This is a pilot chapter. You know, like pilot episode on TV? Yeah. Please tell me what you think, should I continue this story? I appreciate both positive and negative reviews. (Yes, I know this chapter is short, but it is a pilot chapter. I wrote it in one day. Future chapters will be longer, don't worry :3 )

This was the best part of Mio's day; opening the clubroom doors and stepping inside, smiling and greeting her friends. But there was one person she particularly looked forward to seeing, and that person was not there.

"Where's Ritsu?" Mio asked her friend Mugi, who was arranging teacups on the table.

"She's not here yet." The blonde replied. "Why?"

"Uh… no reason!" Mio said quickly.

"Eehh?" Mugi said slyly, thick eyebrows raised, a grin creeping onto her face.

"What?" Mio demanded, raising her voice.

"Nothing…" Mugi said, her face returning to normal. She turned and got back to work. Mio unslung her bass and propped it up against the wall. Sighing, she sat down on the couch.

How long was it going to take Ritsu to get here? Ritsu, the girl Mio had known since her early childhood. Ritsu, the girl who's been Mio's best friend for as long as she can remember. Ritsu, the girl who Mio was in love with.

Two years ago, Mio was shocked when she realized that she had feelings for Ritsu. Did she really swing that way? Did Ritsu even swing that way? Ever since then, she was never able to ask Ritsu about it. What if she rejected her? It could destroy their friendship!

Mio didn't want that. But she had to know.

"When Ritsu gets here,"she thought, "I'll ask to speak with her in private. Then when we're alone (without Mugi), I'll ask and hope for the best."

She had attempted to ask Ritsu countless times before, but she had abandoned her plan at the last second every time. But not this time. Mio was determined to see it through to the end, even if it meant rejection.

All five members of the Light Music Club sat at the table, drinking tea and talking. It was already noon, and Mio still hadn't gotten a chance to speak with Ritsu. Suddenly, Mugi stood, up clapped her hands together, and said,

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make." The four other girls sitting at the table eagerly awaited what she was going to say. "I have a training camp planned. Are you all available tomorrow?"

The room fell silent. Azusa was the first to speak up. "Yeah, I'm available tomorrow."

"So am I!" Yui said cheerfully. Mio and Ritsu followed suit.

"It's settled then," Mugi continued, "We'll meet at the train station at 10 o'clock tomorrow." Just as she said that, the bells rang.

"Time for class, I'll see you all tomorrow!" Ritsu said. She rushed out the door before anyone could say anything. Mio sighed. The training camp was tomorrow, and she definitely won't get a chance to be alone with Ritsu there. And even if she did, Mugi would probably notice something. It was like she had some sixth sense that allowed her to detect any hidden- or potential- relationships.

"Every time I see Ritsu my heart speeds up, my breathing intensifies, and it's hard to think straight" Mio thought. "Whenever I'm near her, I just want to hug her, hold her close, stroke her hair and-"

"Miiooo..." a soft voice said. Mio opened her eyes to see Mugi standing in front of her.

"Mio, were you spacing out again?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess…" Mio responded.

"You've been doing that a lot lately, haven't you?" Mugi continued. "Any idea why?"

"No." Mio said. She got up, slung her bass around her shoulder and said, "Well, I'll be going now. See you tomorrow." She left, letting the door close behind her.

Mugi already had an idea of why Mio kept spacing out, why she always got so nervous around Ritsu. She smiled to herself.

I just need to prove my theory, and this training camp is the perfect opportunity.