The Desert Prince

Chapter 1 – A choice

By Jamnaz79

Beta: Sky66

Author Note: I had this idea rolling around in my head for weeks now. I just needed to put it down to paper ( or msword). Please let me know if you like the concept of not.

Note: I do not own Harry Potter, Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice) or anything associated with it. I can say that I would never be able to write a masterpiece like Mr. Martin does and I hope you forgive my horrible try. Then again I hope I don't do a chapter every 5 years like Mr. Martin too. But, the books are always worth the wait!

Sparks flew between the brother wands as the bitter enemy's spells shattered against one another. Voldemort's killing curse met the disarming spell of Harry Potter causing a giant dome of magic to form encircling the both of them. The magnitude of the magical power being compressed between the two of them was astounding. The sight of the Priori Icantatem scared even the most bitter of Death Eaters.

Yet, it was not the Death Eaters that held the eyes of young Harry Potter. It was not even the Dark Lord that could keep his attention. It was the spirits that seemed to arise from the wand of his dark nemesis. The ghostly images of his mother and father started to flicker into his view along with Cedric and others killed by the Dark Lord. It felt as if time itself had decided to stand still. His eyes drew onto his mother's burning emerald eyes as he whispered, "Mother…"

"Harry, we do not have long. You need to flee Harry! You need to get the portkey and go!" The voice of his mother, something only heard from the bitter assaults on his mind from dementors struck to the heart of his being. He shivered with a feeling of loss knowing this was perhaps the only chance he would ever have to see her.

"I don't want to leave you mother!" He cried out as his heart felt ready to burst whether from the magic or ache from knowing he had nothing to return to. His best friends had abandoned him for most of the year, his only family wished him pain and torment, his teachers ignored his pleas and concerns, and every year he seemed to almost die. In his heart, Harry truly felt he had nothing to live for except destroying this monster that killed his parents.

"Harry, you must get to safety son!" He could hear his father's voice for the first time in his life. Instead of longing it brought him anger, an anger that seemed to boil over with rage that the man before him is who took that voice from him.

The boy whispered softly, "No…."

Then it slowly started to become a chant to himself, "No, never! I will never let this monster free again. I will not let him live! I will destroy him!"

The boy continued speaking, each word causing his eyes to glow more fiercely, his body seeming to break all control over his magic. The force of his will overrode his power, causing his magical core to react by giving every ounce of strength in his body. He was literately burning himself out of magic and using his very life to empower the spell now.

The newly resurrected Dark Lord knew that he had made a mistake in toying with the child. He could see him talking to himself then starting to chant in open defiance against him. If he had been rested this battle of strength would have been easily over, but instead he was newly returned to life. No rituals painstakingly done to grant him power, no rested strength absorbed from his followers through the dark mark. No, it was simply the weakened magical power of Tom Riddle Jr. in his body right now. He watched the bead of glowing magic that was between the bursting torrent of magic from his and Harry's wand shoot towards him. For a brief moment he tried to move, tried to dodge but he couldn't. It felt almost as if ghostly hands had grappled him in place! It was at that moment that he knew that he would not survive this encounter with the Boy-Who-Lived.

The backlash of magic, empowered by a way of Harry giving up his own life willingly, slammed the killing curse back into the wand of Lord Voldemort. The wand burst into a flaming ball of magic hotter than the most powerful fiendfyre ever imagined. It consumed the body and spirit of Lord Voldemort. It destroy all remains with the holy fire of the damned before shooting upwards towards the heavens. The dome of the Priori Icantatem letting out a wave of magic from the destruction of the Dark Lord that threw back the gathered Death Eaters. Many of those Death Eaters fell to the ground never to rise again from the torment, magic lost and shock of what just took place. The wave of magic was so powerful that it would be recorded and felt even as far as the Ministry of Magic, back in London, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In the middle of the circle wasteland stood the boy-who –lived. His body stood there shaking as his wand fell from his grasp, his very being felt on fire as he slowly fell down to his knees. His mouth opened and he whispered softly, "I am going home mother…"

Then the child of prophecy fell forward to collapse onto the shattered graveyard to never open his eyes again. The light had been a victor in this battle; unfortunately the war would be far from over.

~~~ DP ~~~

Harry Potter awoke to find himself in a train station that he was familiar with. It appeared to the fourteen year old boy that he was in the King's Cross platform of 9 ¾ awaiting the Hogwarts Express. The world around him was a pasty white fog surrounding the chamber. He found himself to be seated on a stone bench and before him was another shattered form of Tom Riddle.

The homunculus appeared exactly like the one during the dark ritual that was just done to him. It was not a pleasant sight to see considering that very same creature had just been used in a ritual that led to his death. At least this one appeared to be dead as well, not moving or seeming to even breathe. Then again the question came to Harry, did he need to breath?

Harry looked away from the vile creature before glancing back at his surroundings with a sigh, "I figured that Heaven would be more friendly and fun."

A voice answered his question from the light, "It could be son, but you are not in Heaven."

The boy knew that voice, it was the same he had just heard in the graveyard. The same voice that he had felt in his mind each time a dementor came near. He whispered softly turning towards the direction of the voice, "mother?"

Seeming appearing out of nowhere was his mother seated on the stone bench next to the boy. She had wild auburn hair and pale skin with a scattering of freckles. The eyes of emerald green seemed to burn with fire even in the afterlife, matching his own emerald gaze. But, it was the smile that drew him in and melted his heart. He reached out and felt his arms able to wrap around her giving a squeeze as he felt one in return. "Mother…"

The kindly woman squeezed her son against her bosom before leaning back to smile sadly at her child, "You are far too young to be here son. We wanted you to get free, to find a way to live. It is too soon for you to join us here dear."

Harry closed his eyes as he felt his mother's hand stroking through his hair. Warmth seemed to fill his body almost as a sense of peace. Still, a part of him felt conflicted as he whispered, "Is he gone?"

A pair of warm lips pressed to his forehead before he heard a whisper, "No dear one. You delayed his restoration, but he will return and a war will occur. Someday he will be destroyed, though it matters not. Your time there is done."

A bit of shock filled the boy, a sense of finality burned in his soul. He was truly dead. He never had done so many things. He never swam in the ocean, he never drove a car, never took a plane, never saw anywhere in the world except a few small places, hell he never kissed a girl! He never had a chance to live, but now thanks to this crazy man he would never get that chance. His life was done, over finally. He would never feel Hermione's crushing hugs, or McGonagall's lectures, eat Mrs. Weasley's cooking, or spend time getting to know his godfather. He slowly opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of his mother with shock.

"I know dear one. I know what you are thinking, I can feel it my sweet Harry." Her words of comfort caused his heart to ache even as he felt her hand gently brush against his cheek over his tears. She whispered slowly, "Just because you can never return to Britain doesn't mean you can never return to life son."

Harry blinked in surprise at her words as he bit his bottom lip not trusting his voice. For a few minutes he just enjoyed the feel his mother holding him close. Finally his eyes lingered onto the destroyed soul of Voldemort, "Mother, that thing…"

"It was part of Tom Riddle's soul Harry. When he marked you it was placed into you. It had been festering, feeding off of your magic to survive all of this time. It was a parasite, a dark stain against your soul that wanted to take control. When you were hit by the explosion it was destroyed. Normally you could return but…" She paused a second as she considered her words. Her son could feel the nails of Lily Potter rubbing his back in a slow circle. "But, when they awoke the followers of the Dark Lord were so furious they ripped your body apart. Dumbledore showed up with Fawkes but it was too late. Your sacrifice will become the rally cry for the magical world, Remember Harry Potter. But, now you can never return to there."

Harry felt an intense anger as he glared at the creature. It had used him like a mosquito sucking blood, but instead it was his magic! It wasn't enough that he had died, they had also decided desecrated his body. He whispered softly, "Did he know that this thing was in me?"

The hand rubbing the back of Harry stopped for a second as his mother whispered, "Yes, he knew. There was a prophecy that would have foretold that your life and his could only be ended by each other. Plus, you were scanned magically when he first found you at the wreckage of our house. There he found what was in you but never knew how to remove it."

Gentle fingertips turned the eyes of Harry away from the destroyed soul to meet the eyes of his mother. Her voice was soft yet filled with strength as she spoke, "None of that matters anymore. What matters now is your choice."

"What choice mother?" He looked confused towards his mother.

The fingertips reached upwards to brush away a few stray tears of anger that had lingered to her son's cheek. "You must choose Harry if you want to pass into the beyond and seek nothingness, or do you wish to take a rebirth. Your soul is special. So very special Harry that you are being given a choice to live my son. You are being given a chance to live again, to experience life and make a difference in a different world."

"A different world? Why would I want to go there? Why would I want to live again? I can go beyond and be with you and Dad." He spoke quickly to his mother almost in a panic, his heart seeming to fulfill his eyes.

She leaned forward and gave a small kiss to his forehead then whispered, "I know son. And after you go to this place and live a long life, you will be able to come find us and we can spend eternity together. But there is so much still for you to do, so much life to live, and you were denied this amenity. Now this will be your chance Harry."

Harry slowly leaned back and looked into her eyes whispering, "You would be here for me afterwards?"

"Yes, I would be. I will always be here for you Harry. Your father and godfather will be too then after a long life. You will see us again my son. But, this will give you a chance to have a life." She whispered gently to her son. Pausing a moment to let the words sink in before she continued, "You would forget your pain and suffering. You would forget what you have lost in this world. Instead you will live a new life, a life to make a change my son. You will find love and have a family. Perhaps give me some grandchildren."

A teasing smile touched the lips of his mother as she looked at him then she spoke softly, "You will have your magic still as well dear one. Your unbound magic will be there for you. But, you must decide now Harry. Our time here draws to an end."

He looked up and met the emerald eyes of his mother with a sad smile. He could see the hope in those eyes that he would take this chance and become a good man. They were almost calling for him to accept this chance to become something more than a pawn of prophecy. He wet his lips then whispered, "I will do it. I will go to this place."

She reached out and took his hands into her own and smiled brightly, "Good my son. All you must do is say this. I accept your gift R'hollor, Lord of the Light, Heart of Fire. I am ready to set fire to the world as the Desert Prince."

Harry felt the squeeze of her hand and the warmth in her eyes. He smiled brightly to her knowing this was what she wanted for him desperately. "I love you mother. I accept your gift R'hollor, Lord of the Light, Heart of Fire! I am ready to set fire to the world as the Desert Prince!"

The boy felt a burning sensation start to ache in his chest. At first it felt warm, than slowly it changed till it filled him with an inferno. He threw back his head in a scream of pain and torment far worse than the time when basilisk poison had been in his veins. He heard through his screams the words of his mother, "I love you Harry. Remember, I will always be proud of you."

The boy's screams filled King's Cross as his body was now literately caught up in flames. They enshrouded his full form as he felt them burn over every inch of him. Then in a blink of an eye he disappeared, only leaving ashes behind.

The woman stood up calmly from the bench and looked around the chamber. A small smirk twisted over her lips as she walked over to the homunculus form of Voldemort. Raising her foot upwards it slowly transformed into a sturdy leather boot before it crashed down and splattered the head of the Dark Lord's soul. The rest of the body of the woman distorted till it became a man well over six foot in height. He had burning fiery red hair that flickered with flames and eyes of emeralds that seemed to shine bright as the sun. His voice was deep as it echoed from his lungs, "Your wish has been granted Harry Potter. A new life for your service oh Promised Prince."

296 AC Dorne - Yronwood

Quentyn Martell, son of Prince Doran Martell and Ward of House Yronwood, knew he was in trouble. The night had not gone very well for him so far. First, he had snuck out of Lord Andres' Keep to go explore some with his friend Cletus Yronwood. They wanted to do what any normal four and ten year old boy wanted to do, to get into trouble. Of course, they never pictured this much trouble like they were in now.

Yronwood is a large town of ten thousand. It is a trading hub where the Boneway and Prince's pass roads meet before they travel onwards to Sunspear. If there is trade by land, it would always travel through Yronwood due partially to the fierce desert lands near to here. Lord Andres Yronwood tried to keep the walled town clean as possible, but like any location with a lot of trade there was still trouble that would come to town. There was a nice side of town where the Keep was and higher end shops where nobility would visit when traveling through. There was also the seedier side of town where anything could be found if you really wanted to look for it. While it was no Flea Bottom like in King's Landing the rougher alleyways would rarely find a guard at night. It was said if you wanted to find something in Dorne; it was always available for a price in Yronwood.

This night it was into the darker side of town that Cletus and Quentyn would go. The plan was simple for the best friends, first they would find a bar and some good wine. Next they would find a good woman to prove they were truly men. In between if they found a fight it might be a perfect evening.

After all war was coming, it was all over the Seven Kingdoms! Even if Quentyn's father Prince Doran wanted to stay out of it, there was no possible way they would. This would be the time that they could get revenge on House Lannister for the murder and rape of his Aunt Elia. Even his father could not forget that chance for justice for House Martel! Quentyn knew that many considered his father weak, because he would never act unless he was forced to. Yet, he knew better. His father had taught him when he was very young to only act if he was certain of the consequences.

Unfortunately this night he had not considered his father's words of wisdom. Instead they had made it to the darker side of town and found a tavern called the Lady's Leg. It was considered, according to Cletus one of the darker locations in town but it was a perfect place for some boys to get into an adventure. So they had ended up there hoping to find a lady of the night wanting some coins. Instead they found a booth in the corner and watched sell swords, men and others about the room arguing over gambling and drink. It was a wonderful sight for the boy's and Quentyn was enjoying himself, especially after the second cup of cheap wine. After the third cup he found the room filled with funny conversations and the fourth cup gave him courage for to try his luck at speaking to a few of the women. It was the fifth cup when things went downhill because they decided to join a game of chance. The dice didn't like them and they were on a losing streak, but the seventh cup removed that worry from them. It was the eight cup that started the argument, because it spilled all over this darkly cloaked man when Quentyn backed up his chair too quickly.

The incident quickly escalated and the boys found themselves in an alleyway surrounded by free riders. The dark cloaked was one of five at the moment. He stood before Quentyn and looked down towering over the boy, "Apologize runt and give your coin and you will live to see another day."

"Apologies are for peasants, I am unbroken and unbent. I do not apologize to scum." The boy yelled with slurred words. His right gloved hand on the dagger at his belt as he tried his best to glare at the man.

"Listen here boy, I am giving you a chance to walk away. If I fight, I fight to kill!" The words rumbled from the sell sword with a growl.

Quentyn felt the hand of Cletus on his back trying to pull him away. He stumbled but kept upright, "Come on Quentyn, I think we should go."

But, the child was stubborn as he shook off the hand of his friend. He pulled his dagger from his belt with a glare at the man, "Come at me sell sword. Let us see if your steel can match mine."

The fight was not much, in truth it was only twenty seconds. Quentyn thrust awkwardly forward the dagger with a feint at the man's chest. The man actually fell for the feint and was slashed on his thigh.

The sell sword leapt back cursing in pain with a glare at the boy. Perhaps it had been compassion or a moment of weakness before, now that was gone. Instead of the dagger at his belt the man pulled one from his sleeve. He moved with the rigid determination of a skilled warrior and slashed it quickly over the chest of the boy from the left shoulder down in a jagged line to the boy's right hip.

Quentyn stumbled back screaming in pain at the fire that seemed to explode over his body as warmth seeped from his flesh. Crimson blood spilled down his body as he felt a fire at once take to his veins. His own dagger fell to the ground with a soft clatter onto the stones.

The free rider slid away the dagger then spoke with mocking anger in his tone, "Your friend has minutes left the live, the red viper venom will take him."

The man spit onto the ground as he and his companions left from the alleyway with contempt.

Cletus rushed to his best friend with concern filling his eyes. The wound was already puffing up, smoke actually came from his friend who rolled back and forth in agony. The cut was not deep itself but it seemed to be excruciatingly painful. The thought hit Cletus, the man was telling the truth. He had put Red Viper Venom onto his dagger! His eyes going wide he hastened to pick up his best friend, his prince, and tossed him over his shoulder then started to run through town towards his Father's Keep. Perhaps it was the small amount of venom in the cut, or perhaps it was the wish of the Seven but the boy stumbled a few blocks before he ran into one of his father's guard patrol.

The patrols were sent out around the town in pairs. Two officers would work together to keep the peace, assisting those in need as guides or security for the town. Cletus, being the Lord's son knew almost all of the guard on duty from years of being around them. Hell, he spent a lot of his childhood sneaking to their barracks to hear stories from members of it. This night was no different as he knew one of the two guardsmen, Yalcin of Lys.

Yalcin had a peaceful night walking beside Mors. There has been no major issues or outbreaks. The bars had been rather busy but people seemed weary of bar fights lately. It might have something to do with war. Everyone wants the news of the northlands, the battles of the five kings, but nobody wants to fight themselves knowing what might come. This peace was shattered as he saw his Lord's son carrying a bloody prince on his shoulders! At once he sprinted over to help Cletus Yronwood with his burden. "What happened?"

The boy shook his head slowly and gasped out as he felt Yalcin help take hold of his friend. "We got into an argument. He picked a fight with a sell sword. A knife fight for honor, but the sell sword used a blade touched in poison! We need to get him to the Keep, we need to get him somewhere that can help him!"

The guardsman that he had never seen before stepped forward raising a hand against the forehead of Quentyn with a frown, "He is burning up. It is a strong poison. No time for the keep, he needs help. There is one near here."

A frown crossed the lips of guardsman Yalcin at the idea, but he shook his head and started guiding the way since he didn't have a better idea. They went down deserted alleyways to a run-down stone building. The door was made of oak, carved with a heart on fire in the middle. As soon as they arrived Yalcin banged loudly on the door. It swung open without a word to show a darkened chamber.

Taking a deep breath the guardsman pulled the prince into the room slowly. As soon as Yalcin of Lys set foot through the doorway into the room, the torches all around the chamber lit up. An ancient woman that looked to have been around when the weirwood trees were young appeared from a back chamber. She had all white hair that was falling out in patches, skin that looked more wrinkled then flat. Liver spots dotted the woman's arms and legs even as she had shrunken to only be around four feet in height. Her eyes were milky white of a blindness still he turned her gaze towards them as if she could see them as they entered. Her mouth opened showing no teeth left but her tongue stuck into the air as if tasting some morsel from her dinner. She cackled and spoke up, "Put the prince on the stone altar. His time in this world is short."

The strange old hag pointed with her free hand and when the men turned to look they found an altar where before they would have sworn none stood. Once the body of the Prince was up there she shooed them away, "Go, get your Lord. Go out for you must not be here for this."

Cletus look frightened towards Yalcin and the other guardsmen a frown crossing his lips. "I need to stay to make certain my friend is safe."

"Safe he will be, but you will not if you stay. Stay and he will die. Go young Lord and come back with your father." She cackled, ending her words with spit falling from broken crackled lips. "Go now or else he will not live little lord."

The boy lord growled through his lips, "Very well but if he dies then…"

"Then you kill me. I live not on the morrow." She cackled then turned to hold a strange medallion over the body of the Prince, seeming to talk in a cadence of High Valyrian ignoring the presence of the others.

Soon as Cletus and others stepped foot outside of the room, the door slammed shut and he could hear a bar fall down over the other side locking it closed. For five minutes the guardsmen and boy lord slammed their shoulders into the door but to no avail. Despite the wood looking ancient and rotten nothing seemed to budge it. After a time they ran off to get Lord Yronwood to bring aid.

It was just after the first rays of the next morning came over the alleyway did the doorway open. Lord Yronwood, Cletus, their maester and numerous knights stood outside at ready. The doorway alerted them to being unfastened by a creak of an old hinge slowly opening.

Knights poured into the room surrounding their Lord and Cletus with blades drawn. But, all they found was their young prince lying on a stone altar. Lord Yronwood and Cletus rushed to the side of the boy prince and were startled at the sight. While his facial features were the same with a strong nose, high cheekbones, and jet black hair. The difference on his face was the jagged lightning bolt scar on the right side of his forehead over his eyebrow. His body had also changed where before he was always a stocky, short child he was not tall and wiry for his age. He still had muscle mass but now it was firmer and more trim. The boy had grown a full foot, which was impossible to happen overnight!

Slowly the eyelids of the Prince fluttered as he looked up with a groan. Again the Lord and his son were surprised, for the eyes of Quentyn Martell were always deep dark brown, almost black. Now those eyes were a burning fiery emerald green that truly captured the eye. The young man of ten and four now had bodily changed in a single night. He let out a groan of pain and touched his tongue to parched lips before whispering, "Where am I?"

Author note: I hope you like the idea. Harry Potter with his magic in the Game of Thrones world which should make an interesting story. This story would be updated here and there in-between Shadow of the Wizarding World. That is if you all like it. Please let me know if you like the idea of the story. I am not certain of the pairing yet but feel free to offer young choices. I was thinking of having him take the trip to King's Landing with Oberyn for the Wedding. Anyway, I just had this idea and needed to put it down. If folks don't like it I will bury it. Just let me know!

Edit 10/11/14 – Did an edit on mistakes of the chapter as suggested by new Beta Sky66. Thank you Sky66 for joining the story and helping to make my horrible excuse for writing readable! Two more chapters have been written, they are currently being edited so some updates will be coming soon.