The colonies were buzzing with excitement. It was almost time for the Gundam tournaments, to decide who would rule the colonies for the next four years. There were many notable contenders; some just loved the spotlight while others were so powerful that they had a large fan base.

"Gundam Fighter Leon Dalvezo is the Gundam Fighter for Neo-Spain, and an audience favorite! Just look at him! His charismatic, witty, and has great looks!" an energetic reporter held the microphone to her pink lips. Her flimsy hand gestured to a lanky man with flowing crimson hair and deep green eyes. His elegant hand held a white rose, and around his broad shoulders was the flag of Spain. Many fans flocked around him like moths to a beacon, and he only smiled as his large ego was nourished.

"And look! Over here is Gundam Fighter Rina Adalin, from Neo-India!" The Indian woman looked away, her dark skin radiating a glow from the intense sunlight.

"Over on TV screen #3, which is at Neo-Japan's base, is Gundam Fighter Urube Ishikawa! He represents Neo-Japan, and is favored to win. almost as much as Leon!"

"Major Ishikawa! Major Ishikawa, sir!" Urube slightly turned to look at a young lady running towards him. Her black hair swayed around her back as the red ribbon holding it started to give way to the wind. Her glasses were a bit foggy, so she pulled them off and rubbed them with her green uniform. Her rather flat chest rose up and down as she tried to catch her breath in front of the Major.

"Sir," said the lady as she saluted, "Lieutenant Leiko Shinohara reporting!" Leiko was a good lieutenant, especially for her age, but she was rather shy.

"You called for me, Sir?" asked Leiko as her large black eyes trailed to the ground. Urube nodded.

"Yes, do you have everything ready for the Gundam Fights?" he asked, his voice deep and official.

"Yes sir! You are now legally registered as Neo-Japan's Gundam Fighter," said Leiko as she grinned, "All you have to do is get some medical procedures done for the trace system, you know, so you can use it? And after that we'll have you suited up in the trace suit so you can try out the Shogun Gundam. Please, follow me, sir." Urube smiled softly to himself as Leiko started to walk inside one of the metal rooms. Urube flashed a smile at Dr. Kasshu, who stood with some medical supplies, and at Professor Mikamura, who stood near the large Shogun Gundam.

"Alright, Major Urube, you know the procedure, it hasn't changed at all," Dr. Kasshu's eyes had a hint of subtle humor and Leiko knew that she was in the presence of a kind and wise man. Urube let Dr. Kasshu test his blood pressure, take blood samples, and do a usual check-up, before he nodded to Professor Mikamura and Urube stepped over.

"Miss Lieutenant Shinohara, since have been assigned as part of Major Ishikawa's Gundam crew, it is required that you try on the Mobile Trace System after Urube is finished. Now, Urube, please discard your clothes and step in."

"I have to. what?! Discard his WHAT?" Leiko turned around and shielded her eyes, "Tell me, Professor Mikamura. will I have to do the same thing. in front of. the two of you?"

"On the contrary, Major Urube will have to see it as well if you get in the Mobile Trace System," said Dr. Kasshu.

"Major Urube will have to see me. nude?!"

"Don't worry, Major Urube is a professional! He won't look at you like that, even if you are a pretty eligible young maiden with a nice body who happens to be in his Gundam crew," said Professor Mikamura, as Urube gave him a harsh glare.

"Well, you can worry about that later, Lieutenant," said Dr. Kasshu, "Major, please step into the Gundam." Urube nodded as he took off his shirt and climbed in.

"Now, this computer screen will show you what happens inside the Shogun Gundam, Lieutenant Shinohara," said Professor Mikamura as he pressed a button and a screen showed up. Leiko stared intently at the contraption that Urube stood in.

"Wow, that's what the inside of a Gundam looks like?" she asked. Professor Mikamura nodded.

"Checking temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level. all green," the robotic voice rung throughout the interior of the Gundam.

"Well that's good," said Dr. Kasshu. A circular device spun slowly around Urube's head, and descended onto his body. The white rubber-like substance started to cover Urube's body from the neck downward, sticking to every part of his muscular body.

"Snug fit, don't you think, Professor?" chuckled Urube as the rubber substance finally let go of his feet with a snap. The three men laughed, while Leiko looked at Urube in the Mobile Trace Suit.

"Amazing," she said, "Whatever he does, the Gundam does. It's like a virtual reality game!"

"Except it's not virtual, it's reality," said Professor Mikamura, "You can step in now, the Mobile Trace System can handle two people." Leiko gulped and nodded.

Leiko gasped as the white suit covered her thin body.

"Urube's right, this is rather snug!" she commented as she flexed her fingers. When she heard the tight snap of the substance disconnecting itself from her feet, she moved around a bit, getting used to the feel of the MTS.

"This Gundam system is quite evolved compared to the older cockpit versions," said Urube, "Neo-Japan will win the Gundam Fights for sure. Do you agree, Leiko?" Urube turned and looked at the younger woman, smiling warmly. Leiko's cheeks turned a slight crimson as she nodded.

"Yes! We'll win the 12 Gundam Fight, no question there!"