The Desert Prince

Chapter 8 – The Meeting

By Jamnaz79

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The woman was beautiful with hair kissed by fire, eyes that had a red tint to them. Her lips were full and nose narrow. Her body was catching to the eye, especially after the wonderful views early in the night. She was tall for a woman, taller then most men. He could tell as she had one leg lifted out of the tub with soap suds clinging to it. She flexed the leg at the knee causing her large full breasts to bunch up together as the soap covered them up to the V of her chest. "Hello my Prince, your Uncle suggested that you might like some company on this wet night. Would you care for a bath?"

Quentyn stared at her for a moment, in that time he cursed and thanked his Uncle. In the end Oberyn knows best how to spend a cold night in a distant city. It was only a moment because he quickly divested himself of his loin cloth and joined her for an interesting night.

~~~ DP ~~~

Ass his flickered open Quentyn had to take a moment to consider everything that had happened the night before. Warm light from the late morning sunshine fluttered through the windows. Those windows were closed as the smell of sweat and sex still heavy in the air. The woman last night was something very different. He had been around, or learned in the arts as his Uncle would say. But the woman last night Melisandre was something else. The woman seemed to overflow with a warmth and showed in her every touch. It did not hurt that after the vision of the Princess that he had been ready to enjoy himself. In all it was quite a night.

The door opened with a bang causing the younger man to jump. His head hit against the headboard eliciting a groan. It didn't help that he heard a chuckle from his Uncle. "Feeling good this morning I take it?"

Quentyn didn't answer instead he gave a grunt as he stood up from the bed to use the corner chamber pot. Something else that their new construction thankfully would not have, he had personally made certain to design the use of real plumbing. Rhllor' be damned if he was going to continue to shit in a pot and have to smell it.

The lack of answer didn't seem to phase Oberyn as he walked around picking up things and putting a chair right side up after it had been disturbed during last night's festivities, "I take it that my suggestion for that woman worked out well for you."

He was answered with a grunt of acknowledgment from Quentyn as the younger man finished up to tie up his pants before washing his hand with some water in a bowl.

"She looked to be interesting to say that least. I was surprised when she would not accept my charms. I even went with my Prince line that got me more than a few pieces of ass." Oberyn paused as he picked up a red silk pair of panties that were laying across the elegant expensive oak table. He sniffed them and raised an eyebrow before flipping them back down, "She wanted the younger prince. The Chosen One as she called you. The man that was many and one in the same."

That statement made Quentyn stop washing his face. He raised his head dripping water from his face and down his naked chest with a grimace,"She knew about me? Another caught up with visions. I hope you have not set a fangirl on me."

"A fangirl?" Oberyn raised a brow at the word not certain what it meant.

"A woman that wants to be with a man cheering him on in and is obsessive towards him." Quentyn stated with a grimace, he remembered as Harry he had some of them. They would linger out there ready. At least in his new life there was advantages since he had far less restraint in sexual matters. If he had just fucked half of the fangirls would they have left him alone or become even more obsessive?

"She is a Priestess, I think that her only care and desire is for her Lord's will as she views it. Perhaps she viewed her Lord's will to ride you all night?" Oberyn's lips twisted into a smirk at the comment.

"Perhaps indeed. I doubt I will find out, there is little time to accomplish what we came for. I have a feeling when it is done we will have to leave rather quickly." Quentyn commented back for his Uncle.

"Oh you found her?" Asked the older Prince

"Was there any doubt?" Quentyn spoke with a smirk as he pulled out a clean shirt from his trunk and threw it on. He then walked over to the bedside table and plucked up a note holding it out to his Uncle.

Oberyn took the note and started to read it over before he grinned, "Well you certainly got her attention. You went as a pussy instead of yourself I take it?"

The younger man rolled his eyes as he ran his fingers through his black hair pushing it back, "Indeed I did. It much easier to get into there without all of their guards coming after me. It was as you said. That place is locked up tighter than a Northern woman under her father's guard. I doubt I could get in without my abilities without being seen."

"You haven't been to the North yet nephew. Trust me, those Northern women aren't locked up but fierce bears." Oberyn retorted back with a grin before he continued, "How will you get her?"

"I am not positive. I have a plan but it is risky. But there is something else there. Something in the manse of the illustrious Illyrio Mopatis. It is old and powerful and called to me. I could feel it as if it was a beating heart and each heartbeat drew me in. I felt a need to go to it. But.." Quentyn paused with a frown.

"You didn't since it was somewhere secure?" Oberyn offered up.

"Indeed, the treasury. If I had broken into there then the plan would definitely be no more. I will meet with her and try to acquire it no matter her decision." Quentyn offered with a frown unsure of how she would react. He was hopeful and a bit excited but he was concerned that she would spur his offer. For all he knew it could be a trap.

"What do you need me to do?" Oberyn questioned with a frown.

"Get everything I acquired ready to go back onto the ..." Quentyn frowned to himself with a grimace as he turned slightly green at the evil word, "ship. If that is done I could use a distraction. Do you think you could get someone to start a bit of trouble near to the manse?"

"Gold always speaks volumes for violence. Consider it done. I will go talk to our gracious hosts to let them know that toilet we depart. I believe they wanted a few acolytes to come with us." The older Prince mentioned offhand with his own frown. He was not certain what he felt about this new religion but if they could help him have his revenge it would be worth it. At the end of the day all that matters is that Dorne showed truly what happens when it was disrespected. His new nephew would accomplish that if his plans came together. "Be careful Nephew. At the end of the day she does not truly matter. It will be easier with her there but you being lost or captured here would be a disaster."

"Concern for me Uncle?" Quentyn flashed a roguish grin often used by the Potter family, "I will be fine. I understand that our final plans are more important then one girl. But, you will appreciate what a beauty she is."

Oberyn couldn't help but roll his eyes since it would be something normally he would say. He met the gaze of his nephew one last time before he nodded his head once in understanding, "I will see you this evening after dark."

The man turned to walk out of the chamber towards their host and the docks.

~~~ DP ~~~

The Manse had been easy to get through. In fact it was easier then last time. A few of the guards seemed to recognize the black cat. They actually scratched his back lightly before letting him wander off into the residence. Unfortunately for Quentyn the view from the balcony this time did not provide wonderful sights of Daenerys bathing.

Instead he dropped onto the ledge and peered into the chamber. Within the chamber was the woman he had thought of before, she was there pacing back and forth before her desk. A frown marring her beautiful face as she paced in worry. He could see her beautiful eyes were closed as she rubbed the back of her head running his fingers through her silver blonde hair.

He only watched for a few moments before stepping to the edge of the balcony to make sure she didnt see him. After a few seconds concentrating instead of a black feline was a young Prince. He turned the corner and walked slowly into the chamber. Quentyn didn't hide his footsteps for it sounded off letting her hear him. He stopped and cleared his throat, "Hello..."

She stopped her pacing and spun around. The young lady's beautiful hair flipped across her back to spill along her shoulders. Her purple eyes lit up in surprise as she studied him taking him in. Quentyn could feel her eyes run along his face carefully taking in his chiseled chin. His hair long and wild just barely above his shoulders. It was colored black as the deepest night. But the most remarkable part of the young man was his eyes. He had eyes burning with power, they seemed to glow in the night as twin emeralds held under the light. She visibly swallowed as she was captured by those eyes, "Hello..."

Quentyn stepped forward but was careful to keep a bit of distance. His lips pulled into a smile, "Hello Princess Daenerys Targaryen. I am Prince Quentyn Martell, I hope that you have considered my offer?"

The young lady blinked at the forwardness of the young Prince. She had not expected him to be honest right away with who he was. She was slightly caught off guard by it and looked up meeting his eyes. A hint of crimson spilled across her pale cheeks as he smiled towards her before her training took over, "A pleasure to meet you Prince Quentyn of House Martell..."

"I am sure you have questions Princess. Please ask away..." Quentyn offered with a smile as he crossed his arms behind his back grabbing hold of his left wrist with his right hand. A nervous habit Quentyn had picked up in the past.

"I do..." Daenerys said at first before she considered her words, "Why me? Why now?"

"Dorne has not been in a position to act. In truth it still is not yet, but time forced our choice. Your brother and host has decided to marry you to the horse-lord. If that were to happen most likely you would never be accepted in the Kingdoms." Quentyn paused to allow her a moment to consider his words before he continued, "Why you and not your brother? To be frank we have been told by sources that your brother resembles your father too much. He would be a liability to the Kingdom if he ever were to rule unfortunately."

The purple eyes of the woman burrowed into the younger man. She bit her bottom lip as she considered his words. "What was wrong with my father? A liability or harder to control a true dragon?"

Now Quentyn raised an eyebrow at that before he shook his head gently back and forth, "I do not know what you have been told of your father but he caused the civil war. Prince Rhaegar may have kidnapped the Stark girl but your father burned her father and brother alive in his throne room. He called for the heads of the next in line of the North and the young Lord of the Stormlands. He may have been the true King of the realm but even a King must show some respect to his nobility and commons. We all live and rule by right of might but also respect. Your father is known in the Seven Kingdoms as the Mad King Princess... While there are many that await your return there are many others who would not see it come due to how he acted."

The young Princess blinked in surprise at the statement. She had never heard these things. Her brother only told her how everyone turned against them in jealousy. But, it never made sense to her fully, but there was always something there that did not make sense. Now she knew, she understood. If the Prince of Dorne was telling the truth. But, what reason would he have to lie to her about this? His family had been wed to the crown, they had lost family and close to everything. Was this what he meant about the concerns for her brother? He did at time act in ways that scared her, his eyes would fill with madness before he beat her. A shiver ran down her spine as Quentyn continued to speak, "I don't believe anyone in your family will be easy to control Princess. I can see in you even now a spirit that someday will cause people to flock to your banners."

"What would Dorne want out of helping me?" She asked with narrowed eyes not accepting just plain good will. Everyone wanted something, there no reason someone would act out of generosity for her situation and risk everything including war.

"My father will want a say in helping the Kingdom to be run and flourish along with compensation. My Uncle will want his revenge against the Lannisters and Baratheons..." Quentyn paused for a moment himself as his eyes watched hers closely, "I would hope to be considered in the future for a partnership someday."

"A partnership?" She asked even though she knew what he meant. She wanted to hear him say the words.

"I would hope to prove myself worthy to become your consort and King at your side." Quentyn answered honestly.

"But, you would not force it?" She asked curious.

"No, I am sure my father would accept a marriage with you and my brother instead of myself. He is younger by a year or two then yourself. But, if you prefer..." The words trailed off as he met her eyes with his emeralds.

"I seem to be forced to wed here or in the Seven Kingdoms. Am I no different then a cattle to be mated?" A bit of anger filling her eyes causing them to sparkle, the turn of her lips downwards at the corners drew the gaze from the young man.

"Not today or anytime soon, but eventually even a Prince or a Queen must wed. It is what we are born to, a responsibility that very few escape. I am not saying that I will force your decision your Grace. But merely that someday it would be expected by my father at least to see Dorne favored for the support. If you were in his position would you not request the same?" Quentyn ended with a question his eyes tearing away from the cute pout of her lips.

"I understand, but if I do gain my throne.." Daenerys started before Quentyn finished the sentence, "You would be Queen and rule as you saw fit. I would only hope to help give suggestions to consider and honest advice as a friend."

"A friend?" Daenerys raised a slender silver eyebrow at the choice of word.

"Every good relationship must start somewhere, friendship and trust are most important." Quentyn answered back smoothly with a Potter trademark roguish grin. "Perhaps we are starting today with that friendship."

"Perhaps..." She considered his words carefully, "What is your plan?"

"For now to get you away to the safety of Dorne. The Kingdoms are restless. They are a pyre of wood waiting for the flame to start it up. We will prepare for when that flame lights up we will be ready. Then we will react and they will not expect the blaze that will come their way." The way the young man spoke, the fire in his eyes as he spoke surprised her. She could feel that he truly believed his words. There was a conviction in them that made her want to believe him. "We will win the throne but more we will change the world for the better for all the people of the Seven Kingdoms. Noble, peasant, merchants, members of the faiths or maester will find a better life after we will be done."

"You are very certain of these things." the beautiful young woman questioned to the young man.

"I am. When you consider us friends I will tell you why and all of my dreams and hopes." Quentyn suggested with a small smile. "But for now do you wish to take the Princess? Are you with us to change the world and become the guiding light of it?"

She stares at him as he met her gaze. Her purple ones meeting his emeralds reading them and seeming to look for something. It wasnt his belief as she had already seen that. It wasn't his courage as he was here having snuck into the manse of one of the most powerful men in the city. She had seen his hope, his passion, the fire that made up who he was. She had seen a lot of this young man in this one conversation but did she trust him? Was she ready to abandon her brother for him? This was a moment that would change her life, was she someone to strike out on the what if chance or to let other direct her. She couldn't help but feel butterflies in her stomach as she stared into his emeralds. Slowly almost not controlling itself her head nodded and a smile crossed her lips, "Yes, I will come."

"Good. Go to your chambers and gather anything you want to take with you for once we leave tonight you will never return. I will meet you here in fifteen minutes Princess." He smiled for her after the words. He watched her stare at him before nodding towards Quentyn then she left the room.

~~~ DP ~~~

As soon as she left the room he carefully opened up the doorway slightly before he closed his eyes. Where moments ago stood the handsome prince now was a little black cat. The creature slipped out of the doorway and down the hallway. There had been a reason that tonight he wanted to have the ship prepared. Sure they would be looking for the princess but what he was about to do would cause just as much ruckus.

The pattern for the hallways he remembered very easily thanks to his mental exercises. He could also feel the object still here, calling and beckoning for him to come to it. It was almost a pulse of warmth in the building. Something of the same spark he felt lightly in the Princess herself.

It did not take long for him to find the hallway again. There were four guards of unsullied there standing at ready with their spears resting against their shoulder. Deciding that the best approach was surprise, Quentyn started to slowly creep forward silent as a cat towards the four guardsmen. He crept up next to the first pair of guardsmen before brushing his tail against the shin's the man.

The dark eyes look downwards at the cat before a smile split the face of the warrior. Those eyes widened in surprise as in an instant instead of a cat was there was a man. Quentyn reacted with his training slamming the heel of his left hand's palm into the throat of the man instantly choking him. Just at the same time he grabbed the spear with his right spinning it around to slam the blunt end of it into the side of the second man. He stepped into the movement spinning around with the guardsman's spear in reverse to knock down the original guardsman before thrusting forward the point of the spear just below the chin of the other guardsmen. They both dropped to the ground dead in less then two seconds.

That was time enough for the other two unsullied to react. They both took a defensive stance readying their weapons for a fight that was to come. They were warriors in their peak condition, one of the premier fighting force in this part of the world. Almost anyone would be easily defeated now that surprise wasn't an option. Unfortunately for them Quentyn wasn't just anyone.

The torches on the wall flickered as the young man raised his right hand upwards. He slowly started to walk towards them, "I am sorry for this."

As the words left his mouth he snapped the fingertips of his left hand causing the two unsullied to tighten their stance. They expected the young man to attack, but instead of a forward attack it came from the torches behind them. The fire leap at the command of the young Prince. It jumped from the torches before landing onto the back and clothing of both men.

They didnt know what it was at first as pain started to spasm up and down their backs. The smell of burning flesh at once filled the air. Before screams could erupt from them both Quentyn reacted using their distraction by pulling two daggers from the sleeves of his tunic and flinging them towards the Unsullied. A wandless banishment of each of them buried the daggers into the throats of both men dropping them down to the ground. In less then a minute the four were dead and Quentyn was left standing alone before the treasury room's sealed door.

The door was large and stone. There was a massive wooden beam across it that would take four large men to lift it normally. Once again it was not difficult for Quentyn. He reached his hand outwards and concentrated. It was just like the wandless banishing that he had done with the daggers. One of the few tricks he had been able to reacquire from his time of study. He pushed his magic forward into the extremely heavy beam and felt exhaustion starting to come over him as he did so. With a grimace he pushed his strength into the giant beam dislodging it before upwards for it to land onto the ground to the side of the door.

Quentyn was still careful not wanting press his luck knowing there could be other traps before the vault. He again took deep breaths before pulling at the giant stone door of the vault with his magic. He stood away from doorway as it slowly pulled inch by inch away from the seal opening up to betray a room filled with numerous piles of coins, gems and other items. His emerald eyes could spot a black substance on the edge of the doorway, most likely some type of contact poison waiting to trap someone.

He took deep slow breaths as he released the door, swear now pouring down his forehead from exhaustion. One final thing to be vigilant for traps as he picked up the body of one of burnt men awkwardly before pushing it forward over the edge of the doorway. Again he was rewarded when the body fell on a wire causing a trio of bolts to fire from each side.

Finally believing it to be free of danger he started to slowly walk forwards looking every possible direction he could. The vault was not huge like the goblin vaults he remembered from his life as Harry. But it was a large place filled with piles of gold. There were works of art, marble statues and gems the size of his fist there. But that was not what drew him. That was not what interested him.

Now he felt it calling him even more than before. The left corner of the chamber was where he found the item that was pulling him. It rested against a chest. It was a staff, not just any staff but a staff made of weirwood! In fact it appeared to be not only weirwood but bindings on the each end which were made of Valyrian steel! Each of the bindings and the quarterstaff itself was covered in hundreds of runes. Each of them appeared at a glance to be different and carved very carefully into different patterns. It was beautiful, gorgeous and drew the eye. But, what was more important he could feel the energy, the strength filling it to the brim. He stepped forward and brushed his fingertips over it and it felt electric. It was almost as if he was holding his old wand. It thrummed with a life of it's own.

For the first time since their bodies merged he felt more Harry Potter then ever before. He raised up the staff and pointed it towards a marble bust, in seconds it changed shape to a large goblet instead studded with gemstones. A grim split the lips of Quentyn, "I have my magic again. I truly have my magic back."

He turned away from the corner and accidentally tapped the lid with his staff. It swung open revealing a trio of dragon eggs which caused him to pause. A Targaryen with dragon eggs seemed a better idea then just a Queen without it. Perhaps there was someway he could see them reborn with his magic or even the feeling of her own that he got from her. Gently Quentyn closed the lid of the trunk then tapped it with the staff. He concentrated and pushed his magic through the staff into it causing it to shrink before his eyes.

The young Prince reached down and placed the shrunken trunk into his pocket before he turned and walked from the chamber leaving the gold and riches behind. He reached the hallway and paused at one of the bodies. He remembered a useful charm that he had not tried in a longtime. Closing his eyes he tapped the staff to his tunic and pants causing them to change to appear the same as one of the Unsullied on the ground. Then almost without a concern he started to walk down the hallway away from the treasury since he had a Princess to rescue.

Author Note: After this it will be back to the Seven Kingdoms and we shall start the time period of Cannon. How will it change? You will have to see, or guess as you like but Quentyn and Oberyn will be waiting and ready for the right time to pounce. I hope you liked the chapter and it was interesting enough for all of you. Any suggestions are very welcome.