"Get Ready and Go: The 12th Gundam Fight" Outtakes

Chapter 1 Announcer: *holds the microphone to her pink lips* Damnit! I got lipstick on my microphone!

Chapter 1 Leiko: *is running towards Urube* Major Ishikawa, sir..! *trips and falls flat on her face* Ow.

Chapter 1 Leiko: *watches Urube get into his MTS Suit * Woo-hoo! Yeah! He's got a nice- *gets slapped by Dr. Kasshu* . Ow.

Chapter 8 Urube: See you Gundam Fight 13. *turns off the lights* Leiko: .. .. .. Hey, what are you doing?! *SLAP* Karato: *pops up* And that's how he really got the scar on his face!

Chapter 8 Leiko: *downs the cocktail and hiccups* Woah, that was some gooooood punch right there *hic* got any more?

Chapter 8 Karato: *pushes the elevator button and waits a few seconds, the elevator doors start to open, but instantly close before he can see anything* What the.? *tries to open it again, but it closes* What is going on? *the same thing happens* What the f*** are those two doing?!

Chapter 6 Wong: Why don't I get to ride the horse?! Master Asia: Because you have the hovercraft Wong: Damn you, Touho Fuhai! *eats some pocky*