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28 Days

End a Life, Start Another







Inuyasha entered Kagome's room quietly, key clasped firmly in his right fist. He shut the door soundly and moved straight to the window to close the curtains half way so no bright light could interfere with his work.

Kagome roused at once the minute she heard him jangle the key in the lock beside her bed. "Inuyasha...?" she frowned and tried to twist and see him.

"Afternoon." He greeted, hesitating a moment to reach into the draw to pull out the syringe.

Kagome looked at his suspicious posture and frowned. "What are you doing?"

He hesitated again... before sighing and reaching inside to pull out the syringe, holding it up for her to see.

"Xycrophobin?" she guessed.

"Sedatives." He corrected her.

Kagome flicked a startled gaze up at him. "Sedatives... for me?"

He nodded silently.

"Will it... will it ease the pain?" she relaxed slightly with a grimace, as if to reinforce how much pain she was in.

"It'll take it away completely." He told her gently.

"I thought you weren't going to do this..." she whispered.

"Things have changed." He said simply.

"You seem awfully abrupt all of a sudden." She scowled at him. "Are you scared?"

"Are you?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't..." She winced. "I am... a little, I guess."

"Don't be..." he smoothed a hand over her hair. "I'll talk you through it..."




"Where is the head nurse, Kikyo?" the police officer asked Doctor Fei as she arrived before him and a few of his fellow officers.

"She's being held upstairs by the medical board heads." Doctor Fei told them stoically, not at all pleased by the girl's behaviour. She started to lead them out of the waiting room, through the masses of patients. "Please, Kagome Higurashi is this way."

Sango and Miroku watched silently as the police officers passed by the desk, heading down the hall in the direction of the personal ward rooms. Miroku was the first to speak. "Looks like somebody did something illegal."

"Wasn't you was it?" She eyed him warily.

"Well... nothing recently illegal." He suddenly looked worried. "Although I did recently wire up free cable porn in the upstairs recreation room... for the patients."

Sango stared at him.

"Ok... just for the staff in the staff room..."

She continued to stare.

"Alright - I wired it to the TV in the boiler room for myself - happy?!"

"You're sick." Sango rolled her eyes.

"That's why I'm in a hospital." He retorted, getting back on with his filing.




"It sounds simple..." Kagome watched as Inuyasha flicked the syringe, moving all the air bubbles to the top and pushing them out so there was no risk of getting air into her veins.

"Because it is simple, Kagome." He said stiffly, lowering the syringe near her arm. "Are you ready?"

Kagome sucked in a steadying breath of air and her hand reached out to grip his free one. He squeezed back just as tightly as she squeezed his. "Inuyasha..." she whimpered in a slightly scared tone.

"Don't worry, it won't be painful." He smiled slightly. He had to pull his hand away from hers for a moment as he carefully inserted the syringe end into the IV needle in her hand. But the moment he was done he returned to grip her hand tightly. "I'll be here with you all the way..."

"I know..." she smiled faintly, though a cold sweat had broken out over her face and bare arms. "You'll take care of me... you always did..."

He smiled and squeezed her hand again. "I love you so much. You're so strong."

"I love you too..." she sighed and closed her eyes. "Everything will be alright now..."

"Ok?" he waited for her permission to go on.

"Ok..." she nodded slightly.

Inuyasha didn't hesitate like Kikyo had done, he had all the courage he needed to do this now. He pressed the plunger down and watched as the liquid in the tube slid down until the syringe was empty.

It would take a few moments.

But a lot could happen in those few moments. The door opened suddenly and in walked his mother with some of the worst placed people at that moment in time. Doctor Fei stumbled to a halt, momentarily blocking the men behind her. She darted a shocked look from her son, to the syringe in his hand, the empty bottle of sedatives that hadn't been taken away... and at last to Kagome, just in time to see her slacken on her bed, her head falling limply to the side.

"What have you done?!" his mother asked in a shrill tone.

The officers were quick to work out what had happened, and at once pushed past Doctor Fei as they lurched for Inuyasha. He didn't bother struggling or protesting, as they grabbed his arms and jerked him away from the bed to hold him steady a metre away from the foot.

"You're too late." He told them with a wry shrug.

Doctor Fei hurried to the bed side and grabbed the syringe he'd dropped. It was empty... he'd administered a full dosage... she looked back in horror at her son. "How could you...?" she took in his determined and set expression before angrily storming over to him to grab him by the front of his shirt. "You're no better than a murderer!"

"It's not murder! I'm helping her!" Inuyasha yelled back. "You wouldn't understand - there's no time!"

"What?" she stared at him, frowning in disgusted confusion. "I don't believe this... this is sick... this is WRONG!"

Inuyasha's lip curled slightly and he struggled slightly, trying to tug his way out of the police officers grip, but they were all of six full grown and very strong men.

A sudden loud and raspy gasp sounded from Kagome and everyone looked sharply back at the bed to see the unconscious girl begin to convulse. Doctor Fei paid no more heed to her son as she raced over to the bed and looked around at the fervently beeping machines around her. "Shit - Inuyasha!"

"Don't touch her!" Inuyasha struggled some more. "Don't interfere!"

"Sorry - it's my job!" she snapped back angrily at her son.

The alarms had already triggered an emergency call up down in reception moments earlier, and just then a few nurses arrived on the scene, Aki among them.

"What's happening?" Aki asked, darting a look around the room at the worrying sight of Doctor Inuyasha being restrained by police.

"Overdose of sedatives." Doctor Fei said shortly, causing the nurses to cast a frightened look at Inuyasha. "Take her pillows and blankets away, Umiko."

The youngest nurse complied at once, gently slipping the bedding away from Kagome's contorting body.

"Leave her!" Inuyasha snapped.

"Take him outside!" Doctor Fei ordered at once, obviously her feelings towards her son weren't an issue when it came to work and duty.

Inuyasha cursed under his breath as the police began to drag him along to the door. He really hoped it had all been worth it. As he was pulled out through the door he heard the beeping machines pick up the pace and looked back over his shoulder in concern.

"Come on." the police officer on his left arm gave him a tug.

"Hey - the lady said take me outside - not take me away!" Inuyasha protested. "I'm staying right-"

He snapped his mouth shut when the incessant beeping inside the room changed from intermittent into a continuous drone. His heart leapt into his throat and he twisted suddenly to look over his shoulder to see what was happening. He only heard the faint voice of his mother over the loud din of the heart monitor. "She's flat lining - start CPR!"

"Get off me!" Inuyasha suddenly ripped free of their grip and slammed back into the room. He somehow managed to summon the strength to force the door close behind him against the six men, and secure the large lock that would keep them out.

"Out Inuyasha!" his mothered yelled as she pushed hard against Kagome's chest. She paused a moment to allow one of the nurses to blow into the girl's mouth.

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" Inuyasha snapped, moving towards the bed.

"What are you on about - this is what you wanted, right?" she snapped angrily at him.

"Get out of the way!" he all but pushed his mother to the side. "CPR isn't going to work - get the paddles."

Aki hesitated only a moment before turning to wheel the defibrillator machine over. Inuyasha took the paddles out and glanced over at his mother. "Charge three hundred."

She stared at him questioningly. Not understanding his motives anymore. He'd just effectively killed his patient... and now he was trying to revive her... it didn't make sense. But she didn't argue - her interest was in reviving Kagome - asking questions came later. She moved and turned the knobs on the machine to charge three hundred volts, listening to the whine it gave off as it began to charge.

"Aki - get the gel pads and move her clothes out the way." Inuyasha glanced at the nurse, holding the paddles well away from him.

Aki grabbed the pads from under the bed, but hesitated upon removing Kagome's hospital gown. Inuyasha glared at the young girl impatiently, "Aki!"

"I've never done this before!" she protested, recoiling slightly.

"Now is not the time to get all shy on us!" Inuyasha growled. "Get the gown off, NOW!"

Aki flinched at his tone of voice and quickly fumbled for the string behind Kagome's neck and undid the bow. In a matter of seconds the gown was loose and she pulled it down to Kagome's waist, bearing her upper body, but not completely removing the gown to give her some modesty.

"Gel pads down." Inuyasha barked.

Aki quickly placed the pads down between Kagome's breasts after the nurse beside her smeared some gel over the skin in preparation. Inuyasha lowered the paddles down on top of the pads without hesitation. "Clear!"

They all stepped back as he snapped the button on both paddles, sending a jolt through Kagome that nearly made her contort off the bed. It did nothing to help her heart though. Inuyasha took a deep breath, as if trying to calm himself. "Again - five hundred this time!"

His mother changed the dials on the defibrillator and charged. Inuyasha placed the paddles back down. "Clear."

They all stepped back again as a large surge tore through Kagome. She half lifted off the bed as though she was pushed from below, but soon settled back down.

"Again - six hundred!" the volume of Inuyasha's voice was rising as he grew desperate.

It charged and he shocked Kagome again, but once more, it had no effect.

"Again!" he ordered.

His mother hesitated for a moment before charging. Inuyasha placed the paddles back down but received no more than a spasm of her body.


"Inuyasha-" His mother tried to touch his shoulder but he shrugged her off sharply.

"Again!" he snapped.

She drew in a breath and turned to charge the machine one last time. The defibrillator whined and Inuyasha placed the paddles back down.

But then it all changed. The droning monotone beep in the background broke up into smaller blips and Aki yelped. "Don't shock her! She's back!"

Inuyasha drew back at once, having been a split second away from pushing the button and effectively, shorting out Kagome's heart to kill her again. That wouldn't have been a good move.

He replaced the paddles and turned back to the bed, in time to see Kagome jolt awake and draw in a laboured breath, eyes looking around wildly. Nothing could have described how relieved and happy he was to see her awake.

"She's awake..." Aki's amazing talent for stating the obvious.

"Kagome - Kagome!" Inuyasha grabbed one of her flailing hands and pulled it across her body towards him, so her arm covered her chest to give her some coverage. "Can you hear me? Do you know me?"

It took her a few moments to calm down before she nodded quickly, various muscles in her body still twitching after the extreme jolts of electricity that had been flushed through her.

"Remember where you are?" he asked quickly.

She nodded again. He smiled widely in relief.

"It worked...?" she rasped, almost inaudibly.

"Yeah... it worked..." he brushed her hair.

Kagome looked around at the astounded faces around her before noticing something different. She looked sharply back at Inuyasha. "I'm naked..."

"You know me... any excuse." He gave her a smirk, even as he pulled up a blanket to cover her. "You had us worried..."

"I... you said I might die..." she nodded. "Did I?"

"Yeah, just for a moment though and-"

"Hold it!" Doctor Fei suddenly interrupted, marching forward to yank Inuyasha's ear and drag him away from the bed. "YOU have a lot of explaining to do! I can't believe you risked her life like this - taking advantage of her weak state of mind to get her permission to-"

"To what?" he snapped, jerking away. "To cure her?!"

"Baloney!" his mother scoffed. "You tried to kill her!"

"I didn't! And neither did Kikyo!" Inuyasha rubbed his offended ear and looked back at Kagome. "The bleeding nurse figured it out first - I don't believe that..."

"What?" Fei barked sharply, not understanding him in the least.

"The reason why the virus reaction so violently to the sedatives was because they were attacking the virus - though it looked like it was killing her." Inuyasha went back to Kagome's side who was battling to keep her eyes open and stay awake. He crouched by her side and smoothed her hair back from her face and gripped her hand, relieved that she wasn't trembling anymore. "Kikyo must have discovered what was going on when she saw the first blood results after we accidentally gave her sedatives..."

"But... why would she keep it to herself?" Doctor Fei.

"That's what I'd like to know..." Inuyasha said absently, squeezing Kagome's hand. "How ya feeling?"

"Like..." she squinted her eyes. "Like I've touched an electric fence recently. Is my hair sticking up?"


"That's ok then..." she smiled weakly. "Is it all ok now?"

"Yeah..." he grinned. "You won't die..."

"Will I recover?"

"We'll see..." he wasn't going to hold any promises. The damage to her body might be irreparable. She might not be able to walk again... she might not ever be able to think clearly again either.

"Inuyasha... I'm really tired..." Kagome muttered thickly, her eyes closing hesitantly.

"It's alright, you can sleep." He told her gently.

"Thanks..." she passed out promptly, falling into a deep sleep. Inuyasha straightened and felt his mothers hand on his shoulder. He glanced back at her slightly perturbed expression. "What?"

"You didn't end it... did you?" She asked, her eyebrows drawing together in a light frown. She was talking about his relationship with Kagome...

"No... but it doesn't matter anymore." He turned to leave.

"You make less and less sense every day - and where are you going now?" She asked as he unlocked the door and checked cautiously for police officers.

"Find Kikyo." Inuyasha shrugged and looked back at Aki and the other two nurses. "Watch her - make sure she's ok. I'll be back in a few minutes."

With that last order he turned and left. But he didn't plan to be gone long...




"God... they're all idiots..." Kikyo blew out a big sigh and continued to count ceiling tiles from her position on the staff room couch, on her back of course.

The door suddenly opened and Kikyo sat bolt upright and opened her mouth to speak, she faltered slightly when she saw it was Inuyasha. No doubt he was going to be especially mad... yep... he had an unusually calm expression - an obvious sign that something close to a volcanic eruption was smouldering under the surface.

"So..." Kikyo started off, seeing as Inuyasha wasn't making any move to start a conversation. "What happened to your coat?"

"Why'd you do it, Kikyo?" Inuyasha asked bluntly.

"Ah - you see the thing is..." she shifted with a weak smile. "I know this sounds strange but I wasn't trying to kill Kagome - I was trying to save her-"

"I know." He shrugged. "But why didn't you tell me you'd found the cure? You could have saved us from all this mess with the police."

Kikyo's smile faded slightly. "What? Was I supposed to tell you about my discovery and then let you take all the credit Mr big-shot doctor kid?" she snorted. "I'm not stupid..."

Inuyasha suddenly scowled. "And what if you'd been wrong - what if that hadn't been the cure after all? What if you'd killed her by accident - you need MY permission to do things like that, Kikyo!"

Kikyo rose to meet his anger. "I repeat - I am NOT stupid Inuyasha - just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I have an academic block that sets my brain just below those of doctors! I've been a nurse for years! I KNOW a heck of a lot more than you and I have SEEN a lot more as well! I knew what I was doing! Besides! I had the brains to be a doctor - it wasn't my fault that my parents weren't rich enough to fund for the medical school fees! I know just as much as Miroku or anyone else!"

"You should have told someone!"

"Do you know the definition of a nurse these days?!" Kikyo asked curtly. "The unappreciated - over worked - underpaid - suckers of the hospital! Unlike the doctors, we CARE about our patients! We should go on strike to get better treatment for ourselves - but we don't! Because that would harm the sick people!"

Inuyasha stared at her for a moment, blinking. "Actually the dictionary definition of a nurse is a person employed to look after sick-"

"Shut up! Are you even listening to my point?!"

"Do you even have one?"

Kikyo groaned and thrust her fingers into her hair to press against her head. He was infuriating... "My point is... I would have cured her... and everyone would be patting me on the back - not you!"

"Hang on - this isn't just you getting your own back on me for rejecting you after that kiss, is it?" Inuyasha suddenly looked cocky. "Cause I'm sorry, but if I accepted the affections of every girl who flung themselves at me then I would be a polygamist. I'd have girls over in Europe if that was-"

"Would you get you head out of your ass for one minute and stop being so vain. This has nothing to do with that kiss!" Kikyo was blushing anyhow. "Anyway... I don't see anyone flinging themselves at you..."

"Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it ain't happening." He said haughtily.

"It ain't happening is it?"

Inuyasha sucked in a breath as though he was about to protest blatantly, but let it go. "No... not really..."

Kikyo rolled her eyes and sat back down on the coach with her back to him and the door. "It doesn't matter... you've figured out the cure for yourself and you've gone and saved her. Everyone will be congratulating you now..."

Inuyasha frowned and shifted uncomfortably. "Well... I wouldn't have figured it out if you hadn't tried it first..."

"I don't need your pity." Kikyo ground out.

"It isn't pity." He told her shortly. "Don't kid yourself, people know you're a good nurse. You're nice to the patients... unlike me... people notice that."

Kikyo glanced back at him a little hopefully.

"And... you figured out the cure before me." Inuyasha grimaced. "I guess that makes you smarter than me."

"Yes." Kikyo didn't have to be modest here.

"Really... the only thing you suck at is filing." He told her honestly. "To tell you the truth, Miroku does the girlie job better here."

"Mm..." she hummed, looking back down at her lap.

"Well, in any case, you're free of the murder charges and blah, blah, blah." He lightened his tone. "You're free to go back to work and you can tell everyone you found the cure first if you want."

"You'd let me?" she blinked at him in surprise as she rose.

"Yep. It's not like I care." He shrugged carelessly. "I gotta go see how Kagome's doing. I only came to tell you she's cured... she'll live thanks to you."

A flattered blush rose to her cheeks again. "Thanks, Doctor."

He stopped half way out the door and grinned back at her. "Just call me Inuyasha."

"What?" Kikyo called after him in surprise, but he'd already gone out the door.

Shortly after he left the nude old gentlemen toddled past the door, winking at Kikyo in the staff room. She stared as a swarm of guards hurried past a few moments later...

God... she'd never realised how weird this hospital was...








1 month later...



"There he is!" Miroku dropped the phone back into it's cradle in a flurry as he spotted Inuyasha coming through the doors into the waiting area. "I've been trying to reach you on the phone - haven't you got it turned on?"

"Of course I have." Inuyasha rolled his eyes as he made his way through the mild crowd of patients waiting around.

"Then why can't I reach you - every time I call you some woman speaking English answers." Miroku scowled.

"That would be because I divert all the calls from the hospital to the American speaking clock." Inuyasha smiled mildly at his own genius.

"Do you know how much long distance calls cost?" Miroku demanded.

Inuyasha snorted. "Duh, of course I do. That's why I did it."

"I give up..." Miroku rolled his eyes and turned back to what he was doing. Sango quickly stepped up.

"Did you go down to Matalan like I asked? Did you pick up the blue jumper?" she asked quickly.

"Didn't go." He answered shortly, as he started selecting pens from the pen pot on the front desk and stuck them in his pocket. "I wouldn't be seen dead in Matalan, I do have a reputation to hold."

"But it's the last day of the January sales!" she whined. "Now I'll have to go myself!"

"Go on - it's not like you have work to go to." Inuyasha said pointedly.

"You're one to talk." Sango shot back and they started a small glaring match.

"Ladies!" Miroku waved a hand, breaking their eye contact. "Not now, we're too busy to get into-"

"Miroku - don't open that letter." Inuyasha snatched the mail off him that he was about to open.


Inuyasha dropped it on the floor and stamped on it before stepping back. A few moments later the letter went off with a loud bang and a furl of smoke - many of the residents in the waiting room jumped while the rest ran for the doors or hit the ground.

Inuyasha smirked. "Letter bomb. Works even better than yelling - Oh my god it's spewing anthrax everywhere!!"

The patients who hadn't already run out, did so after that.

Inuyasha walked off cackling to himself. Sango slanted Miroku a flat look. "I don't think we're ever gonna get rid of him are we...?"

"Not any time soon..."





Kagome nearly had a heart attack as someone small grabbed her from behind, arms squeezing around her waist. She twisted awkwardly to see who it was, and her face lit up at once. "Souta - you're back from camp already?!"

"Yep!" he loosened his grip slightly so she could turn away from the window and crouch down to grapple him into a bear hug. "You look so much better."

Kagome laughed and looked him up and down. "Have you shrunk?"

"It only looks that way because you're finally standing." He gave her a light shove, thrilled that she didn't topple over like a weakling. She was back to being his sturdy older sister.

"Nope... you've definitely lost an inch or two." She stood and ruffled up his hair. "Where's Mom and Grandpa?"

"Well Grandpa's in one of the bed's up the hall." Souta told her, as he went off to investigate the contents of her hospital room.

"Since when?" Kagome gaped at him.

"Since he though mixing Gin and Sake together was a good idea." Souta said flatly. "He had his stomach pumped. Again. Mom's with him."

"We should start getting a discount for this place, huh?" Kagome turned back to gaze out the window. "Like frequent flier miles..."

"Kagome?" Souta's disembodied voice called from the bathroom.


"What happened to all the towels, soap, shower caps and complimentary shaving cream? And those little complimentary sewing kits?"

Kagome grinned to herself. "Must have lost them."

"No, here they are!" Souta said from close behind her, fishing into her packed up bags for the items. Since when did he move between rooms that fast?

Kagome slapped his hands away and stuffed the stolen goodies back in the bag. "Well I don't have shower caps-"

"Or facial shaving cream." Inserted Souta.

"-In the new apartment." Kagome continued regardless. "It's not like the hospital will miss it all."

Souta rolled his eyes and dived onto the hospital bed, promptly messing up the neatly folded sheets. "So spill the beans Kag! What was it like dying! Twice!"

"Like..." she struggled for words. "I don't know... I wasn't really there."

"Weren't you scared?" Souta asked.

"Possibly..." Kagome smiled slightly. "Before it happened Inuyasha told me what might happen if it didn't work... it scared me a little... but now - it feels like I've been given a fresh new start."


"It seems the only time you start to appreciate how precious life is, is when death is staring you in the face." Kagome said seriously before brightening. "I'm ready to go make a fresh start!"

"Well the university said they would still accept you, no matter if you're two months late." Souta recalled their mother's words. "They said as long as you make up the missed work you'll be ok."


"But mom says that if you get any debts... you're on your own." Souta told her slyly. "But then again - with a doctor as a boyfriend you'll hardly have to worry about paying off debts."

"Inuyasha's not a doctor anymore." Kagome said absently as she began to rearrange the packed up backs that Souta had messed up.

"Why not?" Souta gaped at her.

"Well... would you be entirely comforted if a guy like Inuyasha was YOUR doctor?" she pointed out.

"Honestly, it wouldn't bother me."

Of course he would say that. He thought Inuyasha was the best thing invented since sliced bread.

"Well... doctor and Inuyasha aren't that compatible it seems. So he's quit." Kagome sat down on the bed beside Souta and slung an arm round his shoulder.

"You idiot... the whole point dating him was because you can sponge off him!" Souta told her bluntly.

"I heard that."

Souta jumped off the bed as the door opened and Inuyasha stepped in giving him a mock sour look. "What are you doing here?"

"Picking up your sister." Inuyasha shrugged blatantly and smirked at Kagome.

"But I thought Mom was taking her to Kichijoji..." Souta said dubiously.

"Better go tell her otherwise then." Kagome nudged her younger brother with a smile. "You know where she is, right?"

"Right." Souta hopped off the bed and ran past Inuyasha on his way out, grinning when the ex-doctor scrubbed his hair. "Everyone keeps doing that..."

Once he was gone Kagome watched Inuyasha with a smile as he moved across the room and sat on the bed opposite and behind her. With a little sigh she slumped back against his broad back and rolled her head onto his shoulder. "God I'm so bored... please tell me you weren't joking about taking me to the university?"

"No joke." He touched her head lightly. "Hey..."

"Hey what?"

"Haven't you forgotten to ask me something?" he asked lightly, a smile playing on his voice.

Kagome opened her mouth, about to ask what he meant when her eyebrows shot up and she suddenly jerked around to grab his shoulders. "Did you?" she shook him. "Did you get it?"

He smiled to himself and reached into his jacket pocket to pull out his wallet. He took his time opening it and looking around for something while Kagome gripped his shoulders tightly, almost dancing in nervous anticipation.

Eventually he found what he was looking for and held up a folded white envelope over his shoulder for her to take. She accepted it greedily and pulled it open and took out the card inside. "Dear Mr Inu we write to determine if you'd like to renew your year membership to our beauty Salon-"

"Oops!" Inuyasha quickly snatched the letter back and stuffed it back in his wallet. "Wrong one..."

Catching her odd look he shrugged innocently. "What? It's not for me! Why would I need a beauty salon treatment for my hair... I mean... it may be tough to handle - but I don't need a SALON to help me out... there... you see?"

"I see." Kagome tried to suppress her smile. "So where is it?"

"Here." Inuyasha handed her a different envelope which she delved into just as quickly as the last.

She paused a moment to read the contents before crying out and hugging him tightly from behind, almost causing them both to fall off the bed. "Yes! I knew you could do it!" she quickly released him and slipped off the bed to stand beside him. "There weren't any problems were there?"

"Only of being slightly overqualified." He grinned and took back the letter. "But they couldn't say 'yes' fast enough."

"This is perfect!" Kagome clapped her hands together excitedly. "Ok - maybe it isn't a lawyer degree - but beggars can't be choosers."


"I got the next best thing though." She leaned in and kissed him gently on the corner of the mouth. "At least now we'll be attending the same University."

"Thank Sango for giving me the idea." He placed his hands at her waist and pulled her closer for a proper kiss. He would have liked to have stayed longer like that, but Kagome was full of energy that day and was soon wiggling out of his grip to move away with a grin.

"And that would be kiss number... what... you've given me?" she smiled at him as she grabbed her bags and started slinging them over her shoulders.

"Lost count. Don't care either." He smirked and began taking a few bags off her shoulders so she wouldn't get weighed down.

"Stop that!" she started taking the bags he'd nicked. "I can carry them."

"No you can't."

"Yes I can."

"No you can't! You only just got over a very serious illness!"

"I got over that a month ago! Get with the times Inuyasha, that was SO last month." She started a tug of war over the last bag with him. "Give it!"

"You need to conserve your energy!" he argued, a little perturbed at how freakishly strong she actually was now.

"For what? Beating you over the head later on for thinking I can't carry my handbag without collapsing with exhaustion?!" she pinched his hand and quickly took the bag when he let go with a gasp. "Serves you right."

"Damn... you're a violent bitch..."

Kagome rolled her eyes and started for the door. "Are you coming or are you just going to stand there all day insulting me?"

"Well only if you stay to be insulted by."

"No, I have lectures to attend - and you have crazy demented students to help." She held out her hand to him and smiled when he took it. "Maybe I'll be one of your patients."

"You're certainly crazy enough." He allowed her to lead the way out of the room and down the hall towards reception. "But seeing as I'll be living with you - you get a discount."

"Oh goodie." She laughed and twined her fingers in with his as they held hands.

When they reached reception Miroku let out a big sigh and glanced at Sango who was grinning. "Fine... you win..."

"Win what?" Kagome went over to the desk curiously. "A bet?"

"Miroku said you'd stay another week at least." Sango explained before turning to the surgeon. "You know the deal - pay up."

"Man..." Miroku dug into his pockets and pulled out various pens of assorted colours before holding them out to Sango grudgingly. "Pick one..."

Sango took a few moments, making a big deal out of pursing her lips and 'ooh'ing and 'ah'ing before finally picking a pink coloured pen. Inuyasha's jaw practically dropped and he raised his hand to say something. Kagome just pushed his hand down discreetly. "Easy boy..."

"But he's got-"

"Let it go." Kagome told him gently before turning back to the nurse and the surgeon. "Can I sign myself out then?"

"Yep." Sango took over and handed her the forms she had to sign. "You going back to University now?"

"Yeah - Inuyasha's coming with me too." Kagome glanced at the young man beside her who was impatiently tapping his foot against the desk.

"Back to school days?" Sango blinked at him in surprise. "Not becoming a lawyer are you?"

"Nope. He's becoming councillor on campus." Miroku smirked.

"Copy cat." Sango muttered.

"Hey - it's psychiatrist." Inuyasha protested.

"Have you got a psychology degree?" Sango pointed out.

He shifted uneasily. "Who needs one? I get paid a bomb for sitting on my ass all day just listening to peoples problems."

"I thought you hated that." Miroku said.

"Only when I'm not paid for it." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Obviously."

"There - all done." Kagome handed her forms back to Sango who took them with a smile and gave her a quick hug over the counter. Miroku probably would have liked to have had the same treatment, but Sango shot that idea down in flames with a hot glare. Inuyasha burst into action and grabbed Kagome by the shoulders to begin steering her towards the exit.

"Can't get out of here fast enough can you?" Sango called after them.

"Not nearly enough." He said over his shoulder, dodging his way through the crowd with Kagome.

"See you Sango - Bye Miroku!" Kagome called as they reached the doors. "And tell Kikyo I said thanks for saving my life - Again!"

"Will do!" Sango waved.

"See you soon, Kagome!" Miroku called.

Inuyasha all but pushed her out the doors. "Not soon - never!" he held up his hand to his forehead to make the L sign. "Goodbye for good, Losers!"

Inuyasha disappeared out the doors and Sango sighed with satisfaction. "Finally... it's nice to see people get better again. It's good to actually have Inuyasha out of our hair."

"He'll be back." Miroku commented smugly as he went back to filing.

"Are you sure?" Sango scoffed.

"Yep. Especially when he's just left the keys to his pimp-mobile." He picked up the car keys that had been left on top of the register and dangled them before her nose.

They both looked up as Inuyasha came back in with a scowl on his face as he headed towards the desk. They both grinned as he snatched his keys from Miroku's outstretched hand with a grumbled comment they didn't catch. He started to leave again before he back-stepped quickly and nabbed a few colourful pens from the pen pot in front of Sango.

Miroku opened his mouth to protest but Sango held up her hand. "Just let it go, big guy."

Well... it wasn't like Inuyasha was going to be around to nick pens in the future. Miroku decided to listen to Sango for once.

"Bye Doctor Inu!" Aki waved as she went past. "Taking the day off?"

"Uh... no Aki, I'm retiring."

She nodded absently and walked off. "That's nice. See you tomorrow then."

Inuyasha shook his head in disgust, "From now on I'm only taking public health service - I'm never coming back to this place again. It's too crazy."

"You was what made it crazy, Inuyasha." Miroku pointed out. "Good luck on your new job... maybe we'll visit some time."

"Please spare me." Inuyasha rolled his eyes but smiled as he headed towards the exit again. "Bye guys!"

"Bye." They both chorused with big smiles until he was finally gone. Sango leaned over to Miroku discreetly. "You pop the champagne and I'll get the glasses!"




"Ok, first things first." Kagome said as Inuyasha approached outside. "We sell your old apartment and use the money to buy a decent car."

"No, we're keeping the car." He said firmly.

"But - you said you wanted it to be nicked already!" Kagome protested.

"We keep the car and use the apartment money to buy something else." He shrugged as he opened the drivers door and dropped into the seat. Kagome followed on the passenger side.

"Like... big mosquito nets for the beds?" Kagome guessed.

Inuyasha stared at her.

"What? So maybe now I have a phobia of biting and stinging insects... that's understandable..." she rubbed her arm self-consciously.

"Nah - I was thinking we could buy something better like... if we sold your apartment too we'd-"

"Be homeless?"

"Let me finish!" he scolded her. "I was thinking with that kind of combined income we could actually buy a house."

Kagome stared at Inuyasha as he casually seemed to start up the engine like what he'd said was no big deal. "Are you saying... we should move into a real house... for real?"

"Sure... we're both mature adults..." he thought about that. "Well together we kind of make one complete mature adult between us..."

"A house? Like - with a real address and phone number and - and a kitchen?!" Kagome was practically bubbling with excitement.

Inuyasha nodded with relief, glad that she was open to the idea. "Sure." He smiled at her.

"And if I sue Kikyo's ex boyfriend like she told me to do then we could use THAT money to buy an extension!" She grinned.

"I hope your joking."

"Not really. I AM gonna be a lawyer."

Inuyasha had to refrain from shuddering and making the sign of evil again. She saw his wary look and gave him a playful nudge in the arm. "Let's just go back to our apartment for now."

"Sounds good to me." He started to pull out of the parking space. "Now, Kagome, as we drive, try not to be too malicious of the bugs that go splat on the windscreen."

"I'll try." She laughed and turned slightly in her seat so she could watch him as he drove. It didn't take long for him to see what she was doing.

He darted an amused glance at her. "What? Do I have curry source on my cheek or something?"

"No... I'm just thinking..." She smiled softly. "That... thanks to you I'll treasure every day of my life from now on."

He smile softened but he had to keep his eyes on the road. "That's sweet..." he smirked. "I'd kiss you, but then we'd probably crash and you won't get many days to treasure after that."

"That's ok." Kagome was content to just sit back and admire her hero. The man who had saved her life and caused her to take a new outlook on things. He'd brought her back from the brink of depression...

That day she'd stood on the roof and looked down at the ground... she'd been serious. She would have stepped off and cut the misery short if she'd been left to her own devices for a few extra minutes. But he'd been there, he'd unknowingly talked her out of suicide and saved her life even then, from herself.

If she'd really gone through with it, she would never have known what she'd missed! This! If she'd had a doctor like Kouga from the start, she was sure that she would be at her own funeral at that very moment... or six feet under already.

Somehow the strangest doctor in history, the guy with the surly attitude and the disgusting bedside manners had been her perfect doctor... he'd really saved her.

And she was going to make sure she repaid him for the rest of her life.







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