Chapter 35

Part I

Liam booked a room and went inside it to try and relax. Relaxing though wasn't easy. He was ready to accept the fact that he allowed himself to play a game with a girl knowing full well that he was most likely to get hurt.

"I'm such a fucking idiot." He muttered, plopping down onto the bed and throwing his shoes off. Once he was rid of them he stared at them a little too hard. All he could think about was how gingerly Karma had taken them off of him just moments before. He thought of Karma's body ontop of his again, Karma's breath on his neck for possibly the very last time. Karma's body in his hands, her tiny waist, her soft soft skin. There was no one else like her.

"Get a grip!" He yelled to the empty room, to himself.

His phone rang again. The first time it rang he was too busy to answer it. The second time he was too mad. Now he was just lost. He picked the thing up and answered.

"What the hell do you want?!" He bit.

"Wha-ah, where are you?" Shane asked sweetly. He completely ignored Liam's tone.

"I had to see Karma."

"Sooo, you ditched me? And then ignored my calls?"

"Look Shane, I've been a mess okay? I know that more than anyone. I just needed to make sure we were really done."

"Oh," Shane said, thinking a bit. "What are you going to do now?"

"I got a room," Liam growled. "It wouldn't be smart for me to drive like this." He was too pissed to concentrate on anything other than his crumbling heart.

"Makes sense," Shane said.

"Plus, you were asleep. I would've told you."

"It's fine," Shane said. He understood. Break-ups weren't fun.

"How are you?" Liam asked, pushing his anger aside to try and focus on something new.

"Eh," Shane said. "Sedona is pretty great and all but I haven't gotten to see much of it. Plus you guys have all been living this crazy soap opera life. I hate to say it but I feel a little left out."

"Left out?!" Liam laughed. The thought of anyone actually wanting to go through the pain of what he was living was fucking hilarious to him. There were several reasons Liam loved Shane. This was one of them. Shane wasn't like everyone else.

"Yeah, I mean. When I crash landed and got to see how crazy Amy was acting and how insane your parents were, and how adventurous you and Clara were and how jealous Rory was and how sad Karma was-"

"Yes, I get it. The trip hasn't exactly been understated."

"I know but I love it. I just wish I was a part of it."

"And you are," Liam pushed. It was at this moment he realized he actually missed Shane.

"I know…" Shane said sadly, not really feeling involved.

"Look, I promise. When we get back we can do whatever you want."

"Yeah butt-"

"Anything," Liam promised, a smile coming to him.

"Okay." Shane said. He was sleepy but not terribly so. Mostly he wished he wasn't alone. He felt alone. Everyone was gone. Everyone had someone else. Except Liam but Liam was too grumpy to be with someone so that didn't count.

"I'm gonna sleep. You should too."

"Fiiiiiine," Shane whined.

"Night Shane."

"Night Liam."

They both dropped their phones and thought a minute on how happy they were to have their special friend.

Part II

In the top-of-the-canyon suite, Amy held Karma and breathed heavily with a peaceful Karma resting on top of her and keeping so quiet it was almost debilitating.

"I'm not asleep," Amy said, after a long while. She ran her fingers lightly up and down Karma's sides, noticing what it did to her.

"We should both be asleep," Karma said.

"Maybe," Amy sighed. She moved her body just enough to signal to Karma that maybe she needed a little more room.

Amy didn't really sleep on her back ever. Karma knew that. So why had they laid so long like that?

They both actually knew why.

It felt good to be together like that. Even after everything. Even after the confusing case of Karma experiencing something that Amy still did not understand.

Just laying on each other like that, touching body-to-body, remaining so very still, just that incited awe in them both.

"I really like it here," Karma said.

"Me too," Amy said. But there was something in her that wished this had all happened back home. She took Karma's hand in her own and loosely held it.

Part III

Clara had wished it before, in her bath. She'd wished to be on the roof with Rory, in the hot tub beneath the stars.

"I can't believe I never came here with you before," Rory said. She'd been staring up at the stars, completely held by Clara's perfect body. The heat of the water enveloped her just as thoroughly as Clara did.

"I always said you could come," Clara reminded.

"Yeah well… I always thought you wanted to be alone with Liam."

"I did," Clara agreed. "But this is…" Clara waited, she let her voice trail off and her thoughts wander.

"Perfect," Rory teased, bringing her back.

"I was gonna say it," Clara smiled.

"No you weren't." The two were usually so good at implying without confirming.

"Shut up," Clara said, tightening her arms around Rory's naked center and scaring her in a good way.

Part IV

In the morning they all woke at different times. Shane was first, then Liam.

The girls at the Canyon were in no way ready to wake when their hotel phone decided to ring. Karma moved her hand awkwardly, allowing it to crawl. It was trying to find the thing that was making the noise. Her body remained where it was, halfway ontop of Amy and in the same position she was in when she'd fallen to sleep.

"No, no, no," she whined. The phone was just a little too far. She moved over Amy, rubbing her body and feeling the pleasure from the touch deep within her.

"Ignore it," Amy said groggily. She felt Karma's form as it seemed to frisk her ever so gently, catching her skin in certain places and pulling it.

Karma cleared her throat as she pulled the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" She asked, more grumpy than anything else.

"Karma? It's Clara. Are you guys okay?"

"Wha-ah, yeah, yeah, of course, why?" Karma fluttered her eyes open. They met with the glare of the sun. It was day but she had no idea how late.

"It's 2 pm. Liam said he's been texting you."

"Oh," Karma said, forcing herself to wake. "Shit…"

"Were you asleep?"

"Yeah, yeah, we stayed up really late. I dunno how that…"

"It's okay," Clara said. She knew how easy it was to lose yourself in a sensual night. Her and Rory had mostly just slept after the hot tub. Somehow they still woke pretty early though. In fact she wished she could've willed herself to sleep. A restless feeling in her moved her to wake. She was determined not to waste any of her time with Rory. To her surprise Rory was awake too and holding her when she woke. "Just wanted to make sure you guys were okay."

"We're fine," Karma solidified.

"Who is it?" Amy mumbled, taking Karma into her arms and rubbing her skin to try and keep her close.

"Mmmm," Karma hummed. "It's Clara, here," she handed the phone off, resting it in Amy's hand. One of Amy's arms held Karma close to her while the other moved to help bring the phone up to her ear.

"I see things are back to normal?" Clara teased.

"Yeah," Amy laughed. "Whatever that is." On the other side of things Clara laughed too.

"Are you guys planning to sleep through the whole trip, or what?"

"Why? Jealous?"

"Mmmhmm," Clara flirted.

Rory was walking around the kitchen in her bikini. Clara watched with steady eyes.

If they were smart, they'd still be in bed too. But they wouldn't be sleeping, oh no.

"Liam said he wants to drive you guys back."

"He's a little too nice, isn't he?"

"On occasion," Clara teased. She took a sip of her beer and watched as Rory spied on her while blending up margaritas. "We're going back up the river to this place I know, it's a little more secluded."

"Oh right. Secluded," Amy laughed as she looked down to see Karma resting on her sweetly, listening to her voice and feeling as she breathed. Karma's soft hand slowly moved about Amy's skin, taking care to feel her. "Clara Booker, why would you want to be secluded with Rory the terror?"

"You're real funny Amy Raudenfeld." Clara watched as Rory poured the blended margarita into a nice glass and began to bring it over. "You know what though, I have a feeling I'm going to be a little busy soon so maybe you should just go back to sleep."

"When I have the chance to bother you? Nah," Amy said. Karma noticed that the convo seemed to be comprised mostly of flirtatious witticism. She moved her hand to Amy's side and let her fingers slowly tickle Amy.

The response was instant, Amy squirmed and felt immediately awake.

Karma chuckled victorious. She turned her head inward and kissed Amy's stomach. "I better text Liam back," she said. If Amy was just going to flirt with someone else all morning Karma wasn't going to just hang around and listen.

As soon as Karma moved to leave her, Amy missed her body.

"Alright sleepyhead. I have business to attend to."

"We'll come back today, I promise," Amy said.

Across the room Karma was sluggishly getting dressed. Turned away from Amy she put her bra on pulled her dress over her head. She had a headache and didn't know why.

Amy watched and felt worried.

"Okay," Clara said.

"Okay," Amy answered, moving to hang-up the phone. "What're you doing?"

"I should go see Liam," Karma said. "He was probably worried about us or just sure we were ignoring him, which also wouldn't be good."

"Oh," Amy said, sitting up all of a sudden. "well, hold on, I'll come with you."

"You sure?" Karma asked, cheering up.

"Yeah," Amy said, her eyes meeting Karma's from across the room and nearly speaking to them. Of course she wanted to be with her. When had that ever changed?

"Okay," Karma smiled. She looked to the ground and found Amy's bra halfway across the room. "Here," she said, fetching it and bringing it to her. "I'm sorry, I just-"

"Karma," Amy smiled in frustration, holding Karma's arms with both of her hands and making her see her. "I really hate when you freak out over nothing."

Karma sighed. "I know," she smiled, instantly happier.

"We just slept in. That's all."

"I know but he came all this way…"

"And he didn't need to," Amy reminded.

"I know, but-"

"He didn't need to," Amy reminded, urging to be heard. She stood up and hugged her, breathing her in. "He's fine."

"Okay," Karma said, hanging limply completely supported by Amy's body.

"We'll get dressed. We'll go find him. It'll be fine."

"Okay," Karma said, forcing herself to be calm like Amy. Nevertheless, she rushed to get all of her things. She felt shaky and weak. It hadn't occurred to her that maybe she was dehydrated from all the sweating and panting she had done the night before. Just as it hadn't occurred to her that maybe that aspirin she took in the bath had worn off and maybe she was actually still tired and maybe she was really starving.

On the contrary, her only thoughts were off guilt and anxiousness. Emotions.

Amy rushed to dress. "I'm actually kind of glad Clara woke us up. I'm fucking starving."

"Me too," Karma laughed, realizing it.

"Plus, I missed you," Amy flirted.

"You did not. You were out cold."

"How would you know?" Amy teased.

"I know," Karma said, walking back to her fully dressed and taking her in. Amy stared up at Karma and drank her in like she was the sun.

"You don't know anything," Amy teased, staring openly.

"I know enough," Karma stared back, but she searched more than just Amy's eyes, remembering again that now it was okay to want her so much. She leaned down, taking Amy's lips against her, parting them perfectly so that she could slowly slip her tongue inside and taste her.

"Okay, fine," Amy smiled in that lazy way she only did when she was reeeeally smitten. "You're a genius. I'm an idiot. So what? ... I like when you kiss me like that."

"I know you do," Karma said. "Now, come on," she sighed. "We just woke up and we've already been jerks today."

"Fine," Amy said. She didn't feel like a jerk though. She felt like a perfectly normal person having a perfectly normal time in a perfectly normal place.

Karma pulled her up and Amy reached for her phone.

It only took a few seconds for them to leave their private cocoon to chance a dance with the outside world.