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Katniss pov

Prim is gone.

Peeta is mentally gone.

My mom left the district.

And now I'm stuck here. Alone with no one but Buttercup and Haymitch.

I wish I would have realized how I felt about him earlier. Then he would be here, and best of all Prim would be here. My beautiful, perfect Prim. She deserves to be alive, not me. All I've done is take lives. She saved them, she was good for the world, she should be alive!

I lay there in my bed crying into a pillow when I hear a small meow. When I turn I see Buttercup as he runs to me and starts rub up against my hand wanting me to pet him. Though I've never been fond of this cat, we have an understanding of each other. He doesn't hiss at me anymore and I don't threaten to cook him.

"What is it you stupid cat,"I sniffle. He meows again and I pet him so that he'll stop bothering me. Then I hear a knock on the door. At first I ignore it, but soon Buttercup keeps annoying me so I decide to get up and see who it is.

My first thought is Greasy Sae. She always checks on me and attempts to get me to eat. But she just walks in now. It could be Haymitch, but I doubt it. He's too drunk out of his mind to function anymore. My next thought is Peeta, but no it's not him. It can't be him. He hates me too much.

Peeta returned to district 12 a month ago. But I haven't seen him yet, I've only heard about it once when haymitch was actually kinda aware of everything. But I know that he still hates me. If he didn't, he would have said something by now.

When I open the door, there's no one there. So I decide to walk out onto the porch. As I do I catch a glance of his beautiful blonde hair as he walks across his lawn into his house...

All I can think of is how wrong I am. There's still a part of him that wants to see me. If there wasn't, he wouldn't have knocked on my door.

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