"Lucy, catch!" The shirtless guy shouted as he threw a small vial of magic liquid at the pretty blonde haired girl. Smiling Lucy caught the vial, turned around and bolted up a hill.

"Ha, stupid, I got the vial!" Lucy laughed triumphantly, shaking it teasingly at one of the villains that ran after her. Gray watched her in confusion. Was she all right? Lucy was usually more serious during jobs. He shook his head. He shdn't geoult distracted so easily, especially in a battle.

"ICE MAKE SWORD," he shouted. He grabbed the icy weapon and fought his way through the group of villains. Hopefully, after this mission Erza, Natsu, Wendy, and Lucy will all be set money-wise for the month, he thought as he stabbed a beefy guy. He rolled his eyes, thinking that the only reason he had even come on this mission was for Lucy to stop complaining about her rent. I guess some things never change.

"Hey ice breath, watch what you're doing!" Natsu roared after an ice spear hurtled inches away from his face. Gray just laughed and continued fighting.

"Guys, come on, don't you fight enough at the guild?" Erza huffed in exasperation as she punched a dark mage in the face.

"You would think so," Carla chided them. Wendy, who was fighting a particularly skilled villain, giggled at their constant antics.

All of the villains looked offended. Were these mages really bikering with each other while they were fighting a group of enemies? It didn't seem like they were even trying, just playing around with their opponents. Then, Lucy came stumbling down the hill at breakneck speed, smacking straight into Natsu.

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as they tumbled down the rest of the steep hill together. Lucy should not have worn a mini-skirt for this mission.

Erza laughed as she watched Lucy and Natsu fall down the hill. It was hilarious how those two always found themselves in such awkward predicaments. She turned toward the dark wizard in front of her and struck him down. Looking around, she saw that the fighting was pretty much over. Gray was standing half-naked around the guys he had beaten. Wendy was panting and a looked a little green from the fight. Erza hoped the little dragon slayer was okay.

"What the hell-,"Gray started in surprise when he walked toward the two that had fallen down the hill.

"Don't. You. Dare." Natsu groaned from under Lucy. There were in one of the most awkward position ever. Lucy had landed on top of Natsu, straddling his hips with her chest pressed tightly against his. Natsu had his arms wrapped snugly around her waist, pulling his partner even closer. When Erza went to investigate the scene, she quickly clapped her hands over Wendy's eyes.

Lucy sat up, looking around to see Erza, and Gray both looking at her with really weird expressions on their faces. Why was Erza covering Wendy's eyes? Lucy put her hand down. Where was Natsu? I could have sworn that I heard his voice, she thought. Something stirred underneath her. "What the- ," She glanced down in surprise and saw that Natsu was right below her, and that she had set her hand on his face.

"Sorry!" Lucy said, jumping up, still using his face as a way to get up. When she brushed off her skirt and felt just how far it had been hiked up, the embarrassing realization hit her. The position she was just in with her best friend was…. she blushed madly. From where her friends were standing it could have looked like "a lot" was going on, especially because her skirt was up and showing WAY too much.

Gray stood there, red all over his face. What the fuck just happened, he wondered. Did I miss something important? Erza turned her head and laughed. This was just too good.

"They lllllliiiiiiike each other." Happy said, rolling his eyes and smirking. Lucy hid her face. Why does this always happen to me? And with Natsu, of all people! She looked over at her friend. To her surprise, Natsu's face was a brilliant scarlet that rivaled her own. I am never going to hear the end of this, she thought in despair as grabbed the tiny vial that was laying by her feet.


After they returned the vial stolen by the dark guild, they all made their way back to the Fairy Tail guild with reward money filling their pockets. Carla and Wendy went home instead because Wendy wasn't feeling well after one of the dark wizards used strange magic on her.

Everybody at the guild laughed when Gray told the story about Natsu and Lucy, leaving Lucy very embarrassed. When Gray and Ezra told the story they made it sound way worse than it actually was, so it was ten times more embarrassing than it should have been.

"I think it's cute," Mirajane gushed. Of course, the match maker in the guild would get a kick out of it, Lucy thought grumpily. Mirajane glanced over at the scowling girl. "Oh Lucy, calm down, it's not that bad."

Lucy stood up from the bar stool. "I guess so." She turned toward Natsu and leaned on the counter. At the moment he was fighting Gray, because Gray would not shut up about the story. She smiled, looking at the person her friend had become. He was a highly skilled fighter now, way better than when she first met him. His physical appearance had grown more handsome then before, and most of the girls had noticed that. She giggled, remembering when a group of fan girls had followed Natsu around a everywhere. Come to think of it though, Natsu never pays much attention to those girls; he ignores them and finds me.

"Lucy why is your face all creepy when you look at Natsu?" Happy flew by Lucy's head.

"Shut it, cat!"

Happy snickered. "You do like him."

Erza walked over to Lucy, and elbowed her in the ribs. "Come on Lucy we all know it's true." Lucy gasped in pain and shook her head in denial.

"Lucy, if you lie we will know," Levy said, joining in on the fun.

"Why are you guys being so nosy?" Lucy huffed and crossed her arms across her chest

Natsu looked at Lucy. He heard her talking about him with Happy, and he also felt her gaze on him while he was fighting Gray. Why was everyone acting so weird about them now? So what if we like each other? It wasn't anyone else's business.

"I have to go," Lucy said as soon as she caught Natsu looking at her. She grabbed her purse and hurried out of the guild. Her friends shared disappointed glances. Why wouldn't Lucy just admit it?

Lucy's Pov

I started walking home from the guild, and then I ran. What was wrong with me? Maybe I do like Natsu. As soon as the thought went into my head I pushed it out. I can't afford to think this, because he doesn't like me that way.

When I got to my apartment, I go to the bathroom and start up a bath. Hopefully a bath will help with the soreness from tumbling down that stupid hill. I went to the mirror and started to take out the hair ties that held my hair up in pig tails. I tugged on a strand of hair. Then why is it, when I'm with him, I feel so….. Nervous? No, that wasn't the right word. I stood back from the mirror and undressed. Helpless? No, something else.

After the bath was full I stepped into it and sighed in pleasure. Just what I needed. It was perfect temperature, just on the edge of boiling hot. I grabbed my cinnamon scented shampoo and lathered it through my hair. I've loved cinnamon scented things ever since I started buying them. My eyes widened in sudden realization. The only reason I got this scent of shampoo was because of how uncommon it was. But that was after I overheard Natsu saying that he loved the smell of cinnamon. Nope. Nope. Nope…


I sneezed as grabbed the huge magical reference book off my shelf. I should probably start dusting my books, I thought as I sat down on the comfy desk chair. Now that I was in my fuzzy blue pajamas I was ready to catch up on my reading. Since I've been off on so many missions with Natsu I haven't had a chance to read a lot in the past month.

My hands flipped to the index of the book. Scanning through many magical topics, I quickly found one that piqued my interest. Love charms. I got noted the page number and turned to it. My heart raced as I read the words.

Only a soul mate's intervention can dissipate a charm of love.

Remembering that fateful day when I met Natsu, and how he was the one that broke Bora's love charm, I started to freak out. But before I could damage anything there was a quiet knock on my door.

"Lucy, can I come in?" Levy called. I walked slowly to the door, unlocked it and let in my blue haired best friend. She walked slowly, taking in her surroundings and not quite meeting my eyes. "I'm sorry that we put you on the spot earlier today." She apologized.

"Nah it's ok," I managed to choke out.

The book on my desk caught her attention. Interested, she walked over to it. "What are you reading?" I screamed on the inside. She knew how Natsu and I had met. Knowing her, she would probably tell the girls in a heartbeat and come up with some evil plan to force us together.

"Oh, just a magical reference book," I replied nonchalantly, pouring a cup of tea for her and trying to ignore the spinning feeling in my stomach. She looked down at the book and scanned the page I was reading. I watched in distress as Levy's expression turned to shock, and then curled into smug smirk. Extremely smug. I spilled my tea.

"Natsu's your soul mate." She stated, looking up from the book and directly at me. "Lucy, you told me that Natsu intercepted the love charm that Bora put on you when you first met."

"Yeah…. but"

"No buts Lucy! This is for real," She smiled evilly. Hand shaking, I passed the tea to her and she took it. After a moment of silence I set my tea down. Levy and the girls will stop at nothing to get me to hook up with Natsu.

Once Levy finished her tea she left quickly. Too quickly. After I put everything away and cleaned up a bit, I went over to the reference book only to find the Love Charm page ripped out.

"Dammit Levy," I cried out in despair. I slammed the book shut with a resounding thump, and threw it back on the shelf. Usually Levy would never do something like that, but I guess she was bound and determined to get me and the dragon slayer together.


Erza grabbed a fork and jabbed it into a piece of strawberry cheese cake. Strawberry cheese cake can cure anything, she thought as she savored the delicious taste. "MMmmmmm."

"Erza, guess what I found out about Natsu and Lucy," Levy ran up to her, waving a book page above her head in excitement.

After Levy finished her tea at Lucy's, she left to find Erza and spill all she had learned. Of course, Lucy was a little nervous about all of this. In fact, during their tea Lucy kept saying things like she didn't want to ruin her friendship Natsu. Or she would swear that she didn't think Natsu liked her that way.

"What did you find?" Erza's attention was still fixed on her cake.

"You know how when Natsu and Lucy first met, Natsu broke the love charm between her and that one dude?"

"I do remember hearing something like that," Erza replied. Mirajane and Lissana heard the conversation and joined in the party, excited to learn something new about their friends. Levy sat down next to Erza and set down the page ripped from Lucy's book.

"Here," Levy said, triumphantly handing the crumpled paper to the other. The three girls gingerly took the paper and examined it.

"Yes! I knew it!" Lissana jumped up from the table in excitement.

Erza put down the piece of paper, smiling as she looked up at her. "So they are meant for each other." Levy nodded happily, a huge grin spreading across her face.

Mirajane frowned. "But, you guys do realize that it will take forever at the rate they're going."

The girls all looked down. Mirajane was right. Lucy would never admit to anything and Natsu was….Natsu. It might take years before anything happened between the two.

Erza stood up from the table. "What if we helped them along a little bit? We could get everyone in the guild in on this." The girls glanced at each other. They knew Erza was on to something, and that something was going to be big. If Master approved, they could do anything.

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