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It was refreshing, she had always thought, as it washed everything away so one could begin anew. However, it could also be cold, harsh, and unforgiving.

'I forgot my umbrella,' Kagome thought, wiping her wet hair from her eyes as she moved a little bit quicker, 'But it would be a real waste to buy a new one.'

Well, that meant she would have to endure the rain for a little bit and that didn't seem so bad.

That is, until it starting pouring like there was no tomorrow and she was absolutely drenched within seconds, 'I'm cold.'

She felt herself shiver, not even her light jacket could hold up against the pouring rain and she let out a sigh, watching as other busy people rushed by with their own umbrellas high above their heads.


Her eyes immediately darted to her left as she no longer felt the rain sliding down her clothes and body and she let out a noise of complete surprise when she found herself standing beside a tall handsome blond man with a large umbrella over both their heads.

"I noticed you didn't have your own," The blond smiled, gesturing to his umbrella as he made sure it was covering her completely (which also meant they were standing very close to each other), "I'd be happy to share mine."

Kagome instantly flushed, feeling almost feverish as she stammered her words and waved her hands like a maniac, "T-t-thank you!" She swallowed nervously, knowing that Americans didn't think the same of sharing umbrellas like the Japanese did.

It implied romance.

"Not a problem, Miss," The blond seemed amused by her reaction, "Go where to need to be and I'll follow you to make sure you don't get any more wet."

Oh, Amaterasu-sama – was that her or did that sound a bit pervy?!

(Did she inherit Miroku's dirty mind!?)

"O-ok," Kagome stuttered a bit, still reeling that she was sharing an umbrella with a real handsome stranger, "I really mean it, t-thanks!" His response only had her feeling that much warmer.

"For you, Miss, anything."