He was starting to wonder if his two prisoners would spend the whole day in his chamber until he spotted the lanky youth and his black dragon wandering the top deck.

Drago observed them from afar, slowly stalking them. His fellow sailors also kept close eyes on the pair, though they were more focused on their daily tasks.

Thump click thump click

The dragon boy walked side by side with the Nightfury. He observed every part of the massive ship and Drago observed every part of him.

Upon moving closer, Drago could hear him speak. After a moment he realized that the boy was actually talking to his dragon and the black beast grumbled in reply to everything the boy said.

"See? Look at that one, bud. He doesn't even like the armor. If Drago really wants them to obey him then he could at least try to make them happy."

The Nightfury snorted in agreement and Drago was intrigued.

The dragon boy wasn't talking to his companion as someone would talk to a pet. He was actually gesturing with his hands and looking the dragon in the eye and the dragon hovered over the boy's every word with just as much interest.

They saw each other as equals.

The young Viking walked in front of an armored dragon and Drago narrowed his eyes. Unlike the wild dragons this boy was used to, Drago had constantly tormented these creatures to make them more hostile. Even his own soldiers often suffered from their aggressive behavior.

The boy paused in front of the metal-clad beast and Drago took out his spear, ready to intervene.

The dragon's eyes narrowed into slits and locked onto the two-legged boy. However, as soon as the boy lowered himself to his knees and extended his palms forward, the creature's pupils expanded and it sniffed at the boy curiously.

Drago halted his footsteps and then backed away into the shadows, amazed.

He watched as the dragon scratched at the metal armor on its head and the boy immediately stood up and slipped his hand underneath to give the beast a good scratch behind the neck.

"There ya go. Is that better?"

The dragon grumbled in appreciation and it's tail started wagging back and fourth wildly. It looked the boy in the eyes and then stuck it's large tongue out to lick the youth all the way from his knees to the top of his head.

"Oh gross! You're worse than Toothless!" The boy laughed before placing a hand on the creature's snout and shaking saliva off his arms.

Drago cocked his head to the side and hummed in thought. Never before had one of his dragons ever responded positively to another human being. Although, his dragon boy wasn't quite human, was he?

The armored dragon did not seem at all bothered by the presence of the Nightfury; in fact, it started leaping back and fourth as though it wanted to play with the other beast.

The boy laughed and encouraged the dragon. He crouched and matched the creature's movements, metal leg scraping against the wooden deck. The commotion was starting to attract the attention of other dragons on the ship as well as Drago's soldiers. At one point the Dragon's playful dancing caused it's tail to bash into the side of an armed catapult. The contraption immediately unlatched and flung a boulder towards the edge of the ship, blasting through two dragon traps before crashing into a nearby glacier.

The loud noise was met with silence as the surrounding men stopped what they were doing and stared at the damage.

Drago grinned wide and his eyes flickered back to the dragon boy. He was suddenly very eager to see the boy's reaction, to see what he would do.

He was hungry for it.

The boy's body was stiff and his arms were pulled to his chest. He gritted his teeth and looked back and forth between the men on the deck. But before he could react even further, one of the soldiers was yelling at him.

It was a stout man covered in dark fur and metal. He quickly stormed over towards the boy, waving a sword wildly as he screamed in anger.

Drago growled under his breath as the man got closer to his dragon boy. He found himself walking forward in time with the soldier's steps.

The man swiped at the excited dragon with his sword and cut a gash into the creature's leg. The beast roared in pain and reared back just as the dragon boy ran forward and grabbed the hilt of the soldier's sword with both hands.

"Stop it!" The boy yelled.

The solder pulled away and grabbed the boy by the arm with one thick hand. However, before the man could yell any more and before the Nightfury could even growl in defense of its rider, Drago had the man by the throat.

The soldier choked and released the boy just as Drago lifted him off of his feet and slammed him hard against the ship's mast. He looked around and made sure the rest of his soldiers were watching before leaning in close and speaking in a deadly voice.

"Nobody… touches the boy but me."

The man stared back at Drago in horror until the hand on his throat loosened and he dropped back down. The man then bowed his head and quickly scampered away.

Drago turned back towards his two prisoners and saw both the boy and the Nightfury staring up at him in surprise.

He grunted and stabbed at the deck with his spear in an attempt to expel his rage. He then turned and beckoned the startled dragon boy to follow him before trudging back towards his chamber.

Drago slammed the metal door shut causing the young Viking to flinch and the Nightfury to start growling. His two prisoners backed away towards the bed but he ignored them and began pacing the room.

He was more enraged than usual and he wasn't quite sure why. Usually when one of his men disobeyed him or did anything to make him angry, he was good at keeping calm. But as soon as someone had laid a hand on his dragon boy…he couldn't control the sheer anger that drove him to act.


He could hear the boy speak to him but he continued pacing.

"I'm sorry about your traps and the…uh…catapult, but please don't hurt the dragon, it was my fault."

Drago took a deep breath and stopped in his footsteps. He slowly spun around and eyed the boy.

"You're worried for the dragon?" He asked. He was surprised to feel his anger diminish almost entirely.

The youth's eyes were flickering back and forth between the floor and Drago.

"I got him all riled up, it wasn't his fault."

Drago paused and then chuckled lightly and shook his head. His eyes traveled up the boy's thin legs and followed the straps of his clothing. What did he look like under all that leather?

The Nightfury was staring him down and he wondered if there was a way to get past the black dragon's protection.

Maybe if he just took things one step at a time…they were on his ship in the middle of the ocean and under the cover of giant glaciers. He did have time.

The boy began picking at his nails nervously as waited for the larger man to say something.

Finally Drago's lips tilted to the side in a sickly grin.

"Maybe I'll spare that dragon…" Drago's raspy voice was quiet.

The boy hovered over every word, his candle-lit eyes regarding the man with caution.

"If you do something for me in return." He finished just above a whisper.

The youth let out a breath. "Yeah, I figured you were gonna go there."

The smile remained on Drago's face as he slowly leaned down and retrieved a bucket from the edge of the chamber.

"Um, can I know what it is you want before I agree to it?" The boy asked. His voice was growing more distressed by the second.

Drago locked eyes with wary green ones just as he set the bucket on the barrel to join the candle. Water sloshed around inside and the object created a wide shadow that danced up the left wall.

"You smell of dragon breath." He stated simply.

The boy bit his lip and his eyes flickered back and forth in confusion. It was only when Drago lifted an old rag from the bottom of the bucket and started ringing it out with one hand that the Viking understood what the man meant.

"Oh…you…just want me to wash up?" The boy asked, head tilting.

The smirk remained on dark man's scarred face.

"No, I want you to hold still."

The boy gapped at him for a moment and then started shaking his head. "Oh no."

Drago stepped forward and the boy instantly took a step back. One hand rose between them as if too keep the man away and the other landed on the Nightfury's snout to silence it's growling.

"You realize I'm perfectly capable of washing myself, don't you? I'm missing a leg, not an arm."

Drago dropped the rag into the bucked and wiped his wet hand onto his cloak. He then tugged the dragon skin off and dropped it onto the floor, revealing his missing appendage.

The boy swallowed at the sight of it. "Well one of us is missing an arm."

Drago looked at the boy with sharp, glaring eyes.

"Unless you want me to kill the dragon that caused so much trouble on my deck…you will hold still."

The youth's eyes went wide and his face appeared broken for an instant.

Drago noticed that the Nightfury was studying both of their reactions and he felt the need to correct himself before the beast lashed out.

"Relax boy, I will not harm you."

"I'm pretty sure we have different definitions of the word harm." The boy was quick to reply but his voice was low in defeat and his shoulders deflated.

He was winning.

Truly this boy's habit of sacrificing himself for others was the key to his defeat. It was a sure way to control him.

Drago slowly reached a hand towards the boy's waist under the watchful eye of the dragon. To his surprise, the youth didn't fight; he merely turned his head away and closed his eyes. He took deep breaths and kept his back straight as Drago came closer.

Drago had to undo the buckles with one hand but a lifetime of practice made it an easy task.

"You should know, Berk is well known for it's contagious skin diseases." The boy spoke half-heartedly.

Drago chuckled and reached for the leather cover on the boy's chest. "I'll take my chances." He let his breath ghost across the boy's ear and he could feel the resulting shudder rack up the boy's lithe form.

He unlatched the top buckles and a simple tug split the chest cover down the middle. The boy lifted his chin away as Drago pushed the cover, along with the shoulder pads, completely off. If fell to the ground and the Nightfury sniffed it before those large eyes locked back onto Drago.

Now the dark man was tugging at the strings at the center of the brown leather. It was hugging the boy's sides tightly, making it difficult to pull apart and the young Viking made on move to help him. But he did hold still, just as Drago had asked.

Slowly but surely, every piece of leather adorning the boy's body came off. The Nightfury seemed to be making a collection. Each time something dropped to the floor it would sniff it to make sure it smelt like its rider then it dragged the leather under its massive belly, as if to hide it.

Then all that was left was the boy's shirt, pants and boot. Before Drago could slip his hand under the green tunic, the boy grabbed the edges on his own and tugged it over his head. He glared at the man and angrily tossed the green fabric aside. It landed on the Nightfury's head and the dragon struggled for a moment to pull it off.

The boy's chest was thin and covered in lean muscle. In spite of the stubble on his chin, his torso was almost hairless and littered in freckles.

The taller man eyed him hungrily.

His defiance is returning. Drago thought as he watched the boy shift his weight and continue to glare at him.

Those green eyes were skeptical as if challenging Drago to do his worst.

The one-armed man smirked and reached for the rag floating in the bucket. He knew the boy would fight him if he tried to remove his pants so he let them be.

He was patient, after all.

He used one hand to squeeze out the excess water and then slowly brought it to the boy's chest. The youth looked away as Drago began wiping him down but he remained standing stiffly and obediently motionless.

The cleaning consisted of every area Drago felt like touching. The rag was thin and hardly a barrier between his thick hand and the boy's light skin. He dragged it along the boy's waist and up his arms. Instead of scrubbing, he simply groped with his hands. He dragged his fingers over the boy's nipples and toyed with them, however the youth didn't react and continued glaring at the wall.

The dragon watched them curiously. Every time the rag moistened an area on the boy's right side, the Nightfury would lap it up with its massive tongue.

Drago paused and then wiped at the boy's shoulders with more force. At one point he abandoned the rag and let it hang from the Viking's neck. He then ran his fingers up the boy's neck and trailed them along his jawline.

The boy continued staring at the wall.

Drago's hand found the youth's right ear and traced it with his fingers. He then went backwards to explore that mess of brown hair. He twirled the small braids between his fingers and carded through each strand. It was softer than he had expected.

Finally, the boy's lack of an expression was starting to irritate him.

He trailed his hand down and firmly gripped the boy's clothed rear.

The boy's chest expanded in a quick intake of air, but he remained motionless and staring.

Drago caressed the boy's backside. He dragged a finger up the crease in the center and squeezed each cheek tightly.

When the boy still did not react in any way, Drago brought his hand around and cupped the youth's crotch.

At last, those green eyes abandoned the wall and locked with Drago's own. They glared back and him with hatred and the taller man grinned.

"Why are you doing this?" The boy's voice was quiet but demanding.

"Because you belong to me." He replied, voice raspy with enjoyment.

Still keeping eye contact, Drago caressed the boy through his pants. He used his large hand to press into the area in patterns. He cupped him over and over again, trying to feel the boy's hardness.

But he felt nothing. The boy's body wasn't reacting the way he wanted it to and his hand went still between the Viking's legs.

The youth's green eyes narrowed, his expression grew smug.

"Are you done?" he asked.

Drago growled in frustration and the Nightfury instantly growled back. The boy put a hand on the creature's head to calm it down.

"Toothless." He warned.

Drago released the Viking and took a step back. His eyes darted up and down the thin body before him.

The acceptance of his touches wasn't enough. He wanted a reaction. He wanted this boy's body to react and encourage him further.

He frowned in thought and watched the younger kneel next to his dragon and retrieve his shirt from under the creature's stomach.

The boy was watching him warily but he was still standing tall in the belief that he had bested Drago Bludvist.

An idea was forming in the larger man's mind and he quickly retrieved his cloak from the floor and exited the room, letting the metal door clang loudly behind him.

He would prove the boy wrong.

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