Chapter 7: Shooting

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Rated M: For language and adult situations between consenting adults.

The boys had chosen some crappy action movie that made Craig want to bash his head against the seat in front of him. Butters didn't look like he was enjoying it either, but he was putting up a good mask as usual. "We can leave if you want…" Butters whispered in his ear. Craig only had one mask – angry indifference. He thought about pushing Butters' head into his lap, which would make the movie worthwhile; then again, he'd already used Butters like a cheap tissue today… maybe another time.

Craig noticed Butters squirming in the seat next to him, likely sore and uncomfortable from their auto romp, maybe leaking a bit. It wasn't like Craig to feel bad, but he'd caused the other's discomfort and then asked him to sit for a couple hours. "Ok, let's go." He sighed.

As they were leaving the theatre Craig stopped walking and lit a cigarette. "C-can I have one?" Butters asked timidly.

Craig stared at the other for a long moment, taking a drag from the smoke hanging from his lips. "You don't smoke."

"S-sure I do." It was a lie, but Butters was trying to look cool, to impress Craig. The tall man handed Butters one of his smokes and lit the tip for him. Butters' first hit wasn't inhaled, he merely sucked it into his mouth and blew out which made Craig laugh. The taste would take some getting used to, but Butters was determined. He braved a small inhale again, he coughed a little but bravely hit it again. He could get used to this, it tasted like Craig's mouth and he'd only been allowed to taste that twice.

Craig thought Butters looked kind of cool standing there smoking like an idiot, his cute little piercings gleaming in the sun, and his stupid Heroin Hero tattoo. He'd look pretty good with a Mohawk, Jesus I'm corrupting him and it feels so right.

He took Butters home after that, his father immediately started yelling about Butters smelling like smoke before the front door closed he heard Butters say, "I was around people who were smoking, I wasn't!" Little lying devil! Craig started his engine and pulled away.

Craig couldn't stop thinking about his 'date' with Butters. He couldn't stop thinking about how good butters looked after being gagged… that didn't sound right… after being choked with Craig's dick. He quickly realized that Butters would likely do anything Craig asked; he'd change his appearance permanently, take on a life threatening habit, and basically be raped and still keep that smile in place. He was practically asking to be changed.

He'd already planned their next 'outing' or 'date' or whatever, he'd take Butters to the shooting range, one of his favorite past times. He could see how Butters looked with a gun; it was probably hot, and almost certainly dangerous. Craig expected another fuck but he'd try to be nice, maybe even giving to make sure he could reel Butters in. There was always the chance Butters would find someone else to chase around, especially with how good the boy was looking lately.

'Maybe asexual' virgin Craig used to muse, but maybe not…

It was his day off work and he was pulling into Butter's parent's driveway, he was spending his lethargic Sunday kidnapping his object of lust again. He knocked on the door lazily, a cigarette hanging from his lips. Mr. Stotch answered the door again, waving his hang around dramatically to rid of the smoke cloud. "What do you want?" He growled at Craig.

"Butters." Craig replied, removing the smoke from his mouth glaring murderously at the man in front of him. Mr. Stotch closed the door while he retreated to grab his son.

Butters answered the door, surprisingly dressed in mostly dark colors; another prelude to his trying to impress Craig. It was a semi-failure because the black shirt he was wearing had a picture of Domo* on it, but it suited him.

"Get in the fucking car!" He repeated his remark from their last date, except this time he couldn't help grinning.

Butters nodded vigorously grabbing his coat and scampered over to the car. "Where are we going?" Butters asked nervously, likely thinking this would be a repeat of the last time.

"Shooting." Craig gestured at the pistol in his backseat.

"Oh." Butters sat silently through the remainder of the car ride, likely distressed about handling a gun.

They arrived at the course and geared up. "If you don't hold it right it'll smash your hand." Craig said loudly over the earmuffs and booming gun noises from all around them. Butters kept jumping at the noises making him look a bit like Tweek. He positioned Butters' hands on his gun and aimed it near the range. "Don't point it at anyone ever, even if you aren't touching the trigger." Butters nodded.

Butters aimed at the target and shot, squeezing his eyes closed. Craig watched in amazement as the bullet hit the target right in the crotch. Craig cringed, "That's not cool." He manually raised the small boy's hands trying to aim more at the head, "Open your eyes." Butters complied and looked over at Craig's face, he was pressed up against Butters' back, chin nearly resting on his shoulder. "Look." Craig barked, Butters turned his head toward the target. "Steady..." He let go of Butters, "Shoot." The bullet hit the target in the crotch again, Craig sighed dejectedly.

"I can't help it! That always happens!" Butters cried out, Craig laughed. "I just can't be trusted with a gun, I always shoot people in the dick!" Craig took the gun from Butters' hands carefully and shot a few times at the target, nailing it in the head each time. "Wow!" Butters clapped his hands at Craig's display. "You should be a police officer!"

Craig frowned, "I can't, I break the law too much." Butters giggled at Craig's remark.

"That's ok; you're really good at the tattoo shop too!" Butters smiled… Craig smiled back.

They ended up back in Craig's car, he'd purposefully parked in a secluded place in the parking lot. "Get in the back?" Craig asked this time, looking directly at Butters.

Butters smiled and nodded before climbing over the seat, giving Craig a fantastic view of his ass; a sight Craig had missed before. Craig soon joined the blonde in the back and much more gently he pulled Butters closer to himself. He gave Butters a long languid kiss with a vast amount of tongue, it was a little sloppy and wet but neither of them really had much practice before. Butters was practically glowing from the contact when they pulled away.

"What do you want to do?" Craig asked, looking cautiously at Butters. The blonde blushed at the implication, too embarrassed to even think.

"W-whatever you want to, I don't really care."

Craig growled at the response and re-phrased his question. "What would you like me to do to you?"

"Well… anything really? I've thought about you and I doing just about everything before," The image of Butters' depraved magazine popped into Craig's head, everything? "God! that makes me sound like such a pervert." Butters blushed.

Craig pushed Butters down onto his back and began to bite gently at the other boy's neck. He pressed himself flush against Butters' body to push their groins together. Craig had never touched another guy's dick before, he hadn't touched Butters the last time which he knew was a mistake. He reached between the two of them and opened both of their jeans. He pulled Butters out of his pants and gave him a few quick jerks before pressing their bodies back together, and taking both of them in one hand. He guided Butter's fingers to join his and they both fondled each other to Craig's rhythm. It was slightly chaste and less aggressive than the last time they'd been in this situation but it was more exciting to be on the same level with someone. Craig allowed himself to look into the other's eyes this time, Butters looked really good aroused, he'd have to look at that face more often.

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