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Chapter 1

Rose cried out in pain as the electric currents ran through her body. All she wanted was to black out. She needed to escape. But the damage wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to kill her. She only healed when she died. And they'd stopped killing her recently. Now the test was to see how fast she healed. How long she could take the pain. She was reaching her breaking point. Tears streamed down her face as her body convulsed. The current stopped but the convulsions continued.

"Are you ready to give in now sweetheart? All you have to do is surrender to me. It will all stop. I can stop them from testing you." It was the dreaded voice of the evil man whom she'd come to hate. Despite his beautiful face, there was nothing but darkness inside of him.

He leaned over her with a happy smile on his face. "Come on love. You can give in now. I will protect you."

Rose stayed still for a moment and then spat in his face. He wiped it off in disgust and backhanded her. It hurt but that pain was nothing compared to the other tortures she'd been subjected to.

He looked away from her and towards the technician. "Again."

The terrible pain was back. She prayed she would black out soon. Please. Please God. Let it stop. Make the pain stop. she thought. She tried to find her inner strength but it seemed to be disappearing day by day. Soon she would be nothing but a shell, an echo of her former self. What was she fighting for anymore? What did it matter anymore? She had nothing left for her in this world. Her entire family was dead. The Doctor was unreachable in her home universe. But even if she could escape to the other universe, could she even face the Doctor? Not if he shared the same face as his double. She couldn't do that.

I want to die.

But the Bad Wolf wouldn't let her die. The Time Vortex still ran through her, never allowing her to stay dead. Always healing her, always bringing her back. Always bringing her back to another day of pain and torture. Another day in Hell.

The Valeyard, the Doctor's meta-crisis renamed, threw Rose into her room. She stumbled and fell. Her legs weren't working properly. The Valeyard stood over her imperiously.

"You can end this you know. Just say the word and it will end."

Rose didn't even bother to respond. She didn't know if she could. Her throat hurt from the non-stop screams the electric shocks had wrested from her. The Valeyard slammed the door closed, leaving Rose in complete darkness. She didn't even have the strength to call upon the Time Vortex energy to create enough light in the room. Fortunately the cell, as she'd come to think of it, was small enough that she could crawl to the mattress on the floor that counted as her bed.

Move legs, move! she demanded. Rose needed the bed. The bed was the only safe place for her. The bed meant sleep and escape.

Slowly, little by little, she crawled across the cold stone floor. Occasionally a tremor would run through her body, causing her to collapse as all strength left her.

You can end this you know. Just say the word and it will end. His words echoed across her mind. Each day those words sounded more inviting. Each day she was tempted to give in. There was only the small part of her that resisted. She held onto that part with all her strength. She had to, in order to keep her mind intact.

The Valeyard watched as Rose successfully made it to her bed. She collapsed on it and didn't move again. He knew his plan was working. Each day he could see a part of her spirit break away. Sometimes he did see a spark of gold. The Bad Wolf was there, trying to protect her. But the Wolf could only do so much. It could heal her body but that wasn't what he was after. Rose would break and would become his. She would be his submissive, obedient wife. She would use Bad Wolf for him. Together they would become untouchable.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed contentedly, remembering when he first captured Rose Tyler.

Rose was struggling against two of his agents. Her efforts were futile. She didn't have the strength. The two men were genetically altered to be stronger than the average human. They made for great agents and guards.

"Ah, my Rose. It's so good to finally see you again." the Valeyard smiled. Rose's eyes locked on his and there was defiance and anger in them. He knew he would enjoy breaking her.

"What do you want?" she demanded of him. She stopped struggling for the moment but he knew that she was waiting for an opportunity to escape. She wasn't going to get that chance.

"I want you of course." He deliberately walked towards her slowly. There was fear in her eyes along with her defiance. The Valeyard smiled. Fear was good. He stopped right in front of her and lifted her chin with his finger. "I have plans for us, Rose Tyler."

Rose's eyes narrowed and then slammed her head into his. He reeled back in pain and the guard on her right hit her in the stomach with his fist. She keeled over, gasping for breath. The Valeyard wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his hand. It wasn't a hard enough hit to break his nose but it was pretty damn painful. He looked down at Rose kneeling on the floor, clutching her stomach.

'"That was very rude. I will have to teach you manners as well. But I have a something I need of you before we begin that lesson."

Rose looked up and he could see the fury in her eyes. They glowed gold slightly and the Valeyard smiled.

"I won't do anything for you. I would rather die."

"Oh Rose. You will. You definitely will." He laughed as she stared at him in shock. With a wave of his hand he said to the agents, "Take her to her room."

The memory made him smile. It had been a sweet victory. She had managed to avoid capture for over a year but in the end, his agents had caught up with her. Then, with a little persuasion, she gave him the ability to regenerate again. Well, the Bad Wolf had. It was that or watch her family be tortured to death, one by one. Rose was so predictable. Threaten anyone she loves and she'll do anything.

He looked back at the screen and saw her reaching out to something that was invisible. He'd noticed her doing that lately. She would reach for things or pretend to draw in the air. The Valeyard knew it had to be something that the Bad Wolf was showing her and he was determined to figure out what.

Rose lay staring into the darkness. A golden light suddenly appeared and it slowly took the shape of a wolf. The wolf was the same color of the vortex, looking like it was made of gold dust. She reached out to it and took comfort that she was not alone. Her other half, the Bad Wolf, was always looking out for her in the best way she could. The wolf had started appearing when Rose had stopped dying every day. She helped with the pain and the loneliness.

Rose could feel the tremors subsiding as her body slowly began to heal from the day's assaults. By the next day she would be mostly healed. And then it would start all over again. Rose had lost track of the days. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd seen sunlight. The one thing she did know was that the Valeyard was winning. There wasn't much fight left in her. She knew he saw it. She saw the way he smiled after every torture session.

Her golden wolf lay down on her chest. Rose could feel the power of the vortex running through her veins but there wasn't much she could do with it. She didn't know how to use it in the first place. She'd only managed to conjure vortex energy to create light. There was nothing to it. She had no control.

How much longer can I last? she thought. The wolf moved to curl up in the space between her neck and shoulder. Rose sighed and closed her eyes, letting sleep draw her away from the hell that was her life.

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