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Oh Hell No!


Chapter Eleven







NOTES: Now that I am getting better the writing bug has hit me again. People commented that they were leaving the story because it's not a HP/HG pairing. If you look at the info for the story, the names are not bracketed to announce a pairing. If it was they would look like this [Harry P. Hermione G.] not the way it looks. Thank you for all the positive comments. This is a small filler chapter and so now for ch 11, Enjoy.







Everyone stood where they had stopped dancing as they watched a heavy set man, a toad like woman and a dozen men and women backing them up come into the gymnasium. 'Principal Henrietta Jones walked towards them demanding to know what they were doing in her school. Before she could make ten steps she was hit by a Petrificus Totalus that locked up her limbs. The rest of the staff and adult guests were also hit.

"It's Fudge," Luna said as she stood beside Harry.

"I know, but what is he doing here?" Harry asked.

"Looking for…" Luna started to say.

"Where is he?" Fudge demanded as he looked at the hundreds of children dressed in strange clothing.

"Where is who?" someone shouted back.

"Harry Potter! I know you're here. Step forward and no one will get hurt," Fudge demanded.

"Even if he was here. Who the fuck are you and why have you attacked our teachers?" Josh Anderson shouted from where he was dressed in his Eagle's Quidditch teem uniform.

"He is your superior," the woman said.

"That's Deloris Umbridge, former Senior Undersecretary, and some say Fudge's lover and a pure blood bigot," Luna whispered.

"He's no superior of mine," Josh said and then screamed as he was hit by a spell that the three former Hogwarts students recognized, because of the fake Mad Eye Moody impersonator.

The Cruciatus Curse had him screaming out in pain.

"That spell is illegal, you will go to prison," Hermione said.

"Only if you testify," Umbridge grinned evilly as she let up on the spell.

"Oh, we will," several people shouted out.

"Like anyone would believe you mudbloods," Umbridge giggled as she pointed her wand at another student and cast the spell again.

Fudge was staring at Umbridge as if she had grown another head as he backed away from her.

Umbridge looked at Cornelius and said, "This scum must be taught who their betters are."

The men and woman that Umbridge had brought lifted their wands and same curse flew into the crowd and a dozen more students were on the ground screaming. Wands came out on the student's side, and spells started flying back at the invaders of their school. They must have thought they'd had the same training as at Hogwarts, because they mostly laughed.

Seconds later they were not laughing, as the Academy had some of the best teachers in the United States and bone breakers, cutting curses, and many offensive spells were cast at the fourteen invaders. Umbridge was hit by ten cutting curses from the crowd alone.

Harry had dropped and rolled to avoid the curses cast at him while Luna just dodged. Raising his wand and pointing it at one of the woman attacking him he cried out, "Confringo!" the blasting curse caught the woman on her right elbow, blowing the arm off along with her wand.

Hermione was shielding as many students as she could while her boyfriend William Blake was casting offensively at the invaders and caught Fudge in the left leg with the Confringo and sent him screaming to the ground.

"You mudbloods!" Deloris shouted out and turned her wand on the strangely dressed person in black armor and started to cast, "Avada…"

Luna saw what Umbridge was going to cast and shouted out, "Diffindo," the cutting curse caught the woman in her neck and she dropped dead which took the fight out of the rest of the invaders. They were quickly captured.

Harry quickly bound Fudge up, and then walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach, hard. The rest of the students freed up their teachers. Several rushed off to call the Aurors, but had to retreat back into the gym, when they found out there were more of them outside the building.

"You better let us go, or the rest of my men will storm in here! There is no way anyone can get out to get help," one of the men said.

"Fucking idiot," William said as he reached into one of the pouches on his armored suit and pulled out a mirror that was connected to his mother.

The man laughed at the mirror, and asked, "What are you going to do? Make yourself look pretty?"

William sneered at the man and said, "Mother?"

The mirrors surface changed and William was looking at his mother back in Texas, "William, love, why are you contacting me in your Halloween costume?"

"Mother, I need you to contact the DMLE in Denver. The school has been attacked by terrorists and we're trapped in the gym. They have hurt some of the students with the Cruciatus Curse and other illegal spells. Currently we are safe, but when we tried to send someone to call for help they had to retreat back in to the gym because there were more of them in the school. Hermione says they were led by the former British minister of magic and some woman that looked like a toad who is dead. We need help," William said as he looked at the surprised look on the man's face.

"Yes, hold on," William's mother said as she vanished from the mirror but everyone near him could hear her calling out through the floo system.

Harry stepped forward and shouted out, "We need to barricade the doors. Anyone who can conjure, form items to place in front of the doors," as he conjured a marble wall in front of the door the invaders had come through.

Quickly the doors were covered along with the doors that led to the locker rooms. A series of walls were formed by the defense group that channeled all the younger children to the center of the room, and formed a maze that would allow them to defend from and retreat into, if the enemy broke in. Twenty people were assigned to defend each entryway if they did break in with another ten to back them up.

"We need people to watch the skylights as well," Luna shouted out and she quickly had more of the students watching the two massive skylights that were in the middle of the roof.

Harry was watching as the invaders they had captured or killed were searched, and items were removed from their bodies and bagged by one of the adults they had freed. He was standing next to 'Principal Henrietta Jones.

"'Principal Jones, I'm sorry about this."

"Harry it's not your fault. It's those bastards who invaded my school. I don't want you thinking it was, okay?" the forty-seven year old 'Principal said to her student.


Henrietta turned and placed her hands on his shoulders, "No, Harry, it's not your fault. I want you to believe that."

Some of the students were watching the 'Principal and one of the well liked students talk and then it dawned on them that he was the missing boy-who-lived. No one came up and bothered him as they talked among themselves.

"That must be Potter. Look, 'Principal Jones is talking to him," one student said.

"No! That's Harry Hopeshire," one of Harry's AD&D group members said as she looked at everyone.

Everyone got the implication from the girl, and they all quickly nodded in agreement. The secret of Harry Potter would stay a secret in the school body, because he was their friend.

Outside the school, members of the DMLE from across the nation were called in along with the MFBI hostage response teams. Twenty minutes after the warning had gone out, they were arriving at the Denver DMLE to coordinate a rescue using the mirror that William's mother brought with her to Denver.

Spell fire shattered the quietness as the invaders tried to blast the sealed doors open. Inside, everyone hunkered down in the gym waiting for them to break in. The first thing that happened was the skylights were blown open and ten men and woman dropped through on brooms.

"FIRE!" Harry shouted out, and all the students and teachers opened fired on the ten men and woman blowing them off their brooms.

"Idiots," 'Principal Jones said as she watched the last of them plummet from their brooms to the floor below them.

"I agree," Vice 'Principal Mark White said as he caught one of the men and his people quickly secured and stripped them of their weapons.

"'Principal Jones, the MFBI want to talk with you," William said as he handed the mirror over.

"This is Jones," Henrietta said as she looked at the mirror.

"'Principal Jones, this is Wyatt Jackson of the MFBI. Can you make portkeys? Do you know what they want?" he asked.

"Yes, but they placed anti-portkey ward over the building, along with anti-apparition ones as well. I have already tried to get the students out of here. We're trapped in the building, as to what they want, they think Harry Potter is at my school," Henrietta said.

"Damn! Okay, then we need you to hold tight. We'll try and figure out how to get into the school," Wyatt replied.

"My floo in my office, you can use it. Password is Academy Victory. Not many know I have it because it's in a small room off my office and is only used in emergencies," Henrietta replied.

"Thank god. We tried using the main ones in the lobby but we couldn't connect to them," Wyatt replied, "I'll get back to you."

The mirror went dark so she handed it back to William to hold on as she turned to talk with her people.

There was an explosion at the main doors, and smoke drifted up from behind the barricade they had erected in front of it. As second explosion to the wall facing north had the students tense up as it vanished into oblivion.

"Fire," Hermione shouted out as she caught sight of people trying to rush through the opening and a dozen students cast offensive spells while more cast Aguamenti and then the freezing charm on the water turning it into ice. Rocks the size of bludgers were quickly thrown at the enemy as they poured in.

"We got them," Luna shouted out as she cast a spell that flipped one of the men into the air and spun him around like a top.

"What spell is that?" someone asked as Luna cast it again.

"One I made after watching one of your cartoons," Luna replied as a woman flew up in the air.

Right then and there, was a silent agreement that Luna was supper cool in their eyes. Many were the requests to learn the spell, which she agreed to after she patented it at the end of the year, because it was her Arithmancy end of the year test.

Margret Haskell, the Arithmancy teacher, shouted out, "Luna, that's an A+ on that test."

Luna smiled as she saw another man trying to rush in and she cast a reverse anti insect charm on him and the man started screaming as he was assaulted by tens of thousands of insects.

Harry was casting multiple bone breaking curses.

"Take them down hard," he shouted out as he hit one in the knee cap which sent him into the wall.

"How many did Fudge have on his strike team?" Hermione huffed as she took a deep breath.

"No idea, but I want to know why they're all following him," Harry replied.

"Harry, the reward on your death is two million galleons," Henrietta said as she cast a banishing spell at a group of men charging the hole they had made.

Harry stopped and looked at his 'Principal and shook his head. "That's nuts!" he replied.

"MFBI! Drop your weapons and surrender," came from outside the building and everyone inside the gym prayed they would.

Dozens of killing curses had been cast at the defenders, but the teachers had levitated blocks of marble in front of them or their targets had ducked behind the walls they had made.

Harry watched as the defenders stayed alert. Ten minutes after the first shout out by the MFBI, a call of 'secure' was heard from multiple locations. In all seventy-nine prisoners were taken, thirteen were dead. with more than twenty injured. Eight were serious. The defenders lost only one student, a sixth year who was caught in the initial attack, and five of the schools staff who were killed when the enemy invaded. Eight of the attackers were later learned to have escaped using their Animagus forms, and international warrants were issued for them.

Later the next morning, 'Principal Jones addressed the defenders in the main hall.

"Students, quiet down please," Henrietta asked, and then said, "Due to the attack last night all students have been issued a one week holiday to head home. We need to do some repairs to the school and hire some new teachers to replace the ones we lost. A memorial will be held for Agatha Marks who was the only student killed during the invasion and it will be held the Friday after everyone returns. I have a letter here from Harry Potter to us and to the family of Agatha Marks. It says, 'Dear Rocky Mountain Academy. My name is Harry Potter and I am so sorry your school was attacked and your friends hurt and killed. I know this won't bring back the dead or erase what happened but I have set up an amount of money for all of you at Gringotts. Each of you will receive five thousand galleons in a secure vault in your name. The families of the dead will receive one million. I know this won't bring back the loss of your friends and loved ones but it's the only thing I can think of to do. May the Goddess watch over all of you,' and it's signed Lord Harry James Potter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Lord Potter didn't have to do this, but he felt obligated as the attack happened because of him. We wish him well and we will recover."

Henrietta looked at the student body and her eyes locked on to Harry sitting next to Luna with his arms around her. She realized that his eyes showed how haunted he was about the loss of life and she made one more comment, "For those who need it, we will be bringing in mind healers to help you all at the school expense. You may leave at any time you wish as the Gazebos have been set up outside to take you home. I'll see you in one week's time."

Everyone filed out of the hall and headed for their rooms to pack what they wanted to take with them. By noon, the school was empty of all the students, and the questioning of the teachers by the MFBI began.



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