubbing a hand over his back. "Have you heard from Derek at all? Any idea when he's coming home?"

Dropping his pen on his desk he places his hands on his face, rubbing his eyes. "No. I haven't heard from him since the day he left for the case. All Hotch has been able to tell me is that he's safe, he doing his job as fast as he can and he should be home soon. He just can't contact me personally because it might blow his cover."

Garcia places a hand on his shoulder. "Well that's good then, right? I know you miss him, and he misses you, but if he's coming home soon, why so glum? It's the holidays; you're supposed to be happy."

"I'd be happier if Derek would make it home for Christmas." Sighing again, he turns in his chair to face the women. As he faces them, the women can see how close he is to breaking down; tears are visible but not falling. "When Hotch spoke to the detective Derek's working with, while the mission is going well, it may not be done for another week or two. At this rate I'll be lucky to have him home for New Years."

"Oh, Baby Boy," Garcia says. She leans in and gives him a small hug, trying to hold back her own tears. She hates seeing anyone of her 'babies' upset but, just like everyone else, she had a soft spot for Reid and it hurt to see him that close to breaking down in the office for everyone to see. She knew he wasn't holding up well, no matter what he told the team. "It's going to be ok. You know Morgan; he's going to do all he can to get back home to you. He hates having to leave you alone. What are you going to do over break? Need any company?"

Sniffling and wiping his eyes he says, "I don't know what I'm going to do. Derek and I had all these plans and now they're not happening. We planned on going to his mom's house in Chicago and spending all of break there, but I just don't feel like traveling. I'm just going to sit at home with Clooney and pass the days by reading. It's what I used to do before Derek and I got together; my mom never liked to celebrate it. With her disease, she would get overwhelmed and say the government was spying on us." He looks up at Garcia and looks her in the eyes as he says, "I'll be ok, Garcia; don't worry about me. Enjoy your time off," before turning back to face his desk and back to his paperwork.

Emily speaks up for the first time. "Are you sure Reid? I wasn't planning on doing much, you could always come to my place." When the only response she gets is the sound of Reid's pen on paper, she turns and walks back to her desk giving JJ and Garcia a worried look before sitting down.

Garcia and JJ look back at each other, a look of determination on each of their faces. They split up and walk in different directions: JJ to Hotch's office and Garcia to her lair. JJ knocks on Hotch's door and after hearing a 'come in' response, she opens the door. Hotch is sitting in his chair behind his desk and Rossi is sitting in a chair in front of the desk. Both see the look on her face and both men pray it isn't a case.

"What's going on JJ?" Hotch says.

"Do you know any progress on the case Morgan is working on?" JJ asks quickly.

Taking a deep breath Hotch looks JJ in the eye and says, "I told Reid everything I know. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do. The investigation has been going well, but like all cases, it's going to take time. Trust me, I wish I could do something to get him home earlier but I have no legal rights to bring him back here. Unless something changes and the investigation wraps up faster than it's looking right now, I don't know when Morgan will be coming home. I'm sorry."

JJ runs a hand through her hair and sighs. "I figured that much. I just hate seeing Spence like this." She points out the window and Hotch and Rossi take a look out to the bullpen and look at Reid. His elbows are on the desk, one hand balled up in a fist and resting on his cheek, the other holding a pen and writing slower than he normally writes.

"Ugh, I wish there was something we could do for him," Rossi says as he watches Reid write, every now and then catching the young man wiping his eyes. "No one should be alone on Christmas. Didn't he and Morgan have plans before he left?" he asks facing JJ.

"They did but now Spence doesn't want to travel. Garcia and Emily offered to keep him company but he turned it down. He says he's fine, but it's clear he isn't." She takes a seat in the chair previously occupied by Rossi. "I'd offer to take him with Will, Henry and myself but I can't."

The three of them talk for a few more minutes and then JJ and Rossi walk out of Hotch's office and go to their own. They remain worried but know they can't do anything. Meanwhile, Garcia sits in her lair, working her magic. She may not be able to get her Chocolate God of Thunder home for Christmas for her Baby Boy, but she could make his holiday less lonely.


Friday December 22

Reid walks into the office early, much earlier than he ever had before. Looking at the clock on the wall he sees it's only 6am; no one would be in for at least two and half hours. He would have just stayed at home in bed with Clooney, but he just couldn't take the quiet any longer and needed to get out of the house. Instead of going to his own desk he walks over to a door that's been closed for nearly two weeks: the door leading to Morgan's office. He turns the knob, opens the door and switches on the light, walking slowly in. He closes the door and goes to his desk and sits in Morgan's chair. Looking around his desk he sees photos of Morgan's family, new and old ones, but the one that catches his eye is of the two of them. It's their favorite photo of them together. Garcia had taken it the day they came out to the team.

They had met up at Rossi's mansion for a summer barbeque and swimming in the pool one day. They were sitting around the outdoor table under an umbrella, hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad on their plates and various drinks in the cups. Morgan and Reid had sat next to each other, having decided earlier on that day they would come out to the team. After some laughing and talking among the group, Morgan looked at Reid and he nodded his head saying he was ready. Morgan cleared his throat, getting the attention of everyone around the table.

"I have something I'd like to say," Morgan began. After getting questionable looks he continues. "The past few months I've been with someone amazing. We have our differences, and we've had some fights but in the end…this person has been my rock. At times when I thought I'd fall apart or lose my cool, he's manage to get me calm and talk me through my emotions. It's been amazing, and I think it's time I come clean about who it is."

He sees his team smiling, especially Garcia, and decides on the best way to show them. Instead of saying his name, he grabs Reid's hand in one of his, using his other to turn Reid's chin towards him and planting a soft kiss on the younger man's lips. He could feel the love and happiness Reid passed through the kiss and he could only return it. They continued kissing until they saw a bright flash. They pulled away and saw Garcia had her camera in her hands, the largest smile either of them had seen on her face ever. They both knew she had snapped a photo of them, but instead of being annoyed at her they just looked at each other and can't stop smiling.

The reaction from the team couldn't have been more positive. Besides Garcia's obvious approval, JJ had a large smile on her face and quickly got up to hug both of them, saying how happy she was for them. Emily got up next to hug them while also saying "It's about time guys, I was wondering if you'd ever come out." Rossi and Hotch also approved and, after getting confirmation from both Reid and Morgan that this wouldn't affect their work performance, both men gave them hugs. This time Reid started the kiss and Garcia snapped another photo.

It was that photo, the one where Reid started the kiss, that was framed and on Derek's desk. The love they shared was seeable in the photo clearly: the way they both held each other during the kiss, the expression on their faces. Reid grabbed it off his desk and pulls it in towards his chest, closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair. He misses Derek, more than anything, and the past few weeks without him have been some of the most challenging of his life.

When Derek had first told him about the case he was very apprehensive about it. Derek couldn't tell him much about it, but the one thing he could say is that it involved children, and Reid knew there was no talking him out of it. The day he left was hard on both of them, and Clooney. The dog could sense something wasn't right, and as Reid and Morgan tried to leave Clooney put up a fit, barking and chasing them and blocking the door. It took ten minutes but eventually they got out and to the airport. They spent ten minutes hugging and kissing each other, passing back promises of 'stay safe' and loving endearments such as 'I love you' and 'I'll miss you'. When they had to separate, Morgan had to pry Reid off him because the young man wouldn't let him go. Reid had let the tears he had been holding back fall as he watched his lover's plane leave the tarmac heading who knows where and returning who knows when.

Since then Reid had been trying to cope not seeing Morgan every second of every day or hearing his voice, but he was slowly falling apart. Some days he got by fine, and some days he just didn't want to get out of bed or eat or be around anyone. Lately his biggest problem was sleeping at night. He became so used to having Morgan by his side, his arms over him protectively, smelling his natural smell along with his body wash, that with him gone he just couldn't get his eyes to close or his mind to stop thinking the worst. The past three nights had been the worst, with Reid barley getting any sleep even with Clooney right by his side. If Reid had to guess he probably got a combination of 10 hours of sleep the past three days; not nearly enough to stay on top of all the paperwork they had been getting. His insomnia was definitely kicking his ass right now.

Reid could feel his eyes start to droop and eyed the couch that was in Derek's office. Maybe I could close my eyes for a bit, get some more sleep before work starts, he says to himself. He keeps the photo in his hands as he gets up from the chair and walks towards the light switches. Normally the dark scared Reid, but being this tired he just didn't care. He turns off the light and sends the room into complete darkness, walking over to the couch. Reid kicks off his shoes and lies down on the couch, the picture placed back on his chest. It may not make sense to others, but Reid could swear that this motion made him feel like Morgan was right there with him. He closes his eyes and his thoughts fill with Derek until he stops thinking and falls into the deepest sleep he's had since Derek left.


So what do you all think so far? There is more coming, but I'd love your input. Are you confused about anything, is something not clear or making sense? Again, this idea came out of nowhere but I like it. Please leave your thoughts! Thanks!