This is my first story, it takes place in the Dresden Files, between Turn Coat and Changes, and during The Order of the Phoenix for the harry potter characters. Starts during the trail. Hope it isn't too bad.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story, if I did this wouldn't be fan fiction.

Chapter 1

"Then," said Dumbledore, quietly but clearly, "we must ask our-selves why somebody within the Ministry ordered a pair of dementors into that alleyway on the second of August."

In the complete silence that greeted these words, the to the right of Fudge leaned forward so that Harry saw her for the first time.

He thought she looked just like a large, pale toad. She was rather squat with a broad, flabby face, as little neck as Uncle Vernon, and a very wide, slack mouth. Her eyes were large, round and slightly bulging. Even the little black velvet bow perched on the top of her short curly hair put him in the mind of a large fly she was about to catch on a long sticky tongue.

As Fudge was drawing in breath to speak, the doors to the dungeon slammed open and shocked him into silence. Behind Harry, he heard the click of heels and something deeper like a large walking stick against the stone floor.

Harry twisted around and saw two people. One was a woman who was tall, had long hair the color of snow, and wore an expensive gray Muggle suit. Even though the court room was only dimly lit by torches, she wore large sunglasses she seem unperturbed and strode on confidently. What parts of her face Harry could see bore a cold but neutral expression. But, while Harry noticed these things they were secondary to one immutable fact, that she was the most beautiful woman Harry had every seen. She was more beautiful then even the Veela Harry had seen at the Quidditch World Cup. Her beauty though, was quite different from the Veela, which had filled him with the desire to act rather stupidly. Her beauty made Harry's life feel hollow and that the only way to fill it was to keep, looking at her.

A thought struck Harry, isn't this how the Mirror of Erised had made him feel? Harry had found the mirror while exploring Hogworts during his first year, it was enchanted to show who ever looked in it their deepest desire. When Dumbledore, had caught Harry looking at the mirror he explained that it was quite dangerous and that many had wasted away in front of it. This, gave Harry enough strength to tare his vision from the woman and to the person beside her.

If, the woman looked like someone the Durselys would not even consider criticizing, the man beside her, looked like someone they would conspicuously run across the street to get away from. He was even taller then the woman and if it wasn't for Hagrid, the man would be the tallest person, Harry had ever seen. The man carried himself with such confidence, it was as if he had looked at everyone and decided he could take them all in a fight. In each hand he had large wooden sticks engraved with runes, one a thick staff that made the deep boom as it hit the ground and the other a club that dangled on a string. While these added to his menace it was his face and his coat are what made intimidating. He had two large red angry scars on his face, one through his eyebrow and one through his lip on the right side of his face, his coat was a black leather trench coat with the collar turned up. Harry considered him for another moment, and thought he might have been the baddie from a western he saw watching television at Mrs. Figg's one summer. Although if he was, he much much more intimidating then on telly.

They walked silently, except for the click of heel and the boom of staff until, they were a few feet from Dumbledore who had risen from the chintz chair and bowed to them as they approached. Then a voice spoke. Neither of the two people who entered lips ever moved, and Harry was quite confident that no such voice could have come from a person. It was as if someone had went out and created a voice that was meant to make your hairs stand on end. Harry looked down and then saw a mouth and smile floating in the air like a malevolent, Cheshire Cat. Loudly but in that horrible raspy voice it said, "Dumbledore, I, have found the new teacher of defense against the dark arts, you requested".

"Who, exactly, do you think you are, barging in during a trail", Fudge snarled his face somehow an even deeper shade of puce.

"This, is Mab" Dumbledore said as if he was giving a lesson to a group of particularly slow first years, "Queen of Air and Darkness, Queen of Winter and Queen who is of the Unseelie Court of Fairy"

The colour of Fudge's face drained so quickly Harry doubted it could have been done with magic. There were gasps coming from several members of the Wizengamot and if Dumbledore had not been so serene Harry would have thought he was sitting near a bomb. The silence, that followed was dispelled quickly by a rather girlish titter.

"Why is everyone so afraid?", said the toad woman in an amused voice, "it is just a fairy"

The tall man next to Mab cringed at the toad woman's words and took a half step away from Mab.

"The sidhe do not appreciate being called fairies," said the inhuman voice of the cat "and poor manners for a host besmirch their guests".

"It is not for a fairy to tell a witch was is or is not rude," said the toad in a sickly sweet voice, "begone and play in a meadow until you are summoned"

Mab who had not been looking at anything in particular turned her head to face the toad woman. The rest of the cat appeared, and any ideas that it was like the Cheshire Cat vanished from Harry's mind. Where the Cheshire Cat was silly, this cat was absolutely vicious. It was gray and must have weighed nearly 4 stone, all rippling lean muscle without an ounce of fat. Its tail stood straight up and was at least twice as long as the rest of its body. "The Queen of Winter does not play in meadows nor can be dismissed like a servant" the cat spoke, this time anger in its voice made it even more unpleasant then before. The cat dragged its front left paw over the stone and its claws dug deep furrows into the floor as if it was made of something much softer then stone.

The tall man next to the Queen then said, in a very American accent, "Hells bells lady, this is one of the freaking Queens of Fairy, apologize before the rest of us are covered in your entrails!" his voice dripping with warning and horror that someone would act that way to Mab.

Mab turned to the tall man and put her hands on her hips an annoyed expression on her face and the cat spoke again, "Do you think I, would do that here, and now, Dresden, that I am so gauche?", in a way that reminded Harry of when Aunt Petunia saw someone wear white after summer. It also disturbingly implied to Harry that Mab could and would rip out people's entrails. Dresden looked ahead, not daring to meet her gaze.

"I am Delores Umbridge, Under Secretary to the Minster of Magic, and we are in the middle of an important trial, I ask you again please take your fairy and play queen outside until we are done" said the toady woman in a slightly less sweet voice.

Harry knew that was the wrong thing to say and that there would be consequences for those words. when he turned backed and faced Mab again she had an icy smile that somehow looked monstrous. She then took out a handkerchief from a suit pocket and then put her sunglasses into the pocket. While she did again the cat spoke for her, "Mayhap, you could lend me your ear and I could explain something to you?" in a voice that was probably the closest the cat could get to being sweet.

The man called Dresden made a motion and then he and Dumbledore went closer to Harry. Dresden stood between Harry and Mab and Dumbledore between Harry and Umbridge as if something bad was about to happen and they were going to shield from it.

"If you must", said Umbridge in a condescending manner as if she was indulging a child.

When Mab had finished taking off her sunglasses and Harry saw her eyes for the first time, he realized that there was absolutely no way that she was human. They were a pale blue and instead of the round eye of a human they were the vertical slit of a cat. While that was a bit of a give away that she was not human, if that was all Harry would have been taken aback but, her eyes made Harry afraid of her. They were flat and colder then any he had seen or even imagined. Even Voldemort had more compassion and sympathy in his eyes when he was trying to murder Harry after the Triwizard tournament. The only thing that kept Harry in the chair instead of bolting to the door was the fear the moving might draw her attention.

While it seemed longer, she only stood there for a breath and then there was an arctic gale that left frost everywhere and she was gone. Harry spun around in the chair, trying to find Mab again and saw that she was towering over Umbridge, not even a single hair was out of place despite the wind or from somehow traveling between the two spots. She then seized the back of Umbridge's head and slammed with tremendous force into the stone in front of her. There was a loud crack of something breaking which, if Umbridge was lucky, was only her nose. Then, Queen Mab spoke and Harry, found out why the cat had done all the talking before now.

"I am Mab, you insolent, toad faced, mortal ape. I have Power and Purpose beyond your comprehension. Your life from cradle to grave is nothing more the passing of a season to me. I have lived for thousands of years and will live for thousands more. Insult me or the sidhe again and I will destroy you. Now Madame Undersecretary, I will borrow your ear" Queen Mab spat in a voice that is hard to describe.

The primary quality of her voice was not an emotion, or a pitch, or tone. The primary quality the voice had, was pain. It was not painfully loud, like an explosion. It was not that she conveyed pain she felt but, as if with every word she spoke, ice picks were being hammered into Harry's ears. It was the worst pain Harry had ever suffered. The cruciatus curse by comparison, was now only moderately painful. What else was happening in the room Harry could not say, the pain was so overwhelming that nothing else could get through to his mind except her words. It should have taken a few second but felt like and eternity.

When Harry regained control he found himself still in the chair, draped over one of the arms and soaked in a cold sweat and a frost which coated everything in the room. Blood dripped from Harry's ears and wondered if Mab's words had been literally carved into his ear drums. Dumbledore was getting on his hands and knees and Dresden was already kneeling. Harry saw Mab back where she was standing before, folding her handkerchief around something bloody and then swap it for her sunglasses. She then started to languidly and with a great amount of satisfaction, lick her fingers on her left hand which were covered in blood. Harry looked up at Umbridge, her face was an absolute mess, covered in blood and gore. Harry couldn't be sure but, thought she might be missing her right ear as well. Umbridge let out a whimper of pain but, it seemed that no one was going to help until Mab had finished with her business. Harry decide then that he shouldn't even think of Queen Mab with anything less the absolute politeness.

After Queen Mab had finished licking her fingers clean, "Now, unless anyone else has objections, I will continue" said the cat in a rather smug voice.

In a shaky voice that Harry thought was very understandable, "N-n-not an objection you understand b-but a question," said Fudge, "Why di-did your Majesty find a teacher for our humble school?"

"Professor Dumbledore and I entered into a bargain to for me find one, it appears he could not find a willing applicant to teach Defense against the Dark Arts", said the cat for the Queen, "to complete my end of the bargain, I have brought one Harry Dresden".

"I wouldn't say willing", muttered Dresden under his breath.

Queen Mab turned her head slightly toward Dresden and razed and eyebrow.

"What makes him a qualified candidate, not to say that you found an unqualified candidate but, to know how he is qualified", said Fudge, who seemed to have gathered his wits.

Queen Mab put a hand to her chest and looked shocked "Why, have you not heard of the famous Harry Dresden?", said the cat "his exploits, are known throughout the world. He started the war against the Red Court, slew the Summer lady, defeated three Heirs of the Necromancer Kemmler and their apprentices, attacked Arctis Tor which has made him one of the most famous Wardens the White Council has ever had".

Harry wasn't sure what was supposed to be the most impressive part of that was. Harry did however, see that what she said made everyone else in the room go perfectly rigid, only Dumbledore seemed unfazed.

"Ah, what an excellent choice your Majesty", Dumbledore exclaimed, "No one could argue that he isn't an expert on how to fight the dark arts" he continued brightly, then in a more solemn voice he said "I, acknowledge that you have completed your end of the bargain and await to fulfill my own"

"I will call on you when, it is time" said the cat for the Queen followed by "Warden Dresden, you will depart with Dumbledore" and with that the cat jumped into the crook of Queen Mab's arm and despite the size of the beast, she seemed treat it as if it were a kitten.

In the silence that ensued Dresden spoke up, "So... shouldn't someone be getting that poor woman some help?"

This snapped Fudge into focus "Oh yes! Yes! Weasly, please take Dolores to St. Mungo's, someone else will finish taking notes" and Percy got up and gingerly helped Umbridge to her feet and out of the hall. When they had departed Fudge shuffled the papers in front of him.

"Where were we?" said Fudge, slightly nervously, all though with Mab gone Harry didn't see why Fudge would still be worried.

"Discussing, whether or not there were dementors present that night in the alley Minster" prompted Dumbledore.

Dresden burst out "WOAH, did this kid summon up dementors!?"

"NO, I defended myself from two dementors they came out of no where", Harry replied hotly

"How did you survive? Dementors aren't big on leaving food on the table" Dresden said skeptically.

"My portronus, defended me and my cousin" said Harry more frustrated then he had been, the first time he explained it.

"Really? does it have a shape at all or is more of a mist?" Dresden intoned in a somewhat impressed voice.

Harry calmed down, it was nice to have someone openly believe him, "It is a stag and it isn't blurry at all"

Dresden whistled and said, "Hey want a job? You'll have to take a test but if you can do that I'm sure you could make it."

Confused and a bit incredulous, Harry asked, "What? But I haven't even finished school yet or even taken my O.W.L.s yet"

"I don't know what O.W.L.s are" Dresden responded "but we only accept our own tests anyway so it won't make what you took and as for finishing school we'd run you through boot camp and teach you everything that you need to know."

Harry didn't know what on Earth, Dresden was talking about and this job offer, managing a prison or something, on top of the trial and hearing Queen Mab was making Harry's head spin. It must have shown because Dresden quickly said, "Hey this isn't a high pressure sales tactic here, just keep it in mind and if you want find me or any other Warden to get you started. If you do go to another Warden don't mention that I refereed you, its a long story don't ask." Dresden then continued, "Sorry for throwing off the trial. If the kid didn't summon the dementors, what's with the star chamber?"

"Mr. Potter supposedly, defended himself from dementors and cast portronus in full view of Muggles", primly said Fudge.

"Muggle?" queried Dresden.

"A person without magic" explained Dumbledore

"Seems a bit excessive for a minor violation of the Masquerade" Dresden stated somewhat skeptically

Fudge replied, "I thought a Warden of White Council would be all for overwhelming punishment" which caused Dresden to wince for some reason.

"If you have all the evidence find him guilty or not, personally I hope you find him guilty that way I can take him, test him, and enroll him into the Wardens by lunch" Dresden said in a nonchalant and bored tone. This made Fudge turn pale again and he quickly ordered, "All those in favor of clearing the witness of all charges?" and, then in a move which absolutely shocked Harry, every single member of the Winzengamot, even Fudge, raised their hands. Fudge looked downtrodden and said in a defeated voice, "Very well cleared of all charges."

"Excellent," said Dumbledore briskly, turn around quickly towards the door. "Well I must be going, if you would accompany me Mr. Dresden we have much to discuss"

Dumbledore left the word without saying anything to Harry.