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Chapter 14 -- Maleficent's Finale: Part 2_The Door Closes

It's finale over...or is it?...When is anything really over...
One door closes...another opens...that's life for you...

Riku and Sora both turned around as Kairi's words finally penetrated through their arguing. The dragon's jaws where dropping down on them fast, it was to late to run...to late to dodge or defend. This was it, the end. Their life was officially over. There was no way either of them would survive a direct attack with those jaws. Riku all ready could feel those long, sharp teeth tearing away at his flesh. Why did it have to end like this? This wasn't supposed to happen! Instinctively, he threw his arms around Sora protectively and waited for the pain that would signal his end. And waited...and waited some more...but it didn't come. Instead there was a loud slashing sound followed closely by a deafening roar.

Cautiously, he peeped out of his eyelids towards where the dragon had been. And there, standing in his line of vision, was none other then Sephiroth himself. Standing there in all his glory, Riku could only wonder how and why...what did this great warrior see in him that he would risk facing so much so far to protect him. Speaking of Maleficent, wailing in pain and anger, the dragon stumbled back blind and retreated behind the buildings. Once she was gone, Riku let go and was immediately tackled by a grateful Kairi. After being hugged to his near death, she let go and tackled Sora to do the same. You both are the biggest bastards in the whole damn universe!!! What were you thinking, arguing in the middle of a life to death battle!!!!

Regaining his posture, Riku turned to Sephiroth and stared up at him with questions burning in his eyes. Seph looked at him for a moment before wiping the blood off his sword. Pouting Riku walked over in front of him and stared up at him, forcing the older man into eye contact. Why, Seph? Why did you come back...it's dangerous. In fact, why do you even care? Sighing, Sephiroth crossed his arms cooly and relaxed his weight on his left leg, I've got my reasons, kid. Now, you three get the hell out of here and close the door behind you...I'll deal with Maleficent. Sora and Kairi exchanged glances before started towards the door happily. Riku didn't follow though, he wasn't done...not yet. I can't do that, Sephiroth. I have to rescue my mother's heart.

The older man brushed a few strands of his hair behind his ear and smiled down at him, Get out of here, Riku. I'll deal with Maleficent...and get your mother's heart back.

Why, what are you after, Seph? Why did you help Maleficent in the first place, then suddenly started helping me? What's your deal, whose side are you really on!? Riku balled up his fists, questions starting to spring out of nowhere in his mind. None of this made any since, and he was sick of always being the clueless one. He wanted the truth, and he wanted it now. Sephiroth seemed to slouch and let out a long defeated sigh. He knew those questions would come one day, he knew he'd have to tell Riku...everything. Why now?

Riku...I...well, it starts sort of a long time ago. I used to be a really in and out sort of warrior, a missionary if that's what you want to call it. I did any job, anything for a couple bags of good munny. During one of my missions, I was gravely hurt and fell unconscious. When I woke up, I found myself in a fancy chamber, inside a castle...


Sephiroth looked around him curiously, trying to register in his mind where he was. His wounds were bandaged and his body cleaned. Had someone found him and taken him in? A quiet creaking sound came from the left side of the room, and Sephiroth strained to see someone walk into the room. When the person finally came into view, he could only catch his breath in awe. It was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She smiled sweetly when she saw him awake and spoke with a voice that could melt ice and soothe the most vicious beast, Oh...so you're awake. How are you feeling?


I couldn't help but to fall immediately in love with her. She was kind, gentle, a brilliant cook, and had the most beautiful voice ever. I had never believed in angels...till I met her. We talked a lot while I recovered...got to know each other well. Eventually, we were good friends and I had completely healed. Instead of leaving though, I stayed with her and from that day on I took it upon myself to protect her from every danger possible. Then one day it just happened and we became lovers. On the day I proposed to her, she told me a secret she had kept from me. I was to be a father. Soon the baby was born...a beautiful little boy. I had never felt so...there are no words to describe how I felt. My whole life had been a hell, and then this angel came and pulled me up to heaven. It was wonderful and overwhelming, but I was happy and that was what mattered.

Then everything changed on my son's fourth birthday. A wave a darkened creatures that we now know as the Heartless attacked and took over the castle. They came after my wife and son, for reasons I had yet to fully understand. But I got them out of there and away from our world in the ship I had come in. We traveled for months, I searching for the perfect place for them...where they'd both be safe from the Heartless. I found that place in a small world with few people populating it. This place I saw was perfect. It was safe, beautiful, and so insignificant that I figured it would be the last place the Heartless would attack and devour. And in that small world, I left the two treasures of my heart and went to fight the Heartless.

Then one day, no more then three years ago, Maleficent came to me and presented the heart of my one love. She said she would return it to her if I did what she said. I had no choice, Riku. Then I found you and...heard your singing. That song of yours, your mother's song, that was the very song me and my wife made up to sing together during the long period of my healing. Riku, then I knew...I knew just how far into this I had gotten us.

Riku blinked and took in what Sephiroth was saying to him. Seph had a wife and son, and Maleficent had stolen his wife's heart and used it against him? That made since...but it had happened approximately three years ago, the same time his mother's heart had been taken. And his mother's song...was Seph and his wife's song? But...that would mean that, could...no...

Yes Riku, you are the love child of Aurora and I. You're my son.

Riku suddenly couldn't move...couldn't think...This was all to much to soon. Closing his eyes, he tried to clear everything out and close out the world. He needed rest, peace, something. Sephiroth was...his father? Wow, this was...so fast so sudden. That would explain why he was helping him, protecting him, why he had come back. But this was all being shoved at him to soon! Then, that picture came to his mind...the picture of his heart. But the glare was no longer there and he could finally see the face of his father standing behind him and his mother. It was Sephiroth and finally the picture of his heart was clear. Everything clicked and it was like a puzzle coming together, everything made perfect since now. Why he had always felt drawn to him mothers stories, why he'd always look up at the stars, why he had really wanted to get away from the islands and see what was out there.

Get out of here, now!!! Riku opened his eyes as Sephiroth grabbed him and pushed him towards the door. With a loud roar, Maleficent the dragon stormed back out of the protection of the houses and bounded forward blindly in front of her. As luck would have it, they were in her path. Riku watched as Sephiroth brought his sword up and repelled her snapping jaws. Using his sword, he held Maleficent at bay and turned to the smaller boy, Get out of here, Riku! I won't lose you and your mother! Riku hesitated before turning to see Sora and Kairi all ready closing the door. He had to do what he had to do, no matter what anyone says. Sprinting, he got over to the door but stopped, not going through. Sora looked at him questioningly and he swallowed down the painful lump in his chest. I have to rescue my mother, Sora. I love you. Take care of each other you two.

What! No Riku!

Ignoring Sora's cries, Riku grabbed the handles of the door and pulled them hard...closing the door and sealing him off from the other world. Then he turned back to Sephiroth and the dragon, tightened his grip on his blade that had changed into the Heartblade, and with an angered cry he charged towards battle...

That was the last time I saw Riku...

I think about him now...every night and day, twice on Sundays...I wonder if he'll ever come back, like he promised to. The others worry about me. They constantly try to get me to play or fight, but all I can do...all I want to do...is to stand here on the docks and look out across the ocean, waiting. "Hey, Sora! We're going home now, you coming!?" Kairi waves to me and frowns when I don't answer. I can see her shrug and crawl into her boat to go home. I wonder, what would have happened if we hadn't left together on that raft that fateful night. Would Riku still be with us? Would any of this have ever happened? Would I have loved him...or Kairi? Just when you think you have answers...more questions pop out of nowhere. If we hadn't of left, would any of us been pulled into the fight against the Heartless? And if we had, would Riku of stayed behind the door...or would he have been here with us now?

I know Riku did what he did because he had to. I wouldn't of dared tried to stop him from saving his mother's heart. I know how much he loves her, we all loved her. The island is quiet without her song or the smell of her baking. I just wished that he had told me that he was planing to stay behind the door. I just wished I could be with him now, helping him on his journey. I know how dangerous that sort of thing is. Why Riku, why couldn't I have stayed with you and Sephiroth!? Did you do this to protect me?

I don't know why, but I find myself walking back to the secret cave. It's damp and cold within, like it has always been. The smell of the dust and chalk is everywhere, like the pictures we all drew on the walls as kids. I walk silently over to the picture farthest in the cave. I was a picture me and Kairi drew together of ourselves. I smile in slight disbelief at the sight of my last drawing, an arm holding a paupo fruit up to Kairi. To think I had been in denial so long. I crouch down and use my sleeve to erase that part of the picture, before taking some chalk and drawing on it. I pull away after a while to inspect my work. I had drawn Riku's head against mine and two pairs of arms wrapped to make it look like me and Riku were hugging. I had left Kairi in the picture, but I had drawn Tidus with her. They had shared a paupo fruit together, those two. And one day, me and Riku will. Yeah, he was coming back. He was.

I stood up then, my smile softening at the thought. Behind me comes a soft clicking sound and I turn to look and see. The door to our island, it was cracked open...how? I turn around and inspect the door curiously. Who had opened it and left it open? How long had it been like this? I hesitate before opening the door slowly and peering within. A dark, rainy street lays before me...so familiar. I had seen this place before...about a year ago this day. I summon the keyblade, then with one last glance, walk through the door and into the dark streets of the other world beyond the door. I'm coming...whether you like it or not Riku...


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