Normal pov

Mirajane sighed and sipped a relaxing cup of tea. After Natsu and Lucy left, the guild had gone dull. A few members, like Cana, came by wondering if all the excitement was over, and of course it was, so she let them in. But since it was already starting to get late, she didn't see the point. Levy had gone home angry; she was still pissed about Natsu and Lucy's trick, and well, hopefully she would get over it soon.

"When are you going to close up, Mira?" Erza was sitting on the couch, reading a history of ancient magical swords. Personally, Mira wondered how she could make it through one of the dusty old books without crying from boredom. Erza had hundreds.

"An hour earlier than usual. I'm just so done with this day." She sagged against the counter.

"Ugh, me and you both." Erza groaned and leaned back against the couch.

"MIRA, ERZA GUESS WHAT!?" Lisanna shouted, running into the guild at breakneck speed, waving her arms around. The girls turned to Lisanna, who was way too happy. The few other people in the guild hall grumbled, a bit put out with all the excitement in the guildhall today. They didn't want Mira, or worse, Erza, to shoo them away again.

Lisanna lowered her arms. Why was everyone so grumpy? She shrugged it off. "You are going to love this." She grinned.

"Sorry Lisanna. Nothing could excite me right now." Mirajane sighed. Oh boy, was she wrong or what? Lisanna giggled gleefully to herself. After the girls saw the picture, there was going to be so much drama.

"Yes, Mira-," Erza broke off as soon a she took a glance at the very intense picture that Lisanna was holding up.

The room gasped. Mira and Erza jumped up in surprise. "What the- did you follow Natsu and Lucy home?" Mirajane asked her younger sister incredulously.

"I regret nothing." Lisanna turned her head and stuck her nose in the air.

"No no, you don't have to regret anything, you did wonderful, but how did you get this picture?" Erza took the picture for a minute to study it closer.

Lisanna sat down on a bar stool. "Well, I was going to apologize for locking them in the closet, buuuuutttttt I caught them kissing instead, and I didn't want to bug them, so I just snapped a picture and left." A few people laughed and they all passed around the picture.

"This is so freakin' hilarious. I wonder what Master will say." Cana slurred as the picture traveled around to her.

"He will probably be very pleased." Erza said with a knowing smile.

Once the rest of the people at the guild saw the picture, master walked in without anyone noticing. "What would I be happy about?"

"Master you're here! Look at this." Lissana said handing him the picture. He silently took the picture, not sure of what to expect. Then he stared.

And stared.

"I'm framing this," Makarov stated after a while. He started to walk towards his office.

Mirajane laughed. "Wow, master."

"Who wants to help put up protection charms?" Master asked as he got a frame for the picture.

"I DO!" Everyone jumped up to join him.

...The Next Afternoon...

Natsu's Pov

"Aye, sir! I'm back!" Happy flew by me as I walked to the guild. He was carrying a huge fish, which was probably for Carla .

I turned and looked at the blue cat. "So you are. How did the trip go?"

"It was great to see the Exceeds again!" He shot me a glance back at me. "And how did everything go at the guild?"

I raised my eyebrows. Did my little blue friend know about Erza's plan? "Why, did you want something to happen at the guild?"

Happy looked down. "Ahhh nooo."

So he did know. From what I could tell, everyone knew about the plan except me and Lucy. How could I have been so stupid? I should have known something like that would happen, yet I played right into their little scheme. Boy, was I going to get it today. My mind turned to a more pleasant train of thought as I thought of my blonde companion. We kissed last night, and damn, was she a good kisser. What the hell have I been missing? I chuckled to myself. I wonder what else Lucy's good at?

"Natsu, your face is almost as creepy as Lucy's is sometimes." Happy chided.

"What?" I asked, distracted.

As soon as I walked into the guild, everyone busted out laughing. Well, at least now I knew that word got out about the closet incident. I rolled my eyes. "Don't you guys have something better to do?"

"Smoochy Smoochy, somebody has a huge crush." Gray jeered.

"Why-?" I gave Gray a confused look. He turned and pointed at something on the wall. I squinted and moved a little closer. "WWWHHHHHAAAATTTT!" There, hanging smack dab in the middle of the wall a blown up, very intense, picture of me and Lucy kissing sideways. Let's just say that nobody should ever see that picture. I turned and glared at my laughing nakama. "WHO TOOK THAT PICTURE?!"

Lissana's hand popped up. "I did!" Everyone laughed harder, gripping their sides.

"LISSANA!" I stared at her in disbelief. She was one of the last people I would have suspected. I stomped over to the picture, and released all of my Dragon Slayer fury on it. When I stopped, the wall was burning and Mira was calling for Juvia in a panic. But the picture remained untouched.

Erza laughed. "We all put protection charms on it Natsu, so good luck burning it." She crossed her arms and grinned.

"Hey guys, what's so funny?" Oh, no. I'm a dead man now. Lucy is going to kill somebody. "What's going OOONNNN? WHAT THE FUCK. NATSU, WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE, BURN IT." Lucy stomped over to me as soon as she saw the picture.

"I already tried." I said glumly.

Lucy looked over at the charred wall, and then back to me. "You guys are so stupid! Can't you just leave us alone!? AND WHO TOOK THE GODDAMN PICTURE!"

"Sorry Lucy! I just couldn't pass up a chance like that." Lissana couldn't control her laughter as she attempted to placate the blonde. Lucy sighed and glared at her. I stifled a laugh. The Celestial Mage was pissed, and it looked like she was out for blood, and the guild had no idea what they were getting into. The poor bastards.

"Come on, Lucy. It's not that bad." Erza rolled her eyes at Lucy's enraged face.

"Yes. It. Is. First, you shove Natsu and me into a COLD STORAGE CLOSET. Then somebody," Lucy flashed a murderous glare at Lissana, "-came and took a picture of us kissing. It IS that bad. It's a complete invasion of our privacy." With every word, Lucy became even more angry. She spun towards Erza, her face mottled red with rage. "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A-."

My eyes went wide, and I jumped in to save Luce from herself. And Titania. "No, no, no Luce. Let's go somewhere, and - talk." I grabbed her hand.

"Are you holding her hand?" Gray was beside himself.

"YES, I'M HOLDING HER HAND. KNOW LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE." I shouted as I pulled Lucy out of the guild and slammed the doors. The door creaked open behind me, I could smell somebody start to come through. I shot a flaming glare over my shoulder. "I WILL END YOU."

They went back inside.

"Lucy, since when do you challenge people to duels?" I led her to a hill-top a quarter of a mile away from Fairy Tail. "I thought that was my thing." I looked over to her.

She blushed at her feet. "I just got mad." She looked up and saw me arch an eyebrow. "I'm tired of them playing match maker." She huffed in annoyance.

I laughed. "Did my reckless attitude rub off on you?" She playfully shoved me to the side.

"No." She rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation. I chuckled and smiled at her. She looked around at the grassy knoll and the single tree on the hill. "Do you wanna sit?"

"Sure." I looked down at the grass. I leaned against the tree and slid down against the bark. "So Luce. I guess we might as well just take a hint from them."

Lucy looked surprised. "What?"

I blinked. Oh, no. Had I misread everything? "I just thought-"

"No, I understand. I'm just surprised that you would say that." Lucy cut me off, shaking her head.

A stray breeze floated by, and I turned, sniffing the air. "Really!"


"Erza, Lissana, and Levy followed us." I said, exasperated.

Lucy sighed, and looked around till she saw her friends peering over a bush.

"We see you." She called out to them. Erza pushed the other two down. Lucy started to stand.

I reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back down. "Luce, if they want to spy on us, just let them. I'm tired of getting burned trying to prove them wrong. "

She slid down next to me. "Me too." She sighed and leaned into my shoulder.

"So Luce about yesterday… " I trailed off, not knowing exactly what I wanted to say next.

"What part of yesterday?" Lucy blushed again, her cheeks and the tips of her ears turning a pretty pink.

I grinned. "Everything, from us pretending to have sex in the closet, to making out in the alley way by your house." I looked at her and saw her blush grow until it reached her neck. I guess I was being pretty forward, but I wanted her answer sooner rather than later. "Please, just be blunt. I'm sick and tired of beating around the bush."

"Um, I kind of liked it."

"Psh, of course you would." I teased her. "I AM the great Salamander, after all!"

She punched me in the arm and cleared her throat. "You liked it as much as I did."

I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her towards me, looking down into her pretty brown eyes. "Of course I did. Who in the right mind wouldn't like kissing you?." I leaned in and kissed her, but I guess this time she was ready, because she kissed me back immediately. It was my turn to be surprised. She giggled at my shock and twined her arms around my neck, deepening the kiss.

"Dude, get a room!" Gray yelled from down the hill.

Lucy and I pulled away from each other. "Shut up Ice Boy!" Looking around, I saw that Erza and the other girls in plain sight behind the bush. All of them were smiling and well… celebrating. I guess there was no hiding it now, not that I wanted to. Luce and I were together, and everybody knew. I jumped up and brushed the grass off my pants.

"Maybe we should get a room." I looked down at her. She grinned while I helped her up from the ground. Then we ran hand in hand to my house.

So I got a beta reader and its been great!

I don't know about you guys, but I thought this chapter was kind of just a filler. At least it was a good filler, if it wasn't I express my utmost apologizes. You will not be disappointed once more. (At least I hope not.) Ok, so things happened, now it's obvious to Natsu and Lucy that they really like each other. I wonder…. What's going to happen.

The next chapter is going to be called Poor Elfman. ( Intriguing title if I do say so myself.)