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Chapter 1: Descent into Chaos

Ira took a breath and leaned back against the oak chair in which he sat in. Looking down on the beautifully carved oak table before him, stacked with tomes and scrolls of various sizes, covers and colours, he sighed inwardly. I am never going to finish this spell, Ira thought to himself. The spell in question written in expensive inks and various metals was only halfway done, recorded in an expensive spell-book bound in red dragon's hide. The spell was seemingly filled with various elements and was supposed to be a powerful conjuration of energy that could wipe out his enemies, but now taking a long look at it, Ira just sighed again and put his quill down.

Getting up, he strode across the conjury that he was in, to a decanter on another book filled table that held some good Djinn floatwine. A simple gesture and a pewter goblet appeared in his hand which he promptly filled. He brought the decanter with him and sat back down to examine the spell once again, but then decided a much longer break was necessary. He took in his surroundings, which he knew so well, all the rich carpets, silk tapestries, shelves filled with books and scrolls of arcane lore, and the odd knick knack that only held sentimental value.

He got up again, turning to his left, going to the arrow slit that served as a window, and took in the view. An endless sky, now night, greeted his weary eyes. Birds, some small, others as huge as elephants flew through the sky, while the occasional tengu or air elemental raced across the vista. Some retirement, Ira thought and took a long draw from the goblet. There was that annoying feeling again, that sense of foreboding that he could somehow not shake off.

He was a powerful arch-necromancer, had fought against terrible evils with mighty companions, had won battles across the myriad planes, and when all was said and done, they had parted ways -some not so amicably- he had taken the loot he'd won and had a custom Instant Fortress made, and retired to here, a shelf on an earthmote belonging to a minor Djinni noble called Ulam.

Over the years, Ira had taken journeys of his own by himself learning more obscure and forbidden lore and magic and had even forged alliances with organisations and groups who prized knowledge and magic. After what seemed like ages, Ira had secluded himself away, never bothering to come out of his tower, taking refuge in his arcane lore and spell craft. Ira took another long sip, it was too late to be so sentimental, Ira thought.

He went to one of his prized Mirror of Mental Prowess, of which he was the proud owner of three. Taking in his reflection, barely in his thirties, 6 foot tall, a fair and handsome face, strong lean build, brown locks and the beginnings of a beard, complete in his enchanted, perfectly cut grey with black piping silk robes, he looked every bit the rich, powerful mage.

That feeling of foreboding did not go away. Looking around, he surmised that it always came down to the same reason. He was too safe, so safe in his tower that it was nothing more than a gilded prison. He barked a short laugh at that, if his tower was a prison, it was one that he had forged for himself, spell by layered spell.

Ira sighed, thinking of the old days when his life and the friends he had made were on the line, facing off against hordes of demons, armies of devils and other more horrifying creatures from nightmarish universes. All he had faced, and all he conquered and it was both sad and right that he felt slightly jaded. He sat back down and examined the spell he had spent the better part of 6 months -or whatever passed for time here- working on, a spell of the 9th valence*.

Like a bell tolling right in his head, Ira doubled over as a powerful sending hit him, "Its Loranna! Am here [planar coordinates] Please help! If we were ever true friends, please come NOW!" Ira regained his composure, mentally assessing the planar coordinates Loranna had sent him. Loranna! A name belonging to one his old adventuring companions. A sorceress of some power, the last Ira had last seen or heard from her, she had retired to some Prime Material world, raising some castle and living the high life.

Ira mused about this and wondered at the cosmic coincidence. Here he was, moping about the prison his tower had become, and in came Loranna with a dire message for help, giving him the key to his freedom from ennui. Ira went to the Mirror and spoke the command word, using the coordinates as a focus to find his sorceress friend.

The gray swirls of the scrying became clear and showed a scene of pure chaos. The sky was filled with arcs of lightning while the earth was dry, cracked and in some parts baked. Streams of what appeared to be fire ripped through the earth like pulsing veins. His knowledge of the planes allowed him to deduce that this was the Elemental Chaos, a realm where all the Elemental Planes, Air, Water, Earth and Fire met, sandwiched between the Chaos universes of Limbo -known as the Maelstrom in some worlds- and the Abyss, realm of demon-kind.

There! Ira found a battle in progress and his eyes widened just a bit. Slaads, humanoid creatures resembling frogs, mostly in shades of blue and red clashed against three serpentine monsters who raked with two muscled arms ending in claws, snapping jaws at the end of two tentacles and a crocodilian head with wicked fangs. They could only be Naunets, the warrior caste of the Protean race. Hovering above the Naunets was another serpentine monster, that looked similar to the warrior Proteans but instead of tentacles it had white feather wings and an avian head. It was an Imentesh, one of the missionaries of the Proteans. No doubt the Naunets were being directed by the Imentesh, as the warrior Proteans were known to serve the Imentesh as bodyguards.

Ira glossed over the fighting looking for the other opposing leader and found it. Much smaller than its fellows, the Death Slaad was in the thick of the fighting raking with its own claws, while above the Imentesh threw the occasional spell, which effect seemed to be only healing spells for its bodyguards. It appeared it wanted the fight to continue and Ira snorted. Chaos for the sake of Chaos was the Imentesh, nay the entire reason the Proteans even existed.

Looking through the battle, it seemed that it was actually a three way fight. Ira wondered why he never saw it before. Blood red creatures, some armed with large spears, while some only used their claws were busy raking through both sides. The creatures were Tanar'ri demons, specifically the ones known as babau also commonly referred to as blood demons because of their red slicked appearance. There leading them, safely behind half a dozen babau was a corpulent humanoid being.

No wait, it was a human being and looking over the obese frame with leeches plastered over the body haphazardly, Ira focused on the face, still cherubic despite the fat with the ginger curls, it was Loranna!

Ira took a step back, and saw the scene in a new light. Well this was different, he mused to himself. One, the fact that she could stand despite all that added mass, and two, he never pegged Loranna to be a bloatmage.

A bloatmage or as they were sometimes known, hemotheurges, were mages –most often sorcerers- who believed that their blood was a source of power. As such, some explored that avenue till they bloated their systems with more and more of their blood, as more blood meant more power. It had been a very long time, Ira mused. In Elemental Chaos, Loranna looked up and must have saw the sensor, and waved. Ira saw it and cast Overland Flight, a necessity when living in Elemental Air. He spoke another command word and a short spear of silver appeared in his right hand.

Willing the scrying to mute for a few moments, he looked over himself. He was equipped only with three rings, one of regeneration, a spell storing ring and a ring of shielding. Other than that he only had the two ear studs he wore, one gold to alert him to any foreign contaminants in his foodstuffs and the other silver, which also stored some spells. His robes could protect him against physical attacks, so his mind decided, Ira quickly spoke another word and a round amulet, dark jade with swirls going into its centre appeared around his neck.

It was an amulet of the planes, a necessity if he was ever going to get back home to his tower. Willing the chaotic scene to appear again, he moved the sensor close to Loranna and speaking another word, he stepped through just as the scene in the mirror faded.


*Spell level, interchangeable with spell slot.

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