"Em, hows this look?"

Emma snapped out of it and looked up from her couch. Manny and her apartment was pretty nice, in the good side of town and had matching black furniture and couches. She sat infront of her big screen tv, but she wasn't watching it.

She tried to shake her head and eyed Mannys new outfit, "Cute."

Manny frowned, "Just cute?" she spinned around, "I'm going out with Mia, I gotta be more than cute."

Emma smiled sadly, "OK, more than cute. Sexy." She teased.

"That's what I'm lookin for." Manny joked and laughed, grabbing her purse and went to go to frown and turn back.

Emma was watching the tv again with a big frown on her face.

"Em, you sure you don't wanna come?"

Emma jumped and looked back to Manny. Why couldn't she just go? "I'm fine." she lied as the front door opened.

Sean came in, and Manny greeted him as Emma glanced and just dully looked back at the tv.

"Going out?" he asked Manny, raising an eyebrow to her tight leggings and tight brown strapless shirt and gold necklace with her hair curled.

She looked great, it's just.. she didn't need to dress this much to get a guys attention. She was Manny Santos.

"Yes I am thankyou." she taunted, going out the door with a small laugh. She shut it behind her.

Sean turned back to Emma and walked over, falling onto the couch beside her and pulled her back into his arms, "Why are you so moody lately?" he teased, kissing the back of her neck and she huffed to then sigh and close her eyes.

Sean, I guess, was all she had left. Just what he wanted, right?

Emma turned around in surrender and sat on his lap facing him, and cupped his face. She kissed him, and he smiled against the kiss, kissing her back.

"You're a wreck." Lucas and Spinner came into Jay's apartment

Jays beard grew, to a short boxed beard. Looked good, but they knew he didn't mean to make it look good, he was just in too shitty of a mood to shave.

Lucas looked around Jays apartment. He was getting to know him more, and liked the guy, but he needed to hear the truth, "Your apartment smells like shit."

"Probably the toilet." Jay just muttered back, playing playstation on his 70 inch tv.

Spinner and Lucas shared a look, and tried cleaning up for him. "You should get a maid by how much money you have." joked Spinner.

"Why when I have you?" Jay taunted back, eyes still glued to the tv as the guys behind the couch were cleaning.

Lucas paused when he glanced at the bunch of weed in big boxes stacked on the kitchen counter, "That's a lot of weed."

Jay looked over from smoking his joint, his eyes pitch red and just nodded, "Meeting Aaron tomorrow night for another load off."

Spinner looked suspicious, "Really?" he asked Jay.

Jay nodded, going back to playing his game.

"You don't think thats wierd?" Spinner asked him.

"It's business. I sell, they buy. I don't care how much." Jay taunted and laughed bitterly, "He's not some cop Spinner."

"But whys he want so much?" Spinner had to mutter.

Lucas raised an eyebrow, he had to agree. It was wierd.

"Wheres Bruno?" Spinner asked Jay.

"Fired him." muttered Jay.

Spinners eyes widened, "You're growing pounds of marijuana and you don't have any back up?"

Jay looked back at him and around the room and back at the two guys, "I got a gun." he simply insisted.

Lucas even rolled his eyes, "You need back up man, just incase."

Spinner nodded, "We'll go with you tomorrow"

"Fine!" Jay said annoyed, "Whatever. Shut up now." he muttered and went back to playing.


"Somebodys hearts broken." whispered Spinner but shut up and Jay flashed him a look of anger and resentment for brining her up.

It's been three very long agonizing weeks. But she had her perfect life back, and he was going to stay out of it so she could be happy.

He was a mess.

I mean, look around him. He knew it. She probably knew it. It was best like this..right?

"Alright." Lucas cringed and went around, grabbing Jay up, "You're coming out with us."

"For what?" snapped Jay, dropping his controller and being shoved toward his bedroom to go change and hopefully shower.

"Boys night. GO!" they shouted

Jay slammed the door behind him.

It was the same ol club they always went to, with the same ol girls. Jay was having a terrible time as he sat in their booth with Spinner and Jane (Though it was suppose to be BOYS night) and Lucas was macking on some girl on the dance floor

Jay miserably shot back his vodka.

"You guys!" came a voice and MAnny came walking over with Mia, "I didn't know you were coming!"

She sat down next to Jay and Mia sat on the end. Jay looked around desperately for the bartender when he saw Manny and had another reminder of Emma. The bartender came over.

" 3 shots of that please." ordered Jay, nodding a bit to his shot glass.

The bartender looked at the girls, "Same." they both said and he nodded, leaving.

"Mia, this is Jay, Jay this is my friend Mia." Manny introduced.

Mia smiled sweetly, running her fingers through her long brown hair and flattened her mini skirt from where she sat.

Jay looked down to see Manny itching closer to him and tilting her head, "I gotta ask.." she drifted.

He looked back up at her to raise a questioning eyebrow.

"How come you sleep with all the girls but never paid attention to me?" she wondered. She knew she was hot. It had to be SOMETHING. Come on..

Jay was silent, and just looking away from her when the bartender came back with their drinks. She saw how moody he was...almost as moody as Emma was back at home- Oh.

Manny suddenly felt so stupid and laughed a little idiotically. She was so dumb. ... Jay liked Emma.. and she was Emma's best friend. Who knew, Jay Hogart actually had limits and a heart.

"You like her." Manny said out loud, understanding it all now. He did it to respect Emma, and her friends. That's why he went for random sluts but never her.

Jay tried ignoring her, gulping his shot with some struggle.

Manny raised her eyebrows as she then let a sigh of relief out and shoved his arm, "This whole time you made me think I wasn't hot!" she accused.

Jay snickered and shook his head, but shot her a look. She smiled shaking her head. Alright, crush on Jay Hogart officially over.

"Friends?" she teased.

He, still moody, gave as much of a grin as he could and just nodded while rolling his eyes.


Emma laid in bed with her sweater and shorts. She tossed and she turned. She didn't know if she was hot or cold...or maybe just upset

Sean was asleep beside her and she turned and stared at him. Not with Kelly was she happy, nor with Sean. .

What was so wrong with her? Something must be wrong with her.

The next morning, Emma came out of her room putting her hair in a bun and slowed down to see Manny sitting at the table, her head in her hands.

"Hey." Emma greeted.

Manny looked up, make up on from last night still and she groaned

Emma giggled, "I'll make you something greasy and get you advil."

"Thankyouuu." Manny sang greatfully. Emma began to get some food and pans out, and Manny tilted her head eyeing her.

Was Emma into Jay too? She may of been EXTREMELY drunk last night, but she still remembered her conversation with him

She then frowned, knowing this'll hurt Emma but she had to ask to see if she saw a reaction. She needed to find out if Emma felt that strongly towards Jay as well because if so, what the hell was she doing with Sean?

"Saw Jay last night." she whispered. She knew Sean was over, so kept it quiet.

Emma even glanced at her room and thanked God the door was shut. She curiously looked at Manny, "and?" she asked

Manny shrugged innocently, "Same ol Jay." she lied.

Emma's shoulders dropped to then shrug, "K." she turned her back and started to make pancakes on the stove, til Manny spoke up again.

"He went home with Mia."

Emma shot back, noticing she dropped her spatula that hit the hot pan and then the pan went falling over on the ground.

She looked at it horrified, but it was picturing Jay with Mia that was really terrifying her.

Manny's mouth hung. WOW. She then got up and helped Emma pick up everything. Emma still seemed so jumpy that Manny even felt horrible about it

She spoke up again, "But Mia texted me and said they didn't go far."

"How far isn't far?" snapped Emma, throwing the fallen pancakes on the floor into the garbage madly. Jealously.

"Blow job and he kicked her out after." Manny said with a slight smirk, watching the slow smile appear on Emma's face.

"Classic Jay." Emma taunted, rolling her eyes and smiling. THAT would for sure make a girl feel horrible and used..and frankly, she hoped Mia did. Well, maybe that was too far... she didn't know Mia that well, but shouldn't wish that on her. She took it back. Jay was an ass when he wanted to be.


Both girls gasped and went back to helping another cook breakfest as Sean came out and went behind Emma, wrapping his arms around her as he inhaled her vanilla scent and then the pancakes.

"yummy." he teased, kissing her shoulder and looked to Manny.

Manny still even had clothes on from last night.

he raised his eyebrows, "You look like shit." he admitted

Manny stuck her tounge out.