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6 months later…

She had been with AI for about 6 months, training with Spike. She trained with Angel from time to time but most of her sparring was done with the Slayer of Slayers. With two slayers under his belt, he was the one who taught her how to survive. As far as patrol went, she always went with Connor.

Today she left the Hyperion to go and visit Merrick, since she hadn't seen him since he dropped her off in Sunnydale. Even then she didn't remember much, being extremely out of it.

Going over to 2115 Waterfront Bend and entering his makeshift apartment, her senses were heightened. She could tell immediately that something was different.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an object coming straight at her. She ducked down and rolled away from said object. She barely had the time to notice that it was a bolt from a crossbow, before a bag was swung at her. She kicked out, pushing it away from her, then doing a backflip as another bag came at her from the side. As she landed her sight caught a glint of metal just moments before catching a knife with her bare hands. Hearing clapping she turned her head and said…

"Still throwing knives at young girls Merrick?"

(Yeah, I brought him back…)

"I had to make sure you have been keeping up with your training," said the Watcher.

"So…how'd I do?" she said, smirking at him.

The two of them spent the next week catching up with one another. Merrick was pleased to see that Danielle had progressed so far. Especially with their initial meeting being so awkward and pain-filled. He had to admit she had a fierceness, one akin to Buffy, but not exactly the same. She might have some shared traits with Buffy, if her training was anything to go by, but her personality was different in a refreshing way; as it should be.

However their happy reunion was not meant to last…

One day as Danielle showed up, she entered his place to find him sitting down. "Merrick, are you okay?"

"Yes, I just might be coming down with something."

Danielle could see he wasn't looking too good. "You're sweating."

"I'm also feeling a bit dizzy. It seems to be a bit warm in here."

Danielle didn't think so. "Not to me. Maybe you need some fresh air."

"Perhaps you're right." Danielle helped him to his feet and he took just a few steps before falling to the floor. "Merrick?" He laid there gasping for air. "MERRICK!" Then pulling out her cell phone, she called 911.

'911. What's your emergency?'

"He fell. He can't breathe."

'Okay honey, just calm down. Who fell?

"Merrick. He's having trouble breathing."

'Is Merrick conscious?'


'Alright where are you?'

"2115 Waterfront Bend."

'Okay I've got an ambulance on the way. Now are you alone with Merrick?'

"Yes," she said. Then she heard a noise. "I can hear the ambulance."

The operator hung up, then the EMT's came in. "What happened?"

"I came in. He was sweating and said he was dizzy. He thought some fresh air might help, so I helped him to stand up. We took a few steps then he fell and started gasping for air." Danielle told the EMT's, as they examined him and put Merrick into the ambulance. She followed them over to St. Vincent's.

At the hospital…

"Danielle, we're going to do what we can, but I'm going to need you to call someone. Does he have a friend or family member?"

She nodded, then went to the payphone. RING! RING! "Angel Investigations," said Wesley as he answered.


"Danielle, are you alright?"

"I'm at St. Vincent's." she said. She could tell he was about to panic. "I'm fine. It's Merrick. He…he couldn't breathe." She was trying to stay calm.

"I'm on my way," Wesley said, before hanging up the phone. Heading over to the hospital, he saw Danielle sitting on a chair, a doctor sitting next to her. "Are you Wesley?" they doctor asked him.

"Yes, I am. What happened?" he asked.

"Merrick suffered a heart attack." Said the doctor.

"Is he alright?" asked Wesley.

"I'm sorry, but he didn't make it." As the doctor said this, tears ran down Danielle's face. The doctor then pulled out an envelope. "Just before he passed away, he asked me to give this to a Wesley Wyndam-Price." Handing over the envelope, he then asked Wesley about something regarding forms. Wesley barely heard him, but acknowledged what was said and gave him a business card, which had the number of a lawyer on it. "Everything regarding the finalities can be directed through him." The doctor took the card and Wesley sat down next to Danielle. She just leaned against him, her body trembling with leftover emotion.

Opening the envelope Wesley read,

Dear Wesley,

I am truly sorry that you have to read this, as it means I have passed on and hurt Danielle more than she should be. She really is a special girl, one that has a fiery and quirky personality. She needs someone she can count on. She needs a new Watcher.

That Watcher will be you.

Please, along with William the Bloody, help her to grow into the Slayer and the young woman I know she has the heart to become. Help her through my passing, as I am well aware it will wound her greatly.



P.S. If there comes a time when it is right, stick it to the Council for me…

As the Watcher and Slayer sat there, Wesley knew he would do this, for Dany and for Merrick.

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