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Smoke rose up into the sky, almost creating clouds that would have eaten the sky and blocked out the sun but that did not dampen the mood of the people. Cheers from over thousands of people echoed as the fighting ended and they came out of their shelters, celebrating with the soldiers who had fought on their behalf. Flags of Britannia were being torn down as the people of Area Eleven, Japan rejoiced their new found freedom and hailed the man who saved them and led his army to victory:

Zero and the Black Knights.

Leading his forces Zero defeated Cornelia li Britannia and took over the Government Bureau, establishing it as his new headquarters, his soldiers capturing and arresting any remaining Britannian soldiers and bureaucrats, imprisoning them down below in the holding cells. Among them were Cornelia li Britannia, her knight Guilford, the Glaston Knights who managed to survive but were captured by Zero's knights, Lloyd Asplund along with Cecile Croomy, Rai and Suzaku Kururugi. When word of Cornelia and the bureau's capture resistance from the remaining Britannian forces had been effectively crippled and any survivors had either fled or surrendered.

The battle had been costly but luckily Zero's strategy involved sparing much of the infrastructure for the Black Knights to use in the takeover.

Lelouch was in Cornelia's office, looking through her files on everything regarding Japan and information on the homeland. Specifically he was looking for battle plans, fleet deployments, military records, and everything else he could find and use against Britannia when the time was right.

'Everything I need is right here. Cornelia knew reinforcements would be coming and purposely leaked it to try lure me in and either capture or kill me. An effective plan but she didn't count me using my Geass to turn the battlefield against her. The Pacific fleet will be on the way to try recapture the settlement and with our forces low from the early battle it will not be easy to counter. At least not without Naruto and C.C. using their full powers out in the open.' Lelouch frowned, his mind racing. 'I'll need to make an effective strategy and quick. I better speak with the others.'

A ring on the phone, Cornelia's personal phone earned his attention and he answered. "Yes, this is Zero."

"Zero, or should I call you Lelouch?"

Lelouch's eyes widened as he gripped the phone. "Who is this?"

"Don't remember me, Lulu. That's hurtful after I spent so much time with you back at Areas Villa."

That voice…

"Nonnette." Lelouch whispered, remembering the infamous Knight from his childhood. "How did you-"

"Did you think I wouldn't predict you would take Nelly's office as your own? Come on Lulu, it's like you don't know me at all." The woman laughed.

"So you knew…But how?" Lelouch whispered, glancing at the door.

"Lulu, I think we need a little talk."


Kallen almost spent the whole morning smiling.

It had been a long battle but they had won.

They had defeated Britannia and took back their country.

That thought alone made her so happy, something she had not truly felt in a long time. She came up to the door to the office Lelouch was using and knocked on it.

"Zero?" Kallen asked, remembering to be careful about Zero's true identity. "Zero are you there?"

She slowly opened the door and peeked inside, seeing the room completely empty. Kallen stepped in and looked around, seeing it was luxurious and fancy looking as she had come to expect from Britannian décor.

"Guess he stepped out." Kallen said, looking around the room.

However her ears perked up when she heard water splashing from the private bathroom this office had.

"Hm?" Kallen walked over to the door and knocked on it. "Zero is that you?"

There was the sound of shuffling and suddenly the door opened.

"Ze-AAHH!" Kallen jumped and screamed, her face going complete red like her hair.

The reason why?

C.C. was standing at the door, soaking wet from head to toe, looking annoyed and didn't have a single bit of clothing on her. "Looking for someone?"

"Why are you naked?!" Kallen spun around to not look at the naked immortal who stood shamelessly at the door.

C.C. raised an eyebrow. "It's a bathroom with a large bath inside. Is it hard to figure out or do you just now shower?" She smirked at the dirty pilot suit Kallen had worn for two days now. "Considering how dirty you look I guess you don't even use that large bathroom back at your house."

Kallen sputtered and growled.

"Come on, Cera. Leave her alone." Naruto's voice came from behind.

Kallen glanced her shoulder and her face was even redder as Naruto came out, only he was wearing a towel so at least he knew the meaning of modesty.

C.C. sounded annoyed. "I told you not to call me that around other people."

"Kallen's not other people, she's one of your contractors. And let's not forget even if things are different now you're as much human as I am no matter what you say or believe." Naruto retorted but not unkindly.

"Be that as it may she still interrupted us and I don't kindly to that." C.C. said, looking at Kallen with a grin. "I guess we'll have to just punish her."

"Excuse me?" Kallen turned around, glaring at C.C. but still blushed since the green haired former Code-Bearer made no attempt to cover herself. "Punish me?"

"Yes. Since you interrupted us during our cleaning time I as your contractor order to get in here so we can clean you up properly. You have some nerve walking around all dirty like that, especially since you are a fellow contractor. Since you have no form of personal hygiene I guess we'll have to clean you ourselves." C.C. explained, her grin turning into a sadistic smirk.

Kallen glared at the former immortal. "I'm not going to join in some orgy!"

"I think we're done anyway, Cera." Naruto stepped away from the door, knowing C.C. well enough what to expect.

"I'm not." C.C. said and grabbed Kallen by the collar of her pilot suit.

"Hey-" The red head tried to pull her hand off but C.C. used her enhanced strength to pull Kallen into the bathroom and shut the door.

There was a scream and then a splashing sound followed by the sounds of struggling as Kallen shouted curses at C.C who was silent but Naruto watched as water leaked out from under the door.

Then again Naruto wasn't sure he wanted to know what his green haired girlfriend was doing.

"Honestly, that girl…" Naruto sighed at C.C. and her antics.

It didn't help that C.C. was sharing her vision with him and the others of her washing Kallen from head to toe.


Rakshata raised an eyebrow as she leaned back on her couch, originally looking over the data for the Lancelot and the Club with an amused grin. "Well…A victory followed by some morning entertainment."


Sayoko sighed as she cut herself out the shared vision. "Some things should not be shared."

Nunnally giggled. "C.C. really has no boundaries."


Euphemia was thankful that Lelouch allowed her to visit the holding cells and thankful that she wouldn't need an escort. This was a personal matter and she didn't want anyone aside from those close to her hearing what might be said. She opened the door to her sister's cell and was thankful to see her older sister was badly hurt in any way and her wounds were even bandaged. She was tied to a chair but not in any way that left her uncomfortable.

"Sister." Euphemia smiled as Cornelia's head shot up and nearly teared up seeing her.

"Euphy." Cornelia whispered as Euphemia came up and hugged her. "I was so worried about you."

"Not as much as I should have been about you. I was not in the heart of the battlefield." Euphemia replied, still hugging Cornelia. "I'm glad you weren't hurt too badly."

"Euphie…Did you know Lelouch was Zero?" Cornelia asked.

Euphemia pulled away and looked her sister in the eye. "Yes. I suspected since the incident at Kawaguchi and then I saw him on Kamine Island."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Cornelia cried out. "Didn't I deserve to know?! Do you know what he's done as Zero?"

"I wanted to…But I didn't want Lelouch and Nunnally to be put in danger. Lelouch, he still hurts from his mother's death. He blamed the Royal Family for his mother's death and it was only Nunnally keeping him from doing what he had done sooner." Euphemia explained.

"Nunnally, is she all right?" Cornelia asked, anxious to know of her other little sister.

Euphemia nodded. "She is doing so well. She is no longer blind and crippled. She found someone to heal her of the injuries that our own people refused to do. She no longer cares about the dealings of the Homeland and the Royal Family."

"Does she know about Lelouch?" Cornelia asked.

"I believe so…Nunnally would be able to see through her brother no matter what deception he would try."

"And Clovis? Why did Lelouch murder him? Clovis was as close to him and Nunnally as we were." Cornelia questioned.

Euphemia became sad. "I didn't ask…But Lelouch held Clovis in contempt for his actions in Shinjuku. I didn't want to believe it but he claimed Clovis ordered the massacre of all its people because he was afraid of being disowned by Father."

Cornelia shook her head in denial. "That's impossible…Clovis wouldn't do such a thing. He wouldn't have what it takes to do such a thing."

"I didn't want to believe you would do the same in Saitama but you did, Sister." Euphemia countered sadly. "I never condoned Lelouch's actions but I understood them after I was betrayed."

"Betrayed? At the Special Zone? Suzaku claimed it was a trick." Cornelia replied.

Euphemia closer her eyes and looked away. "I tried to tell him it wasn't a trick but he didn't believe me. It was all true. Lelouch and I were attacked and they attempted to frame him for my death but they failed and then they tried to kill him on stage to start a revolt from the Japanese who believed I was to blame. If not for Lelouch and his friends we would have died in the Special Zone…I couldn't forgive myself for letting such a thing happen when I was the one who proposed the zone and I couldn't hope to keep it from happening again after I gave up my claim to the throne."

"You what?!" Cornelia gasped. "Why would you do that?!"

"Because I don't care about the throne." Euphemia looked her sister in the eyes. "I never once held an interest in gaining the throne. I never cared about our father's policies. I wanted the zone to exist to end the fighting between you and Lelouch. He was going to agree to help me but the choice I made condemned me."

"Euphie…" Cornelia trailed off as she digested her sister's words.

"That was when I decided if I could not save our brother from the fighting…I would at least stand with him. I wanted to be by his side and remind him he was not alone." Euphemia stood up. "Lelouch killed Clovis, yes but he wouldn't have done so without good reason and he would never lie to me. It breaks my heart to know Clovis intentionally murdered so many people for no good reason but at least I know the truth. If Lelouch stopped caring about us he would have killed me at Kawaguchi and he would have killed you as well, sister. Please, try to understand what has happened before you judge him.

I will be back for you but I have to see someone else."

Cornelia watched in stunned silence as Euphemia walked out of the cell, sending a smile before the door closed.

Her older sister was actually the easier.

Now comes the hard part.

She approached the door to Suzaku's cell and opened it, looking inside and seeing Suzaku strabbed to a chair like her sister.

He looked up and his face lit up with shock and happiness when he saw her. "Euphie."

Euphemia smiled as she walked forward. "Suzaku, are you all right?"

Suzaku looked over, seeing her wearing a black and silver dress that fit her well and noticed the Black Knight's symbol sewn into the chest, above the heart. "Euphie, what has he done to you?"

"Suzaku?" Euphemia said.

"Did he force you to join the Black Knights?" Suzaku quickly asked.

"Force me? Suzaku, I am here by choice. I wanted to see you." Euphemia replied.

"Euphie, you have to get me out. We have to get out and stop Zero. He'll kill you and everyone else to get what he wants!" Suzaku said, struggling against his bonds. "We have to go! Stop him! Stop him before he plunges this country into never ending war!"

"Suzaku…" Euphemia stepped back. "Zero would never hurt me or you."

"Yes he would! Look at what he's done! He's going to kill so many people if he's not stopped! Please Euphie, try to see through his lies!" Suzaku exclaimed.

"He's my brother!" Euphemia cried out, causing Suzaku to stop. "My brother…Lelouch is Zero and he would never hurt me."

Suzaku's eyes were wide as dinner plates as he stared at Euphemia in shock.

"I know who he is…I've known since Kamine Island and that is why I wanted to create the Special Zone. I wanted to end the fighting for him and for our sister Nunnally. I wanted us to come together and be a family again.

But then I was betrayed and I nearly got him killed so I surrendered to him and went to be with him and Nunnally." Euphemia explained, trying to get through to Suzaku.



Euphemia stepped back, her form trembling at the pure rage Suzaku was emitting as he thrashed against his bonds.


Euphemia couldn't take it anymore.

She turned and ran, shutting the door behind her and just ran, tears slipping down her cheeks.

This couldn't be real.

She thought Suzaku would understand.

But he became so different.

She tried to reason with him but all he did was become enraged, becoming like some sort of rabid animal motivated by some sort of primal rage.

She couldn't see anything of the Suzaku she thought she knew in those maddened eyes.

She couldn't see the one she thought she loved.

And that made it all the more heartbreaking for her.

She could only run away as far as she could.

Away from Suzaku.

Away from the rage.

Away from the one she thought she knew.

The one she thought she loved.


"That girl's really something else sometimes." Naruto said, having gotten dressed and left the office.

Of course he left a bathrobe for Kallen to use given that her pilot suit would absolutely soaked or wrecked by the end of it and because C.C. wouldn't care for such things. He just hoped the two didn't destroy the entire building, especially since even though the battle was over the war was just beginning.


Naruto stopped and looked up just in time as Euphemia ran straight down the hall and slammed into him because she wasn't looking completely. "OOF!"

Naruto fell onto his back with Euphemia on top of him and she looked up at him, showing her own tear stained face. "Nar-Naruto?"

"Whoa, Euphie? You okay." Naruto instinctively hugged Euphemia after seeing she had been crying. "Have you been crying? What's wrong?"

"It-its Suzaku…" Euphemia buried her face into Naruto's shoulder as she started to tear up again. "I went to see him and he thought Lelouch was controlling me! He got angry and started screaming, saying Lelouch was going to kill me and that I was being manipulated into joining him!"

Naruto scowled as he hugged Euphemia a little tighter and let her cry. 'Suzaku you asshole. This girl…She had feelings for you and you pissed all over it because your stupidity.'

It was like watching Sasuke and Sakura all over again.

Euphemia had feelings for Suzaku before, the two of them getting close but Suzaku became too focused on trying to fight the Black Knights, all in the same of some form justice of a country that built its fortune on the backs of others and warped sense of peace that was being forced on everyone who didn't agree. Honestly it made Naruto want to go down to Suzaku's cell and beat the living shit out of him for refusing to open his eyes and understand why the Japanese and everyone else enslaved by Britannia fought for their freedom.

And for breaking this Euphie's heart.

Suzaku was a really nice guy at school but he focused too much on what he believed to be right and considered everything else wrong. He believed he was helping everyone but it still robbed people of their lives and dreams to say nothing of the people who fought back for their own people and ideals.

Suzaku was basically forcing his beliefs on others and saw no wrong in that.

Naruto sighed as helped Euphemia to her feet. "Come on, let's get you something."

Naruto led Euphemia back into the officer, Cornelia's former office and saw Kallen sitting at a chair in the corner, wearing the bathrobe he had left for her and was glaring daggers at C.C. who wore a simple towel to cover herself.

Not that she cared if she did or not.

"Oh, bringing in a third girl are we, Naruto?" C.C. said with a teasing grin.

"Not now, Cera. Our princess here just had a bad encounter with Suzaku." Naruto said as he brought Euphemia over to the nice chair her sister used and sat her down.

Kallen glanced at the saddened look on Euphemia's face. "What happened?"

Naruto scowled. "He accused her of being manipulated by Lelouch and screamed out that he was going to kill her and everyone around her."

Kallen cast a sympathetic glance at Euphemia. "He said that? What's his problem?"

"To be fair he was likely deceived by a lie told to him by V.V." C.C. commented, examining her finger nails.

"V.V.?" Kallen asked.

"The little shrimp tried to abducting Nunnally from Ashford Academy but quickly found out how much of a bad idea that was. We have him locked up somewhere and fortunately unlike me he only has immortality and the ability to grant Geass, nothing else." C.C. said with a smirk. "Knowing him he likely told Suzaku about Geass and made him think the incident at the Special Administrative Zone was caused by Zero using Geass to manipulate the outcome."

"Geass?" Euphemia asked, perking up at the conversation. "What is Geass?"

Naruto sighed. "A long story, Euphie. A very long story. Anyways Suzaku is not going to be convinced anytime soon and he likely knows about Lelouch."

"Does it matter if he does?" C.C. asked rhetorically. "The Japanese will no doubt see him as a traitor now. Why would they believe a word he says? And if he somehow makes it back to Britannia it won't matter because Charles will tell him to keep his mouth shut."

"Wait…What do you mean by that?" Euphemia asked, staring at C.C. "Does my father know about Lelouch?"

"He's likely known since Zero's debut." C.C. shrugged. "Charles is many things, randy as a rabbit on steroids being one of them."

Naruto shuddered in disgust along with Kallen while Euphemia actually twitched an eye at that comment.

"There's no way he wouldn't have suspected Lelouch being Zero and it's also likely he's been watching everything closely while letting Cornelia and V.V. do all the dirty work." C.C. continued. "He won't make any moves yet, especially with V.V. captured. He'll need to keep an eye on the Geass Order since V.V. is not around as their leader anymore."

"Meaning we have some time to figure out what our next move is before they launch a full scale counter attack." Naruto replied.

Kallen glanced at Naruto. "A counter-attack?"

"You didn't think Britannia was just going to take this lying down, did you? They're probably sending an invasion fleet to take back the country as we speak." Naruto answered.

Euphemia sadly agreed. "Yes, they likely have. It will no doubt be the Pacific Fleet, led by Schneizel."

"So what do we do? Where's Lelouch?" Kallen stood up.

Naruto frowned. "Good question."

He must have slipped away for some reason but he had no idea where the former prince might have gone. He could just sense Lelouch's Geass signature but to be honest Naruto wanted to hold off on that because he wanted to speak with Suzaku.

And he also wanted to speak with Rai as well.

"Lulu has the kunai Naruto gave him so if he is in dangerous and we are not so helpless without out him." C.C. said dismissively. "We'll just start preparing for the coming invasion."


Lelouch followed Nonnette's instructions came down into a tunnel underneath the government bureau and sure enough saw her standing in the tunnel, waiting for him.

"Hi, Lulu." Nonnette waved at him.

"Nonnette." Lelouch said, readying his Geass, not even bothering to change out of his Zero outfit. "I should have known you'd evade capture."

"And I should have guess you were Zero." Nonnette stated, her smile fading slightly. "It was all there. The vendetta against Homeland and the Royal Family, the skills and familiarity with our tactics, and your refusal to harm Euphie or Nelly."

"You suspected me?" Lelouch asked.

"I saw you at the carnival at Ashford with Nunnally and Euphie. I knew if she refused to tell Nelly it had to be because you didn't want to be found." Nonnette smirked. "Clovis and Nelly weren't doing their job if they didn't check Ashford Academy, a school run by the very family who supported Lady Marianne."

"And when you suspected me of being Zero." Lelouch stated.

"At the Special Zone, the way you protected Euphie." Nonnette frowned. "Is what Kururugi said true? Did you set it up?"

Lelouch shook his head. "No, I didn't. Euphie actually convinced me with work with her but I should have suspected that something like that would happen."

"You mean like what happened with your mother?"

Lelouch scowled. "My mother was murdered and the Emperor knew who did it but he didn't care. He just sent me and Nunnally away, not caring that he was sending us into a warzone."

"And Clovis? You murdered your own brother." Nonnette stated.

"Clovis was trying to preform research on live human beings and when he was afraid of his secret getting out he ordered the people in Shinjuku to be killed. No matter what he believed there was no excuse for that." Lelouch retorted.

"Live human beings?" Nonnette looked surprised. "Clovis?"

"I was surprised as well but I have all the notes and records on what he and General Bartley were doing. What he did was horrible and inexcusable." Lelouch answered honestly.

And Nonnette could tell just by looking at him. "So this is the path you've chosen."

"I chose this path seven years ago when I watched Britannia invade with no regard for me or my sister. I meant every word I said as Zero." Lelouch stated.

Nonnette sighed. "I shouldn't be surprised. But I have what I came for."

Lelouch was ready to use his Geass but was surprised as Nonnette turned around. "Aren't you going to attack me?"

"There's no point now, Lulu. Even if I captured or killed you the fact is I couldn't hope to take back the bureau on my own and my main mission for coming here is finished." Nonnette explained.

"Main mission?" Lelouch questioned.

"I was sent here to observe Zero and report back to the Emperor if I discovered anything that could possibly confirm his identity…I now suspect the Emperor suspected you were Zero." Nonnette explained.

Lelouch narrowed his eyes. "He knew about me? This whole time?"

"At this point I wouldn't be surprised." Nonnette sighed. "As you can see Lulu the politics have not changed much since you were gone. I can only say this much, the only reason the Emperor didn't do anything until now was because he didn't have confirmation."

"You're going to inform him?"

"Does it matter if I do?"

Lelouch closed his eyes for a second. "No. Let him know I'm coming and let him know that when I see him again he will actually answer my questions regarding that day. I know who killed my mother and I know that he knew about it and did nothing."

Nonnette raised an eyebrow. "You know who killed Lady Marianne?"

"Yes, it was someone close to her and the Emperor. He knew about it from the beginning and did nothing." Lelouch spat.

Nonnette thought this over and sighed again. "Like I said, the politics haven't changed. See ya around, Lulu. Take care of Euphie and Nelly for me."

Lelouch watched as Nonnette vanished into the darkness of the tunnel, thinking over what he had learned from her.

If the Emperor knew he was alive he might have been planning for this all to happen.

But on the other hand Lelouch still had an ace in the hole.

It was very likely the Emperor didn't know about Naruto and C.C. or the Rinnegan which gave Lelouch the overall advantage in their future encounter.

So when they did meet Lelouch would be ready.

But for now he would settle for the next part of his plan: the birth of the new nation.


"People of Japan! Seven years ago, when Britannia invaded, the country known as Japan was burned and Area Eleven was built in its place. And yet from the ashes of the fallen country, its people rose up and stayed true to the ideals and name of their home and now today you can now stand with pride, with your heads raised and freely declare yourselves to be Japanese once more!"

The people of Japan erupted into a loud cheer that echoed across the entire country as Zero addressed them.

"Now we take the first step into a brave new world. Now we take the chance to build and make this country anew. Now we begin the era of the United States of Japan!"

The Black Knights, standing next to Zero on stage listened to the cheering while staring in wonder at Zero themselves.

"The United States of Japan guarantees the health and safety of all its people! We do not follow the laws of Social Darwinism like Britannia that believes to be strong one must violently oppress the people they see as inferior. Our United States ensures us to be strong by valuing human life regardless of race, ideology, or color. We are strong because we stand together, united against any form of tyranny!"

With that said the people of Japan cheered as the flags of Britannia were torn down while Zero walked back into the government bureau with all the top members of the Black Knight.


Lelouch sat down at the table, looking at the gathered members of his organization. "I'll keep it quick. First off, I want to know the status of our forces."

Todoh stood up. "Our forces are down to sixty percent. A large number of our Knightmares were destroyed taking the bureau but modifications by Rakshata saved a great many of our soldiers. Any wounded were immediately taken to the Special Zone where Kyoto has set up medical facilities. Any salvageable equipment that we have found has been sent back to the G1."

"With their factories captured we'll be able to produced our own Knightmares in addition to the ones we already had." Chiba spoke up.

"The Six Houses of Kyoto will be begun working on distributing food, water, and medicine to the ghettos. The entire country should have renewed supplies in a matter of days." Kaguya chimed in.

Ohgi smiled. "Then we'll have the entire country rebuilt."

"We will, once we make sure Britannia's counter offensive has failed." Lelouch said, earning everyone's attention.

"Counter-offensive?" Minami questioned.

"Do you think Britannia is not going to take this lying down? As we speak they are preparing their invasion force to take back this country." Lelouch replied.

"You're being unrealistic. We just defeated all of the forces they stationed here." Chiba stated with a scowl.

"And you are being naive." Lelouch retorted. "Have you forgotten that our enemy controls a third of the world? How do you think Britannia made that possible?"

"Zero is right." Naruto spoke up. "My spies have confirmed that a fleet is approaching as we speak."

"Wait? What?!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"It wasn't surprising. Zero found information in Cornelia's files that a fleet was crossing the Pacific Ocean. She intentionally leaked it so we would launch our attack, hoping we'd be so desperate that we would fall into her trap." C.C. said, looking around the room. "Let me remind that the reason that Britannia is mighty is because it is many."

"How large is the fleet?" Kallen asked anxiously.

"Three full battalions with possibly their elite soldiers leading the charge." Naruto answered, looking through the eyes of the shark he had summoned with the power of the Animal Path.

"Impossible!" Ohgi gasped.

"A full on counter-attack and we've barely just finished the last battle." Todoh said grimly.

"Don't worry, everyone." Naruto said with a smile under his mask. "We're ready for this. We've made it this far and Britannia will find out the hard way that they won't be taking this country back anytime soon."