Emma was...Emma...wow, where should we begin?

Emma grew up in Degrassi, drama central. From first loves to first cat fights, to school shootings and even anorexia for a while. Highschool was not fun. Couldn't just blame highschool I guess, Emma's family was very interesting as well. Her moms name was Christine, but everyone called her Spike. In highschool, her mom was this punk type of girl while Emma was the complete oppisite. Emma loved the enviroment, she was a known protestor and activist. This may of caused a bit of a controlling streak in her as well but as for rest, Emma was a pretty young girl who just cared deeply about everything and everyone and who didn't make mistakes?

College had just started this year for Emma, and already it's been a hell of a ride. She made a new boyfriend, Kelly, who actually seems pretty good for her. She's been with her highschool sweetheart Sean Cameron for a really long time, even though in the end they both agreed that it was better as friends. They had too different of beliefs and goals. He was in the army now.

Kelly? He was cute. Tall, lean, smart.. everyone liked him. He was a likable guy. Studied when he had to, and he was always on time for everything like dates. He was polite too, even to her friends.

Oh her friends! How lucky she was that her bestest friends from even highschool got to go to the same college as her. Manny Santos and Liberty Van Zandt. Manny was more like a sister though, since they've lived together since grade 9 when Manny was...well, lets just say she was a promiscuous girl in her day so her father had kicked her out.

College so far was fun. . you know, until that small phase of smoking pot. Kelly, Emma's boyfriend, was doing it and Emma felt maybe she should try it too when a couple of girls had asked her if she had any. Emma went from a drug free zone to a girl who went as far to even baking weed brownies for a party Kelly threw. She went from everyone only knowing her as 'Kellys girlfriend' to 'Blaze..the girl with the pot'. But that came to a crashing end when a girl who had bad anxiety issues took some weed from Emma and ended up in the hospital.

Now, Emma was a drug free zone again...

...until now.

"Kelly." Emma scoffed, walking into her dorm where her boyfriend was on the couch watching his tv show. She scoffed, picking up a small baggy of pot, "I thought we said no to this?"

Kelly glanced over confused to then glance at the pot and he swallowed hard. Caught. Ever since he was kicked out of school, he just had no motivation. He did promise Emma no more weed but..

"Can't you give me a break?" he asked her, "I took the fall for you.. you could at least let me have this."

Emma was still eyeing the small baggy that had interesting images around it. I guess to sell business, you could make it look pretty. The baggy had snowflakes over it .. kinda neat.

"My fault?" Emma then snapped out of it and repeated Kellys words. She turned and her blonde hair whipped around just as fast as she crossed her arms, "Everyone was grabbing those brownies Kelly, I didn't give it to her and you helped me make them."

Kelly tried not to roll his eyes. He loved Emma, he did.. she was the hottest girl friend he ever had. But she was so dramatic sometimes.

"Maybe while your just sitting here too, you can go out and look for a job." she taunts.

The door knocked and in came Manny, "Bad timing?" she cringed, looking between the two.

Emma huffed and turned from Manny, not wanting her to see the couple in a fight, "We're fine." she lied, clenching her jaw and then turned back to Manny with a big smile as a frown stayed on Kellys face the whole time.

Manny knew Emma too well and passed her a supportive look. Kelly has been living off them because he was too scared to tell his parents he was kicked out of school.. I mean, he did take 'the fall' but he was as guilty as Emma so he couldn't just blame it all on her. She wouldn't of ever gotten in the phase if not for Kelly anways.

Emma still held the baggy and went to throw it in the trash, "Emma don't!" Kelly shot up and ran to her and she hid it behind her back, raising an eyebrow at him

"Why not?" she taunted.

He licked his lips nervously, "Em." he softened, putting his hands on her hips, "I still owe the dealer money from that." he insisted.

Emma rolled her eyes, "MY money you mean."

Manny shifted awkwardly in the middle of this.

Emma then gasped, looking back down at the bag, "How much?"

Kelly stayed quiet.

Emma got angier and yanked his hands off of her, "How much was it Kelly!"

He cringed and confessed, "Hundred."

Manny's jaw even dropped. It wasn't like Emma was making this money herself, her parents did it all and it's not like they were rich either.

"Who sells to you?" Emma asked.

He shrugged slowly, "Some guy I know. Friend of a friend."

Emma snickered and grabbed her purse, "A Name would be nice Kelly."

"Em, who cares." Manny finally spoke up and taunted loudly while shooting a glare at Kelly, "Just get it over with and dump him."

Kellys mouth fell and looked wide eyed at Emma, "No baby, please. You gotta give me another chance." he was so desperate he began to get down on his knees infront of her.

Emma bit the end of her tounge and glanced at Manny who mouthed 'no'.

Emma looked away and sighed. Dealing with this, the debt she was in with school (And now drugs because of Kelly), not to forget all the homework she had...she couldn't deal with a break up right now.

"Who is he, Kelly?" Emma demanded to know, giving him ONE more chance.

He got up and nodded frantically, "Jay." he confirms, "His names Jay Hogart."

Emma paused, but then nodded. Time to go have a chat with this 'Jay Hogart' then.