Chapter 8: The end

A/N: I think it's time to end this one, thank you for reading, I hope it was fun to an extent. I have other more popular stories to attend to as much as I love writing this one.

Rated M: For language and adult situations between consenting adults.

Butters was getting scarier and scarier every day, he had more tattoos and piercings than Craig had, he had a motorcycle that he rode without a helmet, he had embraced smoking and was now a chain two-pack-a-day smoker, and Craig loved him this way. It had been months since Craig and Butters had begun their new found friendship, and that's all it was, a friendship. As much as Craig had wanted to possess the other boy Butters was hard to possess and had become rather promiscuous spending most of his time outside of town.

It had been Butters who had made sure Craig knew what they had was a physical relationship and butters would never fall in love with him, he'd said he wanted to have a lot of fun while he was still young. The truth was that Butters was still the only person Craig had ever slept with and he didn't plan on changing that anytime soon.

They were lying on top of Craig's car, staring into the night sky. Tendrils of smoke rose from their lips and they were pressed together snuggly. It started raining lightly, not enough to budge the two boys.

"Wanna fuck?" Butters asked, breaking the silence. It had been over a month since Butters had propositioned him.

"pfff." Craig rolled his eyes, he did want to fuck Butters but he didn't want Butters to know he wanted to.

"I've always wanted to do it in the rain." Butters closed his eyes and inhaled his smoke.

"Sounds messy." He wiped some raindrops from his face. "…too cold. We can do it in the car."

"We'll warm each other up." Butters grinned, the evil grin he was sure he'd unintentionally taught Butters at some point, like a sick twisted guru. Butters swung his leg over Craig to straddle him, the metal hood of the car whining in protest.

"What if someone sees?" Craig glanced around.

"I thought you didn't care about what other people thought?" The blonde was leaning in close; his breath and body were the only thing keeping Craig from shivering.

"I don't." He growled.

Butters sat up and reached in his pocket, his tongue poking out his mouth in concentration, Craig wanted to eat it. Butters finally located what he was digging for and pressed the little pill up against Craig's lips. "Open up." He hummed.

Craig pried his mouth open, letting the other boy press the disgusting little pill up against his tongue. Butters was the corrupter, the devil. The ecstasy tasted like inky metal and Craig didn't have a drink to swallow it with, he felt like he was swallowing a whole orange, an orange that 'tasted like robots' as Butters always said. Butters also stuck a pill on his own tongue, or maybe two it was hard to tell and he craned his neck towards the falling rain catching some raindrops to swallow the object.

Butters was kissing Craig, hard and uncaring to pass the time. The sickening taste of the drug lingered in both of their mouths. There was an unmistakable rush in Craig's chest; he could feel the drug taking effect and all of his concerns melted away with it. He had the object of his insane desire hovering over him, pressing into him, they were becoming one.

Butters lifted his head and laughed maniacally into the rainfall and Craig couldn't help but run his hands up Butters' sides under his thin shirt, feeling the soft skin littered with goose bumps. The worst part of rolling with Butters was the crazy urge to confess his deepest thoughts to his companion, to tell him he loved everything about him and wanted them to be exclusive because it made him jealous and he loved him so much it hurt. Butters would walk away any time Craig tried to have a talk about feelings because Butters never felt the same way, Butters didn't care… and could be thinking of another man right now.

"Craig." Butters moaned softly when Craig fondled him through the wet fabric of his jeans. He supposed Butters wasn't thinking of anyone else but he was certainly sleeping with other men, he made a point to tell Craig about his conquests on a regular basis.

Butters knee surely bent the hood of his car and the noise of wet skin echoed through the woods loud enough to make them both stop if they weren't under the influence. The words slipped from Craig's mouth in a moment of drug induced stupidity, "God, Butters, I love you…" just before his orgasm.

Butters didn't reply, he pulled his clothes on and started walking away from the car swiftly, his home was several miles away.

"Butters!" Craig pulled on his own pants fast and cased after the boy.

"Why do you have to say things like that?" Butters grumbled moodily when Craig finally caught up, panting.

"I didn't mean it, I was just dizzy and confused." Craig frowned.

"People always tell the truth on E. I don't love you Craig, I never will. You're an asshole."

"What happened to you?" Craig whined.

Butters stopped and turned towards him sharply, "Nothing happened, I grew up! Get over it."

Craig watched Butters retreat quickly. Butters had wanted it to be over for a long time, Craig couldn't take a hint… he was too attached.

Butters had a good life, once he moved away from South Park and found himself a really good boyfriend, a real badass who put him on a pedestal like a princess.

Craig was sad to see Butters move away, he was the only person Craig had ever loved, the only person Craig would ever love…

END – Craig is alone forever as he thought he would be… I don't like predictable endings.