Why does Rose Tyler go to her room every Friday night?

Why does the Doctor halt everything he's doing only on that particular night?

They have lots of answers and explanations.

Rose is either tired, has homework or she has to go do some odd chore she forgot.

For the Doctor he has to research something, dust the library, even claims he has to rearrange some items in the attic.

But these two aren't doing any of that stuff instead they just stop what they're doing, go to their rooms and shut the door.

They never talk about what they're actually doing; it's hard to explain they'll say.

When in reality admitting the truth will spoil what little happiness it brings them.

It's a ritual that only they know about and it's something they share even though they're worlds apart.

Every Friday night they go up to their rooms and at the same time push play on their stereos.

Closing their eyes they're in each other's arms again, having their first dance to the WW2 song playing throughout the TARDIS.

And for one moment, just one tiny but special moment they're together again even if it's only in their dreams, every Friday night.