Playgrounds of the Mind

Chapter One: Going West

[Disclaimer: Inuyasha is the property of Rumiko Takahashi]

Mortimer H. Toutousai pulled into the side lot of the West residence and jumped out of his car, making his way briskly to the side court's entrance. Before he could even knock, Rita, the main housekeeper, swung the door open and cheerful greeted him. Grabbing his coat and hat and ushering him into the foyer, she made the usual inquiries about his health.

"Fine, fine", he nodded, "and yourself, Rita?"

"Oh as good as can be expected, what with watching over those two day in and day out!"

Toutousai frowned. "Are they giving you trouble again? Or rather, should I ask if they are giving you even more trouble than usual?" She simply smiled. "I love those two as if they were my own, regardless, so I don't mind it so much". She straightened some items in the hall wardrobe and closed the door. "Got to get back to the kitchen. You go right into the study, they're already waiting for you". Toutousai smoothed his tie and beard and shifted his briefcase to his other hand. This was not going to be a pleasant meeting, he could already tell.

"Master Inuyasha! You're going to be late if you don't hurry. Your brother is already waiting, and I think I just heard Counselor Toutousai pull up." Inuyasha gave Myouga a jaded stare and looked elsewhere. Myouga was the chief security guard at the West residence, and although there were plenty of things to see to, he seemed to constantly be bugging Inuyasha about being late, or not taking a greater interest in his father's property, or something else of equal ennui. At least he doesn't bother me about my schoolwork, Inuyasha mused. Then again, why would he? Inuyasha had long excelled in his studies and extracurricular activities. He had plenty of time to practice, as going home for the holidays had become increasing unpleasant ever since Sesshoumaru entered his angry adolescence stage. Actually, Inuyasha reflected, he had been born that way.

"Master Inuyasha!" came Myouga's insistent plea. Inuyasha sighed dramatically and loosened his ponytail. He had been in the training room since dawn, practicing sword techniques and keeping in shape. Also, it was a great way to avoid everyone in the house.

Walking down the long hallway, Inuyasha could hear the lawyer talking to Rita. I wonder what he needs us to do now", Inuyasha thought, as he turned into the study and plopped down on a dark leather couch. Sesshoumaru regarded his younger brother with a highly specialized air of contempt and went back to staring out the window. The younger teen glared daggers at the older, but the effect was lost.

"Bastard", Inuyasha hissed under his breath to no one in particular. Myouga fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat. Sesshoumaru, possessed with amazing hearing, started to advance but Toutousai chose that moment to walk in, and he dropped back gracefully into his chair. Inuyasha noted with some distaste that it was their father's favorite chair, right by the fireplace. Toutousai cleared his throat ceremoniously and opened his brief case.

"As the executor of the West estate it is my job to inform you, your father's heirs, of procedures and the like. Now that Inuyasha has turned seventeen, I will read the last part of your father's last will and testament", he proclaimed, as he found the needed document. Inuyasha began to feel sick. He hated being reminded of his father. . his father and mother who died and left him with Sesshoumaru. He stretched his legs and arms unnecessarily, trying desperately to work out the forming kinks and cramps that bad memories brought.

"To my oldest son, Sesshoumaru Damien West I bequeath Tenseiga, and to my youngest son, Inuyasha Alexander West I bequeath Tetsusaiga-"

"What??" Sesshoumaru roared, jumping out of his seat and sending the armchair to the floor.

"I said, 'to my oldest son-"

"I heard you", Sesshoumaru snarled, turning roughly to retrieve the chair.

Inuyasha was confused. As usual, it seemed he had no idea what was transpiring around him. He noticed with some curiosity that Myouga seemed gleeful.

"What are those, anyway?" he inquired. Before Toutousai could speak, Myouga jumped in.

"Ah, Master Inuyasha, it was just as I thought! Your great father left the Tetsusaiga to you!"

"And that answers my question, how?"

"The Tenseiga is your father's prized Porsche Boxster and the Tetsusaiga is his GTO 228 Ferrari", Toutousai supplied, while flipping through some more papers. Inuyasha could not help but laugh.

"They're a bunch of cars? What's so special about that?" Inuyasha looked over to a fuming Sesshoumaru. "You could just buy one yourself."

"Don't you understand the idea of sentimental value", his brother spat, "idiot brat."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes as barely concealed hatred contorted his features into a demon-like visage.

"There is truth in that", Toutousai agreed, "your father always believed these two cars brought him luck in business and in life generally. He was a very wealthy man, but he considered these two vehicles to be the greatest of his possessions. He left them to you two as a sign of his love, and with the hope that they would bring each of you similar luck and happiness."

"Yes, but gathering from the stories he told me, the Ferrari brought him the best luck. He treasured that one more," Sesshoumaru stated, traces of anger left in his voice. He turned to Inuyasha. "I bet you cannot even drive stick well enough to maneuver a machine like that", he said smugly.

"I guess there's only one way to find out", Inuyasha responded, a slightly competitive gleam entering his eye. Myouga now began to panic slightly.

"Oh no, now Master Inuyasha, there isn't any need for-" he was cut off as the two brothers rushed down to the garage level.

"-violence", Myouga vainly finished. He cocked an eye at Toutousai. "You appear to be the bringer of misfortune upon this harmonious household." Toutousai merely nodded absently, as he snapped his briefcase shut and followed the boys out.

Once he reached the bickering brothers, Toutousai fished for the keys in his pocket. He handed the Ferrari's keys to Inuyasha, and the Porsche's to Sesshoumaru.

"Twice around the compound, no shortcuts."

"Deal." Inuyasha slid himself into the cockpit-like interior of the car, immediately liking the way it felt to sit there.

There really is some aura of power to this piece of metal, he thought, as he strapped his seatbelt in place. Sesshoumaru revved the engine and screeched to a halt outside the main gates. Inuyasha followed suit. When the two roadsters where evenly lined up,

Sesshoumaru indicated to Toutousai to time them. The elderly lawyer walked over to the side and contemplated his watch for a few seconds. He raised his arm and let it fall sharply, and the boys were off. Myouga came running out, panting with fear.

"What if there's an accident?"

"Better now than on the road somewhere in a foreign city", Toutousai replied, "They need to get a feel for how the vehicles work. As I understand, they've been chauffeured to school on a daily basis, and neither has had that much practice at driving by themselves." Myouga nodded at this. After a few moments of silence, motors could be heard in the distance, and then the cars were upon them. The two men barely had time to jump aside as the speeding bullets passed, the V12 engines throbbing painfully in their inner ears.

"We'd best stand back", Myouga said meekly, moving to stand behind a sculpted bush.

Inside the Ferrari, Inuyasha was grinning widely. This was the first time in a while he could remember seeing Sesshoumaru so angry. It's really eating him up inside, he thought, snickering. Suddenly a scrap of paper blew across his windshield, momentarily distorting his vision, which was hard enough to keep at such high speeds. He yanked the steering wheel sharply, and managed to clip Sesshoumaru in the Porsche, who was only a few centimeters from his car. Sesshoumaru angrily retaliated, and Inuyasha found himself, dodging his brother's sideswipe.

"Damn bastard", he growled through gritted teeth as he attempted to over take him. The bend in the road ahead allowed Inuyasha to take the lead at last. Realizing this, Sesshoumaru gunned his car and drove partly on the road, partly on the grass. Unfortunately for him, he forgot about the massive stone sculpture that sat in front of the pond, and was currently blocking his escape route. Not having enough leeway to get in front of his younger brother, he desperately pulled the car behind. The shock in momentum caused the car to begin fishtailing widely. Inuyasha noticed this and sped up to keep from getting knocked from behind. The Ferrari loosened some pebbles by the road and sent them under Sesshoumaru's tires, causing him to harshly apply the breaks. The Porsche careened off the road and scraped severely against the wrought- iron gates. Inuyasha noticed that his brother had stopped, and pulled over and parked, running back to see what was going on.

As he arrived he noticed the driver's side window had shattered and Sesshoumaru was grimacing in pain. Inuyasha stood back as his brother pushed the door open and leaned on it, glowering with hatred and pain. He clutched his arm to his body, supporting his weight on the open door frame.

"I think it's broken", he gasped, trying not to cry in front of his arrogant little brother who would only tease him and go on and on about it later. Inuyasha leaned back on his heels and crossed his arms somewhat triumphantly across his chest.

"I guess that car won't bring you too much luck, eh Sesshoumaru?"

Toutousai came running over, followed by a worried Rita and an almost in- shock Jaken, Sesshoumaru's personal servant.

"Oh, Sesshoumaru sweetheart, where does it hurt?"

"Master Sesshoumaru! I cannot believe this is happening!"

"Now, now, don't struggle, the paramedics will get here shortly, just relax."

"I'm not a baby, damn all of you!" Sesshoumaru cried out, frantically trying to free himself from their clutches. The adults led him away, as more maids and people from the house ran up, carrying first aid kits and other items. One maid, Inuyasha even noted, was carrying Sesshoumaru's security blanket from his youth. Sesshoumaru tried to lunge away from the coddling, without much progress.

Inuyasha looked up and smiled. "It's the gift that keeps on giving."