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He jerked his head, as his eyes blinked open slowly, feeling a cool sensation all over his body. The first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes was that everything was green. No…he realized everything was green from where he was. He was inside a glass tank filled with some green liquid, wearing a white full body suit with multiple bindings to restrain his limbs and a mask of some sort that he soon realized was providing him with air. He glanced around the room and saw it was empty, with only two doors beside each other at the other end.

There were no people, no tables, no chairs, only a metallic floor, walls, and ceiling. The only things in this room were two tanks. One of which held him, while the other held a girl with long flowing green hair wearing the same full body suit as him. And she was looking straight at him with intense yellow eyes that seemed to bore straight into his soul.

'Wh-where am I?' He thought to himself.

The last thing he had remembered was personally fighting Uchiha Madara with his friends. After that, there was a flash of light, and things began getting blurry.

'You're in a Britannian research facility in the Militarized Zone of India. You fell from an opening in the sky and landed right at their feet, where you proceeded to kill more than half the scientists and researchers at this facility using some unknown power, before they finally managed to subdue you with their Knightmares.' A female voice whispered in his mind.

'Was that her? Is she speaking into my mind?' Regardless of how she was doing it, her words were bringing back memories.

He remembered…

Uchiha Madara attempting to capture the remaining Biju(Tailed Beasts) to revive the Juubi(Ten-Tails), preparing to subjugate the world in Infinite Tsukuyomi as he captured Naruto and Killer B but Naruto was saved by Obito at the last second. He knew that Madara would force him to use his stolen Rinnegan to revive him and when that happened he'd be able to seal the Juubi inside of him. He knew that Madara had Zetsu looking for the other Rinnegan he hid away and he would use it to bind the other Biju and seal them back into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. He couldn't let that happen so he did the only he could do: deny Madara the chance to revive the Juubi.

Obito Uchiha creating a giant Kamui portal to swallow up everything to prevent Madara from capturing the Kyuubi inside of Naruto. He extracted Shukaku and Gyuki and sealed their chakra inside Naruto with the chakra of the other Biju to prevent Madara from summoning and sealing the Juubi inside his body to gain its power.

Everyone hanging on for their lives as they struggled to not be pulled into the dimensional portal.

Naruto being pulled forward and creating a massively large Odama Rasengan to collide with the portal, sealing it up to stop Madara from chasing after him.

He knew he wouldn't be coming back…

He had no regrets though…

He managed to stop Madara's plans of robbing the world of free will

Perhaps the world he left will start over with the very few survivors learning how to make peace like his family had strived to create for centuries.

He knew he wouldn't be Hokage now but he supposed Sasuke-teme would make a decent one, making sure that history never repeated itself.


He remembered hearing Hinata's voice crying out to him as he vanished, smiling at how ironic it was that he had spent his life never being noticed and he never noticed her until it was too late. If he could turn back the clock of time he might try giving her a chance.

Maybe if they met again in another life…

He fell through and saw only darkness…

And then there was light and he was free.

He remembered being attacked by some kind of giant metal monsters and he tried to fight back but he was weak from the battle with Madara.

He collapsed as the last of the strength faded from him and he fell into the world of slumber.

It must have been as the girl said.

After he landed here through Kamui, his Odama Rasengan must have discharged and killed the people she mentioned. 'How long have I been here?'

'Two weeks. I was to be sent to Area 11 a week ago, but they decided to wait and send us together. I know you have power, and I do not believe you will let them use you as a lab rat. My offer to you: form a contract with me, to make my wish come true, and I shall grant you the Power of the King. Accept this contract, and while you live in the world of humans, you shall live unlike any other human. The Power of the King will isolate you. If you are prepared for it…'

'Nope. I have more than enough power, and I don't need any more. However, I will help to make your wish come true. You don't need to bribe me for my help.' Even behind the oxygen mask, Naruto managed to give her a confident smile, one that indicated failure was not an option.

'Admirable, but a contract cannot be formed on unequal terms.'

'You're going to be stubborn on this, aren't you?' Naruto sourly asked, ignoring how hypocritical it was to call someone else stubborn. 'Fine, I accept your contract. And I'll make sure your wish comes true, that's a promise. And I never go back on my word dattebayo(believe it)!'

The girl allowed herself a small victorious smirk, as she proceeded to grant this boy the power of Geass. As she started the process of forming the connection, something inside the boy resonated against her, trying to prevent her from interfering.

'What is this? How can he be fighting against me?' She thought with sudden frustration.

She wasn't going to let it stop her though. She forced her way through, until she felt the power of Geass take hold in him.

What she didn't expect was the sudden unexpected feeling of pain hitting her.

It was as if the hottest fires suddenly erupted in her body. Unrelenting, uncontrollable pain filled every fiber of her being, causing her body to writhe around wildly in her tank. In her mind she could see images of places she had never seen before even though she had traveled all over the world in her long life.

A beautiful red haired woman giving birth to a child with blond hair.

A masked man summoning a giant fox with nine tails to attack the village.

The boy's parents sacrificing themselves to seal the beast into the child.

The child being an outcast in his village.

The child's team being formed.

A man with long dark hair, gray skin, and sickly yellow eyes grinning evilly as he bit into the neck of the boy's friend with sharp fangs like a snake.

The boy fighting against a black haired boy with red eyes with three tomoes and a lightning crackling in his hand.

Eleven figures garbed in black cloaks decorated with red clouds standing as the sun rose behind them.

Nine beast of power being sealed into a giant statue that changed into a gigantic monster with ten tails and a giant single evil eye glaring down at the world.

The boy meeting all nine tailed beasts and their human hosts and hearing their names.

And these tailed beasts surrounding her, glaring down at her.

"You have some nerve trying to control our host with your so called contract." The nine tailed fox, Kurama growled, scaring her.

"We are with him and we will protect him from all threats, no matter their intent." The ox-like creature with eight tails, Gyuki spoke.

"All great power comes with a price. You of all people should know this." The two tailed cat, Matatabi stated.

"We sense you do not wish to harm him but we will not stand by and let you use him." The seven tailed beetle, Chomei said.

"The power you seek to benefit yourself will bring about changes that can never be reversed." The three tailed turtle, Isobu said.

"So be careful, child." The six tailed slug, Saiken softly said.

"The power you have granted him will affect both your destiny and his." The four tailed ape, Son Goku continued.

"So watch yourself, little girl, or your dead." The one tailed raccoon like creature, Shukaku commented.

"Look to our host and he will guide you." The five tailed horse, Kokuo nodded.

"We will be watching you and your intent." All Biju spoke before vanishing into the dark.

She now stood seemingly on water and she looked up to see someone else was with her. An old man a long goatee, white hair, and he was garbed in a long white robe with a six black magatama necklace around the high collar floating above what seemed to be water cross legged with the strangest eyes she had ever seen staring at her.

"Harmony. Unity." The man spoke, holding out his hands and showing his palms. "A power that can only used by one who thinks of his friends, family, and comrades before everything else, including himself. What you sought to pursue in giving power to the one who is my disciple, my descendant, and one who earned his place as my successor to bring peace and order through a contract shall result in what it is to be expected when one with the power of the unconscious imagination forges a deal with the power attained through cooperation, love, and unity. You shall have what you sought but be warned that when the two immortal powers interact they leave unexpected results."

In the right palm was a symbol of the sun while the left hand showed a symbol of the moon.

"The Power of the King and the Eyes of God. Each power can be used for great and terrible things by just themselves. Powers that can give birth to nations, kingdoms, and even a brand new world but it is the user who decides to use them for creation or destruction. Heed my warning; do not allow this power to corrupt you or the good my disciple will try to bring to the world. May he help you find your way and to understand everything and all paths to true life and immortality. I wish you great success and a long life, Cera Celeste."

The man vanished but she saw his piercing eyes staring at her as he vanished, seemingly engulfing her with their stare.

After what felt like years, but was in reality only three minutes, the pain had all but left her body, save for the burning sensation in her eyes. She kept trying to force it back, and it pressed her to accept whatever it was attempting to do to her. Unwilling to continue the struggle, she relented, and felt something envelop her eyes. She didn't know or understand what it was but she felt like her eyes were changing, morphing into something different.

Into something that screamed with power.

Naruto, seeing the pain the girl was experiencing, turned to face the glass in front of him. Seemingly acting on instinct his bright ocean blue eyes faded away, to be replaced by a ripple-like pattern of multiple rings around the pupil, with a light purple iris and sclera.

'Geass.' These words whispered into his mind by something that had burned itself into his mind. 'Absolute Harmony and Unity.'

He didn't know what it what it was but he saw images of a world he did not recognize, white images, a temple, and a man with a cruel smile. He was suddenly filled with a sense of purpose and understanding as he instinctively reached out with this new power. The front portion of the glass tank was blasted open, the broken shards embedding themselves in the wall across the room at least five inches deep. He fell to his knees on the floor, ripping off the oxygen mask and coughing up some of the green liquid from his lungs.

As soon as he felt he could, Naruto stood up and walked over to the girl's cage, smashing his fist into a small panel on the wall beside it. The liquid inside her tank began draining to the bottom, followed by the tank itself descending to let her free. As she fell forward, Naruto moved to catch her in his arms before she hit the ground. He knelt down slowly and stared at her face worriedly, as she didn't seem to be breathing.

His fears were all for naught however, as slowly she opened her eyes to gaze up at him.

With eyes bearing the Rinnegan.


"Target has been located. Enemy Sutherlands are approaching. Permission to engage?"

"I have no need for them. Deal with them as you will," the woman said, as she observed their approach on the screen.

She was lounging on an elegant couch, a long wooden pipe held in her right hand. She had long golden hair that fell to the small of her back and intense turquoise eyes that projected extreme intelligence, despite currently looking bored.

"Just remember, we're here for whatever they built this place for. Try to leave the facility intact until you recover it."

"Understood, Rakshata!"


"What's happening?!" A young boy's voice shouted. "What happened to the Sword?! It's been severally damaged!"

The boy walked into what looked like a lab with consoles that were smoking and short-circuiting with lines of data running across the screens.

"Lord V.V." A man wearing a lab coat bowed his head. "We do not know what happened. We've detected a large energy pulse from the Collective Unconscious that's more powerful than anything we've scanned before."

"What?" V.V. asked, his eyes widening at the thought of what the implications meant. 'Are the Gods trying to defend themselves?'

"We're receiving new data on the energy pulse." The attendant continued.

V.V. looked over the data taken from analyzing the mysterious energy pulse that had appeared. "All of our work…Set back a whole year. If anyone was in there they would have been killed. Was this the Gods attempting to destroy the Sword?"

"There is something else, Lord V.V. We detected an energy source in India through our instruments designed to detect Geass usage." The attendant spoke up.

V.V.'s eyes shot up since he knew of only one person in India who might be capable of doing something like this. 'C.C. Is this her work? No, not even she's capable of causing an output of psychic energy as large as this. The Collective Unconscious is somehow behind this, it can't have been done by any mortal. Even one with a Code.'

Did the Gods intervene to save themselves or did they react to something else?

"Get me in contact with Charles now." V.V. ordered.

They had to find out what happened now.


"H-how do you have the Rinnegan?" Naruto asked in shock at seeing this girl having the same legendary eyes as Nagato and Madara.

He stared down at her Rinnegan eyes, similar to his own in every way, save for one small detail. Beneath the pupil in her eyes, was a small violet symbol, almost resembling a bird.

It was then that he noticed he could see his own Rinnegan eyes, and he had the same marking under his pupils. "You…we're sharing vision? I have the Rinnegan?!"

'Interesting turn of events.' Kurama noted inside Naruto.

'What's going on, Kurama? Why do we have the Rinnegan?' Naruto asked.

'She tried reach into your mind to give you this power and when she gave you this so-called Geass it affected her as well through the mental link she set up with you. She saw your life, me and the other Biju and the…old man who said something."

'Old man?' Naruto asked.

'You know him as the Sage of Sixth Paths.' Kurama answered, causing Naruto's eyes widen. 'I don't know why she would see him in your mind but I guess since your clan is related to the Senju Clan, one of the old man's descendants perhaps what she saw is a connection to the old man.'

'Wow. What happened?' Naruto wondered.

'His power must have reacted to her and somehow gave you both the Rinnegan. The old man said Harmony and Unity.' Kurama surmised. 'The power she was using was unlike anything I've encountered before but whatever it is it is immensely powerful, enough that it could possibly substitute itself for the old man's spiritual energy. Another reason for why you have the Rinnegan, I sensed some foreign chakra entering your body as you came here. It came from the Uchiha who sent you through the dimensional rift.'

'Obito?' Naruto's eyes widened. 'I absorbed some of his chakra.'

'And that chakra mixed with your own, absorbed into your body and this girl's power which is strong enough that it awakened that chakra, merging together and awakening the old man's eyes. Only a combination of his physical and spiritual energy could give you the Rinnegan.' Kurama finished.

'And why does she have the Rinnegan?' Naruto looked at the girl.

His eyes widened as he could see that she now had a chakra circulatory system and she had as much chakra as he did. If that wasn't odd enough the girl's chakra was purple instead of blue.

'Her chakra, it's purple. I thought chakra in humans was blue.' Naruto honestly was counting down all the weird things happening to him today.

'The power she used…'Kurama thought it over. 'She made a contract with you and it made some kind of connection. You inherited the physical energy of the Sage while her own form of spiritual power was strong enough that when it merged with you your own power took hold of the girl at the same time. You gained the strange power she called Geass while she gained the power inside you, thus bringing both powers together and allowing you both to access the Rinnegan. The purple chakra must be the result of the two powers merging and take a closer look at yourself.'

Naruto looked down at himself and gasped as he saw his own chakra network. 'My chakra, it's purple too!'

'Harmony and Unity. It's altered your chakra and given this girl her own chakra network that has reserves as large as yours.'

The girl stared up into the eyes of the boy holding her, noting that his eyes had been changed. While he had been in the tank, he had normal eyes. Now, they were radically different, and not just because of the Geass either. The irises and sclera of his eyes were purple with multiple rings expanding out in a ripple like pattern from the black dot that was the pupil, beneath which the Geass symbol appeared, framing it between its 'wings'.

However, this was not what held her attention.

As she stared up at him, so too was he staring down at her. And she could see herself through his eyes. It was disorienting, having two fields of vision appearing before her, and caused minor dizziness for her. After a minute, she could observe both without complications, and gasped as she saw she possessed the symbol of Geass in both of her now ripple-patterned eyes.

How could this be?

She couldn't possess Geass. It was impossible. Then it dawned on her. She reached up with one hand and pushed aside the hair hiding the symbol that represented her curse and saw with a sudden burst of shock and happiness that it was not there.

"My code is gone? I'm not immortal…?" She asked herself with a slowly forming smile.

'Depends on her definition of immortal.'

'What do you mean, Kurama?' Naruto asked.

'Whoever possesses the Rinnegan has the power to control life and death. The old man was almost immortal thanks to his long life span that your clan inherited and his power but he shortened it greatly when he created me and the other Biju. Remember Nagato?' Kurama explained.


'When he was brought back to life he absorbed my chakra to rejuvenate his body. The old man could have done the same to rejuvenate his weakening body back to its prime but he didn't. He chose to die as an ordinary human.'

'So the same applies to me and the girl." Naruto realized.

'Not exactly. There is something different about the Rinnegan you both share. I said whatever power she has is strong enough to substitute itself as the old man's spiritual power but there is something else there. Some kind of power keeping the body alive with an unknown source of energy and she claimed it left her immortal before it was absorbed by your new power. I sense that it has enhanced your life force so you both will be effectively immortal unless you are killed in battle or when you die a very long time from now.'

'Okay thanks.' Naruto nodded and looked down at the girl. "I don't know about what a Code is but a wielder of Rinnegan is effectively immortal because its power can control life and death. I can be killed in battle but I will most likely not die of old age."

He carefully sat her up, one arm cradling her shoulders, as the other was placed beneath her knees. The girl hummed in thought at that information. So, according to him, she was still immortal, but no longer invulnerable. And she was neither powerless nor alone anymore. That boy had done something to blast open his tank, and she suspected she might be able to do so as well.

No one would ever hurt or take advantage of her again. Now she could fight back. And here before her, was a boy who would be able to remain with her forever, if death did not take him. "I've decided. My wish is for you to remain by my side eternally. You are not allowed to die, and leave me alone once more."

'Huh? What the hell is that supposed to mean?' Naruto thought, bulking at her request. 'Never leave her side? Is she asking me to marry her or something?'

'Duh. She's obviously lived for a long time and if there was no one else immortal like her then she must be lonely.' Kurama explained, shaking his head over Naruto's cluelessness.

'Still though…' Naruto thought it over.

He hadn't been able to have a relationship because of the war even though there had been more than a few girls who wished to be with him. He probably would have thought about it if they had survived but he never got the chance. He would have been able to make Pervy Sage's vision of peace come true, but at more reasonable cost than the lives of innocents. For peace in the Elemental Countries, he would willingly walk his path alone until he succeeded.

Now, he was apparently in a new dimension because of Obito's Kamui had worked, unsure whether any of his friends or Madara had actually died when he vanished, and with a girl who would be able to stay with him as long as he was alive.

'You did agree to this contract.' Kurama pointed out.

'Yeah I guess and after all…' Naruto looked down at the girl with a small smile. "I never go back on my word."

That brought a smirk to her face as she stood up with his assistance. "You can call me C.C. For now, we should work on getting out of here."

As if to confirm her statement, the entire facility was shaken by a powerful explosion, dust falling from the ceiling onto their heads.

"Good plan. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I need my stuff. Do you have any idea where they might have stored my possessions when they brought me here?" He asked as another explosion, this one much closer, shook the facility.

"That door. They took you in there first before sealing you in the tank," C.C. informed him, as she pointed at the right door.

Just a second after she pointed at the door, the left door opened and an armed guard rushed in, before freezing in shock as the two test subjects had been awakened. He raised his rifle to fire, but before he could squeeze the trigger, his entire ribcage was forced through his body and out his back, blood dripping off the broken bones.

Naruto glanced to the green-haired girl beside him who was looking surprised at the result. "It works on people too?"

"Yes. That was Shinra Tensei, one of the abilities unique to the Rinnegan. I'm surprised you were able to use it to that degree on your first try, let alone use it at all since I didn't think your chakra coils were that developed." Naruto explained, remembering his fight with Nagato and somehow instinctively knew the powers the Rinnegan had.

A second guard ran inside and looked at the mutilated body of his comrade and started to run away, until he was forcefully pulled back into the room where Naruto's fist sunk into his stomach, knocking him out cold. "And that was Bansho Ten'in, the ability to attract forces rather than repel them."

He tossed the body aside and made his way into the room she had indicated, spotting his clothes, weapons and scrolls laid out on a long metal table. It seemed they had only gotten as far as opening his shuriken holster before they stopped. He shed the annoying white suit and started redressing himself in his own clothes that were meant for battle. A black and orange jacket over a black T-shirt, orange pants with blue shinobi sandals, and a long red coat with black flames at the bottom.

Finally, he tied his precious hitai-ate around his forehead. He placed his shuriken holster and equipment pouch onto his waist.

He walked back into the room C.C. had been waiting for him, and received an intriguing glance. "Well, it certainly suits you and it's better than the white jumpsuit. When they first brought you in I wondered why some would wear that much orange."

"And what does it say of you, having been here longer than I, suspended in that infernal tank?" Naruto countered.

Beside Naruto, a Shadow Clone phased into existence who quickly donned the discarded white suit and transformed into an exact replica of C.C. As if an unspoken order was given to it, the clone walked into C.C.'s former tank, donning the oxygen mask and allowing the tank to reseal around him, as it was once more filled with the green liquid.

"You said this was a Britannian facility. I don't know what that means, as I don't know who or what Britannia is. But if they kept you here, they must need you, and they'll take my Shadow Clone straight to them. From there, it'll summon me to its location so I can get some answers and dish out some pain for trying to experiment on me." Naruto responded to her questioning glance.

"Your clone can…summon you to its location?" C.C. asked intrigued.

"I guess it's another ability of the Rinnegan. That Shadow Clone is connected to me, and I suspect you as well. It can summon anyone bearing the Rinnegan to its location. Whatever this Geass thing you gave me does, somehow I just… know my Shadow Clone is more durable now." Naruto explained, unable to explain how he knew about his new power.

Now he had to contend with a third field of vision that was staring at the plain white walls. This would take some getting used to. C.C. nodded slowly, taking in that information as she worked on getting oriented with three different viewpoints.

"That's understandable. Once you receive the power of Geass, you'll have some instinctual knowledge on how to use it. I keep having the words Harmony and Unity flowing through my mind," She stated calmly.

"That actually helps more than you think. Harmony and Unity… oh this could be fun," Naruto said eagerly, as he darted out through the left door. As the two of them fought their way through the facility, they spotted more guards like the ones who had attacked them, fighting against other soldiers trying to free the captives who had been held here. "What do you think? Go with them?"

C.C. nodded quickly, as they quickly rounded a corner, avoiding a burst of gunfire.

"Britannia has no grounds to build a facility here, as India is controlled by the Chinese Federation. Those are likely their soldiers sent to destroy this place. I would wager they're also looking for whatever this facility was built to study," She said, giving him a meaningful glance.

"I'm going to need some history lessons later it seems. Right now, we might as well go help the people trying to evacuate this place." Naruto peeked around the corner, pulling out a kunai from his equipment pouch and spun it around on his finger.

He rolled out into a crouch, letting the gunfire pass harmlessly over his head, as he threw the kunai straight through the soldier's throat. C.C. raised an eyebrow at the primitive weapon, but couldn't criticize its effectiveness, especially in Naruto's hands, as she blasted three more soldiers through a wall to her right. As she ran after Naruto, she realized she was slowing down, and her breathing was becoming heavy. Why was she so exhausted so soon?

She was pressed back against the wall by Naruto's arm, as he let a soldier run past just enough for Naruto to pierce a kunai through the back of his head. "Tired? It's expected. Shinra Tensei is powerful, but very draining on your chakra reserves and you have to usually five seconds before doing it again. You've used it about ten times, and it seems that's your limit for now. We'll have to build up those reserves of yours when we get out of here."

"Seems like I'm going to need some information from you as well," C.C. remarked. "I need a weapon. Do you have anything beside what you have?"

'I got nothing.' Naruto thought.

'Not exactly.' Kurama cut in.

'What do you mean?'

'The power the old man used to create us, the Creation of All Things. If you have the Rinnegan you can use Ying-Yang combination to create anything.' Kurama explained.

'But I don't know the hand signs for that.' Naruto pointed out.

'There are no hand signs. This power combined Yin chakra and Yang chakra to make anything real, inanimate or living. Concentrate on your physical and spiritual energy. I'm sure that whatever this girl did to give you the Rinnegan has allowed you all the powers that the old man had with his eyes.'

Naruto held out his hand and closed his eyes. There was flash of light for a moment that faded and a kodachi appeared in Naruto's hand, surprising C.C. but the girl took it anyways. It wasn't like she had any chakra left to use anyways, so she needed something.

'Wow. That took a lot.' Naruto was suddenly having to catch his breath.

'Using the Creation of All Things without proper control takes a lot of chakra.' Kurama noted.

They continued to navigate through the veritable maze of corridors, Naruto killing Britannian guards with kunai, while C.C. ducked, dodged, and weaved between her enemies, slicing them apart mercilessly. It seemed she had a particular hatred for these men, and he frowned at what they might have done to her to deserve such brutal deaths. Directly ahead of them was the door to the Knightmare launch bay. If they were going to get out of here, it would be through there.

Barreling inside, they found that almost all the Knightmares had already been launched, and a few had been destroyed before they even left.

However, C.C. spotted one in the far corner with a gunned down body just short of it. "Over there. That pilot didn't make it."

Naruto ran over to the massive Sutherland before him and glanced up at it. It was big, but only compared to him. The thing wasn't even half as big as Gamabunta's leg.

"Wow. Do you know how to work this thing?"

"Of course. The grunts like him don't have their Knightmares code-locked. That means I just need to find the…here we go." C.C. stood up from the dead soldier, spinning a key around in her hand. She walked over to the Knightmare's lift and took hold of the handrail, placing a foot onto the lift. She looked over at Naruto who was still watching her with a bit of trepidation. "Oh, don't be a baby. If you've never seen anyone fight inside constructs like this, you're in for quite a show."

"At least Sasori's was human-sized," Naruto grumbled softly as he made his way onto the lift beside her, watching as it carried them up to the seat sticking out of the back.

It was a tight fit, trying to get them both onto it, but in the end, C.C. ended up sitting on Naruto's lap in order for her to pilot it. It didn't take long to convince Naruto of the Knightmare's usefulness.

As soon as they launched, they were in the middle of a battlefield. Knightmare frames on both sides trying to eliminate their enemies. And there was no clear cut winner. The Knightmare frames used by the Britannians at this facility had greater numbers, but the opposition seemed to have been made much better, as they were trading roughly one of theirs for every five of the enemy's forces.

C.C. smirked and started moving behind their enemy, firing the gun held in the Sutherland's right arm at their unprotected backs. By the time they realized there was an enemy behind them, they had lost nearly twenty Knightmares. Try as they might, they could not hit her with anything. Gunfire bursts missed, and those odd projectiles attached to cables were all dodged, or even better, grabbed by C.C. and used to hold them still for her to fire upon.

It was partly because of her shared vision with Naruto. While she focused on taking down enemies, Naruto had barely taken his eyes off the factsphere's radar display, letting her see exactly how many more were left and where they were positioned around her.

"Hmm this is fun. We're going to need our own Knightmare after this, one with two seats. Unless you'd rather we keep it to one," she teased, wiggling her hips on Naruto's lap, satisfied when she heard a stifled groan.

"Just focus on the fight. And women have the nerve to call men perverts," he muttered, watching the blue symbols around them rapidly diminish until finally there were none left.

Now all they had to do was hope the Indian forces wouldn't instantly fire upon them. The dark gray Knightmares in front of them leveled their weapons at them, but didn't fire.

A burst of static filled the cockpit until a voice rang out clear. "Who are you? Identify yourselves!"

C.C. and Naruto glanced at each other, a silent conversation going on between them from just eye contact, trying to decide what to tell them.

"We're two people this facility was used to experiment on." Naruto finally declared.

There was a long period of silence until the voice came back, much calmer this time. "Understood. We've been sent to clear out this facility and rescue any prisoners here. We'd like you to come with us to meet someone."

Before Naruto could respond, C.C. cut in and took the lead on this one. "That's fine. But in exchange, you must leave the rest of the facility intact. Things have been set into motion here that need to proceed. Don't worry. Britannia won't be pleased by it."

"I've received approval to heed your request. Please allow us to escort you away."

C.C. moved the Sutherland forward, as it was surrounded on all sides by the gray Knightmare frames, and led away from the still burning research facility.


"So you two are the reason that facility was built?" asked the buxom blond Indian woman lying across from them on a couch.

"Well, built for her. They more or less… found me, and decided they'd study us together as a joint project," Naruto said, pointing at C.C.

They had been brought to an underground facility used by Rakshata Chawla and her staff, be they scientists or Knightmare pilots, whose goal was the independence of India. To do that, they'd been sending weapons and equipment to Area 11, more specifically something known as the Six Houses of Kyoto in exchange for a large sum of profits. The Six Houses of Kyoto then distributed them out to resistance groups in their country. Rakshata's group believed that by helping Japan obtain its independence, it would do the same for India.

"And why would Britannia need to devote so much time and effort, not to mention money, studying a single girl? What makes her so special?" Rakshata asked, now sitting upright and staring at C.C. curiously.

Naruto glanced over at C.C. but found her hands clenched on her lap, looking distinctly uncomfortable and pained. He knew that look. He'd seen it many times. Shinobi who had survived long enough to die of old age, always had that look at one point or another.

Being forced to bring up horrific memories of pain and death they've experienced.

"They needed her utilize my abilities," Naruto lied smoothly.

To C.C.'s credit, she managed to limit her shock to just a slight widening of the eyes, before her face took on a neutral expression, as if this wasn't new to her.

"Oh? Do explain that please," Rakshata all but ordered with one slender eyebrow raised.

In response, Naruto activated his Rinnegan, allowing her to see the purple rippled eyes, now bearing a Geass symbol beneath each pupil. "C.C. is the only one who could not only unlock the full limits of my eyes, but take the power on for herself."

C.C. decided to assist Naruto by activating her own Rinnegan, a perfect match to Naruto's.

"Fascinating. I'm assuming then that you can activate or deactivate them at will from your demonstration. And what do they do?" Rakshata asked as she was now leaning over the table, one hand grasping Naruto's chin as she turned his head left and right, carefully examining the unique eyes he now sported.

"I'll tell you my story if you provide me with some information." C.C. observed Naruto from the corner of her eyes.

She wanted to hear of Naruto's life prior to his arrival here as well, though she'd never ask herself. This was a very convenient opportunity.

"Oh and what is it you desire to know? There are, naturally, some things you won't be privy to." Rakshata made a slight wave with her hand, dismissing the armed guards from the room.

As soon as she was sure they were alone, she activated the room's security lockdown.

"World history. What is Britannia? Why do people speak of them with hatred and malice? Why are countries under the control of others? I need to know how things work in this world." Naruto listed off the questions in his mind.

If Rakshata was surprised by his lack of knowledge concerning the world's conquering empire, she didn't comment on it. She merely lost her interested look as she began to explain how Britannia had risen to power, forced their rule on more than half the world already, and were constantly trying to control the rest. She explained their policy of stripping a country and its people of their name, and replacing them with numbers. On and on she went for hours, detailing every tidbit of Britannia's ruling structure, military superiority, and their opinions of non-Britannians.

By the end of her explanation, Naruto's nails had pierced through his palm due to how tightly he was clenching his fists. This dimension…this world…sounded like one elemental country having enough power to conquer the rest. At least back in his world there was some semblance of balance, shaky though it was, between the five bigger nations. As of right now, for all intents and purposes, it seemed as if Britannia had won already.

He could tell there were some things she had skipped in her explanation, but he'd heard enough to consider Britannia his enemy. But he couldn't take down a nation alone. There was no village on his side, and no other shinobi fighting with him on the battlefield.

"How am I supposed to stop them alone?" he muttered under his breath.

"Have you already forgotten our contract, Naruto? You are to remain by my side eternally. That means you are not fighting them alone" C.C. stated firmly.

"Even the two of you can't take Britannia down by yourselves. You'd need an army, and a damn good one too. Forgetting for a moment, that Britannia has the largest army in the world with enough Knightmares to fill it, you have to consider the Knights of the Round as well. People say each member can take down a small army alone, and there are supposedly twelve of them," Rakshata cautioned them, feeling slightly amused.

Many had dreams of ending Britannia's tyranny over the world, and all of them had failed miserably. But this boy…something about him made her believe, if just for a moment, that he could win.

"Now, I believe you owe me a story."

Naruto glanced up at her, and nodded slowly.

He wasn't sure whether she'd believe him, but he knew C.C. would, and he found that was all that mattered to him. "It all started on October 10th in my village…"

From there, he told them all about the Kyuubi's attack, his father's only option, how the villagers treated him and his struggle to become a shinobi. He told her all about his friends, the invasion of Konoha, his best friend and teammate's betrayal, Akatsuki and their desire to obtain the nine Biju, and finally about the 4th Shinobi War started by Obito, mentioning his master's goal to force 'peace' on the world and how Naruto ended up arriving in this dimension.

His tale had taken several hours, and it was well into the night when he finished. C.C. had stayed silent the whole time, but he could see anger, shock, and wonder burning just below the surface in her eyes.

Rakshata had actually snapped her pipe in half sometime during his story and she was calm but intrigued well. "Very well, now that I understand the situation, I believe it is in my best interests to help you. You two want to take down Britannia? Start in Japan. It should be easy to find people willing to fight back there. I've been informed they have the most active resistance groups out of all Britannia's territories."

"We'll need a Knightmare then. Hmm…two actually. And Naruto needs to be taught how to pilot one." C.C. stated. Naruto glanced at her in confusion. He'd been under the assumption they only needed one Knightmare with two seats, and he said as much to C.C.

"Our shared vision could be a huge advantage on the battlefield, Naruto. Two different Knightmares placed properly to ensure an absolute field of vision, would allow us to devastate our enemy," C.C. explained.

"I'll see what I can come up with for your Knightmares and I'll have him in the simulator tomorrow morning. Until they are completed, you two are welcome to stay here, and rooms shall be provided for you." Rakshata said as she stood up to leave, a clear dismissal.

Naruto and C.C. nodded as they stood up and made their way out of the room. They were led down the hallway by the guards and towards a single room containing very little aside from two beds and the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Naruto turned to C.C. urgently. "Did you see it?"

She nodded affirmatively. "Britannia is transporting your Shadow Clone out of India."


The next morning, Rakshata had decided to give Naruto only basic instruction on how to pilot a Knightmare, before putting him in the simulator. Wanting to have a little fun at his expense, she gave him his test run in the Shen Hu, a Knightmare frame of her own creation that no one had been able to pilot with adequate results.

Her new pipe fell to the ground as her jaw dropped in shock.

Naruto had been able to pilot the Shen Hu almost flawlessly at 96% of its power output. He was moving the agile blue frame as if it was his own body, and the simulator results showed that not a single enemy would have landed so much as a scratch on him, while he would have taken out at least thirty Sutherlands within the first ten seconds of combat. When the simulation ended, she rushed over to him and flat out offered him the Shen Hu as his personal Knightmare, but he declined.

It wasn't that the Shen Hu was deficient. He loved it, and could obviously fight well inside it. But he had his own ideas and designs he and C.C. came up with the night before, that he wanted implemented. Rakshata reluctantly agreed, disappointed that one of her creations was again left without a pilot, and possibly the only one capable of using it. At Naruto's request, she led them to her factory, where she personally oversaw all Knightmare production, and showed him the Sakuradite Core Luminous that would power the Knightmare being built for him.

Naruto walked around the small pink cube several times, looking at it interestedly.

"This thing is what powers the entire Knightmare? Interesting." Naruto had an inspiration the night before.

One thing he remembered from his fight with Nagato was the Asura Path, the dead body that had been converted into something comparable to Sasori's human puppet. The entire body had been filled with metal weapons and parts. Could he turn the Knightmare itself into his Asura Path? Oh that would be fun.

But how to do it? Luckily he had Kurama and the other Biju to help him out.

'The Knightmare needs your chakra if you want to convert into one of your paths.' Kurama answered.

'That simple?' Naruto asked.

'Not entirely sure. The old man didn't use much of his powers after he created us but based on the fight with Nagato and Obito the Six Paths technique works almost like how you distributed your chakra to everyone else, much like the old man's idea of Ninshu."

'You mean Ninjutsu?' Naruto asked.

'I mean Ninshu, the old man's original idea.' Kurama growled. 'He originally meant for people to connect their spiritual energy to each other, becoming to understand each other and feel each other's emotions. It was the idiot humans he taught that connected their spiritual energy to their physical energy that became modern day Ninjutsu.'

'Wow. You're being really talkative about this guy.'

'He was not some guy. He was the reason we all exist and for some reason you've inherited his power, this making it my responsibility to make sure you don't mess up and stain the old man's legacy. Now that you have the Rinnegan the technique for creating the Six Paths is the same as the old man's idea.' Kurama mentally shrugged. 'Worth a shot.'

Slowly, Naruto brought his hands up on either side of the Core Luminous, and closed his eyes.

Rakshata made to warn him that it would be dangerous, even lethal, to touch it with his bare hands, but was silenced by C.C.'s hand over her mouth. "He knows what he's doing, so just watch."

Though Rakshata could not see what Naruto was doing, C.C. could. Tendrils of glowing purple chakra left Naruto's fingertips and began entering the cube, slowly shifting its color from pink to a dark violet.

Naruto frowned, as sweat started beading his forehead. As he was filling this core with his chakra, he was able to feel the massive amount of power it already possessed. He had to interweave his chakra into this cube without destabilizing it or overpowering it. Little by little, he was replacing the Sakuradite in this Core Luminous with his chakra. He had just reached the halfway mark when he began to sense a problem growing in the core.

It was as if the Core Luminous refused to be transformed into a chakra core. The power inside it from the Sakuradite was growing and trying to push his chakra out to prevent any more change. He slowed down the streams of chakra into the cube and felt it becoming calm once more. But this wouldn't be good enough.

A 50-50 ratio of Sakuradite and chakra would not give him the power he needed to utilize a Knightmare as his Asura Path. He pressed on, forcing his chakra into this unstable power source to reach his goal. He now realized that he couldn't eliminate the presence of Sakuradite altogether. He forced more and more chakra into the core, even as he began to feel energy from the Sakuradite entering his hands and burning them from the inside out, though his healing factor was working to mitigate the effects.

As the presence of chakra began to feel complete within the Core Luminous, he suddenly halted the flow and jerked his hands away instantly. He had to lean against the wall to keep standing since it had been exhausting to send a lot of his chakra into the core, but he glanced at the new power source with pride. The dark purple Core Luminous had been heavily enhanced with chakra, leaving it at a 90-10 ratio of chakra to Sakuradite, more than enough to satisfy him. Rakshata stared in amazement as this boy managed to single-handedly alter an existing source of power into a new one.

And it was reading a 5000% increase in power! So many ideas and theories, so much technological advancement had been scrapped because the power required to utilize them was absurd. She would have had to first create technology for her Knightmares that could mitigate their power draw, which would unfortunately also hinder their effectiveness. But this…

With this, Naruto had destroyed the limitations standing in her way. It might be a little crude, just utilizing excessive power for the upgrades she had in mind, but no one would criticize her child once they saw it in action.

She was going to make their Knightmares her masterpieces.


Rakshata was as good as her word, and began production of their Knightmares the very next day. C.C. had repeated Naruto's performance, creating a second chakra core which Rakshata had decided to dub Core Radiance. They hardly ever saw the woman for a while, unless she was coming up to them to ask about how their chakra worked and what kinds of things were possible while utilizing it. This gave Naruto ample time to browse through his belongings and tally up his inventory. He had just over twenty shuriken left in his holster, and fourteen regular kunai.

Alongside those, he had ten of his father's Hiraishin kunai, gifts from his father before he was swallowed by Obito's Kamui with instructions on how to use them. He'd need to find a blacksmith to create more of them, but that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon. He had 100 blank tag sheets, his sealing pen and a full bottle of ink he could use to make exploding tags or barrier seals. Finally he had the sealing scroll that contained the larger one his former master, Jiraiya of the Sannin, had used to seal up everything he thought might be useful.

This included scrolls of ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, fuinjutsu, kenjutsu, and a veritable library of Iryo ninjutsu and medical knowledge that he had won in a poker game against Tsunade.

It also happened to include his full published works and the research notes for three more. "Well, at least those books are good for something. No matter where you go, there's sure to be perverts so these should net me some ramen money."

"What books?"

Naruto turned around to see C.C. standing in the doorway with her arms crossed. "They're the most perverted books ever written, and the author is my former sensei. They're almost pure smut, and I think I'll change that before having them republished."

C.C. hummed in thought as she moved to sit beside Naruto on the bed. "It would be a good idea to have a source of income that doesn't require us to go out of our way to work for it. I imagine we wouldn't have much time to do so while also trying to bring down a nation."

"Fair point. I imagine we'll have quite a bit of free time until our Knightmares are finished, so I'll be teaching you to use chakra and ninjutsu. Maybe even kenjutsu as well. I'd hate for my skills to atrophy because I lacked a sparring partner."

C.C.'s eyes gleamed with faint excitement now.

She had wanted to learn how to utilize the power she now possessed. "What's the first step then?"

"Hmm." Naruto thought it over.

What should he start her on? Chakra control exercises seemed the natural way to go, but maybe teaching her Shadow Clone Jutsu would be better so they could start getting more done right away. No, it would be better for her to at least complete the tree, or in this case wall, walking and water walking exercises first.

"You're going to learn to control your chakra. This will also help build up your reserves so you can last longer and do more with it."

C.C. frowned slightly at that, but couldn't fault the logic. She had become exhausted after using that blasting power from her eyes ten times.

With that limit on her, she'd never be able to handle anything more powerful. "Fine. How do I learn to control my chakra?"

Naruto grinned and pointed out the door. "We're going to the gym."


C.C. mentally cursed the laughing blonde idiot as she picked herself up from yet another fall. It had sounded so simple when she started. Focus chakra to the feet, climb up the wall without hands. He had told her to use one of his kunai to mark her place and take a running start, but she ignored him, believing she could accomplish this on her first try.

That had led to her first fall of the day.

She'd now been at it for more than three hours, and she had barely made it halfway up the wall. A myriad of scratches adorned the formerly pristine white wall in the gym, as well as dozens of small craters where she had used too much chakra. And to add insult to injury, Naruto had informed her that most females in his old dimension mastered this on their first try.

"Naruto, what am I doing wrong?"

Naruto wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and finally calmed down enough to answer her. "You have almost as much chakra as I do C.C., so it's natural that you're having a harder time controlling it. The first time I learned this, it took me almost three days. You're using too much chakra, and you haven't once had an instant where you used too little. That makes it easier, since it's harder to use more chakra than tone down the amount you use now. Just keep at it. This isn't even the hardest exercise to master yet."

C.C. took in his words of advice and turned back to the wall, glaring at it as if it was her sworn enemy. She took her hands and formed the ram seal once more, concentrating chakra to the soles of her feet. She spun the kunai ring around on her right pointer finger and charged up the wall. She quickly passed her previous mark and made it to the ceiling before her foot cracked the wall once more.

She quickly back flipped down, landing on the ground in a dignified crouch for the first time today. She turned around to hear Naruto applauding her result, which sent a warm feeling rushing through her. Only after she had mastered the three main chakra control exercises, did Naruto feel she was ready to learn ninjutsu. So he spent the next several months teaching C.C. every ninjutsu he could, from the Shadow Clone Jutsu, to the various elemental ninjutsu he knew, as well as the ones Jiraiya had the forethought to write down in his large scroll.

Only after C.C. had learned and mastered everything else, did Naruto start instructing her on how to use the Rasengan and infuse an element into it. She also preferred wind and was still trying to replicate the effects of the Futon: Rasenshuriken with little success. Only after Naruto was satisfied with her progress did he give her a kodachi to call her own. He had practiced with the Creation of All Things technique by making small things, like parts, food, and basic weapons to get a better understanding of how the technique worked and he quickly found that the more he used it the more taxing it was on his chakra reserves so he settled for using a few times a day.

Suffice to say; teaching her kenjutsu was far easier than teaching her ninjutsu, since she seemed to already have some skill with a sword. However, while her strikes had fluidity and grace to them, there was no discernible style or pattern. She was fighting with reactions and instincts, and Naruto had to beat that out of her before she could learn to really fight with kenjutsu on the level of a master.


A knocking at the door awoke Naruto from his sleep and he grumbled as he sat up. "The bastard on the other side of this door better have a good reason for waking me up…"

Naruto opened the door and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to find C.C. standing outside in a white nightgown looking very disturbed. "C.C.?"

There was a look of horror and fear in her eyes that he could only say resembled the look one had when experiencing Tsukuyomi at Uchiha Itachi's hands. He quickly stepped aside and she entered wordlessly, sitting down on the edge of his bed and staring off into the distance. He sat beside her and felt her wrap her arms around his midsection tightly. He knew what was bothering her.

She was watching his Shadow Clone in a Britannian research facility, somewhere in a place called Area 11 which was actually formerly called Japan, the same country that Rakshata mentioned, being experimented on and tortured. C.C., with her newly gained confidence and power, was afraid she could lose it all again. To have control over her own life was of the utmost importance to her, and now she was seeing what would have happened if Naruto had not arrived. Naruto, who was used to such sights from Sasuke and Kakashi who experience the effects of Tsukuyomi, merely felt a sense of detached apathy to the horrific sights.

"C.C., I'll protect you with my life. I promise you this will not happen to you, and I never go back on my word."

She looked up at him, Rinnegan meeting Rinnegan, and saw only determination in his eyes. "Can I stay here tonight?"

He thought it over for a moment, having never been asked that question before, before nodding silently and allowed her to pull him down on the bed as he brought the blankets back over the both of them. "Just close your eyes and focus only on me. Ignore everything that you see and just remember that I'm here."

She closed her eyes and held onto him tighter, and finally allowed herself to rest, comforted in the fact that not only could she fight back now, but that Naruto would be there to save her if it wasn't enough.

Every night for several weeks saw C.C. heading to Naruto's room to get a good night's rest, until finally it became something desired rather than required. She had long since past the point where she needed to be held in his arms to get a full night's rest, but the feeling was quite addictive and she would not willingly part with it.

Naruto wasn't sure what to call them. At first, they hadn't actually done anything more than hold each other while sleeping, but on impulse one morning, he had pressed his lips to hers. She had not been angry, or even irritated. She merely smiled and headed into the bathroom to shower.

And he was sure she put something extra into the sway of her hips while doing so.

From there, things began to change. It started with little things, like holding hands while making their way through the complex, or a massage when the muscles had been strained by a particularly strenuous day of training. That became eating dinner alone in the mess hall after everyone else had long since gone to sleep. And then on his birthday, when she revealed to him her real name, they had finally realized what they were.




Naruto held his kodachi against C.C.'s and glanced over his shoulder where Rakshata was rushing into the gym.

He pulled his blade away and sheathed it over his shoulder while C.C. did the same with the sheath on her left hip. "What's the problem Rakshata-san?"

"Britannian Knightmares were spotted approaching our facility this morning. They were quickly taken care of, but the pilots were aware of you two. Naturally we couldn't let them leave and report back that the one they have in Japan is a fake, so we brought them inside. I'll leave their fate up to you."

Naruto nodded gratefully. "Thanks, we'll take care of them now. How's the progress on our Knightmares coming?"

"Even with the Core Radiance, progress is slow. Your Knightmares will be the best. I guarantee that, but finding out what we can do with chakra to make that happen is time-consuming. The engineers say that at best, it will be another two months before we begin finalizing them. My expectations though, and those are never wrong, say that it will be five months before you'll have them ready for combat." Rakshata informed him.

Naruto sighed and nodded in understanding. "Alright. Keep us posted. And thanks for the warning about those pilots."

Rakshata nodded and walked out of the gym, heading back to the research and development lab to try and see if she could decipher the handwriting on those notes she and Cecil Croomy had passed back in forth at the Imperial Colchester Institute. She could have sworn Cecile said something about wings.

Naruto watched her walk out before turning to face C.C. "How do you want to deal with these pilots?"

"I'd like to test a theory on them."


Naruto sighed impatiently as he leaned against the wall outside the room holding the prisoners. C.C. had said nothing of this theory of hers and had been inside for almost four hours now. Rakshata was sitting on a bench beside him, typing in commands on her laptop to work out the details for some new aspect of their Knightmare frames.

C.C. finally walked out of the room and motioned for Naruto to enter it now. "Dispose of the bodies please. It'll save us a lot of trouble in the long run."

Naruto, already having an idea of what was inside, nodded and headed into the room to burn the dead bodies.

What he didn't expect to see however, was a set of Rinnegan in the eyes of half of the prisoners, while the other half bore the Geass insignia in one of their eyes. "How did she…?"

He shook that thought aside for later and blurred his hands through a set of five hand signs. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" He blew out a large fireball from his mouth, incinerating the bodies and leaving piles of ash on the floor.

As soon as Naruto walked back out, he headed over to C.C. and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Did you give those men the Rinnegan and Geass?"

"Of course I did. And here I was just starting to believe you might be intelligent." C.C. teased with a faint smirk on her face. "You're the one who told me that we would each create our six paths in different ways. Apparently you do so with Shadow Clones, while I have to bestow the Rinnegan upon people I find worthy of becoming one of my six paths."

Naruto had discovered early on that whenever he created a Shadow Clone, or the first six Shadow Clones if he made a large amount, they all carried the Rinnegan. Those six would each have one of the Rinnegan's unique abilities and wouldn't dispel to anything less than a lethal hit. Furthermore, they had the exact same amount of chakra as him, and had his high speed regeneration as well, while any other Shadow Clones still had divided chakra amounts and dispelled upon the first hit. That healing ability was the only thing keeping his last Shadow Clone, held captive in Area 11 by Britannia, alive.

Though her Code was gone, the fusion of Geass and Rinnegan had left C.C. in a unique situation. Even though Naruto had taught her the Shadow Clone Jutsu, she couldn't replicate the results with her Rinnegan. It took three hours of experimentation and trial and error before C.C. found out she could bestow the Rinnegan or Geass onto other living beings, but not both or a combination of the two as she and Naruto had. Any person receiving a Rinnegan from her was connected to both herself and Naruto, and could deactivate it at will, unlike the two of them who had theirs permanently active.

However, that person would only be able to utilize a single ability, whereas she and Naruto could use all six themselves. She wasn't sure if someone who had been given the Rinnegan shared the immortality that she and Naruto possessed, but she suspected that wasn't the case. Finally, a person who had received a Geass from her could have their abilities cancelled or reversed if she so desired.

"Wait, you can give people those eyes of yours? Then why not make me one of your paths?" Rakshata asked curiously.

As the months went on she learned more about Naruto and C.C. including C.C.'s ability to give people a power called Geass and she was just as interested in it as Naruto's powers. She had hoped to study this power, to understand it and see where it had come from and what better way to learn than to experience it herself? C.C. and Naruto shared a glance that said more than real words ever could. It made sense, and this woman was building their Knightmares for free already.

Not to mention, having the woman who created them able to see any possible problems that might arise when they were taken out for combat could save their lives one day.

C.C. turned back to Rakshata and nodded. "Fine. I'll start with you as my first path. Just keep in mind that this will cause you unimaginable pain for the first few minutes."

The Indian scientist blinked slowly, taken aback at the bluntness of that statement for a moment. "And why is that?"

"Because you don't have a chakra circulatory system right now." Naruto cut in. "The Rinnegan needs chakra to be used, so your body will be forced to create a chakra circulatory system from scratch. And as C.C. said, that's not going to be pleasant."

Rakshata tapped the tip of her pipe against her lip in thought before she shrugged. "What's a little pain for something that promises to be highly amusing? Let's go to the med bay before we try it though."


It was, as promised, an extremely painful experience for Rakshata. However, she only screamed once before she managed to control herself and grit her teeth for the rest of it. When it was completed, Rakshata had gained the Rinnegan, and carried the ability of the Human Path, or the power to read information from a person's mind through contact, as well as extract their soul. Her vision was linked to both C.C. and Naruto, which meant she was also observing the Britannian Research Facility that Naruto's Shadow Clone was being held captive in.

Thanks to Naruto's assistance in providing Shadow Clones for her, she was able to practice her new-found ability by trying to read the minds of his clones. Her ultimate goal was to be able to read minds without extracting the soul unless she wanted it to happen.

Naruto was not fond of the feeling of having a soul extracted, as transmitted to him by his Shadow Clone.

However Rakshata was not a genius for nothing and she finally figured out a way to circumvent the soul extraction. Simply pressing her hand to a person's head did nothing. She had to manually activate the power by channeling chakra to both her eyes and hand. When she was finished, she simply had to stop the flow of chakra to those two areas before lifting her hand up. In order to fully perfect the technique, Rakshata had been put through chakra control exercises.

And C.C. was more than happy to watch her fall over and over again.


Naruto ducked under a swing aimed at his head, as he brought his kodachi up to slice his opponent's arm off. C.C. wasn't going to let that happen however, and reversed her grip on her own blade and swung it down, meeting Naruto's with a loud clang, and trying to press forward. Try as she might, she could not press the blade lock to her advantage. However, neither could Naruto, and she felt proud that her physical regime placed her on even grounds with her love.

He broke off the sword lock so suddenly, that C.C. stumbled forward from the lack of an opposite force against her blade.

Naruto took this moment to step around behind her, and place the edge of his blade against her throat. "I win again."

C.C. blew the strands of her green hair out of her eyes, and sheathed her kodachi on her waist. "The record is 51 and 49. That's probably as close as anyone will get to beating you."

"Funny. The same thing happened with my sensei and his 'eternal rival'. Come on. Let's get some breakfast and meet up with Rakshata to see our completed Knightmares." Naruto said with a smile, holding out his hand to help her up.

She took his hand, using it to stand up, but did not let him go as they made their way into the mess hall. Scientists and soldiers they met along the way offered them cheerful greetings, each one having gotten to know the duo to some extent in the last nine months. By now, the people serving food had learned to have at least six bowls of piping hot ramen waiting for Naruto when he arrived, as well as a full pizza for C.C.

They had only just sat down, when Rakshata joined them at their table, smiling at them with success. Naruto sighed, denied the enjoyment of his ramen for a few minutes as he started discussing the improvements Rakshata had made. C.C. on the other hand, felt no desire to stop eating her delicious pizza, and simply let Naruto handle the discussion. After all, she had already done a favor for the intelligent Indian scientist by granting her the Rinnegan.

Finished with her meal, she waited for Naruto to thoroughly devour the bowls of ramen in front of him before allowing Rakshata to lead them to the launch bay where their personal Knightmares were stored. It seemed she really wanted to play up the drama, as the lights were all off, and both towering figures were covered by a large black sheet.

"Hm?"C.C. stopped suddenly, and glanced at Naruto who nodded.

The Shadow Clone's view had changed. It was being moved inside a large circular canister that was stored inside a truck. Britannia was moving 'her' somewhere else.

"Are you two ready to see my masterpieces, my most beautiful and talented children? Those new cores you two created have made this all possible. However, I've had a few of my pilots run simulation tests in them, and not a single one got above 1% power output. I don't think anyone but you two can use them." Rakshata said impressed.

Naruto nodded, having expected something like that. "We put our own chakra into them, and it runs through every part of the frame, assuming you followed our specifications to the letter. Once we're inside, they'll pretty much be our bodies. Frankly, I'm surprised those pilots got even that much."

"Nothing short of excellence is good enough to be in my employ. Now, let's start with C.C.'s Knightmare, as I want to save yours for last. C.C., allow me to introduce you to…Shinryoku."

The launch bay's spotlights turned on over one of the Knightmare frames as cables released the black sheet over it. Shinryoku turned out to be a large sixteen-foot Knightmare with a dark forest green and black color design. The armor on its chest, arms and legs seemed both durable and ornamental, with three Factsphere Sensors in total, one on each shoulder and the third directly on the chest.

The landspinner propulsion systems were folded directly into the back of the leg, rather than just resting beside or against them. The head was covered with a leaf-shaped spike that hung down slightly over the face, with the point positioned between the two narrowed eyes. Shinryoku had a total of four slash harkens, one on each side of the chest, and one on the top of each wrist.

On the underside of each wrist was an ejector port that carried Shinryoku's main weapons: Harken Fans. The large battle fans were comprised of ten flat slash Harken blades all connected together by Rakshata's ingenious creation: the Section Booster. With it, C.C. would be able to launch the slash Harken blades one at a time, in small groups, or all ten at once. Alternatively, the Harken Fans could be used as slashing weapons against other Knightmares due to their usage of MVS technology while combined.

The palm of each hand had a circular emitter that would be used for any chakra based attacks, but Rakshata had taken it a step further and implemented radiant wave technology into it as well. Attached to the Shinryoku's left hip was a long MVS kodachi in a brilliant black and green sheath. Finally, on the back were two large green joints that were currently folded down together. Rakshata smiled proudly as she boasted about how she had managed to do what other Knightmare designers had been trying to do for years. She had given Knightmares flight.

C.C. was staring up at her new Knightmare frame with pride until she was snapped out of her admiration by Rakshata, who handed her the key shaped like a green leaf resembling the symbol on Naruto's hitai-ate and a pair of black and green gloves.

"What are these for?" C.C. asked.

"Those are gloves I designed specifically for you two. While wearing them, you can send chakra from your own body into your Knightmare, or control the flow, shape, and element of the Knightmare's chakra for ninjutsu. That will eliminate the need for hand signs thankfully, so you don't need to stop moving your Knightmare while attacking."

C.C. and Naruto both looked impressed at the gloves, as C.C. slipped them on. She could instantly feel her chakra flowing into and through these gloves, and knew it would be a simple matter to send that chakra into her Knightmare.

"Now then Naruto, let me introduce you to my masterpiece. I proudly present to you…Seizan!" With a sweeping gesture of her hand, the second set of spotlights activated over the remaining Knightmare frame, and the cables holding up the black sheet disengaged.

Seizan was a larger eighteen-foot Knightmare utilizing a dark blue and black color scheme. It appeared that Seizan and Shinryoku had intended to be built as twins, with only a few differences between them. The height and color were two of the more obvious ones, but Seizan also had six slash harkens instead of four on it. There was one on each shoulder, one on each side of the chest, and one on top of each wrist.

Like Shinryoku, there was an ejector port on the underside of each wrist, though these brought out a pair of MVS daggers shaped like his father's Hiraishin kunai. A nigh indestructible cable was attached to the ring at the base of the kunai, which was powered by an internal Harken booster. The kunai could be ejected or retracted near instantaneously, thrown into an enemy Knightmare, or kept in Seizan's hands for melee purposes. Unfortunately, due to the sturdy, inflexible material the cable was made of, the MVS daggers could only be thrown in straight paths.

Seizan also had an energy emitter on the palm of each hand, and a pair of MVS kodachi attached to either side of the cockpit. Naruto was eager to see the combination of chakra and radiant wave energy when used in ninjutsu. Finally, like Shinryoku, Seizan had a pair of joints on the back that were currently folded down.

"So? What do you think, Naruto? Are you impressed by my brilliance?" Rakshata asked with a smirk, as she handed him his key, which was shaped like a dark blue lightning bolt and a pair of gloves which were black and blue.

"I'm astounded. They look amazing, and way more powerful than those Sutherlands Britannia used." Naruto replied, staring up at the face of his new Knightmare as he slipped on his own gloves.

"Britannia doesn't provide excellent Knightmares for its common soldiers. It reserves the best for the Knights of the Round, and the royal family. However, having not personally seen either of those two groups in combat, I can't say with any degree of certainty how you two would fare against them." Rakshata finished slightly worried.

After having created such beautiful children, she would be furious if anyone dared ruin them in combat.

"That's the fun of battle isn't it? Pitting the best you have against your enemy and seeing who will emerge victorious." Naruto and C.C. walked over to their Knightmares and started ascending via the lifts to the cockpit.

Both of the Knightmares utilized a motorcycle-style seat, rather than the upright position Britannia preferred for their Knightmares. As soon as Naruto inserted his key and entered in his code, he felt Seizan thrumming with power. The chakra powering this frame, via something resembling a chakra circulatory system, was coursing through him as well, by his hands grasping the controls. As the Knightmare came fully online, he noticed he was seeing through another point of view, and realized that he was seeing through his Knightmare's eyes as well.

That was until C.C.'s Knightmare came online, which added his 6th total point of view.

Rakshata swelled with pride as she saw the Rinnegan appear in the eyes of the two Knightmare frames. She wasn't sure if Naruto's theory would work, but now that it had, she was hoping to personally see the carnage they would wreak. The wing joints on each Knightmare unfolded to reveal a set of energy wings. Seizan had a total of six dark blue energy feathers on each wing, while Shinryoku had five dark green feathers on each wing.

Naruto was about to power down his Knightmare and go celebrate with some ramen until a burst of information filled his mind.

He thumbed the button to the com system and opened a channel between Seizan and Shinryoku. "C.C. my Shadow Clone is about to summon you to his location. It looks like he's got some boy with him as well. What's weird though is that my Shadow Clones suggests granting this kid a Geass."

That brought forth a thoughtful hum from C.C. Naruto's Shadow Clone possessed a higher level of individual thought and personality than the standard quality, and thus could come to their own decisions or conclusions that Naruto himself would reach eventually. She was inspecting the boy through her connected vision and Naruto sensed emotions of recognition from her.

"You know him?" Naruto asked.

"He's the son of the late Marianne vi Britannia, fifth wife of the Emperor and a member of the Knights of the Round." C.C. answered with a small grin. "I've known about him since the day he was born. He was sent to Japan along with his sister as political hostages after their mother was killed and it seems he's managed to survive all this time. To think him of all people might be getting a Geass, this is very interesting."

The boy was younger than Naruto, and appeared to be nothing more than a twig. There didn't seem to be any muscle on him at all. Still though, the fact that Naruto's Shadow Clone was asking her to grant him of all people to grant him a Geass was a little funny and she wondered if this was Fate setting this up for them. Only a few moments later she felt a distant pull in her body and allowed it to take her.

What she didn't expect was for Shinryoku to be pulled along as well

Rakshata openly gaped as she saw both her precious Knightmare and C.C. vanish in a massive plume of smoke that quickly filled the launch bay. Coughing, she staggered over to the emergency hatch release and all but slammed her hand down on the button. The bay doors slid down, allowing the smoke to be drawn out of the building. As soon as the smoke was gone, she was about to reseal the door, but stopped as she figured Naruto would likely be going in the same way.

Naruto blinked. Once. Twice. Three times in shock.

Then a massive grin appeared on his face. "Oh if our Knightmares can be summoned, we could appear anywhere on the battlefield at a moment's notice."

He watched interestedly as C.C. in her Knightmare appeared in some underground tunnel, with his clone and the boy behind her while a small group of soldiers was in front of her. Wait never mind, she stepped on them. Apparently she was disembarking from Shinryoku and walked over to the boy. Not for the first time, was he cursing the lack of sound to go along with the sight.

Apparently the boy was getting pretty heated in his conversation with C.C., who merely looked bored.

It seemed she had relented, for she pressed a finger against his forehead, and granted him the power of Geass. The boy was clutching his forehead in pain for at least a minute, until he stood up straight with a glowing red sigil in his left eye. It was at that moment that a Sutherland came crashing through the opposite wall, with its rifle aimed directly at the group. His Shadow Clone sped through the five hand signs for the Kuchiyose no Jutsu, bringing a smirk to his face.

It was time to introduce Britannia to Uzumaki Naruto.