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Villetta Nu could only express her nervousness when she heard the news that Zero was coming back to Japan.

She heard the news about how the Black Knights had interfered in a possible alliance between Britannia and the Chinese Federation and she knew that Zero would try to make an alliance with Chinese, ensuring that all powers in the world were united against Britannia. As she changed out of her coach outfit into something casual she remembered how hard it had been to ensure Zero didn't throw her in prison when she was interviewed for this job. She didn't know if she passed because she managed to convince them that she was not a threat even if her memories had returned or not.

So now she was a teacher at Ashford Academy which was probably the safest place in the entire country for her. If she had regained her memories before the Black Rebellion had ended she would have slipped away on one of the ships that took the majority of Britannians back to the homeland. Her only blessing was that during the first few months into the new United States of Japan she was contacted by OSI, the secret intelligence branch of Britannia that tasked her with being a spy for them inside Ashford Academy.

Why Ashford Academy?

The reason was because it was home to the inner circle of the Black Knights:

Kallen Kozuki, ace pilot of the Black Knights and pilot of the Guren.

Naruto Uzumaki, one of Zero's knights and pilot of the Seizan.

C.C. aka Tsunade Senju, the one who supplied Zero with his Geass power and pilot of the Shinryoku.

Milly Ashord, granddaughter of the principal of the Ashford Academy and possible collaborator with the Black Knights.

Euphiemia li Britannia, former Princess of Britannia who defected after the Special Administration Zone debacle.

Cornelia li Britannia, former soldier and Princess of Britannia who was captured during the Black Rebellion and seemingly defected to the Black Knights but it was possible Zero used his Geass on her to make her betray her country.

And then Villeta learned it was possible that Prince Lelouch vi Britannia and his younger sister Nunnally vi Britannia who were presumed killed by the Japanese during the invasion of Japan were not only still alive but possibly working with the Black Knights which made them even more dangerous.

Four members of Britannian royalty working with their greatest enemies was an unacceptable threat. That was what led OSI to contact her, asking her to confirm if they were still alive. Though it wasn't easy she easily recognized Lelouch vi Britannia from the picture of him as a child and realized he was the student she saw in Shinjuku, the one who pretended to be a lost child of nobility in a war zone who possibly hijacked her Sitherland. And she spotted Nunnally vi Britannia who was not only alive but also able to walk and see which should have been impossible.

Princess Nunnally had been crippled in the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of Empress Marianne vi Britannia. She remembered her former commander, Jeremiah Gottwald telling her of his former position in Marianne's royal guard, tasked with protecting her and her children and how he blamed himself for her death. He had been distraught when her children had been reported killed in Japan and thus led him down the path he took to take up post in Area Eleven, head of the Purist faction and was heavily against the Honorary Britannian System. He blamed the Japanese for the death of Lady Marianne's children and sought to punish them in any way he could.

If only he knew her children had survived.

'How long must I endure being trapped in this web?' Villetta wondered as she leaned back in her chair and looked out the window of her office.


"So Lulu's coming back?" Shirley asked, speaking to Milly on her phone. "I heard what happened over there. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Shirley. I was far from the fighting with Minister Kaguya and the Empress and the Black Knights didn't let anything happen to me." Milly answered, her voice sounding happy.

"So what is happening over there?" Shirley changed the subject.

"Well, Minister Kaguya and the Empress are speaking of an alliance between Japan and the Chinese Federation."

"An alliance?"


"And what will happen if they do make an alliance?"

"Well with the Chinese Federation and the United States of Japan working together I imagine they'll have access to all the main trade routes between Japan and China."

"And will that affect…" Shirley trailed off.

"Britannia?" Milly's voice turned solemn. "Well, with the trade routes between Japan and China cut off they'll only be stuck with the routes they have been using to coordinate their war in Europe. They'll be forced to pull back though since with China now working with Japan they can't openly invade Chinese territory without reprisal from Japan."

"So they might lose?"

"Maybe not lose but it'll either take longer to conquer the E.U. or be forced to make a cease-fire with them to conserve resources."

Shirley sighed. "I am so worried, Madam President. How long do we have to endure these wars? I am not sure how long I can handle being between my home land and the people who almost killed my father."

She knew her father had no grudge against the Black Knights or the Japanese for fighting back against Britannia. Unlike many Britannian her parents never treated the Japanese harshly or called them Elevens but she still nursed a small grudge against Zero for her father nearly being buried alive.


In the aftermath of the failed wedding it had been decided that now was the time to make a strike at the Geass Order.

So as long as they existed Britannia would have a secret edge against its enemies that could easily tip the balance of power in their favor. So Lelouch came up with a convincing story that Euphie would remain behind in China to continue fostering relations between the United States of Japan and the Chinese Federation. So Euphie would remain behind with her sister who was also her bodyguard, Captain Kallen of the Zero and Zero's personal knights and bodyguards Seizan and Shinryoku. While officially Euphie would be conducting negotiations with the new government of the Chinese Federation, headed by Xingke who was with the Empress at all times during the meeting.

"I am sure you know why I am requesting I leave Euphemia behind to continue these talks." Lelouch said, speaking as Zero.

The meeting was composed of most of the Black Knights along with Xingke, Tianzi and other Chinese officials.

"Are you worried we will back out of any agreements?" Xingke asked.

"That is one angle. Another is the fact that after it is reported that Britannia failed to secure an alliance through a marriage between your Empress and their First Prince it is no doubt that Britannia will become desperate with their economy now approaching a state where it will collapse."

"Collapse?!" Ohgi and Tamaki spoke up.

"Diethard." Lelouch gestured to Deithard who nodded.

"When Britannia invaded Japan eight years ago it was for the purpose of securing the sakuradie that was large in abundance, especially in Mt. Fuji. After the Black Rebellion the Britannian economy suffered heavily, not just because of their defeat but also because more resources were spent to deal with uprises in previously conquered areas inspired by our success and renewed aggression by the E.U. When Japan was still under their control they mined sakuradite in other areas more than it was necessary. " Diethard explained. "Without Japan's resources and the conflict growing both in and out of the Empire their use of sakuradite grew at an exponential rate to the point that eventually they will run out of it without us having to actually fight them."

"Sakuradite is used in almost every form of Britannian technology, no matter how little. Laptops, cell phones and televisions only need a very miniscule amount while military technology like knightmares use loads of it. It is no surprise that when Britannia invaded Japan that they would start using all of it carelessly." Rakshata remarked. "And once they lost Japan and all the sakuradite they needed they started using more of it to deal with all their little fights in all of the areas of the Empire. And now they've stretched their use to the limit."

"In other words we would not have to worry about engaging them in direct war." Lelouch said, smirking under his mask. "The economy will collapse."

"Sweet!" Tamaki pumped a fist into the air.

"It really is that bad?" Ohgi asked.

"It's been a closely guarded secret but my sources have confirmed it." Lelouch nodded.

"If that is true than it's likely that Britannia will become desperate enough to launch another invasion." Todoh said darkly. "They invaded Japan for our sakuradite before. There is nothing stopping them from trying again."

"Especially since they have a history of going back on their word before." Chiba agreed.

"Perhaps but I know Schneizel will not be the one to order it." Lelouch replied. "He agreed to a ceasefire at the end of the Rebellion to regroup and he attempted to make an alliance with the Chinese Federation to find more sakuradite in Chinese territory as well as gain additional forces from his new allies."

Xingke nodded in agreement. "And with the High Eunuchs deposed he lost that chance."

"He wouldn't dare make an open attack on either Japan or China in the state the Britannian economy is in, especially since they are still at war with the E.U." Lelouch leaned back against his chair. "Thus for now they will have to full back and regroup again. Schneizel will use the ceasefire with us and attempt to form a new agreement with the Chinese Federation to avoid fighting a war on two fronts. That is why I wish for Euphemia, our spoke person for non-Japanese in the United States of Japan to remain behind and foster negotiations with the Chinese Federation."

"Would it not be easier for Prime Minister Kaguya to carry out that task? She is after all a friend of our Empress." Xingke pointed out.

"I would agree but as Prime Minister of the United States of Japan I cannot remain away for long." Kaguya said with a saddened smile. "Miss Euphemia is our best negotiator and our people trust her, even before she was betrayed by her country when she attempted to create the Special Administration Zone."

Euphemia nodded. "I would be honored to remain if you allow me."

Xingke shared a look with Tianzi who nodded. "Very well."


The Ikaruga took off, taking the Black Knights with the exception of the hand full who agreed to be left behind back to Japan. The group staying behind watched as the flagship of the Black Knights lifted off into the air and vanished into the clouds.

"So now we have to look for the Geass Order." Kallen said after the Ikaruga was gone.

Euphie smiled sheepishly. "There is that but first…"


"A soiree?!" Kallen could not believe what she just heard. "What about tracking down the Geass Order?!"

"We are but I have to keep up my appearance as Japan's spokesperson in China and thus I have to attend the soiree being held to gather all the scattered leaders in China and show them that the government is still stable with the High Eunuchs executed." Euphie explained, unable to hide her smile at the flabbergasted look on Kallen's face.

Cera was certainly enjoying Kallen's reaction while hugging her Cheese-kun and sprawling herself on the couch in the room Lelouch had been given during his stay in China. "So looks like we'll have to find a dress for Kallen."

"What?!" Kallen exclaimed again.

"What? It's not like it wouldn't be rude if the Captain of the Zero Squad didn't attend." Cera said, a look of mock-surprise on her face. "Along with his knights who don't have to dress formally."


Naruto chuckled nervously as Kallen looked at him. "I mean, no one except you and a few of the others know what his knights look like under the masks so…"

Not that he wasn't relieved he didn't have to wear a suit.

"And since the Captain of the Zero Squad is famous across the world it only makes sense she would attend with Japan's spokesperson." Euphie finished, keeping herself from giggling at Kallen's expression.

She only ever had this much fun with Lelouch.

"Can't you just use Shadow Clones?" Kallen asked, not seeing the point in this whole soiree which she saw as pointless.

"Absolutely not." Euphie said sternly, surprising everyone, including her sister. "This is an important event and it cannot simply be blown off with use of clones disguised as us. It is our responsibility to personally attend this event and assure all of the delegates we are invested in ensuring an alliance between our two countries. As a member of the Black Knights, specifically of the original Black Knights you have a lot of influence but it also means you represent Lelouch and the rest of us and if it was found out you skipped an important event like this it would cast bad light on the rest of the Black Knights and even Japan."

Everyone was quiet as they stared at Euphie, still finding it hard to believe that she could act this way when she called for it and the fact she spoke that way to Kallen who once considered her a mere puppet of the Britannian system a year ago.

"Well…" Cera spoke up, smirking at the surprised look on everyone's face. "It seems our dear spokesperson for Japan has raised a good point. Are there any objections?"

That question was directed at Kallen who still looked surprised and couldn't seem to form any sentences.

"No? Well then we better get a dress for our dear captain of the Zero squad." Cera said, sitting up on the couch with her Cheese-kun on her lap.

Kallen could only mentally sigh and groan.

This was going to be a long day.


"Presenting Lady Euphemia of the United States of Japan and her escorts."

The palace had been quickly repaired following the recent fight between Britannia, the High Eunuchs and the Black Knights. The ball room where Zero had played chess with Schneizel was now filled with delegates from all over the country and they had all come to meet with the members of the famous Black Knights, even though their more famous leader wasn't here to greet them. Euphie lost track of the people she had spoken to and she couldn't help but giggle at the exhausted look on her sister's face who never cared for such things, even she had been a warrior princess for Britannia. Fortunately Cornelia's reputation did not work against her since she had never participated in any campaigns against the Chinese Federation.

Euphie had taken to wearing the black and silver dress that identified her as a member of the Black Knights while Cornelia wore a black military uniform similar to what she wore as during her time as a Britannian soldier. Just because she was no longer part of Britannia didn't mean she was going to wearing a uniform like the Black Knights. Fortunately Japan had an official military now with the Black Knights acting as a special branch. So she had a special custom uniform made just for her when she was on important missions that were mostly being a bodyguard for her sister but it was better than being a paper pusher.

Both Naruto and Cera wore their battle armor, cloaks and masks since they were meant to keep their identities hidden.

The same couldn't be said for Kallen.

The red headed ace pilot of the Zero Squad looked very out of place, wearing a pink strapless dress that flared down to the ground from her waist. The dress had a low cut but it kept her chest hidden and gloves that were the same color as her dress traveled up to her elbows. Her hair was actually styled the way she usually wore it but it also the same smooth and sparkly while a pink choker adorned her neck. Her lips were painted the same color as her dress and her eye lashes were carefully lined with black mascara.

All in all Kallen looked very beautiful and she had been getting a lot of looks here at the party even though she also looked uncomfortable.

"Not used to this huh?" Naruto asked, slipping next to her.

"Does it take those special eyes of yours to tell?" Kallen whispered, trying to not let slip how she wished she wasn't here. "Do you have any idea how it feels to have all literally hundreds of old guys staring at you?"

"Actually no and I am not in a hurry to find out how it feels." Naruto said, chuckling slightly even as Kallen glared at him.

"Where's Cera?" Kallen asked, changing the subject.

"Around here somewhere." Naruto looked around. "Probably sniffing around for pizza."

"No surprise there." Kallen rolled her eyes, annoyed at how little Cera took anything seriously.

It annoyed her even now considering how serious Euphie had sounded about this soiree and yet even when she participated in almost anything, including battle Cera still found a way to make it seem she cared so little at all.

"So please tell me we're almost done?" Kallen asked, almost sounding like she was pleading.

It was hard standing here all dolled up and getting leered at by almost every male here, including the married ones. She supposed she should be flattered but all it did was make her uncomfortable, especially since it reminded her of a time when she was younger and proud of her Britannian heritage. Back before the invasion of Japan happened and when her father read her fairy tale stores as a little girl. She often wondered what she would be like when she grew up since she was the daughter of a noble from Britannia.

When she saw how many young heiresses behaved she decided it wasn't for her even if she didn't have dreams of marrying a prince. The fact that the leader of the Black Knights was in fact formerly a prince wasn't lost on her but she had long since left those dreams behind. She briefly wondered what she would have been like if she hadn't rejected her Britannian heritage.

She knew that even if she hadn't she couldn't stand being like one of those ladies standing around, simply looking pretty and looking around for a rich husband to leech off of. She briefly had a flash in her mind of her dressed a Knight of the Round before shaking her head and pushing those thoughts aside.

She was Kallen Kozuki, ace pilot of the Black Knights and proud citizen of the United States of Japan and nothing could take away her pride in her Japanese heritage.

"I wish. We haven't done that whole song and dance thing." Naruto answered with a shrug.

Kallen sighed, bringing a hand to her face but was careful not to ruin her makeup. Just because she initially hoped not to have come to this party all dolled up didn't mean she was going to ruin all the hard work put into it.

Don't say Kallen Kozuki was never professional.

That was when the orchestra began.

"Who shall have the first dance?" One of the high officials asked.

"I believe our Lady Kallen will be willing to dance with Seizan, one of Zero's knights!" A familiar female voice called out but was hidden amongst the crowd.

Kallen's eyes as she and Naruto became the center of attention in the room. Kallen looked around the room and spotted Cera who was not wearing her cloak and mask anymore. Instead she was wearing a black evening gown and was holding a glass of champagne, smirking at the two of them with glinting golden eyes that were only highlighted by her mischievous smile.

'Damn her!'

"I agree." Euphie said, standing next to Cera with an amused look on her face. "Will the two of you honor our hosts with the first dance?"

Kallen's face was now red as her hair and Naruto was shifting nervously from all the attention as he turned to her. "W-Well, shall we?"

Kallen looked at Naruto, saying nothing at first since her mind had literally gone blank. Look into the mask eyeholes she could see Naruto's blue eyes looking at her with nervousness and kindness. The comfort that he was just as surprised as she was enough that she slowly took his hand and allowed him to guide her out into the middle of the room.

"You do know," Kallen whispered to him as his free hand slipped around her waist. "I am going to kill Cera for this."

"Just don't make a mess." Naruto chuckled.

The two of them were joined by others as they danced to the music, getting used to quickly and becoming very graceful. It was enough to make Kallen's heart beat a little faster and she almost like she was in one of the fairy tales her father had read to her as a child.

She tried really hard not to wander if one of those dreams were coming true.


After the party finally ended and the group returned to their apartment Kallen changed out of her dress and back into her Black Knight uniform while waiting outside of the suite Cera and Naruto shared for someone to speak with. That person she wished to speak with opened the door and looked at her with an amused smirk.

"Why, Kallen. What brings you here? Are you feeling alone and wishing to have a slumber party with us?" Cera asked innocently.

"We need to talk." Kallen said, quickly pulling Cera out into the hallway and closing the door.

"Very well." Cera said moving down the hall way to ensure no one would be eavesdropping on them as they spoke. "What do you wish to speak about?"

"What the hell are you trying to pull?"

"Me? Trying to pull?" Cera asked, maintaining her innocent persona.

"Stop screwing with me." Kallen said, not in the mood for the green haired immortal's antics. "I've noticed this before but never spoke about it but you seem to have a vested interest in me spending time with Naruto for some odd reason. I noticed it a year ago after you gave me my Geass and again during the victory party after the rebellion and just tonight. Just what the hell is your deal?"

"My, my, my, Kallen. You seem to be rather paranoid. Just what exactly are you accusing me of?" Cera inquired.

Kallen leaned and harshly whispered. "I am accusing you of trying to set me up with Naruto!"

"Oh…." Cera brought a hand over her mouth, feigning shock. "…It took you this long to come out and say it?"

"So you admit it?!" Kallen gaped.

"Why so surprised? You did after all show him your whole body in that shower the day you met." Cera smirked.

"That was an accident!" Kallen found herself struggling to keep her voice quiet but it was just so hard around Cera.

She just knew what to say to piss the red head off.

Cera shrugged. "Details, details."

"So what is this? You have him; the two of you were together before I even met you so why are you doing this?" Kallen continued her interrogation.

"Simple…" Cera leaned in, bringing her face close to Kallen's. "I have a wish."

"A wish?"

"Before I met Naruto my wish had been to pass my Code on and finally die. I had lived for far too long and found life pointless. I could not die, I could not have a family and everyone I knew around me would die so it was pointless to have any friends or loved ones. I cast aside my humanity, becoming the witch my village accused me of and looked for anyone who could take my Code and free me." Cera's face softened. "But then I met Naruto and when we made the contract he freed me from my curse in an instant and gave me a great power in return. I am still immortal but now I can die if I wish but now I have a reason to live again."

Her yellow eyes morphed into her Rinnegan. "My eyes gave me a power greater than the Code, the power to ensure I would never be helpless again and the contract bonded me and Naruto forever. My wish for him is to never leave my side and in return I would give him what he and I always wanted: a family to love and to be loved by. You know of his past and his world."

Kallen nodded, having learned of it from Naruto. "I have."

"Then you know he didn't have a family as child. He was an outcast much like I was when I was a child: no family and no friends while being treated as outcasts in the villages that were our homes. And when he finally had friends and even a surrogate family in all the people he bonded with he lost it in a war. Now he has me along with you and our friends." Cera brought a hand to Kallen's cheek. "I want to make sure he never loses what he always wanted ever again. I promised him a family when the war was finally over."

Kallen blushed when she figured out what Cera meant. "You mean…"

"I do." Cera nodded. "And I know you have feelings for him too."

"Wha-What?!" Kallen blushed even deeper, stepping back. "I do not-"

"Don't bother denying it." Cera's eyes flashed as she harshly interrupted. "I have lived long enough to know what a person is feeling just by looking at them. I saw it a year ago during our battles, even when you thought no one was looking and even tonight when you danced with him. You looked like a princess dancing her charming prince and I could tell you immensely enjoyed it. And I know how much you admired and respected him as you came to know him."

"That doesn't mean anything!"Kallen stepped back. "And even so I wouldn't but into your relationship. I mean you two are-"

"I am not a conventional woman, Kallen. You could sleep with him, even marry him and I could care less."

"WHAT?!" Kallen shrieked.

"I only care for my wishes being fulfilled. You of all people should know that about me by now. Naruto and I are bound by our powers and contract and I prefer contracts since it means you know what you are getting, nothing more or less." Cera shrugged, smirking at the gob smacked look on Kallen's face. "Besides, Naruto would deny it but I know he thinks you are beautiful. He and his father seem to have a thing for violent and yet beautiful red heads."

Kallen's right eye twitched. "Excuse me?"

"And then there is the contract you made with me." Cera's smirk widened. "Remember, we made a contract when you accepted the power of Geass."

Kallen's eyes widened. "You mean-"

"I am not planning on forcing you to do anything you don't want. I said I would give Naruto a family but I never said I would be the only one. I want him to be surrounded by loved ones for the rest of his days and I wish to never be alone." Cera said, pointing at Kallen. "Regarding the terms of our contract my wish is for you, Kallen Kozuki to become part of our family, to stand by our side if you admit your feelings for our dear blond fox and love him as much as I do."

Kallen could only stare in shock at Cera for her proclamation as Cera turned back to the door to her suite and closed it, smirking in Kallen's direction. "But don't worry. It wouldn't so bad if you gave it a shot. I know it to be very…fulfilling."

Kallen's face went as red as her hair as Cera closed the door, leaving her out in the hallway for a few minutes before she returned to her room, walking like a robot.

She needed a long cold shower right now.


"What did you talk to Kallen about?" Naruto asked as Cera slipped back onto the bed the two of them shared.

"Oh…Just a little topic for the future." Cera said, snuggling against Naruto as he embraced her. "A little something for Kallen to think about."


"Is everything ready?"

"Yes, My Princess."

Nunnally smiled, pleased at the progress of her knight.

Make that two knights.

Jeremiah Gottwald who was once a member of her mother's royal guard and actually blamed himself for her death. When she learned his story and the pain he felt from not being able to protect her she revealed himself to Jeremiah, shocking the now cybernetic Britannian. She then explained why she become who she was, telling him that her father had known who her mother's killer was and allowed him to get away with it, even using her as a puppet by intentionally crippling and blinding her. She spoke truthfully and Jeremiah could tell she was not lying.

From the day forward Jeremiah swore to protect Nunnally and her brother, making himself as the Knight of Infinity, the hidden ally of Zero.

And then there was Rai.

He was a member of the Britannian royal family like she was only he was born before her or any of siblings. Rai was once a prince born from the Britannian and Japanese royalty, the latter which is somewhat related to the Sumeragi house which meant he was actually related to Kaguya. But he, his mother and his younger sister were ill-treated by the rest of the family due their status as 'outsiders' which is something she and Rai had in common. She and her brother were outcasts since their mother was originally a commoner who married into the royal family with only Clovis, Euphie, Cornelia and Odysseus treating them like family.

So, in order to protect his mother and younger sister, he made a contract with V.V. and acquired the power of Geass and used it to ascend to power after killing his father and half-brothers. One day, Britannia was invaded by a neighbor country without warning. Outraged, Rai quickly ordered a full counteroffensive. Unfortunately, his Geass went out of control at that moment and caused all who heard him, including the civilians, to take up arms against the invaders.

Although the enemy army was successfully repelled, there were massive casualties on Britannia's side, including Rai's mother and sister. Overwhelmed by sadness, loneliness and guilt, Rai went as far as wish for his own death. However, V.V. did not allow that, saying that he still had to fulfill the contract they made. So he sealed Rai inside a Thought Elevator instead.

At that occasion, Rai also used his own Geass on himself in order to forget everything that happened. Decades later, Rai was found by General Bartley's team during their research in Kamine Island and then sent to the same Code-R facility where C.C. was. There, he was put through several kinds of experiments, including Knightmare training and artificial reinforcement of his body. He was released by V.V. to aid Britannia against the Black Knights and because of Cera and Naruto's indirect interference with the Sword of Akesha.

Apparently every time Cera granted someone the Rinnegan and made them into one of her Paths it sent a pulse through C's World that directly damaged the Sword that her father and uncle were creating. The fact that her father supporting such a project only showed her just how much of an insane monster he really was and it made her hate him even more.

Blinding and crippling her just to support his brother's lie.

Abandoning her and Lelouch in a warzone.

Planning to use her as a hostage against Lelouch when the time was convenient.

When Rai regained his memories he had intended to take his own life but Nunnally refused to let that happen. She knew what it was like to be treated as an outsider and to wish for death. When she had been blind and crippled there had been times when she had considered killing herself to free her brother from the burden of doing everything for her, making her feel like she was completely useless to him. She confronted Rai, urging him not to take his own life and to work with her to bring down the Geass Order.

V.V. was dead and Nunnally had made sure he had paid for his crimes before Cera had removed his soul, leaving his body that had been left to rot in the bottom of the deepest ocean. She wanted him to help her to ensure what happened to them would never happen again. It was hard at first but Rai eventually accepted her offer and swore to help her rid the world of the Geass Order and to ensure Geass would be wiped from the world. While the power of Geass had accepted by him and Lelouch it was a dangerous and destructive power that destroyed many lives both intentional and not and it often came with the price of either becoming insanity and leading to death or the cursed life of an immortal.

The deal was set.

As for the other two prisoners…



Cera's Rinnegan flashed coldly as she swiftly killed Pollux and Rolo without hesitation. They both answered directly to V.V. and were as cold hearted as he was. With them both dead there was only one high ranking Geass user in charge of the order other than Charles.

"Castor rui Britannia." Cera glanced down at the body of Pollux. "I am sure you saw what happened to your brother by now. Consider it to be a vision of your future."


"We know the location of the Geass Order and what to expect. It is only now a matter of when we make our move." Jeremiah said, addressing Nunnally who was staring out the balcony of the apartment complex they were living in for the moment.

"We won't move yet. Big sister Euphie has to smooth things out with the politics between Japan and the Chinese. The last thing we need is the Chinese wondering what Zero's Knights are doing looking for in the desert of their country. When relations have improved enough to allow it we can inform them of the Geass Order as a secret Britannian facility that needs to be destroyed quickly." Nunnally said, aware of the plan and was glad her brother would be safe back in Japan.

"The Emperor will likely anticipate such an attack, especially if he believes Zero will lead the assault." Rai pointed out.

"My brother will remain in Japan. We cannot allow him to endanger himself." Nunnally leaned back on the couch.

"Even if he ordered that he is to be informed when the order is found?"

Nunnally smirked. "Naruto and C.C. don't always do as my bother asks and he never ordered the same from us. This is for us to handle."

"As you wish, my lady." Jeremiah said, bowing.

Rai did the same. "Understood."

"I really wish you two would stop with the bowing." Nunnally sighed since even after becoming the warrior she is she is still treated like a princess.

Even though she gave up on being a princess.

'If the Emperor is there when the attack happens I hope I have the chance to personally speak to him.' Nunnally narrowed her eyes. 'And see if he still believes me to be as weak as he thought I was when he abandoned me.'