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~*~Chapter 1~*~

A good few hours had passed since Bilbo Baggins had managed to catch up to the Company of Thorin Oakenshield (And having been presented his new – ahem – handkerchief by Bofur). Aside from his sneezing atop Myrtle's back and the friendly banter, songs, and tales amongst the Dwarves, everything had so far been uneventful. Bilbo had expected a little more out of the journey than riding ponies through the forests leaving Bywater. Then again they hadn't even journeyed for a full day. Maybe Gandalf had been right and his expectations of what he thought this quest would be like had been shaped and influenced by the many books resting on their shelves back at Bag End. Back home.

Speaking about Gandalf, Bilbo turned to face the grey wizard that rode beside him on his own horse.

"Gandalf?" Bilbo asked, his meek voice gaining the Wizard's attention since he turned to face him. "Is the rest of this journey going to be like this? Riding ponies and relatively as calm as it is now?"

At this Gandalf smiled a knowing smile at the Hobbit, his blue eyes twinkling in amusement.

"My dear Bilbo. I can tell your expectations had been quite high for someone who claimed to not want any adventures." Gandalf said. "But despite that, none can truly say if a journey will be exciting or uneventful. It merely depends on what you make of it and the circumstances involved along the way."

"And what kind of circumstances would that entail?"

"That, Bilbo, is for you to find out for yourself while on this journey."

Bilbo pondered over Gandalf's words in his mind. What would he make of this journey when it finally reached its end? Would it be something that he could share with others when he returned to The Shire? He turned to look off to the side and peered into the forest, admiring the green of the trees and the blue cloth on the grass.

Blue cloth?

Bilbo did a double take, blinking to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

It was still there!

"Stop! We have to stop!" Bilbo called.

At this the Hobbit heard a few groans from the Dwarves as they suddenly stopped.

"What is it this time? Did you forget something else?" Dwalin asked.

"Wha-? No, it's not that!"

"Then what is it?" Thorin asked.

"There's something out there." Bilbo pointed in the direction he was seeing the blue cloth. "Over there."

Bilbo watched as Thorin seemed to think through a decision before looking back up.

"Fili. Kili. Go see what it is."

At this Fili's and Kili's faces seemed to brighten up before getting off their ponies and wandering away from the group in the direction Bilbo pointed out, weapons drawn. It wasn't long before the two brothers came back, looking somewhat disturbed.

"We need Oin." Fili suddenly said.

"What did you find?" Thorin demanded.

"An injured woman." Kili answered.

Everyone seemed to tense at this before they all decided to dismount their ponies (or horse in the case of Gandalf) and followed Fili and Kili. Indeed they found an injured woman whose blood stained the beautiful light blue and white gown she wore.

She lay there on the ground before them, almost looking as if she were asleep, Bilbo thought. The woman had long black hair and fair colored skin. Slightly red lips were set in a line as she rested. Overall, she was beautiful.

"We have no reason to be here." Thorin suddenly said, causing everyone to look at him. "We're leaving."

"Thorin!" Gandalf started, making his way over to the Dwarf. "Surely you don't mean to leave this woman to die out here."

"This is none of our concern."

"It is now that we've come across this lass." Balin stated, joining the conversation. "I understand you want to reach Erebor, we all do, but leaving her here to die from her injuries doesn't settle well with our consciences. Do you really want this woman's death to weigh heavily on your mind once you are king?"

Bilbo watched as Thorin's brows knitted together as he contemplated what to do. He just hope that the Dwarf wouldn't decide to leave this woman here to die. Eventually Thorin lifted his head to look at the woman.

"We set up camp here for tonight." Thorin finally said. "Oin, tend to the woman's injuries. Fili, Kili, gather the ponies and bring them here."

As soon as the order was given, Oin went over to the woman with his pack full of supplies and started tending to her. At one point the Dwarf had to ask Ori for one of his sweaters, along with asking him and Bofur to hold up some blankets for the sake of the woman's privacy. Eventually Oin had finished tending to the woman and had left her to rest on a bedroll with the blanket drawn up as far as it could go (which was up to her chest).

It seemed that the majority of the Dwarves (except Thorin and Dwalin) were fascinated by the woman's beauty (himself included). He could hear them talking amongst themselves, wondering if she was of the race of Men or an Elf. Bilbo perked up in excitement at the thought of the woman being an Elf (how else could they explain her beauty?), but upon seeing the hard look on Thorin's face as he stormed over to the woman's resting place his excitement was dashed away and replaced with dread, anxious as to what he planned to do to her.

"She's an Elf?" Thorin growled.

He looked almost ready to drag the unconscious woman out of the bedroll and cast her back into the forest where they found her and leave her fate up to chance. But before he could lay a hand on her Gandalf stood up from where he had been smoking his pipe and intercepted Thorin.

"She is not an Elf, Thorin." Gandalf said, trying to pacify the dwarf king.

"And how would you know this?" He demanded.

"For one, she is not tall enough to be an Elf. As for the second, look at her ears." Gandalf knelt down beside the woman and pulled back some hair to reveal her ears. To everyone's surprise they were indeed rounded. "Do you see now, Thorin? She is not an Elf, so stay your hand."

Thorin seemed to grumble before walking off. By the time supper was cooking (they were having soup tonight) Bilbo noticed the woman start to stir and got everyone's attention before they headed over to where she was. Oin had told them to back up a bit so she would have room to breathe and not feel overwhelmed by their numbers. They watched as her eye lids slowly fluttered open, revealing blue eyes underneath her eye lashes. Her face soon showed her confusion at seeing herself surrounded by 13 Dwarves, a Hobbit, and a Wizard. She tried to sit up, only for Oin to go over and carefully assist her. She looked around at all of them as cautious as a doe while taking in their appearance.

"Where am I?" She finally asked, her voice soft and reminding Bilbo of small birds chirping in the morning and the scent of lavender: soothing. "Who are you all?"

"You are safe, my dear, and among those who would not wish you harm." The last bit was aimed towards Thorin since Gandalf glanced his way and gave him a pointed look. "I am Gandalf the Grey. This here is the leader of our Company, Thorin Oakenshield, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori, and last but not least Bilbo Baggins."

Gandalf pointed to everyone as he named them off, the woman following with her gaze as she seemed to try and absorb everything. She looked up at Gandalf before giving a small smile.

"My name is Silvia." She said, introducing herself to everyone.

"Ah, a fitting name, seeing as we came across you while traveling through this forest*. Now tell me, Silvia. How was it that you came to be in the state you were in when we found you?"

"State?" She looked down at herself as a pained expression crossed her face, seeming as if she noticed for the first time that she was hurt. "Why am I in so much pain?"

"You don't remember getting hurt?" Silvia shook her head. "Do you remember anything else?"

"Just my name." She lowered her head, seeming sad.

It was then that Thorin stepped forward.

"By dawn we leave and send her on her way." Thorin stated.

At this the majority of the Dwarves started to protest, stating that she didn't have anywhere to go, that her amnesia would prevent her from knowing where she belonged, having no way to defend herself, or tell friend from foe. In all honesty, Bilbo was too intimidated to offer his own input on the matter and that anything he said would do more harm than good. He went over to Silvia's side and watched as she lifted her head to gaze at him.

"I'm sure everything will be fine." Bilbo told her, bending forward slightly to pat her hand in what he hoped would be a comforting way. "Any minute now and they should come up with something."

Ironically enough the Dwarves quieted down a bit and Thorin came forward, his decision made.

"Lady Silvia." He started, gaining the woman's attention. Everyone quieted as they listened to their leader. "After much discussion, my men have convinced me in allowing you to join us." Silvia was about to say something, but Thorin held up his hand, effectively silencing her. "On one condition. If you are to remain in my Company, you must contribute to the work by helping out in whatever way you can. Do I make myself clear?"

Bilbo watched with baited breath, hoping that Silvia would agree. To his relief he saw her nod her head.

"I accept your conditions…Thorin, was it?" At this Thorin nodded, letting her know that was his name. "If it means anything to you, I can help out with cooking."

"As long as you help out, you'll be fine. I cannot guarantee your safety, but we will try."

Silvia smiled.

"Thank you."

Thorin nodded before getting up and moving away and everyone else who chose to disperse to do their own thing. Oin then came over to Silvia, telling her that since her gown had been covered in blood, they had tried to clean it the best they could in the nearby stream before hanging it up to dry overnight.

"In the meantime, you'll have to settle with wearing the sweater that Ori lent." The healer concluded.

Silvia had thanked Oin before she was handed a bowl of soup by Bofur.

"Eat up, lass!" He told her with a warm smile. "It'll help with the recovery."

Supper had been a quiet matter that night, and eventually everyone went to sleep (aside from Dwalin, who had first watch). Bilbo, however, was still awake, the events of today playing over in his head. He thought back to how he had originally thought this journey was going to be uneventful, along with Gandalf's words. He smiled to himself. Today ended up being eventful after all, from having found Silvia in the forest, and now she had joined them on their quest to reclaim Erebor.

'At least I won't be the only one to feel odd in this group.' He thought before dozing off.

ATE: Okay, that concludes chapter 1 of this story. You all might have noticed that I wrote this chapter from Bilbo's POV, seeing as using him would've been a good way to introduce Silvia to Thorin and the Company (also the fact that Bilbo never came across as being as biased as the dwarves in some aspects and was more open, in my opinion). I also tried to write in a way that was similar to Tolkien (even though I am not he) to make it feel like the reader was reading the book, or make it feel somewhat nostalgic in turn.

*I want to assume that they know the meaning of Silvia's name, and this is why I chose it originally, as mentioned in the previous chapter.

As for the dwarves: While I was writing this chapter down on paper (yes, I do that when I'm away from my laptop) I began to noticed how some of the dwarves' personalities are similar to those from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I don't own this and never will) and I wrote them down:

Doc - Balin
Grumpy - Thorin, Dwalin
Happy - Bofur, Fili, Kili
Sleepy - Bombur
Dopey - Bifur, Oin
Bashful - Ori, Dori
Sneezy - Gloin, Nori

So anyways, I'm wondering how well I wrote the characters in this story so far (seeing as this is the first time for me when it comes to this story in general, and I'm trying to follow the character personalities from the movies). How well did I do? Was it okay?

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