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The two scientists stood in front of the glass, proud of their brand new creations.
Misao Makimachi scribbled the final notice onto her sheet of information.

"Yes, they will work. The four souls will be able to save us, once they know their proper
formation and their proper pair..." Her partner, Aoshi, said.

Misao nodded. "The four elements was a great plan, Aoshi. It works perfectly."
She smiled at her partner, who hesitantly smiled back.
He normally wouldn't do such a thing randomly, but today was a big day.

Misao smiled and began naming them off, "Earth, Sanosuke."
Aoshi said the second one, "Fire, Kenshin."
Misao's smile grew bigger as she said the third, "Wind, Megumi."
Aoshi started the fourth one with great wonder in his eyes, "--And water..."
They both announced triumphantly at the same time, "Kaoru!"

And four pairs of new eyes to the world shot open instantly.


"Ooo, that Kenshin! He's going to pay for this!!!" Kaoru yelled irritatedly.

Megumi couldn't help what she saw and doubled over laughing.

Kaoru's room was covered with stupid--yet very well drawn--pictures of water being defeated by fire, which was technically impossible, but when Kenshin's imagination concocted something, it didn't matter if it was true of fantasy. One sign had a chibi Kenshin standing over Kaoru victoriously, saying, "WATER IS GOING DOWN!"

Kaoru HATED it when Kenshin went off teasing her like this. She turned around, looked at Megumi, rolled her eyes and muttered "Some friend." After Megumi calmed down a little, Kaoru stormed off to find Kenshin.

"Why are YOU swimming Kenshin? Aren't you supposed to be fire?" Kenshin's good friend, Sano, asked him with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Stop kidding me, Sano. You know I love to swim. Plus, it makes me feel better than the element of your girlfriend." Kenshin said, smirking. The glare he received from Sano caused him to laugh.

"Kenshin, it was a plan by Aoshi and Misao. I HAVE to be with Kaoru."

"Big whoop, I know...," Kenshin said, drying his face off. Then he peeked an eye out, smirked, and sneaked in, "...but she's still your girlfriend."

This caused a fuse to light in Sano. He didn't prefer when Kenshin sounded like a street guy, AND when he made fun of Kaoru and him at the exact same time.
Sano got up and charged for Kenshin, who dodged gracefully, sending Sano smashing into the wall.

Kaoru and Megumi happened to walk in the room at that very instant, and they were in their swimsuits.
Kaoru mumbled, "Impressive, but THAT DOESN'T CUT IT FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY ROOM!!"
Kenshin turned to her and smirked. He replied to her in a sarcastic tone, "Oh, that was your room? OOPS!"


Kenshin laughed. "Well this is just a perfect training day isn't it?"

Megumi just smiled and took a seat by the pool. She loved seeing her match destroy her friend for some reason.

Kaoru threw a punch at Kenshin but he dodged it, then he whirled around and tried to hit her in the back. She bent backward, going into a backbend over his arm, then bringing her feet up in order to kick his head. She failed at this and went sprawling into the pool.

Kenshin, Sano, and Megumi all started laughing.
Kaoru slashed her head out gracefully and shot her ponytail over her head, splashing water into Kenshin's eyes.
"OUCH! Kaoru!"
She smiled, "Serves you right. Now SANO, why were you laughing at me?!"
Sano cringed, "Sorry, but it looked kind of funny at the time."
Kaoru was about to say something else when she let it go and smiled, "Okay...just don't do it again."
"I'll try not to."
They smiled at each other.

Kenshin climbed into the pool and rested against the brink of it.

"You should stay that way Kenshin," Kaoru said. "You kind of look cute that way."

Kenshin laughed. "So NOW you begin to appreciate me huh?"

Kaoru scowled and splashed water in his face. She turned and said, "YEAH RIGHT!"
With that, she turned around, splashed into the water, and swam from the 4 foot shallow end all the way to
the 11 foot deep end, where she surfaced 10 seconds later and rested herself at the brink right there.

"Just goes to show you! Water...is...awesome!" Kaoru said, kicking her feet happily in the water.
Sano smiled, Kenshin rolled his eyes, and Megumi said, "Go Kaoru!"

"I should say so!" I familiar voice said at the door. Everyone turned to see who was there. It was Misao.

"Konnichiwa, Misao-sama!" They all greeted at the same time. She smiled at them and replied, "Konnichiwa."

She lowered herself into the pool and dunked her head underwater. When she surfaced, she said, "I can't believe all of my creations have become taller than I am..."

The four souls laughed.

"But anyway, that isn't the point. You two are supposed to be training. The Conquerors are becoming a bit stronger and will soon seal the ice barrier around the planet."

Kenshin blinked, "I know, we were. At least, I was. I think Sano needs a bit more practice on how to hit someone faster, because I could dodge him way to easily."

"Well Kenshin, you DO have great dodging skills."

"That's because Wind helps Fire grow!" Megumi said happily. "AND, may I add, I am gifted with the swiftness in order to dodge perfectly and gracefully. Obviously you made good matches for our souls! Kenshin is doing well!"

Misao nodded. "Thanks."

Kaoru turned her head to the side and thought to herself, 'Did Misao really make such the best choices?'
To prove to herself that Misao was wrong, she took a glance at Kenshin again, when he turned his head in her direction, their eyes met and locked for a few moments. As Kaoru felt a blush growing on her cheeks, she gasped and dunked her head into the pool.

And although it was a mere few seconds, Sano had noticed...


Kaoru walked out of her daily session of education with Aoshi and into the training room, where she would practice her abilities. She found Kenshin already in there. Surprisingly he was the ONLY other one in there.

"Where's Megumi?" She asked.

"Still studying with Misao," Kenshin responded, summoning his fire sword and slicing it easily through a practice shield as it burnt and crumbled, "why do you ask?"

Kaoru cringed and almost blushed, "No reason."

"Now that you mentioned it, where's my bud, Sano?"

"He's trying to get this one problem straight."

"Oh so your doing math today huh? Sucks for you!" Kenshin took another swing of his sword, aiming it towards another board halfway across the room.

Kaoru smirked and concentrated her gaze on the flame flying just above the floor. Her eyes began to glow a lighter blue, and a spout of water shot up and the fire attack vanished. She laughed. Kenshin growled.

"What did you do that for??!?!"

Kaoru just answered a simple, "Payback", as she advanced towards Kenshin and sat down.

"So, how's your day so far?" She asked.

"You really want me to explain it to you?" Kenshin asked, confused.

"Yes!" Kaoru said quickly, "I--I mean yeah, I don't have anything better to do. And I must admit, whether it's real of fantasy, I like the way you speak."

Kenshin blinked and clenched his sword with his index finger pointed outwards. The sword turned into a regular flame and flew backwards into a globe planted on Kenshin's hand. He removed the globe and set it in his pocket.

He walked towards her, admiring her chosen outfit for the day. It was an extremely light blue dress that cut open just below the thighs, and the shoulders cut off on either side. The sleeves were crimped and he thought it suited her, as well as the indigo ribbon tied in her raven hair. He sat down and began to tell his story.

She smiled at him. No matter how much he bugged her, they WERE great friends.

But sometimes she wished for something more......

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