A/N: Hello and welcome to Digimon Immaculate Genocide. This story takes place after the events of Digimon Data Squad/Digimon Savers, though it isn't really necessary to have watched the series in order to understand these events. As a matter of fact, hearing that this takes place in the same world may shock you and leave you a bit disbelieving as the story continues, but please bear with me! You should understand that all will be explained in due time.

I have endeavored to combine my favorite elements of Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, Frontier and Data Squad. So not be surprised if you encounter a combination of Japanese and English terms, as I prefer some over others. Additionally, I plan to bring new elements into the table, and the themes will of course be much darker at times than the anime ever had.

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Rated T for mild language, some violence, and mature themes.

Part I: The Digital Clones

Chapter I: The Reluctant Heroine

"DATS Inc. has announced it is coming out with a new line of digimon clones. They are calling this new line the "Champion level" line. At first, these stronger, larger digimon will only be available to companies and organizations, in part due to the necessary beta-testing that must be conducted with trained personnel on hand, but also in part due to their higher cost. More on this subject at 8."

Cassandra frowned as their Agumon passed by in front of the TV, broom in hand and usual emotionless expression on its face. She heard her mother call Agumon's name, and it suddenly stopped dead before shuffling into the kitchen. Cassandra grabbed the remote off the couch, turned the TV off, and headed upstairs. She knew she should be getting to her homework, and thought of this as she headed upstairs.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Cassandra opened her door gently, went inside, and closed it gently, weary of waking her sleeping mother. She headed straight to her bed, where her laptop sat opened. The screen darkened all of her features considerably, including her slightly dark brown hair, light brown eyes and her glasses. As she turned the laptop on, she looked around her bedroom. A Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II poster of Hermione Granger, a poster of A Very Potter Senior Year signed by Meredith Stepien, a signed poster of Mary Lambert's EP Letters Don't Talk, a poster of Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams, and her full-to-bursting book shelf came into view. She turned back to her laptop as the login screen came on. Quickly typing in her password, Cassandra turned towards her cellphone to check for messages.

To her surprise, a bright white light was emitting from her phone, which was charging on her desk. As she slowly approached it, she noticed it looked completely different than her own, and her charger had disappeared. It was red and perfectly rectangular, had a circular button on the bottom center, and the bright white screen read "iDigivice" in black block letters. There was a button on the top at the left, and three buttons along the left side of the device. There was also a front-facing camera and what looked like a long oval-shaped speaker above the screen.

The screen turned grey, and then the apps appeared. There was a weather widget at the top, below the time and battery and such, and below it were six apps, three apps each in two rows. These apps were labeled "Messages", "Calls", "Maps", "Settings", "Calendar", "Camera", "Locator" and "Music". A gray line separated the very last app, at the bottom of the screen. Centered, the profile of a blue, roaring Agumon stood in front of a black "D" in a cyan background. This app was labeled "Digivolution".

As Cassandra was pondering whether or not to pick it up, the white light reappeared. A small white oval about the size of a chicken egg rose out of the screen, and as it floated up, it grew in size. The egg floated to the side and down to rest next to the device. As the glow of the screen faded, the color faded onto the egg. The egg became pink with several white hearts on it. When the light completely disappeared and the egg landed softly onto her desk, it promptly proceeded to roll off the desk.

Cassandra leapt forward and caught it in her hands, hitting her chin in the floor, hurting her chest, and almost knocking her head against the leg of the desk. She groaned as she pulled herself up onto her elbows. She crossed her legs as she sat down and set the egg between her legs, hands never letting go of it. It was very warm and the hearts seemed to softly glow white.

'What... is this?'

It was easily the size of a basketball and she immediately thought of a large man living in a cabin near a castle that was a school for young wizards, who had a fancy for incredible and dangerous creatures. She wondered if a dragon could be inside the egg, though with the pink and the hearts, it seemed unlikely.

She looked up. The desk rose above her head, though her stature of 5 feet exactly at, as of today, sixteen years old was easy to outdo. She wondered at the device that sat on its surface, but decided to deal with the egg first. Cassandra carefully stood up and set the egg down on her bed. It leaned to the side, and the girl spent a good minute laboring with it until it sat upright. She turned back to her desk and stared down at the device. It had gone dark. Cassandra looked around her desk before her eyes fell on her pencil cup. She picked up her ruler from within the cup, stood as far back as the 12 inches and her arm's reach would allow her, and used one corner to press the round button.

The screen lit up white. "iDigivice" appeared at the top, and "Cassandra Acosta" appeared directly under it. At the very center of the screen was a large black fingerprint and a black arrow pointing down to the button at the bottom of the device. "Press the Home button!" flashed right above the arrow. Curious, Cassandra pressed the button with her right index finger, and watched as the black fingerprint slowly turned red, starting from the top and moving down to the bottom, as if performing a scan. "Fingerprint accepted!" replaced the previous command above the arrow before the screen changed back to the Home screen with the apps.

Cassandra gaped in disbelief. How could it possibly be able to recognize her fingerprint? She had never touched it before! Or did it record her fingerprint for the first time, for future use? She took several steps back as a million thoughts ran through her head, and bumped into her bed. She turned around and looked down at the mysterious egg. What an odd birthday this was turning out to be. Or was this a back-to-school gift from some mysterious force?

Behind her, the iDigivice began to glow pure white once more, and an app turned on all of its own: "Digivolution". On the screen was on image of the egg that had presented itself to Cassandra. A large crack suddenly broke through the shell of the egg on her bed with such force and speed that it frightened Cassandra, her heart responding by skipping a beat. She flinched and winced as she felt a sudden pain and heavy beating of her heart and watched as more cracks tore through the egg. From every crack, bright white light shone. After a few cracks, the light became blinding, and Cassandra was forced to look away. When it died down after several more cracks, Cassandra turned back to look down at her bed. In the place of the egg was an orange sun about the size of a melon, with seven rays and big black eyes, a bright smile and a flame flickering atop its head.

"Hi! I'm Sunmon!"

Cassandra stared in disbelief. This had to be a digimon, but it was nothing like the clones she was used to dealing with. Its—his?—eyes were full of life and happiness, with a bright smile and even spoke! Sunmon was also rather small compared to the digimon she was familiar with, of the line known as "Rookie". Cassandra was, of course, aware that real digimon existed, but only DATS Inc. members were paired with them, who defended the people in the case of digimon malfunctioning and wreaking havoc. The clones' immense usefulness and DATS' reputation in Japan—Masaru, Tohma, Yoshino, and Ikuto saved the entire world!—has convinced the government that the risk the digimon clones posed was small enough and well worth it.

"What's your name?"

Cassandra returned her attention to the creature, unsure if she should answer. Should she contact DATS?

"What are you?"

Sunmon frowned, pouting slightly, and it tugged at Cassandra's heartstrings.

"I'm a digimon. Do you… do you hate me?"

"No, no, of course not! It's just… you just appeared out of a… phone, is it?"

"What's a phone? Can I see one?"

Cassandra looked to her desk, staring at the red iDigivice and wondering if she should touch it. Sunmon floated into her scope of view, making his way towards the desk. Cassandra also fell as she rushed towards her desk, picking up the iDigivice and starting at its dark screen. She again pressed the button and supplies her fingerprint, receiving a "Fingerprint accepted!" Almost immediately, the Home screen changed as a black background with a light blue pattern something like that of a data board. At the top, a box contained "Sunmon". Below that and to the right, a picture of the creature was displayed. To the left of it, five boxes: "Level: In-Training", "Species: Virus Buster", "Attacks: Starlight", "Field: Holy" and "Attribute: Light". Below this was one final box: "Its body has taken on the form of the Sun, and its head is like a flame. It has a bright personality and floats around in the air."

Belen looked up at Sunmon, who was roaming around her room, observing everything and asking questions a mile a minute. Belen laughed at his excitement, and turned back to her laptop and homework as he continued to question her.

'But how am I gonna hide Sunmon? Oh, wow, I've accepted him into my life already… that was fast. Sunmon is just too sweet and energetic, though. I couldn't shoo him away. It looks like I've made a new friend.'

A bright light bounced off her laptop, and the "Digivolution" app opened again.

"Sunmon digivolve to… Coronamon!"

Suddenly, a completely different creature. He was now a bipedal lion, with something resembling a diadem aflame on his head, similar bracelets, a tail with a flame at its end, and bright blue eyes that stared into Cassandra's brown ones as it smiled happily.

She looked to the iDigivice, which now read, "Coronamon", "Level: Rookie", "Species: Virus Buster", "Attacks: Corona Knuckle, Corona Flame, Petit Prominence", "Field: Holy" and "Attribute: Light". Finally, there was: "It was born from the fusion of sun-watching data. It has an innocent personality due to its sense of justice and is powerfully courageous."

'It's gonna be a lot harder to hide you now.'