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"Are you sure about this? We could always-"

"I'm positive. I…I can't put them all through this. Not Naruto…Not Ino…Kakashi-sensei, they...they don't need to see this happen."

Soft crying filled the air as the pinkette slid her headband across the desk, her mentors face just as broken as her own. The office was silent for a moment, the blond woman struggling to find the right words to fit the situation.

"Sakura…I wish there was something I could do…"

"So do Tsunade-sama, so do I."

She was only a week or so out of the village when she first met him, his odd clothing choice and hair making him stand out almost as much as the unapproachable look on his face. The small roadside town wasn't anything to speak highly of at all, so she had to wonder what someone like him was doing here. He was obviously a nin, so it was possible he was just passing through on a mission or happened to be on his way home.

They'd been sitting across the room from each other at first, the only acknowledgement he'd given her was the slightest nod of his head as he made to sit at his small booth. Sakura had let her curiosity win out at that point, watching openly as he sipped at his tea, surveying the area outside periodically.

He was a curiosity, strange.

His intimidatingly large form and larger chakra signature just screamed danger.

But what did she have to lose?

So the little pinkette got up and walked over to his table, still slightly out of breath from her previously long trek to the town, and sat down across from him. His stoic face watched her every movement, probably waiting for her to attack.

It paid to be cautious in thei- his line of work.

"Hello, I'm Haruno Sakura. Sorry to just interrupt, but you looked lonely over here by yourself, do you mind if I have a seat?"

He'd just nodded.


And they'd sat there in near complete silence for the next five minutes, Sakura pondering what to say to start a conversation with the man.

"So…what are you doing in a place like this?" She queried quietly, careful of the other patrons around them. "If it's not too much to ask I mean…"

"Message delivery. I have scrolls that need to be hand delivered to all the hidden villages in a very specific time limit. I'm curious as well little Kunoichi, as to what you're doing here without a team." His deep and slightly ominous voice caught her a little off guard, his statement dragging a sigh from her chest as it registered.

He'd known she was here for a while now it seemed.

She was already losing her touch.

"Nothing special like that, I'm…just travelling really. I recently left my village and have no plans on returning so I was thinking of just…wandering for a bit. "

She could almost taste the melancholy in her voice, she wasn't cut out to be on her own like this. She needed people, conversation, and the stability that came with having someone to watch her back.

But now…now she had to be her own rock in this seemingly endless storm.

"I see."

And that's all he said until half an hour later she informed him that she was leaving to go to the inn.

"I shall escort you. It wouldn't do to have you walking around this close to dark alone, the people here aren't the kindest." His dark eyes hadn't been asking if he could. No, he was telling her that he would, in fact, be walking her across town.

She'd just smiled at him, thankful for the company, even if all he did was listen to her near constant babbling.

It felt nice to talk again.

Even if it did irritate her throat.

They walked through the dirty streets, her voice the only one filling the air as the villagers started clearing out, their two forms the only ones visible as the old inn came into view.

That's when it hit her.

It was crazy, insane really, but what did she have to lose?

He didn't look like he'd get attached to her anyway.

"Madara-san…I-Can I travel with you?" She blurted out, the man slowly turning to look down at her as they came to a stop, his frown now more evident as she looked up at him, silently pleading with him to say yes.

"No." His voice was like a knife to her heart, but she just took another deep breath and tried again, grabbing his sleeve and stopping him as he began to turn away to leave.

"Please…Just to the first place on your list then? I won't slow you down or get in your way, and if I do, you can just leave me there! Please?!" She didn't know why, but it felt right. It felt like fate was finally giving her a chance to do what she really wanted and see the world.

She'd give anything to see the different villages, to taste the different foods, meet the different people.

She just wanted to…let go and have an adventure.

One she knew would last a life time.

"Why are you so adamant about leaving with someone you do not know? I could very well kill you, kidnap you, or do much worse." He was right of course, but she just gripped his sleeve tighter, the dark fabric rumpling under her fingers.

She knew that.

She wasn't an idiot.


"I need to do this." She spoke with as much conviction as she could, her green eyes alight as he watched her, his face still blank as his sleeve was pulled from her fist.

He…walked away.

And she was alone again.

"Suna." His voice filled the air, his head not even turning to look at her as he continued walking away. "My first village is Suna, be outside at 6:30am and be ready to go. If you slow me down or hinder me in any way, I will leave you behind."