A/N: This is the first chapter to the "Six Years" sequel. I know it is painfully short but I wanted to take things slow.

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Chapter 1

Six months later...

The weather had turned warm again and the walkers became impossible to avoid while they were on runs.

They had to abandon their safe house a month ago when a sudden wild fire got too close.

In six months time, Beth had shown everyone she was a force to be reckoned with. She was stronger than she was before and though she slowly began to believe there were still good people again, she wasn't as trusting as she had been.

Her relationship with Daryl was stronger than ever and they had all become a closer family since her return.

She was once again their light. She was singing and laughing and full of happiness.

Sure, she may have been overcompensating at times but no one called her on it.

They should be used to moving around by now, most of them are, but it's harder to do when there's more children with them than before and another one on the way.

Number six to be exact.

Well, number six for Daryl and Beth.

They found out she was pregnant a few weeks before they had to leave the safe house and since then, they've been searching for somewhere that could possibly be permanent.

Daryl, Rick and Maggie have been hell bent on finding a place. They want Beth and the baby to be comfortable and safe but they don't want a repeat of what happened with Lori.

"I think I know of a place," Maggie blurted out.

Everyone was gathered around a fire eating what little bit of meat they had.

Most of them were giving some of theirs to kids while Daryl and Rick gave theirs to Beth.

Usually she would tell them no and make them eat it but tonight she was extremely hungry so she didn't bother protesting.

"Where do you think we can go?" Rosita asked Maggie.

Maggie looked at everyone and shook her head, "There's two places I can think of. Our farm and the prison."

The group fell silent at Maggie's words.

"Maggie, you can't be serious," Glenn spoke up.

"Yes, I am. Those were the only two places we felt safe," she argued.

Beth didn't say anything when Maggie suggested the farm and the prison. She sat there quietly and stared at her food.

She lost her appetite as she listened to everyone arguing and talking about which would be the safest and the easiest to repair.

She jumped up when she felt her heart start to race and her hands started shaking.

She looked at everyone and they stared back as she backed away from them slowly and the images of her home being overrun and her daddy being killed flashed through her head.

"No, no, no," she whispered to herself.

This cannot be happening again!