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Chapter 1

It was only a couple weeks since Hiccup had woken up after defeating the Red Death. With dragons and Vikings now living together, Berk was the most peaceful it had been in years. And with Hiccup no longer the village laughingstock and now the village hero, things seemed to finally fall into place.

The clanging of a hammer could be heard resonating through the island as the forge bustled with activity. Hiccup shuffled around the workshop restlessly, adding improvements to his new prosthetic leg. Gobber had created a perfectly functioning substitute, but Hiccup couldn't help but think of new ways to make it even more… Hiccup.

Toothless lay curled by the forge, eyeing Hiccup warily through one eye. As much as he trusted his rider to fly him, Hiccup always seemed to land himself in trouble. No matter what heroic deeds he had done, Hiccup was still the scrawny green-eyed teenager he was before, and Toothless felt obligated to make sure he stayed in one piece. Just another typical day for the two in the forge.

But, today was different. As Hiccup dipped another heated rod into the barrel of water, a bright light consumed the room. Startled, Hiccup dropped what he was holding into the barrel and shielded his eyes. He could hear Toothless give a growl of confusion, but almost as quickly as the light appeared, it disappeared. Blinking slowly, Hiccup waited for his vision to adjust again, feeling a pang of recognition. Hold on, hadn't this happened before…?

As he glanced around the room, his face grew into a smile. The rows of chairs in front of him and the large clearing in the back of the room were just as he had remembered them back then. He glanced to the right and saw the other villagers staring at the room, recognition all flashing in their eyes as murmurs began to spread among the crowd. Why were they back here? The numerous dragons seated in the chair-free area at the back of the room looked equally as confused, but no longer frightened of the Vikings.

We meet again.

Everyone jumped at the voice and whipped their eyes towards the ceiling, waiting for an explanation.

Now, I know many of you are wondering why I brought you all back here.

Many nodded; the village was finally at peace! What else does the voice have to show?

There are in fact some parts of another movie that I wish to show you that takes place 5 years from now.

"Cool! So I'm going to be 5 years older in the movie? I bet I'm gonna be super good-looking" Tuffnut boasted with a laugh.

"Yeah you wish, idiot!" Ruffnut shot back as she elbowed him harshly, causing Tuffnut to stumble back a couple of step, but still grinning.

Hiccup couldn't help but wonder what the voice was planning. Sure, seeing the future was always fun and all, but why 5 years from now?

"Why is it important that you show us things that happen 5 years from now?" A strong voice echoed Hiccup's exact thoughts. A large figure made its way through the crowd and Stoick finally emerged, still eyeing the ceiling dubiously.

This will all become clear once you have seen what I have to show. Please, take a seat.

This time, the Vikings quietly made their ways to a seat, no longer pushing each other for a seat furthest away from the dragons. Hiccup made a beeline for the crowd of dragons, scanning the group for his dragon. He heard a familiar bark and burst into a smile.

Almost instantly, he was nearly tackled by Toothless, who purred loudly and licked his rider. Hiccup laughed and hugged his dragon, settling back down on the ground by the Night Fury's side.

"Not fair! Why can't we sit back there too?" Snotlout complained, seated in the middle of the room alongside the other teens who nodded in agreement. Stoick glared at them silently until they conceded, sinking back into their seats with a groan.

Excellent. Now, let's begin! I have much to show you; do not worry, it will not be as long as the first movie.

The Vikings impatiently nodded, eyeing the familiar screen eagerly.

Screen is dark as the familiar sound of a Night Fury is heard.

Hiccup grinned, recognizing his friend immediately. "Looks like you're the star again, bud!" Hiccup joked towards his dragon, who purred in response.

Toothless races closely across the water, the immense speed shown in the water chasing after them. Camera shifts to an overhead view of Toothless, with a figure lying on its stomach on Toothless' back.

Hiccup stared at the figure questionably. Could that be…?

Camera changes angle to a front view of the rider, all of his face except for his eyes concealed by a mask.

Stoick observed the figure closely. Was that Hiccup? He had never seen that mask before, or the outfit it was wearing!

The figure navigates Toothless through swimming Thunderdrums, then pulls himself into a sitting position and presses a pedal on Toothless' saddle.

Hiccup tensed, he was almost positive that was him now. He feverishly scanned as much detail as he could, wondering what he was like in 5 years.

The tail is immediately shifted and Toothless pulls into a barrel roll underneath the wings of a diving Thunderdrum. Toothless pulls upward towards the sky.

Figure: YEAH!

Stoick could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Hiccup!

Hiccup grinned, that maneuver looked pretty cool, he probably had a lot more practice with Toothless in 5 years to perform things like that!

Astrid eyed the screen in awe; only Hiccup would be able to do such a thing on Toothless. She, along with the other teens, wondered if he looks the same as he does now.

Toothless and Hiccup pull into the sky, passing the clouds. Camera pans to front view of Toothless and Hiccup, who is stooped low on his back.

"Why is he sitting like that? It must hurt your back!" Snotlout exclaimed, shaking his head at Hiccup's foolishness.

"Actually, I'm probably doing that to reduce air resistance. That increases our speed compared to if I was sitting straight up, Snotlout." Hiccup countered, annoyed at how little his cousin knew.

"What's air resistance?" Snotlout asked, going cross-eyed at such a big word. Astrid groaned.

Pan camera as Toothless soars through the clouds, then flying upside down into a rapid acceleration towards the ocean ground. Toothless spreads his wings and pulls effortlessly back up into the sky in a rapid ascension.

Hiccup eyed the screen excitedly. He itched to do that right now with Toothless, it looked like so much fun! Toothless chirruped happily next to him, aching to go flying as well.

Toothless goes into a rapid spiral, still going upwards as the rider continues to stay low, remaining calm.

"Ugh, I'm getting dizzy" Tuffnut complained, shaking his head to clear the nausea. Fishlegs looked a little green at such rapid spinning, but managed to not get sick.

As the spinning slows down, camera pans to a front view of Toothless, who grins at the camera as Toothless falls on his back towards the ground.

The Vikings chuckled, now comfortable with this side of Toothless. The dragons roared in approval, appreciating the things a human could do with a rider in terms of flight.

As they fall through the clouds, Toothless readjusts himself and soars back up into the clouds again. Hiccup finally sits up in his seat.

Hiccup: What do you think, bud? You wanna give this a shot?

Toothless' eyes grow more alert as he groans.

Toothless growled quietly, knowing what his expression meant. Hiccup was going to do something crazy again.

"Give what a shot? What is he doing?" Snotlout shouted, confused. Astrid punched him in the shoulder, glaring at him. "Well maybe if you stayed quiet and watched the screen, we'd find out!" She snapped.

Hiccup: (trying to reassure Toothless) Toothless! It'll be fine! Ready?

As he says this, he pushes a lever forward using his prosthetic leg, expanding Toothless' tail. He pulls another lever up, seemingly locking the tail in place. He then unclips himself from the saddle and sits up straight. Toothless prepares himself for what's to come as well.

With a shock, Hiccup knew what he was about to do. As excited as he was, part of his was scared for how his dad was going to react.

Stoick tensed, staring at future Hiccup suspiciously. Why on earth would be unhook himself from his saddle?! He could fall off! Stoick felt a sense of dread wash over him. Oh Thor, Hiccup wouldn't… Would he?

With a yell, Hiccup tips sideways off the saddle and beings to freefall towards the ground.

The village shouted in alarm, wondering if the voice was trying to tell them Hiccup was going to be suicidal in 5 years.

Many dragons stared in growing interest. Was this human trusting his dragon to catch him?

Stoick's heart was pounding as he stared anxiously at the scene. Was this another flight sequence? No, Hiccup wouldn't die from this. Still, he felt increasingly worried the longer Hiccup fell.

Hiccup couldn't help but feel increasingly happy at what he would be capable of doing in 5 years. These made flying so much more fun, especially freefalling! He pet Toothless cheerfully and watched to see what would happen.

After a couple of seconds, Toothless dives down after him. However, he doesn't go to grab his rider, but falls in sync next to Hiccup. Hiccup looks at Toothless, eyes shining with happiness.

Hiccup: (excited) Yeah!

Toothless stares back at Hiccup, offering a toothless grin with his tongue flapping in the wind.

The village chuckled at the dragon's humor, noting that those two were just as close as they were today, maybe even more so!

Stoick felt himself calming slightly, knowing how protective Toothless was. With Toothless around, Hiccup should be fine.

As the ocean floor comes into view, Hiccup sticks his arms into two loops on the side of his legs. After a couple more seconds, Hiccup spreads his arms, creating a sort of squirrel flights suit that lifts him into the air. Toothless follows instantly after.

Gobber was impressed; Hiccup definitely improved his blacksmithing skills! He could tell that this was something Hiccup made on his own without his help, but still prided himself for teaching Hiccup all he knew.

Even Hiccup looked surprised at his suit; he could tell he was the one who created it, but he hadn't expected such a complex outfit! It looked… amazing!

The teen's jaws dropped to the ground. Hiccup was flying! By himself! What sorcery was this?!

With a yell, Hiccup is rapidly carried upward back into the clouds alongside Toothless. After soaring for a couple seconds, Hiccup presses a button near his chest quickly, creating another set of flight wings to jump out on the back of his flight suit.

Hiccup: This is amazing!

It sure was, Hiccup agreed. He was probably the first Viking to fly like that! That was so cool!

Toothless purred contently at the screen, picturing himself flying with his future self and Hiccup. They seemed to be having just as much fun flying in 5 years as they did now!

The dragons were speechless; this human was flying like the Night Fury! Was this human actually part-dragon? They eyed the human seated on the ground with newfound fascination.

Hiccup glances back at Toothless, who stares back at him curiously. With a laugh, Hiccup continues to soar through the clouds with Toothless close behind.

Scene goes to black.

A stunned silence filled the room. To think Hiccup could fly like that! Was that even possible?

Stoick felt a fierce pride fill him. His son was the first to fly! He couldn't wait to boast about it later on and congratulate Hiccup on his accomplishment.

"Wait, it's not over, look!" Fishlegs called out with a squeak. The room quickly glanced up at the screen again.

Hiccup removes his helmet, no longer in the air and fixes his hair as he lifts his head.

Astrid sucked in a breath, losing the ability to speak. She couldn't deny that Hiccup had gotten cute! No, more than that. Hiccup was extremely attractive. She felt her heart fluttering and stared as long as she could at the Hiccup on the screen, taking in every detail.

As Astrid stared at the screen amazed, she didn't notice Ruffnut having a similar reaction. Ruffnut watched the screen hungrily, eyeing Hiccup like he was the greatest man to walk this earth. She liked what she saw!

Snotlout, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs were floored by the new Hiccup. He looked… cool! Snotlout refused to believe it, but his eyes couldn't lie.

Hiccup was speechless. That was him in 5 years? He sure filled out well! He didn't notice the long silence that had filled the room as they observed the new Hiccup.

Scene cuts to black.

A roar of approval filled the room, mixed in with the groans of Ruffnut demanding more screen time of future Hiccup.

Please settle down! There is much more I wish to share with you all.

The room instantly fell silent, the Vikings eagerly awaiting more of the future. This future didn't look bad at all, especially for Hiccup!

What I'm going to show next is a more in depth look at what's to come in 5 years, so let's get ready for some more surprises!