Chapter 1. Of Dreams

Sometimes, Bella dreams that she's flying.

Its not so much flying as soaring, flowing, being.

She's not so much a she in her dreams, but a being whose existence is so far beyond human that gender isn't even a consideration. She is vast, in her dreams, a being of light and power and unquenchable cosmic fire. As this being, this cosmic force made tangible, she glides through the depths of space, surrounded by billions upon billions of shining stars, watching as they form from glittering dust of Creation, and eventually collapse in on themselves a brilliant unfurling of light.

She drifts among the glowing gaseous orbs for what seems to be only minutes but also eons, and she is content.

She's usually alone in these dreams, a single consciousness surrounded by a glorious riot of celestial bodies and dust that she knows will one day form planets. But sometimes she hears singing, different from the musical notes of radiation emitted by the stars. It feels familiar, like the embrace of a loved one or the soft warmth of sun-soaked sand on her skin. It feels like family.

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