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Warning: For you to know now! This is a Riku/Sora fic, cause I like the pairing, and I've never done a fic before besides my Yugioh fics. Yes this is yaoi, and it takes place a little before and during the adventure of Sora's. But it's is entirely different from the adventure.

Summary: What would of happened if Kairi and Sora did take the raft and leave, just the two of them? What events would of followed and how would it change the three friends lives forever?

Access info. -- Riku is sort of OC here. And Sora is the dominant one in their relationship. Read with open mind, peoples! Also, it starts out while they're 14 and 15 years old, but later it skips ahead ten years. And Riku's mothers identity is my idea and I made up the Heartblade. It looks like a sword with a heart-shaped handle like the heart that serves as the logo for Kingdom Hearts. So imagine it. Lol. ^-^

AnimeFan: Ok, people. Here goes my very first Kingdom Hearts fic. The whole thing takes a different path then the game so no spoilers here people! Just something new, to show you how one choice can change the whole course of the destiny.


Chapter 1 -- Don't Ever Leave Me

Be careful...the choices you make...
You don't want to regret your decision...

The past...Can't be changed...
but the future can...with that one choice...

Rikuuu!!!!!!!! Hey! Down here! The aqua-eyed boy sighed and peeped out from under his eyelids at a beautiful chocolate-haired boy smiling up at him. Riku had finished gathering the supplies Kairi had asked him to get and had taken to the shelter of the paupou tree, leaning against the rough bark above the water. Oh, hey Sora. The brunette grinned and scrambled up the tree to plop down next to him, Good-morning! What are you doing Riku? Riku shook his hair from his eyes and crossed his arms, playing cool. Heh, morning to you to, he replied with a smile. I'm not really doing anything, just relaxing. You know, enjoying the morning sunrise.

Sora smiled and propped his hands on his knees, leaning forwards a bit, Thinking again. Riku blinked and gazed at his friend, slightly surprised at the comment. Yeah, thinking. Is that wrong or something? Sora stared down into the water before looking up at the other boy, Nope! Not at all! What you thinking about? The white-haired boy let out another sigh and turned to look out at the ocean, Believe it or not, it's not about leaving the island. I'm sort of wondering, once we're out there. Sora? Sora smiled and looked him in the eyes. The older boy sighed, fighting down the blush threatening to shatter his calm, cool exterior, Sora, you won't ever leave me, will you? Once we're out there.

Sora stared, completely shocked by the question, Of course I won't leave you, Riku! We're friends, forever. We're gonna get out there and explore the unknown together, the three of us! Riku forced a smile, half relieved and half disappointed. He had meant that Sora not leave him, Kairi could jump off a bridge for all he cared. Sora let out an exasperated sigh and turned again to look at his friend, Riku, something's bothering you. What is it?

Riku turned his face away, so Sora couldn't see it, and frowned. What's wrong, he asks. What's wrong is that I'm losing to Kairi. I should just face the music. Kairi's smart, pretty, sweet, and Sora just isn't the way-the way I am. It's so obvious, he's not in the least bit attracted to me. Nothing's wrong, Sora! Everything's great, we're gonna get out there and have great adventures together!! The two-the three of us!! Riku smiled and waved his arms enthusiastically, resulting in the aqua-eyed boy loosing his balance and toppling off the paupou tree into the waters below. Sora gasped and leaned to look down at the sputtering white-haired teen, Hey! Riku are you alright!?

Oh, hey Sora! There you are. Sora and Riku looked towards Kairi, as the red-haired girl walked up to smile at Sora, completely ignoring the soaking Riku. Oh, hey Kairi! Good-morning, Sora smiled and got to his feet, also forgetting about Riku. Hee hee, morning. Sora, Riku already got half the stuff we'll need for the raft, you need to get the other half. Riku frowned and watched as Sora and Kairi discussed the supplies that the brunette would have to gather. They were both deep in their conversation, then they turned and left, Kairi to tend to the raft and Sora to gather god knows what supplies. And as usual, they both forgot about little old Riku, sitting chest deep in water, wishing he knew magic so he could knock Kairi to her death.

*************(about an hour later)**************

Ohhhhh!!!!!!!! I hate Kairi! Never get any time alone with Sora cause she's always there! Riku scowled and kicked at a shellfish, sending it hurtling in the sand a few feet away. Ever since she came to the island, Sora has been spending practically every minute with her! He completely ignores me! It's like he replaced me with her! He stopped and picked up a rather smooth, flat rock and threw it hard, counting as it skipped along the surface before sinking into the crystal waters of the ocean. And here I am, smiling and acting like I'm ok with it and we're all loving friends! What's wrong with me!? One of these days I'm gonna go up to that witch and tell her off right in front of Sora!

Riku stomped ungracefully up the stairs onto the deck and walked over to untie his boat, No one needs or cares about me here so I'm taking my butt back home! Kairi can spend the whole day with Sora for all I care! Selphie shut her mouth at his retort and decided to not ask why he was so ticked off. Hopping into the vessel, he grabbed the paddle and started rowing, heading across the water in the direction of the main island, Fate Isle. Hey Sora, Riku already got his half of the supplies so let's completely ignore him and go somewhere else so I can attempt to flirt with you, Riku mocked and rowed harder, letting out his frustration like he normally did.

Finally, he guided his boat to the docks and hopped out. Mr. Shigami came over and helped Riku tie the little row boat up to the dock. Riku thanked the man and started along his way back home, not bothering to stop and check out the stores. It was all the same stuff, nothing ever new came to the stores. He continued on his way at an annoyed pace, bumping through the crowd of people and heading up a dirt road to his ocean-side house. He unceremoniously opened then closed the door as he stormed into the house and into the kitchen. His mother, Aurora, was at the stove cutting up apples for an apple pie.

Riku plopped loudly into a chair and rested his chin in his hands, elbows propped on the table. His mother showed no signs of noticing his entrance and continued to cut the apples, singing a lovely tune, You're giving me too many things, lately you're all I need. You smiled at me and said, Don't get me wrong I love, but does that mean I have to meet your father? When we are older you'll understand, what I meant when I said No, I don't think life is quite that simple... His mother then stopped and turned to smile at him. Riku sighed and continued the song, When you walk away, you don't hear me say Please, oh baby, don't go. Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight, it's hard to let it go. He sighed and let his forehead hit the table, not making any move to cushion the blow.

His mother exhaled and walked over to rest a hand on his shoulder, Sora ignoring you again? Do you want anything to drink sweetheart? Riku shook his head, mumbling a no. Aurora frowned and sat down in a chair next to him, rubbing his back soothingly, I know it must be hard. I had the same problem with your father. He was always paying attention to this girl, Marie. But I acted like it didn't bother me and waited for my chance. You'll get your chance, Riku. Sora does care about you. Riku sniffed and looked up at his mother. She was beautiful with her long golden hair, crystal-blue eyes, and rosy lips. He could see why his father had fallen in love with her, even if it took him five years to realize it. It's hard, mom. Sora does care about me, but just as a friend. At least you and Marie were both girls fighting over a guy, what chance do I have with Sora when Kairi is my competition!? I've got nothing she doesn't already have and even less then that!

Aurora smiled and hugged her white-haired son, Riku, let me tell you about a street rat named Aladdin. Riku smiled and leaned against his mother, listening as she told him another one of her fairy tales. This one was about a street rat who fell in love with a princess. He braved a magical cavern, acquired a genie, became a prince, fought an evil vazier, saved everyone in the end, and got the princess. He always loved his mother's stories. He used to pretend he was one of the princes in the story, rescuing a princess from a jealous stepmother, fighting pirates and flying with a bunch of lost boys, even escaping from a bunch of talking cards. His favorite story of them all was the one about the princess traped in an everlasting sleep and locked in a tower guarded by thorns. The prince fought the evil fairy who had turned into a dragon and with one kiss, woke the princess from her cursed sleep. All his mothers stories ended happily, with good triumphing over evil. He wished so badly to leave the island and go on an adventure. Then he'd return and tell his mother a story, his story.

Aurora finished her story and kissed Riku on the forehead, So you see, it doesn't matter who or what you are, all that matters is the person inside. Riku smiled and hugged his mother. He was feeling much better. One day mom, it's going to be Sora whom I share a paupou fruit with. I'm not going to give him up that easily to Kairi! He thrust his fist in the air with a determined smile and got up out of his chair, I'm going to go get some groceries. Is there anything we need?


AnimeFan: Ok, there! My first chapter and as you see, it's slightly different from the game. As an early warning, I'm going to switch between Riku and Sora's point of view. They're both the main characters of this story and the story itself needs to focus on one every now and then so when I do I'll put a @@@@@@@@@ in between the two paragraphs. Hee hee. Also, is paupou how you spell that star shaped fruit that they mention a lot in the game. I can't remember how to spell it. ^-^' Oh, and Fate Isle is something I made up. We've all explored Destiny Islands and couldn't find their houses anywhere but I did notice that their home and the island we gamers play on are different, so this is what I called the other island. I don't know who mister Shigami is either, I made him up. Ok. Next chapter will be up soon. If you like this so far tell me so I know to continue!