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The Inner Finch By: TasChiBandGirl

Inside, there's much more going on. More than anyone else would even imagine. I'm known as the sardonic little weasel at work. Everybody thinks that all I do is just make rude sarcastic comments at the expense of others. What they don't know, however, are my inner thoughts. Things that nobody, not even my own grandmother, know about me. I have feelings, and emotions. And I'm in love.

Each day, I see her at work. Her chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes. As she looks at me, with that innocence look. The first day she walked in, I was captivated. But, as I always do, I hide my true self with my comments. Why do I do this? I guess it's my way of just coping with my life. Grew up with a father whom disapproved of me, because I wasn't big and buff, like my older brothers. I had a broken marriage with a model, and I've been completely burned by other people. Yet, she brightens up my day each time.

Her name is Maya. The name that is first on my tongue at the beginning of the day and is the last things I ever speak at night. The one person whom gets me by each day. The one whom just makes me hold on to my ways just a little longer. She doesn't know the true me, however. She just knows the mask of the weasel. The mask I put on. If she only knew the real me, she could be mine. But she's still hurt over that rat named Elliot.

Elliot.how I loathe thee name. How he stole the heart of my beloved and crushed it, due to his fear of commitment. How each syllable in his name boils my blood a few degrees hotter. Elliot, how I wish to hurt him as much as he hurt Maya. Does he even know how badly Maya was in love with him? He had the world, but lost it all, lost it all for the high life. Fast, cheap and easy, that's how he likes his women. Just like fast food. I put on a mask about that theory, but deep down, I could never do anything like that.

Will there ever come a day when the mask gets taken off? Who knows? Will I ever get the nerve to tell Maya how I feel? Maybe. Will I eventually end up killing the man I loathe the most? Probably so. But, maybe I am just lost in a pool of my own emotions and feelings. Maybe this mask is just a silly thing. But, right now, in a world I'm not sure of, this is all I have to deal with.

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