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Whether it was the fuss that Jim made or an inkling of how much shit he'd be in otherwise, the quidditch incident lit a fire under Professor Dumbledore's arse; it was he who took the initiative in the matter and called the aurors to investigate (though it possible might have only been to satisfy Jim into thinking he was doing something.

Jim admired the move nonetheless; for a Gryffindor, you had to admit that the old man could be very Slytherin when he wanted to be. If (in Dumbledore's mind, Jim suspected, it would be when) the aurors found nothing, he'd be able to say that he'd satisfied the parents of the injured student and could make himself look more responsible. When something, in Jim, Seb and Sirius' opinions, was found with the broom, Dumbledore could make himself look even more responsible and claim that the threat had been handled totally.

Very crafty, the old fuck was.

Kingsley Shacklebolt was on the team of aurors that first came to investigate Harry Potter's broom; according to Dumbledore it had behaved very oddly during the match, jerking Mr. Potter about until he leapt off it and caught the snitch. Of course it was probably just some manufacturing error, but his adopted parents were raising her in the Hospital Wing and he wanted to wash his hands of it. And someone in the auror office, high up, owed him a favor. So there they were. They ran several diagnostic spells on the broom, and were a little surprised at the sight of several nasty jinxes used on it.

The jinxes led to a full investigation and the team split up- Kingsley and two others went to go question Professor Snape (everyone knew he'd been a death eater spying for Dumbledore, but several of his old year mates remembered the feud that he and James Potter had, and were willing to bet that he'd let that hate live on in Harry); he'd vehemently denied any involvement having to do with the broom and and the boy, and, only after the first, and most recent trace of magic belonging to him came up, defended that he'd been trying to counter jinx the broom.

They'd been ready to arrest him then and there, but the next signature came up, the original perpetrator, which sent them into a confused panic.

Professor Quirrell.

In light of the...embarrassment of the Black case, the Ministry of Magic had been cracking down on arrests and detainments made by the auror department, meaning that while they could question the suspect, they couldn't just arrest him without probable cause. They could hint of course, but not act on it.

So when they went to question Quirrell in between classes, imagine the surprise of the aurors when, seeing them and their uniforms, Quirrell had attacked. Kingsley's partner dropped before she could even register the bright green curse had hit her, she was dead. From there the remaining aurors had ducked for cover and Quirrell had continued his onslaught. By the time that Kingsley finally managed to bring him down, the rest of the team dead, the classroom was in total disarray. Desks had been reduced to pulp or were outright burning, and the dragon skeleton hanging from the ceiling was scorched as well. Windows were broken, the majority of the aurors were dead and Quirrell had been hit with an Avada Kedavra.

Just as Kingsley managed to get a grip on what had happened and made a move to fire call for backup, Quirrell's body began to convulse and smoke. Kingsley ducked behind a desk and managed to cast a shielding charm just as something that looked like smoke burst from the corpse in a ball of flame, it made a move to attack the auror, hit the shield, began to shriek and launched itself down the hallway, barreling into a group of first year Gryffindors and scaring the hell out of their Ravenclaw classmates.

Jim was torn between crowing with laughter and howling with rage again at Dumbledore.

"A possession?! He let a possession go on at this school! And not just by any malevolent spirit, oh no! No, it's the FUCKING SPIRIT OF THE MAN BENT ON MURDERING MY SON!" Several vases of flowers exploded around him, and with a vicious wave of his wand, he repaired them as he continued to pace. "This is unacceptable! HE'S A MENACE!"

"He wouldn't have had any way to know!" Sebastian admitted, looking up from the various papers that he'd gathered on the subject. Apparently after the first month, the victim of a true possession was unsavable- with the exorcism of the spirit, they would die as well. According to reports, Quirrell had been possessed for nearly two. There was no hope for him. "After so long the spirits intermingle, Jim."


Though Harry had been discharged, Madame Pomfrey had allowed them to stay in the hospital wing for the moment (mostly because she was fucking terrified).

"He could have come after my son! He would have! I know it! WHY WOULD HE BE HERE! DAMMIT!" He roared, his mind whirling as both his husband and his cousin looked on, amused and interested. "Why would he be here? There must be a reason that the fucker is here!" Why couldn't he think of it? What was here?

Well what wasn't here? Magical school, impressionable children, idiot teachers, three-headed dogs-

"Harry sent a letter awhile ago." Jim said suddenly. "Some kids found a three headed dog in the third floor corridor."

"Yeah, a Cerberus." Sirius admitted. "I thought it was brilliant- a good prank, so long as no one's arm gets torn off." He blinked, suddenly catching on. "Cerberus was the guard dog of the underworld. They make good guard dogs anyway...what would it be guarding here?" He snarled, his face darkening.

"I have no idea," Jim admitted, twirling his wand. He finally turned and began to walk out. "But I intend to find out. You boys head home," he ordered, "I've got some business to take care of."

Albus considered the matter with Quirrell grave, but hardly unexpected. He'd suspected an attempt on the stone, but poor unnecessary tragedy, all things considered. A brilliant student...he could've done great things...he sighed and turned back to his pile of inquiries. He'd managed to dodge a large bullet so far as the possession was concerned; had he not thought to call the aurors, things would've been much worse for him, indeed.

He sighed.

The stone was better protected nowhere else, Gringott's had proved it. And honestly, what were the chances of Quirrell making his way through all of the defenses that the staff had put in place? It was nearly laughable.

With the Moriarty/Black household making an open stand out of questioning his way of doing things, more and more parents were feeling the need to get involved, and not just magical- muggle parents had found that their post offices kept a watch out for mail meant for the magical world, and so their angry demands and questions all found their way to his now quickly cluttering desk, and he felt an obligation to answer them.

He looked up at the sound of the staircase, only to see James Moriarty-Moran-Black entering looking enraged, his wand in a loose fingered grip at his side.

"Mr. Moriarty," he greeted, rising. Jim smiled.

"Dumbledore. Brilliant move bringing in the aurors- only reason you still have a job, I'd imagine." He chuckled, then clicked his tongue. Jim looked out the window, ignoring the phoenix that, for today, was in his prime. "I've a question for the almighty Dumbledore." Jim rolled his eyes, beginning to pace.

"Ask away, my boy." His eyes still managed to twinkle, even now damn him.

"Well, Harry wrote home some weeks ago, you see, about the three headed dog you've got holed up in the school." Jim began, managing to stay calm. He hated not knowing something, almost as much as he hated losing. "Now, this escaped my knowledge, but dear Sirius reminded me that the creature, called the Cerberus, guarded the Underworld. GUARDED." He growled, running a hand through his hair. "Now, in light of the current situation, it occurs to me that something drew Voldemort to the school, the school which, according to everyone, he avoided because of you." Dumbedore looked grave, and it did nothing but piss Jim off more. It seemed that everything the man did was pissing him off now. "Guards, spirits, secrets- what do you have here, Dumbledore, that drew him in?!" Jim demanded.

"Mr. Moriarty, it occurs to me that perhaps you are not in the state of mind-"

"He's going to come after my son." Jim stated, flatly. "I have every right to know, and every right to find out by any means necessary." He was still going to go after this old bastard, but he'd hoped to wait and let the man sit on it.

Albus shook his head, looking ancient. "The Philosopher's Stone."

Jim just stared at him, processing what he'd heard. And then letting the pieces fall into place. "You' the secret to eternal life...hidden in a school...with my son?" He repeated blankly, and then snarled, rushing at the old fool, forgetting, for a moment, that he had a wand, and found himself on the floor.

"Calm down, Mr. Moriarty." Dumbledore ordered, standing up.

"Why is it here?" He demanded, regaining his bearings, clearing his head.

"Because there is no other place safer for it." He admitted, "it was hidden in Gringott's, however after the vault was broken into (shortly after I removed it on a hunch), I hid it here. Unfortunately Voldemort found out. I am very sorry about this, Mr. Moriarty, but you should be relieved that he did no more than jinx your son's broom." He reminded. "Imagine what else he could have done, had he not been discovered so soon."

"He's going to come after him!" Jim snarled.

"He always was. Now you know that he is." Albus reasoned, somewhat coldly. In a war, all knowledge was valuable.

Jim couldn't help but think the same way.

He picked himself up off the floor, "thank you for your time, Headmaster." He said calmly, taking a deep breath, he left the office before he lost his head. It wouldn't do to die before he could set a plan in place for Harry- dear Sebby wouldn't know what to do.